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Thursday, November 29, 2012

This sums it up well.

It was announced today that Wild goalie Josh Harding has MS.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Updated College Hockey TV schedule

Originally posted at The Hockey Writers – Combine

If you have been scanning twitter and the various NHL webpages on the Internet you will realized that the NHL owners and NHL Players Association are nowhere near signing a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  It’s almost as if the NHL is bound and determined to ruin the NHL in North America for good as they march towards this bizarre form of fratricide.

The two sides look like a bunch of spoiled five year olds fighting over a toy at daycare.
According to Michael Russo of the Star Tribune, the NHL is going to announce today that the league will be cancelling the entire schedule in November.

You see where this is going? The entire season hangs in the balance and is in jeopardy if the two sides don’t get back to the negotiating table.

I love the NHL and I spend hours every winter watching the greatest game on the planet, but as this lockout continues, I have become so disgruntled with the current state of affairs in the NHL, that I have almost stopped entirely looking at my favorite NHL pages. Recently, I have stuck mostly to amateur hockey leagues like the USHL, NAHL, CHL and NCAA hockey webpages.

So now that we have discussed the depressing subject that is the NHL = No Hockey League, you can settle in tonight and watch some college hockey and here is the updated schedule of college hockey games.
You can check your local listing but FCS is on the following DirecTV channels 617, 623, 626. As of right now, Dish Network does not include Fox College Sports. Games with a (C) are also available in Canada.

Fri.Oct. 26Anchorage at UNDFSC/Midco7:37pm623
Sat.Oct. 27Anchorage at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pm626
Sun.Oct. 28Canisius at MinnesotaFS North2 p.m.668/436
Fri.Nov. 2BU at UNDFCS/Midco/NESN7:37pmTBD/686/434
Fri.Nov. 2Minnesota State at MinnesotaFS North8 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Nov. 3BU at UNDFCS/Midco/NESN7:07pmTBD/628/434
Sat.Nov. 3Minnesota at Minnesota StateFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Fri.Nov. 9Boston University at MerrimackFOX College7:30 p.m.TBD
Thu.Nov. 15Notre Dame at MichiganCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Nov. 15UMD at UNDFCS/Midco7:37pmTBD
FriNov. 16UMD at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Fri.Nov. 16Harvard at CornellNBC Sports Net.7:30 pm603 / 159
Fri.Nov. 16Wisconsin at MinnesotaFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Fri.Nov. 16Denver at Colorado CollegeAltitude9:30 p.m.681 / 410
Sat.Nov. 17Colorado College at DenverROOT Sports9 p.m.683 / 414
Sat.Nov. 17Wisconsin at MinnesotaBTN9 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Nov. 23Minnesota at VermontFS North +7 p.m.TBD
Fri.Nov. 23Colgate at MerrimackFOX College7:30 p.m.TBD
Sat.Nov. 24Minnesota at VermontFS North7 p.m.668 / 436
Fri.Nov. 30Boston College at Boston UniversityNBC Sports Net.7:30 pm603 / 159
Fri.Nov. 30Ohio State at Michigan StateBTN8 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Nov. 30Vermont at MaineCBS Sports Net.8 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Nov. 30Nebraska-Omaha at MinnesotaFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Sat.Dec. 1Boston University at Boston CollegeNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Sat.Dec. 1Nebraska-Omaha at MinnesotaFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Fri.Dec. 1Denver University at UNDFCS/Midco7:37pmTBD
Fri.Dec. 7Michigan State at Notre DameNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Dec. 7Harvard at MerrimackFOX College7:30 p.m.TBD
Fri.Dec 8Denver University at UNDFCS/MIDCO7:07pmTBD
Fri.Dec. 7Minnesota at Colorado CollegeFS North +9:30 p.m.TBD
Sat.Dec. 8Maine at Boston UniversityCBS Sports Net.8 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Sat.Dec. 8Minnesota at Colorado CollegeFS North +9 p.m.TBD
Fri.Dec. 14Miami at Ohio StateBTN7 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Dec. 14Western Michigan at MichiganCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Thu.Dec. 27Michigan State vs. Western MichiganFS Detroit3:30 p.m.663 / 430
Thu.Dec. 27Michigan vs. Michigan TechFS Detroit7:30 p.m.663 / 430
Fri.Dec. 28GLI Third-Place GameFS Detroit3:30 p.m.663 / 430
Fri.Dec. 28GLI Championship GameFS Detroit7:30 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Dec. 29Air Force at MinnesotaFS North +TBDTBD
Sat.Dec. 29Boston University at DenverROOT Sports9 p.m.683 / 414
Sat.Dec. 30Boston College at MinnesotaFS North +TBDTBD
Fr.Jan. 4Holy Cross at UNDFCS/Midco7:37pmTBD
Fri.Jan. 4Colorado College at Nebraska-OmahaNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Jan. 4Robert Morris at ArmyCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Jan. 4Cornell at DenverROOT Sports9:30 p.m.683 / 414
Sat.Jan. 5Holy Cross at UNDFCS/Midco7:07TBD
Sat.Jan. 5Merrimack at VermontCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Tue.Jan. 8Bowling Green at MichiganBTN7:30 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Tue.Jan. 8Notre Dame at MinnesotaFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Fri.Jan. 11Colorado College at UNDFCS/Midco7:37pmTBD
Fri.Jan. 11New Hampshire at Boston CollegeNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Fri.Jan. 11Union at PrincetonNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Jan. 11Alaska Anchorage at MinnesotaBTN9 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Jan. 11Nebraska-Omaha at DenverNBC Sports Net.10 p.m.603 / 159
Sat.Jan. 12Army at Air ForceCBS Sports Net.6 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Sat.Jan. 12Colorado College at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Sat.Jan. 12Alaska at MichiganFS Detroit +7:30 p.m.664 / TBD
Sat.Jan. 12Alaska Anchorage at MinnesotaFS North8 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Jan. 12Nebraska-Omaha at DenverROOT Sports9 p.m.683 / 414
Fri.Jan. 18Northeastern at Boston UniversityNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Fri.Jan. 18Harvard at YaleNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Jan. 18Ferris State at Michigan StateFS Detroit7:30 p.m.663 / 430
Fri.Jan. 18North Dakota at MinnesotaFS North8 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Jan. 19North Dakota at MinnesotaFS North6 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Jan. 19Alaska at Notre DameCBS Sports Net7 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Jan. 25Maine at Boston CollegeNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Fri.Jan. 25Yale at CornellNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Jan. 25Ferris State at Notre DameCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Jan. 25Saint Cloud State at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Fri.Jan. 25Minnesota State at MinnesotaBTN8 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Sat.Jan. 26Penn State at Michigan StateBTN6 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Sat.Jan. 26Saint Cloud State at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Sat.Jan. 26Providence at Boston UniversityNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Sat.Jan. 26Michigan at Western MichiganFS Detroit7:30 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Jan. 26Minnesota at Minnesota StateFS North8 p.m.668 / 436
Fri.Feb. 1Michigan State at MichiganBTN6:30 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Feb. 1UMass Lowell at MerrimackNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Fri.Feb. 1University of Wisconsin at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Fri.Feb. 1Dartmouth at UnionNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Sat.Feb. 2Michigan vs. Michigan State (JLA)FS Detroit4 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Feb. 2University of Wisconsin at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Fri.Feb. 8North Dakota at Nebraska-OmahaNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Feb. 8Michigan at Notre DameCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Feb. 8Minnesota at St. Cloud StateFS North +8:30 p.m.TBD
Fri.Feb. 8Colorado College at DenverROOT Sports9:30 p.m.683 / 414
Sat.Feb. 9Massachusetts at MerrimackNESN3:30 p.m.628 / 434
Sat.Feb. 9Minnesota at St. Cloud StateFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Sun.Feb. 10Providence at New HampshireCBS Sports Net.4 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Feb. 15Northern Michigan at Michigan StateBTN6:30 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Feb. 15Boston University at MaineNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Feb. 15Notre Dame at MiamiCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Feb. 15Minnesota at WisconsinFS North8 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Feb. 16Bowling Green at Ferris StateFS Detroit5 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Feb. 16Boston University at MaineNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Sat.Feb. 16Northern Michigan at Michigan StateFS Detroit7:30 p.m.663 / 430
Sun.Feb. 17Minnesota vs. Wisconsin (Soldier Field)BTN4:30 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Sun.Feb. 17Notre Dame vs. Miami (Soldier Field)FS DetroitTBD663 / 430
Fri.Feb. 22New Hampshire at VermontNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Fri.Feb. 22Yale at QuinnipiacNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Feb. 22Notre Dame at Western MichiganCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Feb. 22Minnesota Duluth at MinnesotaFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Fri.Feb. 22North Dakota at DenverNBC Sports Net.10 p.m.603 / 159
Sat.Feb. 23New Hampshire at VermontCBS Sports Net.4 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Sat.Feb. 23Minnesota Duluth at MinnesotaBTN8 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Sat.Feb. 23North Dakota at DenverROOT Sports9 p.m.683 / 414
Sun.Feb. 24Boston College at MerrimackCBS Sports Net.4 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Mar. 1Wisconsin at Nebraska-OmahaNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Mar. 1Ferris State at MichiganCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Mar. 1Bemidji State at UNDFCS/Midco7:37pmTBD
Fri.Mar. 1Denver at MinnesotaBTN8 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Sat.Mar. 2Hockey East Game TBDNESN4 p.m.628 / 434
Sat.Mar. 2Bemidji State at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pm
Sat.Mar. 2Ferris State at MichiganFS Detroit7:30 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Mar. 2Denver at MinnesotaFS North8 p.m.668 / 436
Sun.Mar. 3UMass Lowell at MerrimackCBS Sports Net.4 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Mar. 8Maine at New HampshireNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Mar. 8Boston University at NortheasternCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Mar. 8Massachusetts at MerrimackFOX College7:30 p.m.TBD
Fri.Mar. 8Minnesota at Bemidji StateFS North8:30 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Mar. 9Minnesota at Bemidji StateFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Fri.Mar 15TBD vs UNDFCS/Midco7:37pmTBD
Fri.Mar. 15Hockey East QuarterfinalNBC Sports Net.7 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Mar. 15CCHA Second RoundFS Detroit7 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Mar. 15TBD vs. UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Sat.Mar. 16Hockey East QuarterfinalNESN4 p.m.628 / 434
Sun.Mar. 17Hockey East QuarterfinalNESN4:30 p.m.628 / 434
Thu.Mar. 21WCHA Final FiveFSN2:00/7:07668/ 436
Thu.Mar. 22WCHA Final FiveFSN2:00/7:07668/ 436
Fri.Mar. 22Hockey East SemifinalNBC Sports Net.4 p.m.
Fri.Mar. 22Hockey East SemifinalNBC Sports Net.7 p.m.603 / 159
Sat.Mar. 23CCHA SemifinalFS Detroit1 p.m.603 / 159
Sat.Mar. 23CCHA SemifinalFS Detroit4:30 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Mar. 23Hockey East ChampionshipNBC Sports Net.7 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Mar. 23WCHA Final FiveFSN7:00pm668/ 436
Sun.Mar. 24CCHA ChampionshipFS Detroit2 p.m.603 / 159
Sun.Mar. 24NCAA Selection ShowESPNU9 p.m.663 / 430
NCAA Regional CoverageESPNUTBD208 / 141
Thu.Apr. 11NCAA SemifinalTBD4:30 p.m.208 / 141
Thu.Apr. 11NCAA SemifinalTBD8 p.m.
Sat.Apr. 13NCAA ChampionshipTBD7 p.m.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Parise and Suter signings didn't go unnoticed

I don’t think that anyone one is going to feel sorry for the NHL owners during the upcoming CBA negotiations when they say we’re broke and we can’t afford to play these big exuberant salaries anymore… Seriously! No one is going to feel sorry for the owners – especially after the Minnesota Wild’s owner signed two players for a total of 196 million dollars. I just don’t see there being a lot of empathy – especially for the Wild owner Craig Leipold.

I would imagine that the players have been watching these players’ signings as well.
Michael Russo, Star Tribune --- Leipold responded Monday, saying, "Listen: We've been losing money and the way we were going, we were going to have another year of 'keep losing more money and more money and more money.' So if I'm going to make the kind of financial commitment to keep this team and move this forward, I'd rather do it growing it.

"Ultimately that was the decision. As a result of this move, it's not going to cause us to be financially stable. I believe it will be within a year or two. This is a move to get us out of the hole that we've been digging. And as I spoke with some other owners in the league as to why I did it, they totally get it. They understand it. At some point you have to make that kind of commitment in order to turn your franchise around. If we didn't, then we would just keep losing more going forward without any plan of changing it."

Ironically, the day after the spending spree, Leipold was one of the owners who sat in the bargaining session between the NHL and NHL Players' Association in New York. The league has moved to terminate the collective bargaining agreement and negotiate another. The current agreement expires Sept. 15, and the league is in danger of a lockout. In 2004-05, the season was wiped out because of a lockout.
The hockey world has been a buzz since the big signing in Minnesota and you can bet that executive director of the National Hockey League Players Association Donald Fehr took note of the signing as well.

The owners want to move to a 50/50 revenue split; currently the players are at 57-43 revenue split. If the players are to accept the 50/50 number would mean that means the players are going to have their salaries rolled back. This could end up being a long fight especially with the recent signing in the NHL during free agency.
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Sunday, July 01, 2012

So you say that there's a chance...

According to Michael Russo, Beat writer of the Minnesota Wild for the Star Tribune, the Wild are still in the mix for teams he New Jersey Devils and former Fighting Sioux All-American forward Zach Parise could sign with.
Zach Parise's agent Wade Arnott says that his client has narrowed his list of teams to a "select few," and according to sources, Wild GM Chuck Fletcher has been informed the Wild is on that list.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Anthony LaPanta is going to be the play-by-play for the Wild

I posted on the on Sunday, that Michael Russo of the Star and Tribune was reporting on Russo's Rants  that Anthony LaPanta was going to be selected to be the play-by-play voice of the Minnesota Wild on FSN. This story kind of went viral - Minnesota Wild fans are not happy with the selection of LaPanta. In fact, it's getting down right ugly and here is a sample of a few of the recent tweets that I found. You can also see some of the comments here at the Star and Tribune site.

While I am not really a fan of LaPanta per se - I am not a hater of LaPanta either. So I guess I don't know what all of the furor is about either, who did the fans think that FSN was going to hire, they already have a person on payroll so they don't really have to bring anyone else in it makes sense from a business stand point.

While there probably are better choices than LaPanta - is this really an issue that Wild fans need to get totally bent out of shape about? I have listened to LaPanta a lot while he was the play-by-play for the Minnesota Gopher broadcasts on FSN, I don't think he did that bad of a job.  Enhanced by Zemanta

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Controversial non call in St Cloud

While I was at the Sioux game versus the Badgers, and my twitter blew up and this the goal by the Huskies was the play that set the Gopher fans off.

So did the refs blow the call? Is this indicative of WCHA officiating? It looks like Nate Condon was hacked and pulled down causing an opportunity going the other way and Ben Hanowski scores on Patterson.

Here is what the Star Tribune had to say on the matter.

Even so, the Huskies scored the only goal of the first period. One second Nate Condon had a near breakaway for the Gophers before being separated from the puck.

The next, SCSU had an odd-man rush that ended with Ben Hanowski sliding the puck underneath Gophers goalie Kent Patterson.

Gophers coach Don Lucia chewed out the referee who dared skate over to the visitors' bench. Lucia wanted a hooking call on Condon's rush.
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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Pray For Jack Jablonski

It's truly a tragic thing event. You have to feel for the parents of Jack. Never met the kid, don't know him but I couldn't make it through the video without getting tears in my eyes. According to the Star Tribune the prognosis for Jack Jablonski is not very good.
The neurosurgeon who operated on Jack Jablonski, the Benilde-St. Margaret's High School hockey player paralyzed from a hit last week during a game, outlined a somber long-term prognosis Thursday for the 16-year-old sophomore and said "we can't expect much recovery."

Along with no use of his legs, Dr. Walter Galicich said in a news briefing that it's "very unlikely" that Jablonski will regain the use of his arms from the elbows down.
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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Benilde-St. Margaret's Jack Jablonski hurt by dangerous check

First off our thought and prayers go out to Jack "Jabby" Jablonski, this is an unfortunate event that you never want to see happen to anyone.
Dan Browning, Star Tribune --- Known as "Jabby" to his friends, the 16-year-old honors student, hockey forward and varsity tennis player at Benilde-St. Margaret's scored the first goal of what would be a victory for the junior varsity Red Knights against Wayzata during the Holiday Hockey Classic tournament at the St. Louis Park Recreation Center.

Jack's team was up by one goal 5 minutes, 48 seconds into the second period when he made a dash for the puck near the end boards with two Wayzata players in hot pursuit, said Chris McGowan, the Red Knights' JV coach.

McGowan said two players rammed Jablonski from behind, smashing him into the boards, and he collapsed motionless to the ice.

Jack is in critical condition with two fractured bones in his lower neck. He's unable to move his legs and has only slight movement in his hands and fingers, McGowan said.
Almost nightly in the NHL and in college you see dangerous hits like this. We don't need to see these avoidable, unnecessary and tragic hits in any level of hockey. This is why hockey needs to harshly penalize these kinds of hits. We also must teach the players coming through the ranks that if you see numbers you can not hit a person from behind.We can only hope that this 16 year old kid can make a full recovery and go on to lead a normal life.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No Supplemental Discipline for the Jets Bogosian

According to Michael Russo of the Star Tribune, there will be no supplemental discipline for the Winnipeg Jet's Zach Bogosian for his hit on Minnesota Wild forward Pierre-Marc Bouchard. I guess that doesn't make Pierre-Marc Bouchard nose and face feel any better.
Per Michael Russo --- Per league source: No Supplemental Discipline for Bogosian. Player Safety Dept. feels that Bogosian did not run at Bouchard and that Bouchard turned just prior to the hit.

So this season we have seen similar hits result in no supplemental discipline; Letang on Burmistrov, Krejci on Stuart, and now Bogosian on Bouchard. My question is; aren't these the types of hits the league wants to get rid of?
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Friday, July 01, 2011

Minnesota Wild resign goaltender Josh Harding

Alternate logo since 2000.Image via WikipediaThe Minnesota Wild have resigned Josh Harding to a one year contract. Last season Harding didn't play because of a knee injury.
ST. PAUL, MN - The Minnesota Wild inked backup goaltender Josh Harding to a one-year deal on Friday.

No financial terms were revealed, but the Minneapolis Star Tribune quoted a $750,000 price tag.

Harding was forced to sit out all of the 2010-11 season after tearing his ACL and MCL during an exhibition contest, and the subsequent surgery.

The 27-year-old Saskatchewan native posted a 9-12-0 record with a 3.05 goals-against average and .905 save percentage in 2009-10 for Minnesota.
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Wild prospect Mikael Granlund to stay in Finland this year

According to Star Tribune beat writer Michael Russo the Minnesota Wild's  top prospect Mikael Granlund will be staying in Finland this year and not coming to North America to play. This is going to be a disappointment to many Wild fans because the Wild are starved for offense and this kid is proving to be the real deal which is evident from his lacrosse style goal in the video above.
Michael Russo; Star Tribune ---Despite Mikko Koivu's attempt to persuade him to play for the Wild next season, highly touted 19-year-old Mikael Granlund will remain in Finland another year, one of his representatives said Thursday.

"The game plan is he's going to be entering the army and fulfilling his service and finishing high school, and we'd come over a year from now," agent Todd Diamond said.

"Mikael prefers when he comes over to Minnesota, hockey is the only thing he needs to focus on in his life. He wants to get all these so-called housekeeping things out of the way and, a year from now, get ready to hopefully crack the lineup."

Diamond said Granlund has received permission from the Finnish Army to attend the Wild's July 10-17 development camp. Diamond said the plan is to sign "this time next year."

"We believe Minnesota is a really good spot for him and the right environment for him to succeed in the future. It's the Finland of the United States in some ways," Diamond said.

Granlund, the Wild's first-round draft pick in 2010, helped lead HIFK to an SM-Liiga championship, then Finland to a world championship.
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Remembering former Wild Enforcer Derek Boogaard.

Yesterday morning I woke up at my hunting shack to find a depressing email on my iPhone from the Whistler; telling me that the former Minnesota Wild enforcer the "Boogeyman" Derek Boogaard had died in his Minneapolis apartment. Cause of death unknown at this time, pending the results of a autopsy from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office... The Boogaard family is going to donate Derek's brain to science.  I don't want to speculate what caused Derek's death and I would actually urge others to not jump to conclusions like some have before we know the truth.

This was Derek Boogaard's last NHL goal which game against the Washington Capitals back in November of 2010. Incidentally that goal by the Boogeyman had broke a long goalless streak going back to January 7th of  2006, that goal broke a 234 game goalless streak.
Boogaard's last NHL game was on December 9th, 2010 against the Ottawa Senators where Boogaard sustained a concussion in a fight with Matt Carkner. Boogaard would never play again do to post concussion syndrome.

In closing I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the Boogaard family and may Derek Boogaard rest in peace. Personally, this is a sad day for me because I admire the enforcers in the NHL and I like what Boogaard brought to the ice for the five years that he played for the Minnesota Wild. Boogey might have been a tough guy but he played by the hockey code and was not a dirty player and he played the game straight up and you didn’t see him head hunting like some of the agitators around the NHL today.From everything that I have heard and read Derek was an awesome selfless person that gave back to the communities that he lived in.
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Former Wild Enforcer Derek Boogaard Dead at 28


Boogaard's body was found by family members in an apartment in the 400 block of First Street North, in Minneapolis' warehouse district, late Friday. Police said they would not release further details about the death Friday.

Boogard was just 28 years old.

I'm sure that Goon will have more to say. I wish that his family and friends can find peace somehow.
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