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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Score on Brock Nelson: Fact or Fiction: 3 players to watch using advanced stats

Here's a little blurb on former UND Fighting Sioux forward Brock Nelson that was written by Ian McLaren of the Score. While it is early, Nelson is having a good season. Thinking of which, I might have to add ole Brock to one of my fantasy teams. Seriously, he could probably score more points than some of the stiffs I have on my teams now.
Brock Nelson, F, New York Islanders

With four goals and four assists in five games, Nelson finds himself tied for second among the NHL's scoring leaders after a hot start on a line with Ryan Strome and Mikhail Grabovski.

Owned in only 49 percent of Yahoo leagues, it leads the other 51 percent to wonder if they should unleash a full Nelson on the opposition.

Nelson had a distinct advantage in terms of his deployment in the first few games of the season, largely enabling his early success. Head coach Jack Capuano slotted Nelson as a center on the second line as opposed to John Tavares's wing man, meaning he's been kept away from the opposition's top defensive units.

As a result, Nelson's rolling with a 57.58 Corsi For percentage at even strength, while starting only 41.7 percent of his shifts in the offensive zone (according to War On Ice).

Monday, October 20, 2014

Back at it and Timber

After a week of vacation in central North Dakota, I am back at it. First, I want to give a big thanks to Sioux_7, Zach Hawkins and Redwing77 for filling in while I was gone. All three guys did a wonderful job while I was out depleting the North Dakota duck population. Yes, I also had a beer or two.

But I digress.

I wanted to take some time off before the hockey season kicked off full steam ahead. Yeah, because I am so taxed, right? Well not really, but I might as well use up that vacation time. I get 208 hours every year.

After watching UND get rolled 5-1 in the first game of the season against the Bemidji State Beavers, in the last three games UND has given up a grand total of four goals.

On the plus side, UND has scored 12 goals in the last three games. I don't think we need to worry about scoring all that much.

After four games, senior forward Marc MacMillan leads UND with (5g-2a—7pts). Coming in second is sophomore defenseman Paul Ladue (2g-4a—6pts).

After getting lit up in the first game of the season, UND goalie Zane McIntyre has been rock solid and really settled in. In four games, McIntyre has posted some really good numbers. Here’s the McIntyre line (3-1-0. 2.21 GAA and a .929 SV%).

Saturday, October 11, 2014

UND vs. BSU Lines Game Two

UND’s Forward Lines
28 Stephane Pattyn (C)–16 Mark MacMillan (A)–15 Michael Parks A)
21 Brendan O’Donnell –13 Connor Gaarder (A)– 1 7Colten St. Clair 17
9 Drake Caggiula–27 Luke Johnson–8 Nick Schmaltz
29 Bryn Chyzyk– 10 Johnny Simonson  – 
11 Trevor Olson
UND Defense Pairing
5 Nick Mattson– 3 Tucker Poolman
6 Paul LaDue–24 Jordan Schmaltz
20 Gage Ausmus–2 Troy Stecher

UND Goalies
31 Zane McIntyre
33 Cam Johnson
30 Matt Hrynkiw

Scratches:  4 Keaton Thompson, 7 Wade Murphy, 22Andrew Panzarella, 26 Coltyn Sanderson
Bemidji State’s Forward Lines
23 Markus Gerbrandt–11 Nate Arentz–18 Brendan Harms
9 Phillip Marinaccio–13 Cory Ward–8 John Parker
17 Leo Fitzgerald–21 Gerry Fitzgerald–26 Myles Fitzgerald
15 Jordan Heller–27 Mitch Cain–19 Phil Brewer
Bemidji State Defense Pairings
28 Brett Beauvais–4 Sam Windle
20 Sam Rendle–7 Matt Prapavessis
25 Ruslan Pedan–12 Graeme McCormack

BSU Goalies
30 Andrew Walsh

1 Michael Bitzer

Friday, October 10, 2014

BSU vs. UND Game One Lines

UND’s Forward Lines
21 Brendan O’Donnell–16 Mark MacMillan (A)–15 Michael Parks (A)
28 Stephane Pattyn (C) –13 Connor Gaarder (A) –7 Wade Murphy
9 Drake Caggiula–27 Luke Johnson–8 Nick Schmaltz
29 Bryn Chyzyk–26 Coltyn Sanderson–14 Austin Poganski
UND Defense Pairing
6 Paul LaDue–24 Jordan Schmaltz
5 Nick Mattson–2 Troy Stecher
20 Gage Ausmus–4 Keaton Thompson

UND Goalies
31 Zane McIntyre
33 Cam Johnson
30 Matt Hrynkiw

Scratches: Tucker Poolman, Johnny Simonson, Trevor Olson, Colten St. Clair, Andrew Panzarella
Bemidji State’s Forward Lines
23 Markus Gerbrandt–11 Nate Arentz–18 Brendan Harms
9 Phillip Marinaccio–13 Cory Ward–8 John Parker
17 Leo Fitzgerald–21 Gerry Fitzgerald–26 Myles Fitzgerald
22 Charlie O’Connor–27 Mitch Cain–19 Phil Brewer
Bemidji State Defense Pairings
28 Brett Beauvais–4 Sam Windle
20 Sam Rendle–7 Matt Prapavessis
25 Ruslan Pedan–12 Graeme McCormack

BSU Goalies

1 Michael Bitzer
30 Andrew Walsh

Sunday, October 05, 2014

UND vs. Manitoba Exhibition Game Lines

UND Forward Lines
21 Brendan O’Donnell–16 Mark MacMillan–15 Michael Parks
28 Stephane Pattyn–13 Connor Gaarder–7 Wade Murphy
9 Drake Caggiula–27 Luke Johnson–8 Nick Schmaltz
29 Bryn Chyzyk–26 Coltyn Sanderson–14 Austin Poganski
UND Defense Paring
6 Paul LaDue–24 Jordan Schmaltz
5 Nick Mattson–2 Troy Stecher
20 Gage Ausmus–3 Tucker Poolman
4 Keaton Thompson–22 Andrew Panzarella

UND Goalies
31 Zane McIntyre
33 Cam Johnson
30 Matt Hrynkiw

Manitoba’s forward lines
25 Shaquille Merasty–21 Taylor Dickin–27 Jordan DePape
16 Jesse Paradis–15 Chad Robinson–20 Aaron Lewadniuk
17 Warren Callis–23 Joel Schreyer–22 Dustin Bruyere
18 Dylan Kelly–24 Justin Augert–10 Brett Dudar
19 Brendan Rowinski
Manitoba’s Defense Pairing
4 Reid Gow–6 Luke Paulsen
28 Kyle Rous–12 Brock Sutherland
3 Josh Elmes–2 Channing Bresciani
5 Lee Christensen

Manitoba’s Goalies

34 Deven Dubyk
35 Brendan JEnsen
1 Byron Spriggs

Friday, October 03, 2014

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Zane McIntyre snubbed by USCHO

Last season, UND goalie ZaneMcIntyre had an impressive line (20-10-3, with a 1.99 GAA and a .926 save percentage). Last month, he was picked at the Preseason All-NCHC goalie.
On the national stage last season, Zane was ranked fifth overall Nationally in GAA. Those statistics aside, McIntyre was snubbed by USCHO in this article.  Ten to watch: Meet some of college hockey’s impact goaltenders for 2014-15. His omission makes no sense to me what-so-ever. Hey, whatever.
Breaking it down further, McIntyre is the top returning goalie in the NCHC and out dueled C.J. Motte in the Midwest Regional final last season.

Who made the top-ten over Zane? Meh!

Jimmy Sarjeant, Mercyhurst senior, (18-5-6, 2.46 GAA .930 SV%).

Zach Nagelvoort, Michigan sophomore, (11-9-3, 2.20 GAA .929 SV%)

Jake Hildebrand, Michigan State junior, (9-15-7, 2.44 GAA .923 SV%)

Edit: I realize this is ten goalies to watch make an impact in college hockey this season, but who better than Zane? Seriously?

Here’s my definition of Impact:

During the 2013-14 season, McIntyre led the NCHC and was ranked fifth nationally in goals against average (1.99) Historically, McIntyre’s 1.99 GAA was the fifth-best in UND single-season history

Still not convinced? McIntyre was ranked second in the NCHC in save percentage (.926), All-time at UND, that’s the fourth-best in UND single-season history.

McIntyre was named NCHC Player of the Month for March and April. Moreover, during that time, McIntyre led the nation in appearances with 11 starts. He also made 284 saves and lead with a pair of shutouts.

But there’s more.

During this impressive run, McIntyre had a 1.76 GAA and .934 SV% and finished second in the NCAA with six wins, that was the best for NCHC goalies.

Also during March and April, McIntyre allowed two goals or fewer in 10 of 11 starts. As I mentioned earlier, McIntyre had a 1.48 GAA and .948 SV% in three NCAA Tournament starts.

If your still not impressed, McIntyre stopped 43-of-44 shots in the NCAA Midwest Region championship game. That was a career high for McIntyre and the reason UND won the game 2-1 in overtime.

Breaking it down even further, Zane stopped 66-of-69 shots in his two regional victories. After starting the season 2-5-2, McIntyre went 18-5-1 with a NCAA-leading 1.72 GAA and a .933 SV% in his last 24 starts.

And Finally, McIntyre allowed two goals or fewer in 20 of those 24 starts. In the other four starts, McIntyre allowed only three goals in each game.
s/t Jayson Hajdu @UNDSID.

CHN Ranks UND's 2014-15 Freshman Class Fifth

CHN has ranked the 2014-15 freshman classes. Most of the rankings I have seen have had UND's  freshman class ranked in fifth. I am surprised that CHN didn't rank Omaha's freshman class in the top 10.
5. North Dakota (NCHC)

Top of the Class: F Nick Schmaltz (2014 CHI 1st)

Incoming: F Austin Poganski (2014 STL 4th), D Tucker Poolman (2013 WPG 5th), F Johnny Simonson, F Trevor Olson, G Cam Johnson

While better at the top of the class, North Dakota falls slightly behind Notre Dame and Minnesota because of depth. In most years, Schmaltz would be regarded as the top prospect entering college hockey. But, he happens to be enrolling the same year as two next-year draft eligibles who both project to be top-5 picks.

He was a player who was highly recruited but has also been scrutinized, despite producing at every level, including 63 points in 55 games last season in the USHL. In the opinion of most scouts, he projects as more of a playmaker and less of a goal-scorer, but his vision is superb and his ability to make quick, and correct, decisions lead to opportunities for his linemates. Joining Schmaltz is Poganski, who projects as more of a straight-line power forward, and defenseman Tucker Poolman, who was named USA Hockey’s Jr. Player of the Year last season. Honorable Mentions Nebraska-Omaha (NCHC): Jake Randolph is the real deal, as UNO’s class comes close to unseating North Dakota as tops in the conference, and a spot in our top 5.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Renovation Update: Pictures of the UND Hockey Locker Room

Jerseys from teams past - Historical 

Goalies' corner of the locker room. 
 Today, was the UND Hockey media luncheon. It was nice to take a look at the new locker room. It's sweet and it should make the difference in landing a top recruit.

Also, the players seem to like the new locker room. UND forward Colten St. Clair had a smile from ear-to-ear when I saw him today.

This is one of those places that you don't normally get to see very often. I took some pictures, feel free to use them if you want. However, please remember, I took with my Samsung Mega and I am not a professional photographer, nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn last night.
Video room

Video room seating. 

The hot tub 

New stick room. 

Meeting room. 

Sioux Pride... 

NCAA trophies. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

OTB Ranks UND's Incoming Class Fifth

Jasper Kozak-Miller from the recruiting blog "Over the Boards" has Ranked UND's incoming class 5th. Just for the record, this is how the top-five classes were ranked: 1.) BU 2.) Boston College 3.) UNO 4.) Notre Dame. As we know, ranking in the preseason are meaningless, and hockey is played on the ice. That being said, UND's freshman class should be pretty good this season.
5. North Dakota (NCHC)

Key Recruit: 96 F Nick Schmaltz (Green Bay Gamblers)

Why: Jack Eichel may have “most scrutinized freshman” down pat, but Schmaltz, a super-skilled product of the Chicago Mission program, probably beats out even Noah Hanifin and Wisconsin’s Adam Rockwood as a player who will draw a ton of eyes to see how the adjustment goes. What was at one point shaping up to be a dominant class of 2018 saw some movement, but Schmaltz, for all his draft scrutiny, came out as a first rounder and a potential game-breaking addition to the group in Grand Forks. Tucker Poolman, USA Hockey’s Jr. Player of the Year, is my only honorable mention this year. Winnipeg’s 2013 5th-rounder should be a big addition to the NoDak d-corps.

Forwards: Nick Schmaltz (CHI, 1st rd, 2014), Austin Poganski (STL, 4th rd, 2014), Johnny Simonson, Trevor Olson

Defense: Tucker Poolman (WPG, 5th rd, 2013)

Goaltender: Cam Johnson

North Dakota adds what nearly every team looks to add with this compact, highly talented group: scoring. The sole defenseman Tucker Poolman led all USHL blue-liners in both goals (15) and power play goals (10), an all-USHL First Team selection who comes to campus a year out of the draft more than ready to step in. 5’8 freshman Johnny Simonson led the USHL’s Lincoln Stars in all scoring statistics, including shots on goal (229) while tallying 28 goals and 31 assists last year.

Nick Schmaltz is ridiculously gifted offensively, while Austin Poganski is a 6’2, fourth round NHL draft pick (St. Louis) this summer who ranked fourth in the USHL with 11 powerplay markers, while also leading Tri-City in short-handed goals (3) and shooting percentage (15.3%). Goaltender Cam Johnson adds to the depth chart in net after going 11-1-1 in the USHL with a .939 SV% following a mid-season trade to Waterloo. That followed a tougher first half statistically with a down-and-out Fargo Force outfit last year.

Monday, September 29, 2014

UND Second in USCHO and USA Today Polls

1 Minnesota (36) 978
2 North Dakota (2) 874
3 Providence (2) 839
4 Boston College 831
5 Union (N.Y.) (9) 737
6 Colgate (1) 652
7 St. Cloud State 596
8 Michigan 569
9 Ferris State 532
10 Wisconsin 497
11 Miami (Ohio) 491
12 Notre Dame 433
13 Minnesota State-Mankato 411
14 Cornell 284
15 Quinnipiac 282
16 Northeastern 270
17 Massachusetts-Lowell 247
18 Denver 225
19 New Hampshire 97
20 Boston University 88

Others Receiving Votes: Minnesota-Duluth 87, Ohio State 76, Yale 57, Mercyhurst 54, Vermont 51, Robert Morris 27, Michigan Tech 26, Western Michigan 14, Dartmouth 13, Bowling Green 11, Michigan State 8, Nebraska-Omaha 8, Rensselaer 5, Alaska-Fairbanks 4, Harvard 4, Air Force 3, Brown 3, Clarkson 2, Maine 2, Massachusetts 2, Niagara 1, St. Lawrence 1.

Well there it is, UND comes in second in this week's USCHO.COM poll.

USA Today Poll

1 Minnesota (32) 505 2
2 North Dakota (1) 449 5
3 Providence 431 9
4 Boston College 375 3
5 Colgate 315 13
6 St. Cloud State 272 8
7 Michigan 252 NR
8 Union (N.Y.) (1) 237 1
9 Miami (Ohio) 236 NR
T10 Ferris State 175 6
T10 Notre Dame 175 11
12 Wisconsin 159 7
13 Minnesota State-Mankato 136 12
14 Cornell 99 NR
15 Denver 54 15

Others Receiving Votes: Northeastern 51; Massachusetts-Lowell, 42; Boston University, 34; Minnesota-Duluth, 16; Yale, 14; New Hampshire, 12; Quinnipiac, 10; Michigan Tech, 9; Mercyhurst, 6; Michigan State, 6; Ohio State, 4; Robert Morris, 4.

Copper and Blue Fillets Dillon Simpson

If you haven't seen this hatchet job, check it out. Apparently, Benjamin Massey of Copper and Blue doesn't think very highly of former UND defenseman Dillon Simpson. Meh! I guess they're entitled to their opinion. Free country, Canada and the USA.

Also, the staff at Copper and Blue seems to think that Simpson is an average player and nothing to get excited about. Whatever... In my opinion, Simpson was a very good hybrid defenseman that played well in his four season with UND. Simpson is a smart player that sees the ice well and looks to make the smart play, so maybe that can be interpreted as boring or average. Simpson also led the NCAA in blocked shots last season. Simpson was also one of the more consistent players in the NCHC last season.
Dillon Simpson is what I like to call "a chunk of hockey player." He isn't very big. He isn't very fast. He isn't very truculent. He doesn't generate much offense. He plays at a respectable level. He's gotten some results, but not many. After four years at the University of North Dakota, Simpson looks like a refined version of the player that went in. He even majored in "managerial finance and corporate accounting", just so we know that there's nothing to get excited about.

Our favourite average college defenseman/managerial financier and corporate accountant is starting his professional hockey career this season, having agreed to a three-year deal back in April. Good for him. He seems likely to play in Oklahoma City, a town just as interesting as everything else in this article. With hard work and good luck he'll have a career as a sort of Sven Butenschön, bouncing up and down between the A and the N, more in the former than the latter, before opening a used car dealership in Sherwood Park, retiring at 45 years old, and spending the rest of his days as a beloved local character deeply involved with charity and his community.
In my three season of covering the UND hockey team, Simpson is one of the nicest guys that you will ever meet. I also think he was one of the more consistent players to play defense at UND in the last 5-10 years. Just for the record Bruce McCurdy of the Edmonton Journal has a much better description of Simpson's play.
North Dakota will lose Dillon Simpson to graduation, and there is no doubt that his absence will leave a definite void. The senior captain appeared in 156 games in the North Dakota sweater, potting 16 goals and notching 59 assists. He led the nation in blocked shots this season (109 in 42 games) and was recently named to the All-College Hockey News first team. There is no way that UND can replace that type of leadership with just one player.

UND's National TV Schedule

7:00 CT
7:30 CT
7:30 MT
7:00 CT
7:00 CT
7:30 CT
7:00 ET
7:30 CT
6:30 ET

s/t to USCHO, I have been told that the rest of UND's television schedule is being finalized. Apparently, there's a good chance that a number of UND's games will make a return to FCS.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

UND Hockey: Get Your GameDay App

UND Hockey Fans, don't forget to get your GameDay App. It's free, just click on the appropriate link below. Hockey Season, starts in 11 days. I have a Samsung Mega and this app looks great on my phone.

Friday, September 19, 2014

UND Hockey: 25 Former UND hockey Players on NHL Training Camp Rosters

The list has been updated, there were a few omissions.

Arizona Coyotes: Matt Smaby, Buffalo Sabres: Drew Stafford (A); Calgary Flames: Corban Knight; Carolina Hurricanes: Brad Malone; Chicago Blackhawks: Jonathan Toews (C); Edmonton Oilers: Dillon Simpson; Florida Panthers: Rocco Grimaldi; Los Angeles Kings: Derek Forbort, Matt Greene (A); Minnesota Wild: Zach Parise (A); Montreal Canadiens: Joe Finley; Nashville Bredators: Brian Lee; New Jersey Devils Darcy Zajac, Travis Zajac (A); New York Rangers: Danny Kristo; Philadelphia Flyers: Brett Hextall, Chris Vande Velde; Pittsburgh Penguins: Taylor Chorney; San Jose Sharks: Aaron Dell, Evan Trupp; St. Louis Blues: T.J. Oshie (A); Chris Porter; Toronto Maple Leafs: Matt Frattin, Andrew MacWilliam.

Currently, UND has six players wearing letters.

Some have mentioned that Adam Tambellini is in camp with the New York Rangers. Personally, I could care less. Tambo left the team and his teammates halfway through his first season to go to the WHL, so in my opinion, he’s a Calgary Hitman. It is what it is.

John Buccigross : UND Second in Pre-Season Twitter Poll

John Buccigross (@Buccigross) tweeted his college hockey top 10.

7-St Cloud
9-Ferris St

I never put must stock in pre-season polls or prediction, but they're fun to look at and talk about. Life is a crap shoot, nothing ever shakes out the way the pundits predict anyways.

Last season, Miami University was the odds on favorite to win the Penrose Cup and they finished last in the NCHC. The RedHawks ended up knocking off SCSU in the first round of the NCHC playoffs, and fell one game short of making the NCAA tourney. Four NCHC teams in the Buccigross top ten.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Vegas - National Title Odds

Vegas releases national title odds..   Posted on September 9, 2014 by Brad Elliott Schlossman

Caesars has released its odds for the 2014 college hockey national championship. Twitter user @irik101 posted a photo of them, showing that Minnesota is the heaviest favorite to win it all, followed by Boston College, North Dakota and Providence. Of note, Providence comes to Ralph Engelstad Arena on Oct. 24-25. Here you go….

3/1 — Minnesota (opened at 9/2)
4/1 — Boston College
6/1 — North Dakota (opened at 10/1)
10/1 — Providence
12/1 — Union
15/1 — Wisconsin
18/1 — St. Cloud State
20/1 — Colgate
20/1 — Michigan
20/1 — MSU-Mankato
25/1 — Denver
25/1 — UMass-Lowell
25/1 — Miami
25/1 — Quinnipiac
30/1 — Ferris State (opened at 40/1)
40/1 — Maine
40/1 — Ohio State
40/1 — Cornell
40/1 — Notre Dame
40/1 — New Hampshire
40/1 — Bowling Green (opened 60/1)
40/1 — Boston University (opened 60/1)
50/1 — Minnesota Duluth
50/1 — Yale
50/1 — Vermont (opened 60/1)
50/1 — Northeastern (opened 60/1)
60/1 — Clarkson
75/1 — Western Michigan -

Monday, September 01, 2014

UND Hockey: Two Freshmen Cited for Underaged Drinking

The more things change, the more they stay the same. According to the Grand Forks Herald, two incoming freshmen forward Trevor Olson and backup goaltender Cameron Johnson were cited on August 23, 2014, for Possession/Consumption Of Alcohol By Person Under 21 years of age. That charge is a "B" Misdemeanor.

Checking the court records, both players will be making their initial court on September 10, 2014.  You can use this link to search for court records.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

UND Hockey: Zane Gothberg legally changes surname to McIntyre

An interesting turn of events, UND goalie Zane Gothberg has changed his last name is now officially now Zane McIntyre. I am sure I will screw this up once or twice.
GRAND FORKS, N.D. – University of North Dakota junior goaltender Zane Gothberg announced today that he has legally changed his surname to his mother’s maiden name of McIntyre.

“My grandmother and my mother have been very influential in my life,” said McIntyre. “With the passing of my grandmother and my mother getting re-married, as well as my sister getting married, I’ve made the personal choice to carry on the family name in their honor.”

McIntyre, a sixth-round draft pick of the Boston Bruins in 2010, went 20-10-3 last season and was a finalist for the National Collegiate Hockey Conference’s (NCHC) Goaltender of the Year award. He led the NCHC with a 1.99 goals against average and ranked second with a .926 save percentage. In 50 career appearances, the Thief River Falls, Minn., native is 29-14-6 with a 2.15 goals against average and a school-record .924 save percentage.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

UND Hockey: Ticket availability, Fan Fest set for UND hockey

I have had a few people ask me when single game tickets for hockey go on sale. Today, the University of North Dakota announced that September 12, 2014 is the day.

GRAND FORKS, N.D. – The University of North Dakota Athletics Department announced today that single-game tickets for men’s and women’s hockey will go on sale on Friday, Sept. 12, beginning at 10 a.m. Central.

Additionally, UND Champions Club members can participate in a pre-sale for men’s hockey single-game tickets on Thursday, Sept. 11, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central.

Also announced today, the sixth annual North Dakota Hockey Fan Fest, sponsored by Midco Sports Network, is set for Sunday, Sept. 21, at Ralph Engelstad Arena. The event, which starts at 3 p.m. Central, will include autograph and skill sessions with UND hockey student-athletes, a free meal, and the first chance to pick up the 2014-15 team posters.

Nearly 800 single-game seats are available for every men’s hockey home game on the 2014-15 schedule, with additional seats available for exhibition games and holiday series when class is out of session on the UND campus. Single-game men’s hockey tickets cost $40 (adult) and $25 (youth) for Friday games and $45 (adult) and $30 (youth) for Saturday games. Exhibition games cost $25 (adult) and $10 (youth).

All single-game women’s hockey tickets cost $7 (adult) and $5 (youth).

Although men’s hockey season tickets have once again sold out, fans can add their names to the season-ticket waiting list by joining the UND Champions Club and making a refundable $100 ticket deposit. Each year in the early summer, approximately half of the accounts on the waiting list are offered season tickets. Fans who are on the waiting list can participate in the pre-sale for single-game tickets on Thursday, Sept. 10, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Waiting list and Champions Club members will be emailed a passcode and instructions prior to the appropriate pre-sale date.

Tickets can be purchased at the UND Box Office at Ralph Engelstad Arena or via