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Saturday, June 25, 2016

UND at the Draft

by Redwing77

What an interesting draft we've had for UND!

Rocco Grimaldi exchanges his sunscreen for his skis going from the Florida Panthers to the Colorado Avalanche via trade.

And then there were the drafted UND players:

The First Round saw incoming freshman Tyson Jost drafted 10th overall by Colorado.  I only know what Brad Schlossman says about Jost but Boeser to Jost is going to be exciting once Jost acclimates to the NCAA game.

Skip a few to the fourth round where UND sophomore Rhett Gardner gets drafted 116th overall by Dallas.  I think this is classified as a diamond in the rough find for Hakstol and Berry.  I didn't expect much from Rhett and he's gradually gotten better and better.

UND recruit Mitchell Mattson got drafted 126th overall (5th Round) by Calgary.  He'll be one to watch as lots of up and down movement regarding opinion on Mattson has occurred as of late.

UND now has a pair of drafted goaltenders Matej Tomak was drafted last year and this year, future UND goaltender and current Omaha Lancer Peter Thome was drafted in the 6th round by Columbus.

Collin Adams, a player currently for Muskegon of the USHL and future UND winger, got drafted in the 6th round by the Islanders.

Overall, a pretty good weekend for UND. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Your UND SID Lineup

First, I want to throw some kudos to the University of Sports Information Directors. I think they do a great job and conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism. They also serve as pseudo-therapists for the fans when the sport they work for isn't doing well.   Second, I think they’re underpaid and at times, they're underappreciated. I also think some of them take some unnecessary abuse.
Over the past few seasons, I have seen comments from fans talking how SID so and so needs to step it up. Or, SID so and so isn't doing his job. Many times, after further investigation, they're not even complaining about the right SID.
So, if you new to UND Sports, here are some of the important names you need to know. I also bolded the major sports that each SID covers.  
Media Relations
Assistant AD, Media Rel. (MHKY, XC, T/F)
Associate Director (FB, MBB, M/WGOF)
Assistant Director (SOC, WHKY, SB, TN)
Assistant Director (WBB, VB, BB, S/D)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Twins Fans Sound off About UND Hockey Being Honored at Sunday's Game

Yesterday, the UND hockey team announced that the Minnesota Twins will honor the 2015-16 UND Hockey team with a pre-game ceremony that will begin at approximately 12:45 p.m. CT on Sunday, May 22, 2016.

The event in question will feature a video celebrating the Fighting Hawks’ national championship run. Each player will be introduced on the stadium video board and UND head coach Brad Berry will throw the ceremonial first pitch.

Apparently, some Twins fans are butt hurt about UND Hockey team being honored at a Twins games. God forbid that happen right. Twins president and UND Alum Dave St. Peter took to Twitter to retort their tweets. Let's say, St. Peter is good at Twitter.

Some Gopher fans just don't get it. A fair number of UND's hockey team comes from Minnesota. Last time I checked, Minnesota was just across the Red River. Also, the Twins aren't just Minnesota's team.

Monday, May 09, 2016

The Polls and a Look Back

A Blue Jay landed on my window and showed me this. Basically, I've said this for years. The weekly polls are fun to look at and discuss, but in the end, the play on the ice is the only thing that matters. Right?

Friday, April 15, 2016

NDSU Student Embarrassed by UND Hockey Team

Someone posted this story on Sioux Sports and if you want a good laugh,  you should read this article. However, seriously, you can't re-write history. I have no idea who John Lipp is? Other than he's a student from Moo U that writes for their student newspaper. He had this wonderful piece in yesterday's NDSU's The Spectrum online version.
That being said, I am thoroughly disappointed in the way North Dakota was represented on the national stage.

Issue one: the persistence of cheering for the Fighting Sioux. It is embarrassing to see a mascot, perceived by many to be racially insensitive at best, so emphatically championed during one of our state’s brief moments in the spotlight.

It was 16 years ago that a collection of faculty representing UND’s Indian Related Programs wrote the nickname was perceived as “promoting the oppression of Native people, and placing UND at great risk for practicing and promoting state-supported, institutionalized racism.”

Furthermore, you do us no favors with hashtags like #RollTribe, as any diversity scholar worth his or her salt can describe the racially and stereotypically-charged history of that word. And no matter how desperately you claim to be honoring the native peoples of this land, the reality is that you care more about a college mascot than the people it purportedly represents.
Where to begin? When the NDSU Football team won their fifth FCS NCAA football championship, the first thing their fans did was yell Sioux Sux. The chant was heard on national television. Seriously, that's more embarrassing than UND fans chanting "Let's Go Sioux" or "Sioux Forever". Guess what? No one thought about the Bison after #raising8. No one started the "F#*k the Bison" chant.

So, UND fans yelling Sioux at a sporting event embarrasses the state more than NDSU Bison athletes' voter registration fraud scandal? Or how about the NDSU athletes stealing from Best Buy? Even better, how about football players getting into a fight downtown Fargo, in the middle of the night? I know, I know, that guy started the fight, right? The story still made the national news.

He who lives in a glass house, shouldn't cast stones.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Whew, UND Finishes on Top in Final USCHO Poll

Ha, we joked about this yesterday. I am sure that some of the eastern based/biased college hockey media had a tough time putting the University of North Dakota in the top spot of the final poll. That being said, this one was was a slam dunk and a no-brainer. In my humble opinion, think Denver should actually be number two.

Redwing77's Roster Pontifications

by Redwing77

Ok, the first truly successful (by haters' expectations) season since 2000 is over.  And with the afterglow comes the aftermath.  I got to wondering, with the CBS line's dominance, what the team was going to look like next year.  Sorry folks, the CBS line is gone.  Caggiula is a senior and surely Schmaltz and Boeser will sign (more on that later).  So who's coming in and who's leaving?

Let's look:
Here's what I'm doing.  I'm going to list each player who isn't a senior currently by position with a number in parentheses.  The number in parentheses represents my OPINION as to the likelihood of them being an early departure with 1 being almost certainly coming back to 10 which is "only came back on the plane to sign autographs and pack his room up."  Please note that I have no inside information.  This is PURE guesswork on my part.

Matej Tomek (3*)
Matt Hyrinkiw (1)
Cam Johnson (2)
Ryan Anderson (1)

Troy Stecher (8)
Tucker Poolman (5)
Keaton Thompson (6)
Paul LaDue (9)
Gage Ausmus (3)
Danys Chartrand (1)
Christian Wolanin (1)
Hayden Shaw (1)

Nick Schmaltz (9)
Jonny Simonson (1)
Trevor Olson (1)
Mike Gornall (2*)
Austin Poganski (1)
Brock Boeser (9)
Chris Wilkie (1)
Shane Gersich (1)
Rhett Gardner (1)
Joel Janatuinen (1)
Luke Johnson (1)

The Asterisks
Ok, here's where I deviated a bit.  The two asterisks were on goaltender Matej Tomek and forward Mike Gornall.  If they leave, it would be to transfer, not to go pro.  Gornall is very unlikely, but still... pretty fairly touted forward at the beginning of the season that saw almost no game time.  Tomek only saw game time during exhibitions.  Gornall will probably not transfer because I believe he's a recruited walk on?  But as for Tomek...  this is a kid who is not going to supplant Johnson unless Johnson gets injured.  This means that, assuming Johnson plays well and doesn't turn pro early, Tomek's only shot at being the #1 will come when he's a junior.  For being as highly touted as he was coming into UND, I'm not sure he's going to want to sit around that long.  I'm not sure if UND will push Hyrnkiw down the depth chart because of his strong play this year either.  That's why I'm thinking Tomek may transfer.

The 8s and 9s

I'm told Stecher and LaDue leaving early is almost a certainty.  I can believe LaDue leaving early.  He's older than average and LA was trying hard to get him last year.  Stecher?  He's undrafted and, though he's very good, I'm not sure he's a "jump straight to the NHL" type UFA prospect.  He might come back next year.

Let's face it.  Schmaltz came back to win it all.  They won it all.  Good luck in Chicago, Nick.

Boeser was flat out dominant as a freshman this year.  Only Kyle Conner, imo, did better as a freshman.  I think there's a strong possibility both Boeser and Conner turn pro this offseason.  I think Boeser was a man amongst boys this year and with Vancouver being, well, desperate, they may rush things with Brock.

The outliers
There are three outliers in Keaton Thompson, Tucker Poolman, and Gage Ausmus.  I know that Thompson and Poolman were heavily courted by their teams last year.  I think, now that they've won it all, there will be more pressure brought upon them to sign.  As for Gage, I have no  real reason other than a pure hunch.  I think Gage is the most likely to return of the three.  Poolman next, as he'll probably want to play a year with his brother.

Who's Coming?

Cole Smith - As Brad said, he looks to be a Coltyn Sanderson replacement
Ludvig Hoff - Nice forward for Lincoln.  Had 100 points this year.  Not a Boeser or Schmaltz type.  More like perhaps a Wilkie or even Poganski.  Not all that physical but can score.
Tyson Jost - by the hype around him, he's the next Boeser I guess.
Dixon Bowen - Don't know much about him except that he spurned the Fargo Force to join Penticton
Zach Yon - was Fargo's 2nd leading scorer before being traded this year.  With Waterloo, he seemed to me as more of a playmaker rather than scorer.  Schmaltz replacement?

Colton Poolman - Same as Bowen.  Also younger brother to Tucker Pooman.
Gabe Bast - Don't know much about him either.
Andrew Peski - Played for Tri City.  Didn't notice him much, which might not be a bad thing considering he's a defenseman.
Christian Evers - Played for Lincoln.  He's been injured lately.  Don't know exactly with what.  He's a defensive defenseman.  He seemed pretty solid in that regard.

The "Might be" coming:
Collin Adams (F) and Casey Johnson (D).  Of the two, I think Adams has the best shot at coming in the fall due to numbers.

UND loses 4 senior forwards and then has another speculated 2 forwards and possibly up to 4 D leaving early for the pros.  There are 5 incoming forwards (1 extra not counting Adams without early departures, 1 short if both Boeser and Schmaltz leave) and 4 defensemen coming in (all extra if there are no early departures).

So what happens if only LaDue and Stecher bolt?  I'm pretty sure that Boeser and Schmaltz will go pro, so perhaps we use that extra slot for one of the 2 extra D coming in.  Does this mean that some of the "less high profile" UND players transfer (such as Gornall and/or Chartrand)?  Maybe it will all be moot.  Or more likely yet, there's another scenario that Berry and crew know about that I don't.

It'll be interesting to see who steps up next year to fill in for the loss of the top line.  I like our depth and goaltending.  It should be interesting... if opening day could just hurry up and get here.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Former Fighting Sioux Defenseman Mike Commodore with his Prediction

Today, former Fighting Sioux defenseman Mike Commodore took to Twitter to make his prediction on the North Dakota vs. Michigan game. Some of the responses by the Michigan fans are kind of funny, too.

CBS Line vs. CCM Line

There are no changes to the lineup for UND this afternoon. It's hard to change the lineup when it was so successful in yesterday's game. This is the matchup of the CCM line vs. the CBS line.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Now We Know: UND to Cincinnati

The Brackets are set. UND will play the smoking hot Northeastern Huskies. Just like this week, UND will be playing on 1:00 p.m. CT Friday in the early game. That will be the first game of the NCAA tourney. 
 Northeast Regional (DCU Center, Worcester, MA, March 25-26)
#4 Providence vs. #14 Minnesota-Duluth
#5 Boston College vs. #11 Harvard
East Regional (Times Union Center, Albany, NY, March 26-27)
#1 Quinnipiac vs. #16 RIT
#8 UMass Lowell vs. #10 Yale
Midwest Regional (US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH, March 25-26)
#3 North Dakota vs. #13 Northeastern
#7 Michigan vs. #12 Notre Dame
West Regional (Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN, March 26-27)
#2 St. Cloud State vs. #15 Ferris State
#6 Denver vs. #9 Boston University

Edit: NCAA Hockey Tourney: Where are we Going?

Looking at the USCHO Brackets from Jason Moy. Most years, Moy nails it, so I would imagine that UND is heading to Cincinnati to play the Northeastern Huskies. It will be interesting to see where UND goes. 

East Regional (Albany):
16 RIT vs. 1 Quinnipiac
10 Yale vs 8 Massachusetts-Lowell

Northeast Regional (Worcester):
14 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 4 Providence
11 Harvard vs. 5 Boston College

Midwest Regional (Cincinnati):
13 Northeastern vs. 3 North Dakota
12 Notre Dame vs. 7 Michigan

West Regional (St. Paul):
15 Ferris State vs. 2 St. Cloud State
9 Boston University vs. 6 Denver

1. Quinnipiac vs. 16. RIT
8. Lowell vs. 10. Yale
St. Paul
2. St. Cloud State vs. 15. Ferris State
6. Denver vs. 9. Boston University
3. North Dakota vs. 13. Northeastern
7. Michigan vs. 12. Notre Dame
4. Providence vs. 14. Minnesota-Duluth
5. Boston College vs. 11. Harvard

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

UND Bids Farewell to Dan Hammer

This past weekend, UND big farewell to play-by-play announcer Dan Hammer. Personally, I am going to miss his call of UND football and hockey. I think he's a fair, talented announcer and is very prepared when he steps into the booth.

Now, I know there are some fans that are happy that Hammer will no longer be doing UND hockey. However, I can say that I have enjoyed talking and interacting with him over the past four years. I would like to wish him luck.

Comparing him to some of the other NCHC.TV announcers, it's not even close. I would rather listen to him any day of the week, compared to some of the announcers we have, just in the conference alone. Good luck to Hammer.

Who would you like to replace Hammer in the booth next season? Personally, I would like to see Scott Williams from Lake Public TV replace him.

Monday, March 14, 2016

UND no. 1 Division I Men's Poll

March 14, 2016

(First Place Votes)
Last Poll
North Dakota
30- 5-3
27- 3-7
( 1)
27- 5-4
St. Cloud State
29- 8-1
Boston College
26- 6-5
23- 8-5
22- 7-5
23- 8-5
18- 9-4
19- 8-4
Boston University
Michigan Tech
23- 8-5
Notre Dame
Minnesota State
St. Lawrence
Penn State
Others receiving votes: Robert Morris 48, Nebraska-Omaha 45, Dartmouth 31, Bowling Green 28, Air Force 2, Clarkson 2.

I musty admit that I am shocked that UND returned to the number one spot in the latest USCHO poll. Also, the national college hockey media has been fawning and slobbering all over Quinnipiac this season. And they're a good team no doubt. Anyways, there still are 30 percent of the media that believes that QU is the top team in the nation. The nice thing about college hockey is that tourney is settled on the ice and not on paper.

 The rankings really means nothing since next weekend, they NCAA Ice Hockey Committee will look at the Pairwise Rankings and make their selections.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Jayson Moy has UND in the Xcel Center

Jayson Moy of USCHO fame does a weekly column on NCAA hockey bracketology and UND fans will like this week's brackets.  This week Moy now predicts that UND traveling south to St. Paul to play in the West Regional. 
East Regional (Albany):
13 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 4 Providence
12 Massachusetts-Lowell vs. 5 Boston College
Northeast Regional (Worcester):
16 Robert Morris vs. 2 Quinnipiac
10 Notre Dame vs 7 Yale
Midwest Regional (Cincinnati):
14 Michigan Tech vs. 3 St. Cloud State
11 Harvard vs. 6 Denver
West Regional (St. Paul):
15 Minnesota vs. 1 North Dakota
9 Boston University vs. 8 Michigan

(Link to USCHO)

Saturday, March 05, 2016

(Video) UND 8, WMU 1 (Penrose Cup Champs)

First, last night was a total team effort.

Also, the CBS Line was dialed in. That line accounted for three of UND’s eight goals and scored (3g-6a—9pts) and were a (+12). During the first period, Boeser and Schmaltz again added two more goals to the highlight reel collection.

The story of the game was the play of the fourth line. Coach Berry put Shane Gersich, Coltyn Sanderson, and Chris Wilkie on the fourth line and they showed a lot of chemistry together. That line had a banner night on the score sheet (4g-3a—7pts).

“There’s obviously other stuff out there for us for sure,” Sanderson said. “It’s obviously a huge accomplish especially with the league that we play in. It’s tough every night to get wins. Anybody can beat anybody.

“Obviously, that makes it much more difficult to win a championship. At the same time, we can be happy about that, but this program hasn’t won a national championship for a long time. I think that been on our minds. I know for the last four of my career and now with the opportunity and the skill in the room. I think that’s the only thing that we will be satisfied with.”

North Dakota Brock Boeser (Troy Stecher, Nick Schmaltz) 12:20
North Dakota Nick Schmaltz (Drake Caggiula, Brock Boeser) 14:07
2nd Period
North Dakota Brock Boeser (Nick Schmaltz, Tucker Poolman) 0:30
North Dakota PP Chris Wilkie (Rhett Gardner) 2:43
North Dakota Paul LaDue (Brock Boeser, Nick Schmaltz) 7:04
Western Mich. PP Sheldon Dries (Corey Schueneman, Frederik Tiffels) 12:43
North Dakota Coltyn Sanderson (Hayden Shaw, Chris Wilkie) 19:09
3rd Period
North Dakota Chris Wilkie (Rhett Gardner, Shane Gersich) 16:47
North Dakota Coltyn Sanderson (Hayden Shaw, Chris Wilkie) 18:34