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Friday, August 21, 2015

A Guess About Ticket Policies and a Suggested Response

SCSU is just the latest school to impose ridiculous sanctions on, what is basically, a targetted visiting audience (DU and UNO were the others... with DU coming in previous years).  It got me thinking as to why:

The answer is rather obvious, objectively speaking.  Home arenas should be for the home team and the home team's fans should have first crack at all the best seats.  No argument there for me.  Visiting fans shouldn't get "obstructed view only" seating, but they shouldn't get the best seats either.  But the idea that schools should target UND or any other well traveled franchise is ridiculous.  It's not just the NCAA either. During the Stanley Cup playoffs, visiting fans to Tampa Bay's arena were restricted in both seats AND they were not allowed to show their logos as well.

I just don't understand the economics of the whole thing.  If I were the ticket manager of a major sporting venue, I'd want every seat filled with people with overflowing wallets that shoot out wads of cash at the first available (and every subsequent) offer that comes their way.  Heck, this may be a bit extreme but... if filling the REA to capacity every game meant having over half of the arena (or even MOST of it) filled with opposing fans, so be it.  UND still profits even with the vocal opposition to the home team's goals.

This is the first time since I moved to Omaha in 2008 where UND will be visiting Omaha and I will not be in attendance.  I even forked over an amazing amount of money to see what was a god awful publicity stunt ridden hockey contest (otherwise known as the outdoor game) to see my Alma Mater.  It is sold out.  I usually bring between 4 and 6 other people with me... all paying fans...some even UNO alumni (they couldn't even get tickets).  Sad.

Here's my suggested response by the REA and UND:

Impose the same or similar (not worse) restrictions on every teams' fans whose home arena imposes it on our fans... and DISCOUNT tickets to opposing fans in certain sections to schools who do not impose such restrictions.  In other words, say the typical single game ticket costs a person $36 a game to sit in the visitor section.  Colorado College does not impose ticket restrictions to UND fans.  Therefore, visiting fans from Colorado Springs are eligible for a 10% discount on tickets to those specified sections.  Sure, I get we're not in the business to encourage opposing fans from taking away seats from the home team, but I think it is just good business to reward those teams whose schools are open minded and open armed to all schools, not just the ones who won't fill up their arena when they face off.

Perhaps it is a ridiculous idea.  Perhaps UNO and SCSU will relent closer to the game like DU did.  Perhaps UNO's policy is strictly due to the fact that they're desperate to bring new business to a new arena.  I don't know.  The Mavs, here in Omaha, get a pathetic following even compared to the USHL Lancer team.

In the end, however, I can't change ticket policies.  And UNO will get away with it due to "new arena-itis."  But I hope SCSU comes to their senses.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Move On Crowd Missing Point

First, I find the nickname issue to be interesting and frustrating at the same time. So, you're going to get coverage of that issue. Thanks in advance for reading.

Second, one thing that I have noticed through the nickname transition; is a group of people I like to refer to as the "move on crowd". That fine, they're entitled to their opinion. This is a very diverse group, made up of many fans that aren't interested in remaining North Dakota or UND. This group would even accept the Sundogs moniker/nickname as opposed to remaining simply UND. This group wants a nickname, any nickname. And they want it now.

Some in the move on crowd have been less than friendly to the fans that want to remain UND or North Dakota. I am just making an observation. They accuse the UND/North Dakota crowd as having a hissy fit or acting like five-year-old children. One could make the argument that the move on crowd is acting like five-year-old children as well. Just my observation.

Per the Grand Forks Herald:
Meanwhile, almost no one in the photo is wearing an item of clothing that bears the actual name being considered: UND/North Dakota.

The same goes for the hockey and football games I've seen on TV. The seats are full of "Sioux" jerseys, shirts, hats and so on.

What that says to me is that the UND/North Dakota nickname supporters want no nickname in an attempt to preserve the "Sioux" nickname. Otherwise, if they are so happy with UND/North Dakota as their new nickname, why aren't they wearing UND/North Dakota clothing and holding UND/North Dakota signs?

This obviously bitter attitude of "fine, no Fighting Sioux, then we'll show you; we'll have nothing!" needs to be put to rest. It's the position that some 5-year-old kids would take.
One thing that the move on crowd fails to recognize is that no matter what UND's nickname ends up being, people are still going to wear the Fighting Sioux logo. Most people that I know have many Fighting Sioux jerseys, hats, and t-shirts. I am not sure what they expect? I know no one that's going to just throw their Fighting Sioux jersey's away.

Finally, even after UND has finally selected a nickname and logo, fans are still going to wear the Fighting Sioux jerseys and probably yell and the home of the Sioux at the end of the anthem. Players are still going to refer to the school as the Sioux, too.

Lastly, some will say that the no new nickname crowd doesn't get it. Like I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion. That one of the benefits of living in the USA. I also think we should be respectful of others with differing opinions. I see nothing wrong with disagreeing, but be nice. That being said when the #newnickname issue is finally solved. There's going to be some that's unhappy. That's just life.

Edited: Just for the record, I am in the camp of anything but Sundogs. I prefer the North Dakota option, but would gladly accept Rough Riders and Fighting Hawks. I don't support UND using the North Star nickname, I could see a copy right lawsuit coming in that one. I think that Nodaks would be redundant.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Edit: UND Nickname Selection Process is a Farce

I have been on vacation since last Thursday evening, and I left my laptop computer at home, instead of bringing it on my vacation. So, yes, I am a little late to the party. That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking/seething about this. Because I have.

First, while I love the Fighting Sioux nickname, I understand that the University of North Dakota can not go back to being the Fighting Sioux. It's never going to happen, especially in today's day and age where you have a God-given right to not be offended. That's not the point of this blog post. I am just going to give my brief opinion on a the very flawed process UND has taken to come up with a new nickname.

In my opinion, the UND Nickname Committee should go back to the nickname suggestions that didn't make the list and find some better choices. There are many nicknames on that list that are better than five remaining choices. Without looking at the list, Aeros, Aviators and Nokota come to mind. Sad that they didn't make the list.

I have had a few people tweet me that UND has already picked a new nickname and this is nothing but a side show or a farce. It "almost" looks like this becoming reality. It's a matter of if UND is the North Stars or Sundogs. North Stars is better than Sundogs. 

Last night, while I was watching television with my father, Twitter blew up with the announcement that the UND Nickname Committee had decided to drop North Dakota as an option from the remaining nickname choices. Another great decision from that group. Shocking, yes, but not unpredictable.

There're a lot of people that aren't happy with this decision, to include Karl Goehring. If you don't believe people are upset with this decision go back and check out twitter.

Per the Grand Forks Herald.
The decision to eliminate playing as UND/North Dakota didn't please everyone on the committee, as Chairman Karl Goehring wanted to let the public decide whether to essentially move forward with no new nickname.

"I have several friends who are athletes, and not a single one plays hockey," committee member and UND student Jazmyn Friesz said. "They just want to stay UND, not to bring back Fighting Sioux."

Regardless, committee member and UND alumna Diane Hillebrand made the motion to eliminate UND/North Dakota. Committee member and UND faculty member John Bridewell seconded it.

The motion passed seven to four with Friesz, Goehring and committee members Dave St. Peter and Lowell Schweigert, a UND alumnus, casting dissenting votes.
While I believe the UND Nickname Committed has done a subpar job, they're in a tough spot. There're many people from the politically correct crowd chirping in their ear and telling the UND Nickname Committee how they've got to pick something, just not North Dakota.

Moving forward with simply "North Dakota" can't be an option. Just ask the anti-Fighting Sioux nickname crowd (obviously, there's other fans that don't like the no nickname option, I realize that, they're just not as vocal). Their reason, remaining UND or North Dakota is a pseudo way of keeping the Fighting Sioux nickname alive. Whatever. 

So, what do you tell the UND athletes that are chiming in on Twitter today? Does their opinion not matter? Their opinion matters more than some troll from another fan base that replies to their tweet lecturing them and telling them that they have to move on. It's also easy for a newspaper writer from another town to tell people to move on. Especially when they have no skin in the game. 

I have chatted with a number of former athletes that would like to remain simply "North Dakota". I guess their opinion doesn't matter all that much. 

Let me tell you something; when the UND president picks one of the five remaining horrible nicknames, people are still going to yell "go Sioux" at UND sporting events. That's a true statement. It's going to happen. You can bank on it. 

When the national anthem is played at UND sporting events, they're still going to have fans yelling "Sioux." No matter how hard the handwringers try, it's not going away. Not anytime soon. The anti-Fighting Sioux nickname people can scream and write all of the letters to the editors that they want, but it won't change anything.

I want to caution President Robert O. Kelly, if he decides to go ahead and disregard the will the people (Alumni, former student-athletes, current athletes and current UND students) and picks the wrong nickname, i.e. Sundogs, he's going to set off a firestorm.

IMHO, I am for any  remaining nickname, just not Sundogs. I preferred North Dakota. 

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

UND Releases list of Incoming Freshmen

by Redwing77

UND is going into next season with 10 brand new faces.  This is the largest freshman class since 2011-2012.  Here's an overview:


Brock Boeser (pronounced BESS-er):  Highly skilled forward taken in the first round in the 2015 NHL draft by Vancouver.

 Ht: 6-0    Wt: 191      Pos: F     Hometown: Burnsville, Minn.                 Previous Team: Waterloo (USHL)    
Drafted by the Vancouver Canucks in the first round (23rd overall) of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft ... Spent the 2014-15 season with the United States Hockey League’s (USHL) Waterloo Blackhawks … Earned USHL All-Star First Team and USHL All-Rookie Team honors … Appeared in 57 games for the Blackhawks … Tied for the league lead with 35 goals and finished third in the USHL scoring race with 68 points …  Invited to the 2015 U.S. National Junior Evaluation Camp Roster by USA Hockey … Captained USA to a bronze medal at the 2014-15 Ivan Hlinka Tournament and led the team with six goals in five games … Tied for the team scoring lead with seven points in five games and led USA to a silver medal at the 2013-14 Ivan Hlinka Tournament … Helped lead the U.S. to a gold medal at the 2013-14 Five Nations Tournament.

Redwing77's Take:  I've seen him play a few times against Omaha.  He did quite a good job on the ice.  He was always a factor in the game for Waterloo, despite the fact that the closest Waterloo came to beating Omaha was a shootout loss (Boeser shot second and Oldham made the save).

Name: Rhett Gardner                   Ht: 6-2    Wt: 215      Pos: F     Hometown: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan                Previous Team: Okotoks (AJHL)                                                       

Spent the past two seasons with the Okotoks Oilers of the Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL), where he totaled 37 goals and 54 assists for 91 points in 106 career games … Appeared in 54 games in 2014-15 and led the Oilers in points (54), goals (24) and assists (30) … Added a team-leading six points in seven playoff games … Earned AJHL All-Rookie Team honors in 2013-14 when he collected 13 goals and 24 assists in 52 games … Represented Canada West each of the last two years at the World Junior A Challenge, serving as team captain in 2014-15 and winning a bronze medal in 2013-14.

Name: Shane Gersich                   Ht: 5-9    Wt: 174      Pos: F     Hometown: Chaska, Minn.                      Previous Team: Omaha (USHL)        

Drafted by the Washington Capitals in the fifth round (134th overall) of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft … Spent the 2014-15 season with the USHL’s Omaha Lancers and led the team in goals (27), power-play points (16), power-play goals (10) and game-winning goals (5) … Added 23 assists for 50 points in 52 games … Represented the U.S. at the 2014-15 World Junior A Challenge … Spent the 2013-14 season with the U.S. National Team Development Program … Had 16 goals and 16 assists in 61 games with the U.S. Under-18 Team and helped team to a gold medal at the U-18 World Championship.

Redwing77's take:  I've watched him play all year long.  He started out being pretty much the SOLE goal scorer for the Lancers, during which they were AWFUL at home.  As the season progressed, the Lancers got better and, though Gersich didn't necessarily diminish in performance, he became less noticeable.  Shane is an energy player and he LOVES to shoot the puck.  It's hard to predict what he'll be like in Grand Forks, but he's served on a scoring line in Omaha and on a checking line with the U.S. NTDP.  He could be just about anywhere... adding grit to a scoring line or adding scoring to a grit line.  My armchair prediction is that he'll be on the third or fourth line as a freshman.

Name: Mike Gornall                     Ht: 5-9    Wt: 201      Pos: F     Hometown: Irwin, Pa.                              Previous Team: Topeka (NAHL)       

Spent the past two seasons with the Topeka Roadrunners of the North American Hockey League (NAHL) … Amassed 21 goals and 50 assists in 113 career games with Topeka … Added 10 goals and 14 points in 19 career playoff games … Served as team captain in 2014-15 and collected 15 goals and 34 assists in 58 games … Had a team-leading seven goals and nine points in eight playoff games … Was a teammate of fellow UND freshman Matej Tomek in 2014-15.

Name: Joel Janatuinen                Ht: 6-0    Wt: 176      Pos: F     Hometown: Espoo, Finland                    Previous Team: Sioux City (USHL)   

Spent the 2014-15 season – his first in North America – with the USHL’s Sioux City Musketeers and registered 21 goals and 29 assists in 50 games … Also owned a plus-20 rating … Added a team-leading three goals in five playoff games … Spent the 2013-14 season in Finland’s Jr. A. SM-Liiga league and led the Blues U20 to a league championship … Had 22 goals and 26 assists in 46 games, tying for second on the team in goals and tying for third in points … Won the league’s Jere Lehtinen Award as Gentleman of the Year … Joins fellow freshman Matej Tomek, Slovakia’s Rastislav Spirko (2004-06), Denmark’s Lars Oxholm (1991-93) and the Czech Republic’s Zdenek “Stan” Marek (1950-51) as the only Europeans to play men’s hockey at UND.

Redwing77's take:  I've watched him play 3 times last season and, though he scored 1 goal and 1 assist in the first game of the year last year, he was pretty good overall.  To be honest, though, I really wasn't paying too much attention to him at the time because all three games took place before he committed to UND.

Name: Chris Wilkie                      Ht: 6-0    Wt: 195      Pos: F     Hometown: Omaha, Neb.                       Previous Team: Tri-City (USHL)        

Drafted by the Florida Panthers in the sixth round (162nd overall) of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft …  spent the past two seasons with the USHL’s Tri-City Storm and was named to the USHL Second All-Star Team in 2014-15 after tying for the league’s goal-scoring lead with 35 goals … Added 20 assists for 55 points in 59 games … Had 17 goals and 19 assists in 57 games as a USHL rookie in 2013-14 … Won a bronze medal with Team USA at the 2012-13 Under-17 World Championship … Father, David, was a defenseman who spent parts of six seasons in the NHL with Montreal, Tampa Bay and the New York Rangers.

 Redwing77's Take:  Ok, I'm not going to give you stats, but I watched Chris play a lot this year and he was ALL over the place when I was watching him.  He was by far the most fun player to watch on a very talented Tri-City team.  He seemed to play in every situation and he also manned the point on the Power Play.  He was very effective in that capacity vs. Omaha.  I really liked Wilkie's play, even if he's more inconsistent than Boeser and not as good defensively as Boeser or Gersich.


Name: Danys Chartrand              Ht: 6-1    Wt: 188      Pos: D    Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba           Previous Team: Flin Flon (MJHL)      

Spent the past three seasons with the Flin Flon Bombers of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL) … Amassed 11 goals and 39 assists in 146 career games with the Bombers … Earned Flin Flon’s Academic Award in 2014-15 … Received the team’s MVP and Best Defenseman Awards in 2013-14 after totaling eight goals and 14 assists in 56 games … Named Flin Flon’s Rookie of the Year in 2012-13 … Father, Ken, attended UND … Sister, Nik, swam collegiately at Delta State University.  Name prounounced:  Danny SHAR-trand

Redwing77's Take:  Ok, I don't have much to say about this guy except Coach Berry said that he's used up his junior eligibility and talked about needing depth in case of injury.  My guess is that this guy is much like a Coltyn Sanderson and Jim Senkbeil type guy.

Name: Hayden Shaw                    Ht: 5-9    Wt: 191      Pos: D    Hometown: Woodbury, Minn.                Previous Team: Dubuque (USHL)     

Spent the previous two seasons in the USHL, playing for the Waterloo Blackhawks in 2013-14 and splitting the 2014-15 season between Waterloo and the Dubuque Fighting Saints … Earned USHL First All-Star Team honors in 2014-15 after tying for third among the league’s defensemen in scoring with (6-36—42) and plus-minus rating (plus-20) in 46 games … Tied for the playoff scoring lead among defensemen with 12 points (3 goals, 9 assists) in eight games for Dubuque  … Was named to the 2013-14 USHL All-Rookie Team after amassing eight goals and 21 assists in 53 games … Son of UND assistant coach Matt Shaw.

Redwing77's Take:  I liked Shaw.  He factored in most of his games vs. Omaha this past season despite splitting time between two teams.  I think he's a puck mover and an offensive defenseman.  One thing I noticed (though not live) is that he seemed to be far more noticeable in the playoffs.  This is a good thing.

Name: Christian Wolanin             Ht: 6-1    Wt: 177      Pos: D    Hometown: Rochester, Mich.                 Previous Team: Muskegon (USHL)  

Drafted by the Ottawa Senators in the fourth round (107th overall) of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft … Spent the last three years in in the USHL … Named to USHL Second All-Star Team in 2014-15 after scoring 14 goals and 27 assists in 41 games for the Muskegon Lumberjacks … Ranked second among USHL defensemen in goals and fifth in points … Totaled six goals and 28 assists in 109 games over his previous two seasons with Muskegon and Green Bay … Father, Craig, was an NHL defenseman who enjoyed a 13-year career with New Jersey, Quebec, Colorado, Tampa Bay and Toronto.

 Redwing77's Take:  This kid interests me.  He is listed on the release as being from Rochester, Michigan but on the NHL Draft ticker as being from Quebec City, Quebec.  It's not a big deal but it was interesting to me.  What's also interesting is that he's a convert.  He started out playing forward and switched to defense either in high school or at the USHL level.  With UND's tendency to play "fast and loose" with positions (see Senkbeil, Poolman, and Chay Genoway as a few examples) it would not shock me to see him play just about any skating position.  The only meaningless note from my personal observations is that he served this year as Captain of the Lumberjacks.  I mention this because he spent an awful lot of time complaining to the refs when he faced Omaha.


Name: Matej Tomek                     Ht: 6-2    Wt: 179      Pos: G    Hometown: Bratislava, Slovakia            Previous Team: Topeka (NAHL)       
Drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers in the third round (90th overall) of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft … Spent the 2014-15 season with the North American Hockey League’s (NAHL) Topeka Roadrunners, where he was a teammate of fellow UND freshman Mike Gornall … Named NAHL Goaltender of the Year and earned All-NAHL Team honors after going 24-7-2 with a 1.83 goals against average and .928 save percentage … Also had six shutouts, tied for second-most in the league … Joins fellow freshman Joel Janatuinen, Slovakia’s Rastislav Spirko (2004-06), Denmark’s Lars Oxholm (1991-93) and the Czech Republic’s Zdenek “Stan” Marek (1950-51) as the only Europeans to play men’s hockey at UND.  Pronounced:  Matay Toe-mak.

Redwing77's Take:  In my opinion, goaltending is the biggest question mark going into next season for UND.  Yes, our D has a big new look, but the Cam Johnson I saw in the USHL and the Cam Johnson I saw last year were two different players and, sadly, rather shaky.  That being said, Tomek played well enough to get drafted...but he comes from a league that isn't as solid as the USHL.  My hope is that Tomek is another coming of two former NAHL goaltending superstars:  Ryan Miller or Ben Bishop (despite Bishop being 4-5 inches taller).

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from the bloggers at Goon's World. What are you thankful for on this holiday?

A photo posted by Eric J. Burton (@eric.burton.94801) on

A photo posted by Eric J. Burton (@eric.burton.94801) on

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2015-16 UND Hockey Schedule

Date            Opponent                                   Time (CT)
Oct. 3         Manitoba (exh.)                       7:07 pm
Oct. 9          vs. Lake Superior State^             3:30 pm
Oct. 10        vs. Maine^                                    7:00 pm
Oct. 16        at Bemidji State                            7:37 pm
Oct. 17       Bemidji State                           7:07 pm
Oct. 23        at Vermont                                           TBA
Oct. 24        at Vermont                                           TBA
Oct. 30        at Colorado College*                         TBA
Oct. 31        at Colorado College*                         TBA
Nov. 6        Wisconsin                                  7:37 pm
Nov. 7        Wisconsin                                  7:07 pm
Nov. 13      Miami*                                       7:37 pm
Nov. 14      Miami*                                       7:07 pm
Nov. 20       at St. Cloud State*                              TBA
Nov. 21       at St. Cloud State*                              TBA
Nov. 27       at Michigan State                                TBA
Nov. 29       at Michigan State                                TBA
Dec. 4         Denver*                                     7:37 pm
Dec. 5         Denver*                                     7:07 pm
Dec. 11        at Minnesota Duluth*                  7:07 pm
Dec. 12        at Minnesota Duluth*                  7:07 pm
Jan. 1         Alabama-Huntsville                7:37 pm
Jan. 2         Alabama-Huntsville                7:07 pm
Jan. 9         US. Under-18 Team (exh.)            TBA
Jan. 15       Omaha*                                     7:37 pm
Jan. 16       Omaha*                                     7:07 pm
Jan. 22       Colorado College*                   7:37 pm
Jan. 23       Colorado College*                   7:07 pm
Jan. 29        at Western Michigan*                  6:00 pm
Jan. 30        at Western Michigan*                  6:00 pm
Feb. 12        at Denver*                                           TBA
Feb. 13        at Denver*                                           TBA
Feb. 19       Minnesota Duluth*                 7:37 pm
Feb. 20       Minnesota Duluth*                 7:07 pm
Feb. 26        at Omaha*                                    7:07 pm
Feb. 27        at Omaha*                                    7:07 pm
Mar. 4        Western Michigan*                 7:37 pm
Mar. 5        Western Michigan*                 7:07 pm
Mar. 11-13  NCHC Quarterfinals (Best of 3)
Mar. 18-19  NCHC Frozen Faceoff (Minneapolis)
Mar. 25-27  NCAA Regionals
Apr. 7-9       NCAA Frozen Four (Tampa)
* NCHC game
^ Ice Breaker Tournament (Portland, Maine)
All times Central
Home games in bold
Schedule subject to change

Monday, May 18, 2015

UND to Announce New Head Coach at 1:00 PM

The news is breaking fans right now. According to Brad Schlossman, UND is going to hire Brad Berry to be the next head coach of UND.
GRAND FORKS, N.D. – University of North Dakota Director of Athletics Brian Faison will introduce the 16th head coach of the UND men’s hockey program today at a news conference in the main lobby of Ralph Engelstad Arena. The news conference will begin at 1 p.m. Central. A live of stream of the news conference will be available at

The new head coach, Faison and current UND players will be available for interviews immediately following the news conference.

For additional information, contact UND Assistant Athletics Director for Media Relations Jayson Hajdu at 701.740.7659 (cell) or at

Dave Hakstol Named Head Coach of the Philadelphia Flyers

They say to be careful what you wish for. Coach  Dave Hakstol is moving on. The news broke this morning that Hakstol is going to be the next head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers. For the fans that wanted Hakstol fired because his teams didn't win an NCAA title, you won't have Hak to kick around anymore. I must say personally, I am shocked. I don't think many saw this coming.

Official Press Release -- Philadelphia Flyers general manager Ron Hextall announced this morning that Dave Hakstol has been named the 19th head coach in Flyers history.

“Dave brings a wealth of head coaching experience and success to the Philadelphia Flyers organization,” said Hextall. “He’s a proven winner and we are pleased to have him become part of the Flyers family.”

“I am extremely excited to be named the Philadelphia Flyers new head coach,” said Hakstol. “Through the process here with Ron [Hextall] and everybody in the Flyers organization I have gained even more of an understanding of the history and tradition of this organization and I’m very proud to become part of the Philadelphia Flyers today.”

Hakstol, 46 (7/30/1968), comes to the Flyers from the University of North Dakota where he spent the last 11 seasons compiling an overall record of 289-143-43 with a .654 winning percentage in 475 games. In 2014-15, he led North Dakota to a 29-10-3 record with a .726 winning percentage and a berth in the NCAA Frozen Four.

North Dakota made the NCAA Tournament in every one of Hakstol’s 11 seasons and reached the Frozen Four seven times in that span, which is the most of any program in the country during that period. Hakstol led North Dakota to an overall postseason record of 54-24 for a .692 winning percentage, including a 17-11 record in the NCAA Tournament, during his tenure.

He joined the school’s coaching staff in 2000 as an assistant coach, and took over the head coaching job four years later. Under Hakstol’s watch, North Dakota won three regular season conference championships – two in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA, 2008-09, 2010-11) and one in the National Collegiate Hockey Conference (NCHC, 2014-15).  North Dakota also won WCHA playoff championships in 2005-06, 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12.  Hakstol received conference coach of the year honors twice, in the WCHA in 2008-09 and in the NCHC in 2014-15.  He was also an eight-time finalist for the Spencer Penrose Award as national coach of the year.

Hakstol’s program has produced 20 NHL players and a total of 46 that have played professionally at some level. His former players include Jonathan Toews (CHI) and Matt Greene (LAK), each of whom have won two Stanley Cups since leaving the school, as well as T.J. Oshie (STL), Travis Zajac (NJD), Drew Stafford (BUF, WPG) and Chris VandeVelde (EDM, PHI). He has also had seven players named Hobey Baker Award finalists, including Ryan Duncan who won the award in 2007, and 11 players named All-Americans.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Men’s and Women’s Hockey Players to Graduate this May

Here’s a list of the UNDhockey players that gradate this Saturday. I would like to congratulate them all. If you look at the list, a majority of these players graduated in four years. That's no easy task playing division I hockey and going to school.  

Men’s Hockey (6): Connor Gaarder (Entrepreneurship), Mark MacMillan (Entrepreneurship), Nick Mattson (Management), Brendan O'Donnell (Communication), Michael Parks (Communication), Stephane Pattyn (Entrepreneurship)

Women’s Hockey (3): Andrea Dalen (Business Economics), Michelle Karvinen (Graphic Design & Technology), Tori Williams (Psychology)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Family Affair: UND lands Colton Poolman

The University of North Dakota is known for its brother teams. This past year, UND had the Schmaltz Bros (Nick and Jordan). As of today, there will be another Poolman attending UND. Tucker's brother Colton Poolman has committed to UND. I would imagine that he's a year or two out. Here's the link to his Elite Prospects Page.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

USCHO All-American Teams

First Team
F Jack Eichel, Boston University
F Tanner Kero, Michigan Tech
F Jimmy Vesey, Harvard
D Matt Grzelcyk, Boston University
D Joey LaLeggia, Denver
G Jon Gillies, Providence

Second Team
F Daniel Ciampini, Union
F Matt Garbowski, RIT
F Zach Hyman, Michigan
D Mike Paliotta, Vermont
D Mike Reilly, Minnesota
G Zane McIntyre, North Dakota


Third Team
F Sam Anas, Quinnipiac
F Bryce Gervais, Minnesota State
F Evan Rodrigues, Boston University
D Rob O’Gara, Yale
D Robbie Russo, Notre Dame
G Ryan Massa, Omaha

UND junior goalie Zane McIntyre has been named to the UCHO second team All-American.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

NCAA Frozen Four: UND Presser

At about the 12:30 mark the press conference starts. There were some things that stuck out today. Make no mistake about it, UND is on a business trip.

“It’s a real narrow focus here,” Zane McIntyre said. “We’re coming for business.”

Coach Hakstol was asked if he had any Instagram selfies. The answer is classic Hakstol.

“I’m working on it,” Hakstol said. “Maybe you can help me with that technology.”

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

UND Gets a Commitment from Grant Mismash

Another great pickup for the University of North Dakota on the recruiting front. Today, Grant Mismash from Shattuck St. Mary's committed to the University of North Dakota. Here's the link to his Elite Prospects page.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Game Day A few Things

The NCAA playoffs start today. You could say, today, is the first day of the rest of your season. Lose and your team goes home. Win and you move on. Only one team in the NCAA playoffs is going to win their last game. A reporter from Fox asked Hakstol about the playoffs and this is what the head coach had to say.

“You said it. It’s one-and-done," Hakstol said. "Winner moves on, loser does not.”

Friday, March 20, 2015

A Look at the Pairwise with One Game Left

According to Brad Schlossman, he seems to think that with the win, UMN will be heading to Fargo, ND. With the win, SCSU is in the tourney. UND is now the number two team in the Pairwise.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Conor Gaarder, UND's Mr. March

I love this picture. Maybe we're on to something, in UND's last seven March games, Connor Gaarder has five goals & four of them were game-winners. This isn't a one-time thing either, last year, in UND last four games of the season, Gaarder scored four goals in four games.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Picture is Worth A 1,000 Words

This kind of sums it all up. Guy can barely walk after his surgery and he's out on the ice lifting the Penrose Cup above his head. Mark MacMillan is a character guy, a glue guy on this UND hockey team.

Connor Gaarder's game-winning goal vs. Colorado College (Video)

Coming into Saturday night’s game, Connor Gaarder had scored four game-winning goals. With his eighth goal of the season, Gaarder would add another game-winning goal to his total. Gaarder has scored five goals in the last six games, four of which have been game-winning goals. Gaarder’s five game-winning goals also leads UND.

UND Hockey: Tradtional Circle of Sticks with the Penrose

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