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Friday, November 30, 2012

Justin Schultz goal against the Aeros

At the 43 second mark of this video, former Badgers and current OKC Baron's defenseman Justin Schultz scores an absolutely beautiful goal against the Hoston Aeros. Schultz is leading the Baron's team in scoring (11g-18a--29pts)... Just for the record the Barons aren't a bunch of hacks either, you can see for yourself.

Can you imagine if the Badgers still had this guy in their lineup?
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where is Justin Schultz going?

The million dollar question or should I say the $925,000.00 question - where is former Wisconsin Badger Justin Schultz going on or after July first during free agency signing period.

Schultz it going to be one of the more sought after free agents after July first - he will be able to take advantage of the same loop hole that Blake Wheeler did to sign with what ever team that he wants to. It will also be interesting to see if that loop hole is in the next CBA. Teams that lose their draft choices to other teams will get nothing in return.

Apparently, the Anaheim Ducks aren't all that pleased with Schultz's decision to shop his services to the best fit. I can't say that I blame them because Schultz has an awesome upside.
Stu Hackel, SI.COM --- That might be a new name for you, but he’s a University of Wisconsin star defenseman who was drafted by the Ducks in 2008 before he started his college career. He broke in as a freshman on a Badgers team that already boasted Ryan McDonagh, Jake Gardiner and Brendan Smith. (“I don’t know how anybody scored on them,” Ferraro remarked, adding that Schultz is thought to be better than Gardiner, but not as good as McDonagh.) But Schultz has never signed with Anaheim and if he doesn’t by July 1 – it’s been clear for a while that he won’t — he, too, becomes a UFA. Projected as a top-two defenseman and an excellent puck mover, he’s coming off a great junior year and he found the hole in the CBA that allows him to choose the team that best fits him the way Blake Wheeler did when he signed with the Bruins a few years ago. Whoever gets Schultz will be getting a very good prospect and won’t be trading anyone or using a draft pick to secure him.
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