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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Andrew Shaw ejected for decleating Coyotes goalie Mike Smith

The Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw was ejected from last night's game for hitting Coyotes goalie Mike Smith. Depending on what angle you watch this collision from, it does appear that Shaw caught Smith with an elbow in the head. I think that Shaw could have avoided this collision and this was an unnecessary hit on the goalie who was playing the puck.

It also appears that Smith might have embellished this hit a bit and some have suggest that Smith should get a n Oscar for his efforts. I was watching the game with my buddy last night and I suggested this to him. Kind of reminds me of another goalie that tended to embellish a bit on the ice every time someone tapped him.

There are other hockey fans that have advocated that the goalie should be fair game if he steps outside of his crease.  I think the best way to start a brawl is to run the other teams goalie.
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