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Saturday, January 10, 2015

(Video) UND'S Steph Pattyn drops Derik Johnson

This play won't make the highlights on Fox Sports 1. You can bet on that. Both players were assessed 14 minutes in penalties for their efforts.

MND-4 Derik Johnson (2-Unsportsmanlike Conduct) 10:31
MND-5 Derik Johnson (2-Embellishment) 10:31
MND-6 Derik Johnson (10-Misconduct) 10:31
NDK-4 Stephane Pattyn (2-Unsportsmanlike Conduct) 10:31
NDK-5 Stephane Pattyn (2-Roughing) 10:31
NDK-6 Stephane Pattyn (10-Misconduct) 10:31

Sunday, February 24, 2013

(Video) UND takes DU to the Wood Shed 6-1

Great effort by the guys in Green and White. I will let the video do the talking. 

Not a good weekend by the guys wearing the stripes, I thought that Scott Bokal and Brian Thul were absolutely brutal. After further review, it was more Scott Bokal that was the "weak link" in that officiating crew. I made a comment on the UND game chat that after UND went up 3-1 that DU would come out and get the next three power plays in a row. Actually, the Pioneers got the next four power plays in a row. 

Ironically, this is also this same crew that whistled UND for seven consecutive penalties in a row during the November 21, 2009 game, which UND lost 3-2. That resulted in both officials being disciplined by the WCHA

Of course the WCHA doesn't officially make announcements on issues like this, because they don't like to publicly discipline their officials. They take care of matters in house. I was able to confirm this through two sources that had knowledge of the situation.

They will only publicly discipline someone if they make a bomb threat in an airport. 

This was also a game where Ben Blood was tripped, but the on ice officials incorrectly ended up putting Blood in the penalty box. 

According the UND SID Jayson Hajdu, the officials apologized for their mistake after the game for the egregious mistake. I hope going forward that the NCHC doesn't think that they need to employ any of these people in the new league, neither of these two guys deserved to officiate in the NCHC.  

During the run of four consecutive minor penalties, the two minute minor for too many men on the ice was funny because, they blew the whistle while DU had possession of the puckl. I even remember the announcers wondering why the play was blown dead. 

I included a few clips to prove my point. Steph Pattyn was assessed one of the weakest cross-checking penalty I have ever witnessed in my life; during the third period, that was an absolute joke. You can see the camera pan to the coaches on the bench and look at the players expression as well as assistant coach Dane Jackson.

Scott Mayfield should be sitting out the first game of next weekend’s series against the Minnesota Gophers after his horse collar on UND forward Connor Gaarder, the sophomore pugilist wasn't happy with that move, he followed up that bush league horse collar by butt-ending Gaarder twice.  Then luckily for Mayfield, he is rescued by the officials before Andrew MacWilliam was able to take a pound of flesh from him. 

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

(Video) Nate Condon goal and a few missed opportunities

If Gophers forward Kyle Rau had to play in a league where fighting wasn't banned he wouldn't yap at Steph Pattyn like that. I also agree with the host, Zach Budish showed some leadership by telling Rau to zip it.

If you talk to some of the players from UND, you will find out that Pattyn was a feared fighter when he was in the MJHL.

During a Wednesday press conference Bryn Chyzyk was asked about forward Steph Pattyn.

It’s funny you ask, I played against him up in Manitoba. I was so scared of that guy, he’s a scary guy to play against, but I defiantly like him a lot better on my team.”

The shorthanded goal by Nate Condon was definitely the turning point in the game. UND gets a power play on an interference call and Minnesota gets a back breaking shorthanded goal. I guess we could discuss the play by the two UND players on the Condon goal, but it’s easy to Saturday morning quarterback. I was wondering why Joe Gleason didn't just yank Condon down on the play. Up until that point, I thought it was a very close game.
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Friday, January 11, 2013

UND vs. CC Tigers game 1

UND’s Forward lines

15 Michael Parks –10 Corban Knight (A) – 7 Danny Kristo (A)
9 Drake Caggiula– 27 Carter Rowney (A) –19 Rocco Grimaldi
25 Mitch MacMilliam – 16 Mark MacMillan – 13 Connor Gaarder
8 Dan Senkbeil – 28 Steph Pattyn –17 Colten St. Clair

UND Defense Parings

2 Andrew MacWilliam (C) – 5 Nick Mattson
18 Dillon Simpson–20 Joe Gleason
4 Derek Forbort – 24 Jordan Schmaltz

UND Goalies

33 Clarke Saunders
31 Zane Gothberg

Not in lineup:  21 Brendan O’Donnell , 29 Bryn Chyzyk , 11 Derek Rodwell (Injury), Coltyn Sanderson – 26, Andrew Panzarella 22.

Referees: Todd Anderson, Brad Shepherd. Linesmen: Andy Carton, Nathan Freeman.

Colorado College Tigers Lines

Tiger Forward lines

16 Alexander Krushelnyski –13 Rylan Schwartz (A) –27 William Rapuzzi (C)
12 Archie Skalbeck – 25 Scott Winkler – 24 Jared Hanson
11 Hunter Fejes–10 Cody Bradley–21 Jeff Collett
18 Scott Wamsgamz–14 Jordan DiGiando–15 Andrew Hamburg

Tiger Denfense Pairing

6 Peter Stoykewych–28 Mike Boivin
5 Aaron Harstad–7 Eamonn McDermott
20 Ian Young–4 Joe Marciano

Tiger Goalies

31 Joe Howe
39 Josh Thorimbert

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shot Charts UMD vs. UND game one

Tap of the stick to @statsoncrack ... After having a tough night in the face off dot last weekend, senior forward Corbin Knight was stellar going 18-11. UND as a team was dominant in the faceoff circle and went 53-32 in the faceoff circle. Freshman forward Rocco Grimaldi was 15-6 in the faceoff circle as well.

UND is ranked 48th overall nationally in the Penalty Minutes. So UND is not a bunch of goons that some seem to think… The “Halos” from Minneapolis are ranked 56th overall. On the flip side of that equation, UMD is ranked second overall nationally in Penalty Minutes.

I think that one point that has been glossed over so far this season is that fact that UND’s energy line which has included the likes of Steph Pattyn 4 PIM, Derek Rodwell 2 PIM, Bryn Chyzhyk 4 PIM and or Colton St. Clair 2 PIM have not taken a lot of penalty minutes.

Just for the record, from what I have heard from a few people that Steph Pattyn was a feared fighter in the MJHL and took his share of Penalty Minutes in junior hockey and has a grand total of 2 minors so far this season. Here is a video of one of his fights if you want take a look, there is an old saying, it's better to be the hammer than the nail...  [click to view]

At a recent press conference Bryn Chyzyk was asked, how intense of a person is Steph Pattyn.

It’s funny you ask, I played against him up in Manitoba. I was so scared of that guy, he’s a scary guy to play against, but I defiantly like him a lot better on my team.”