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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ryan Kesler Hits Mikael Granlund at the End of the Game With Unnecassary Hit

I know this is about four days late, but it's something that I feel strongly about. This hit on Ryan Kesler on Mikael Granlund with .02 seconds left in the game is unnecessary.

Second, Kesler is one of the biggest frauds to play the game of hockey. He dives and embellished up and down the ice. That in my opinion cheapens the game of hockey and is poor sportsmanship. This is also the reason why I don't like the rule that prohibits fights after five-minute minute mark of the third period.
46.12 Instigator in Final Five Minutes of Regulation Time (or Anytime in Overtime) - A player who is deemed to be the instigator of an altercation in the final five (5) minutes of regulation time or at any time in overtime shall be assessed an instigator minor penalty, a major penalty for fighting, and a game misconduct penalty, subject to the conditions outlined in 46.22.
This rule gives players the ability to run around the ice and take runs at other players, without fear of retribution. With that bush league move, Kesler should earn himself a beat down the next time the Wild play the Ducks.

Michael Russo thought that the Ducks were taking runs at the Wild in the second and third periods.
The Ducks, getting dominated like Boudreau asserted, definitely tried to go after the Wild’s lesser players physically in the second and third periods. Ryan Getzlaf went after Jonas Brodin all game, and once Coyle jumped to Brodin’s defense. Astonishingly, referee Eric Furlatt gave Coyle four minutes and Getzlaf two (nothing for two cross checks on Brodin) and no extras for Anaheim even though both Getzlaf and Matt Beleskey removed their gloves to fight. The ignored calls on Anaheim and the fact the Wild wound up on the PK turned the momentum bigtime for several minutes here. The Wild still escaped though.
Again, the Wild seem to run into the refs that are having bad performances on the nights the Wild are playing. That's fine, maybe the Wild should start taking runs at the other teams star players if this behavior continues.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Marc Staal Hi-sticking Penalty, Alec Martinez Embellishment


First off, I want to be clear, this is a penalty. New York Rangers defenseman Marc Staal hits L.A. Kings defenseman Alec Martinez with a high stick, that we can't denie. However, they teach must teach acting classes at Miami University, because this was a ridiculous head snap by Martinez. I would say that this display is worthy of an Academy Award. Even Ryan Kesler would blush at this one.
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Kings vs. Canucks: Ryan Kesler vs. Dustin Brown

It's about time someone stood up to Dustin Brown. Fellow USA teammate Ryan Kesler pounds Dustin Brown in the second period of tonight's game between the L.A. Kings and Vancouver Canucks.

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

USA Hockey: Team USA releases their Olympic roster

Here’s the Team USA Olympic Roster, there's a few head-scratchers on this roster. I am surprised that Bobby Ryan, Jason Pominville and Keith Yandle were left off of the team. The question is, who would/should have been left off of the team to make room for these three guys? I am sure we all have our own suggestions. 
Goalies (3)
Ryan Miller/Buffalo Sabres – Michigan State
Jonathan Quick/Los Angeles Kings – UMass Amherst  
Jimmy Howard/Detroit Red Wings – Maine

Defensemen (8)
Brooks Orpik/Pittsburgh Penguins – Boston College
Ryan Suter/Minnesota Wild – Wisconsin
John Carlson/Washington Capitals – London Knights
Justin Faulk/Carolina Hurricanes – Minnesota Duluth
Cam Fowler/Anaheim Ducks – Windsor Spitfires
Paul Martin/Pittsburgh Penguins – Minnesota
Ryan McDonagh/New York Rangers – Wisconsin
Kevin Shattenkirk/St. Louis Blues – Boston University

 Forwards (14)
David Backes/St. Louis Blues – Minnesota State
Dustin Brown/Los Angeles Kings --
Guelph Storm
Ryan Callahan/New York Rangers --
Guelph Storm
Patrick Kane/Chicago Blackhawks --  London Knights
Ryan Kesler/Vancouver Canucks – Ohio State
Phil Kessel/Toronto Maple Leafs – Minnesota
Zach Parise/Minnesota Wild – North Dakota
Joe Pavelski/San Jose Sharks – Wisconsin
Paul Stastny/Colorado Avalanche – Denver
T.J. Oshie/St. Louis Blues – North Dakota
Max Pacioretty/Montreal Canadiens – Michigan
Derek Stepan/New York Rangers – Wisconsin
James van Riemsdyk/Toronto Maple Leafs – New Hampshire
Blake Wheeler/Winnipeg Jets – Minnesota

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Friday, May 03, 2013

Wes Walz pokes fun at the Sedin twins

I suppose in today's world someone will take offense to this and probably will complain. To be honest with you, I hate the Vancouver Canucks, I think their a bunch of divers, cry babies and frauds. So, I am inclined to cut Wes Walz some slack and laugh with him on this one... Plus, he's a former Bruins and Wild player.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Canucks Diver Kessler out with fracture foot?

The Vancouver Canucks look as if they will be missing their all-American diver/fraud Ryan Kesler who has a fractured foot.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Canucks Ryan Kesler show us how to dive and then get a penalty

Diving is ruining the game of hockey, on all levels and there is no excuse for it. Punish the offending players and it will evaporate from the game of hockey, almost over night.

Vancouver Canucks forward Ryan Kesler is dead to me, there is no excuse for the way he plays the game of hockey, while he might be a great young American forward, he's a fraud. Kesler is no better than his buddies  Alex Burrows and Maxim Lapierre who are also a disgrace to the game of hockey.

All three of these clowns are a text book examples on how to flail, dives, embellish. Disgusting.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Subban to the Flyers?

If Boston Bruins fans didn’t have enough reason to hate the Philadelphia Flyers already – I am sure that if the Flyers signed P.K. Subban to an offer sheet and they were able to land the Hab’s mouthy defenseman – this would give ample reasons to Bruins fans to hate them even more.

It seems that this story is taking on a life of its own – Hab’s defenseman P.K. Subban, was offered a contract by the Montreal Canadians last week for two years’ worth 5.5 million or 2.75 million a year, however, Subban has not yet agreed to the terms and or signed a new contract. Could the Flyers next offer sheet be going to P.K. Subban?
Chris Nichols, Sports Net --- According to French sports network RDS, Subban reportedly turned down a two-year $5.5 million offer last week.

Enter the Philadelphia Flyers who appear in need of a top defenseman and who have not shied away from extending offer sheets in the past.

Just last month Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren signed Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber to a 14-year $110 million offer sheet, only to have the Predators match less than a week later.

In 1997 the Flyers landed Chris Gratton with an offer sheet, while in 2006 the Flyers agreed on an offer sheet with Ryan Kesler which the Vancouver Canucks eventually matched.

So could the Flyers extend another offer sheet this summer, this time to either Carlson or Subban?
It will be interesting to see what the Flyers do – this week they lost another defenseman Andrej Meszaros for an unknown time after he had surgery to repair his torn Achilles tendon. The Flyers also don’t know if Chris Pronger will ever play hockey again – to top it all off the Flyers lost former Denver Pioneer Matt Carle to the Tampa Bay Lightning.
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kesler and Lapierre told to zip it.

Vancouver Canucks center Maxim Lapierre during...
Vancouver Canucks center Maxim Lapierre during a game against the Colorado Avalanche on March 16, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I couldn't resist with this one. The most unlikable team in the NHL has told a few of their players to quit yapping. You can't make this stuff up. I guess the coaching staff for the Vancouver Canucks figured out that the rest of the NHL was tired of the Canucks antics.
Mark Spector, Sports Net --- "Ryan and Alex rarely at any point have shown that aspect -- they toned it down last year and that’s externally driven," said head coach Alain Vigneault.

Translation: "We told them to quit yapping and they have complied."

On the other hand ...

"Max has done it on a couple of occasions and has been told to shut up and play. And that's what we expect from him," said Vigneault.

Vigneault’s count of "a couple of times" is generous. Lapierre is truly the mouth that roared, seemingly unable to skate to the bench at shifts end without jabbering at an opponent.

Why this line combo, at this point in the series?
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marchand a diver?

Here is an entertaining and humorous video about Brad Marchand and his apparent diving that he did during game three against the Washington Capitals. The one play where Nikolas Backstrom hit him from behind, Marchand was off balance and basically already falling down, I will excuse that flop. That being said Marchand's diving is nothing compared to Ryan Kesler.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diver Down - Vancouver Canucks.

This is a perfect example why the Vancouver Canucks are one of the most hated teams in the NHL. I mean this is pathetic, there is no reason a North American Hockey player should be playing the game this way. This is not the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation, this is the NHL, the best hockey league in the world.

I want to be clear, diving in hockey to draw a penalty is poor sportsmanship, seriously, Ryan Kesler looks like a buffoon in this video, whether Kesler want to believe it or not, he's a role model to young kids and they look up to him.

I am being dead serious, I don't want to go to a high school hockey game and see this crap. Are we to believe that Kesler is that light on his skates and is so easily knocked off his skates? I disappointed than one of the better American forwards in the game of hockey has to resort to this type of crap?  I am not the only one that is less than impressed with this display.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Was this goalie interference? Burrow's goal

"They're back!" The most unlikable hockey team in the NHL is up to their antics already. This is the goalie by Canucks punk Alex Burrows, also watch Ryan Kesler throwing his head back and your waiting for him to start flailing about, like he had been shot.

If L.A. Kings goalie Jonathan Quick's stick made contact with Ryan Kesler, it was because Kesler made contact with Quick who was in the blue paint and the goalie was trying to make a save and or trying to find the puck. To me this appears to be a text book goalie interference and the goal should have been waived off. What do you think?
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Break down of the Canucks injuries

Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis went through the litany of injuries that the Vancouver Canucks suffered through during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Dan Hamhuis abdominal injury, Mason Raymond broken back, Alex Edler two broken fingers, Kevin Bieksa bruised MCL, Ryan Kesler hip injury, Chris Higgins foot injury, Christian Ehrhoff shoulder injury, Henrik Sedin back injury, Mikael Samuelsson operation on an abdominal tear and Manny Malhotra eye injury and hadn't skated in a 6-7 weeks after his surgery because of treatment.
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Damien Cox: Loving these Canucks sure isn’t easy

VANCOUVER, CANADA - APRIL 30: Alexandre Burrow...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeI am “not always” a fan of Damien Cox he is a pretty good writer but I don’t agree with his opinions on many things, this article really nails it out of the park. I think Cox is spot on when describing the Vancouver Canucks and their on ice behavior.
Damien Cox; Toronto Star ---- understand why so many screw their faces at these Canucks like they just heard Sarah Palin make another historical funny, there are many points of reference to consider.

Bringing in Max Lapierre from Montreal (via Anaheim, of course) at the trade deadline just added a trash-talking player notorious for faking injuries and fouls. As one joke goes, when Lapierre left the Canadiens, it meant Alexandre Despatie was left as the No. 1 diver in Quebec.

This is a team of Bill Barbers, and the last thing it needed for its image was another one.

Kevin Bieksa has beat up two non-fighters in the post-season, Viktor Stalberg and Patrick Marleau, and both bouts lacked any sense of honour. The head shots by Raffi Torres and Aaron Rome that left opposing players concussed at the same time the sports world in general frets about brain injuries were reckless and unnecessary.

Alex Burrows lowered the bar with his chomp on the peaceful Patrice Bergeron in Game 1, made worse by the league’s decision not to do anything about it and Lapierre’s mocking of that decision in Game 2. Burrows got into a stick-fight with Boston goalie Tim Thomas in Game 4, a fight he started.

Every game, it seems, there’s another line crossed. In Game 4, Ryan Kesler got back to his old whine-at-the-refs mode, something he’d removed from his repertoire.

Pressure and push-back does funny things, huh?

Again, the Canucks probably don’t really care how they’re remembered. They just want to win, and history will take care of itself in the Land of the Hockey Conspiracy Theory.

But if they don’t, we’ll be left to wonder if what seemed to be an inability to draw within the lines was really a tip-off that the Canucks couldn’t walk a straight one when they needed to.
I have said many of the same things during the Stanley Cup playoffs about the Vancouver Canucks; the Canucks in my opinion are one of the most unlikable teams in the NHL history, they are a bunch of whiny punks. Seriously! I don’t understand how the Bruins can keep from pounding guys like Alex Burrows and Maxim Lapierre? This two buffoons lack any sense of class and sportsmanship and I believe that their coach is in a way culpable because he has condoned their on ice behavior.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Stanley Cup Preview

VANCOUVER, BC - MAY 31:  Ryan Kesler #17 of th...Image by Getty Images via @daylife 2011 STANLEY CUP PREVIEW

Keys for Vancouver: the sedin twins finally stepped their game up in the semis vs the sharks and they are going to be needed big time for them to win the cup. the play of ryan kesler in these playoffs has been amazing you could say he is the best two-way forward in the league. kevin bieska stepped up big time as well vs sharks and he showed some offensive skills even though he's known more for his defensive skills. they are going to need to involve thier defenseman again in this series because they will want to get shots from the point that can be tipped past thomas off deflections because that has been working well for them throughout the playoffs.
PLAYERS TO WATCH: Ryan Kesler and Alexander Burrows

Keys for Boston: the B's are going to need their first line of horton, Lucic, and krecji to keep on rolling for them to win this stanley cup. I believe that chara will be a big problem for the sedins and the pairing of him and seidenberg has been the best D pairing in the playoffs. they also need to clear the front of the net for tim thomas, who has been the best goalie in the playoffs so far and he made the save of the year on that purcell shot in the last series vs Tampa Bay. what more can you say about Horton in these playoffs? two game 7 winners so far and i believe that he is hungry for that stanley cup after all those losing years as a panther. the b's need to continue to activate their defensman in the offensive zone and let them rip shots from the point and let their big men like ryder and lucic get deflections and rebounds out front.
Players TO WATCH: Zdeno Chara and Milan Lucic

Prediction: I believe that the Boston Bruins will win in 7 games because of the play of tim thomas and Chara who have been the best goalie and defenseman in these playoffs. it should be an epic series and i don't think the sedin twins and crew will go down easily.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Ryane Clowe tap on Ryan Kessler...

Holy Cow! Are you kidding me? The dive by Canucks forward Ryan Kessler was worse than I had originally thought it was... If you watch the video you will see that San Jose Sharks forward Ryan Clowe barely touched Ryan Kessler who then flops to the ice like he has been shot.... If you noticed the announcers didn't spend a lot of time talking about the Clowe love tap either, also look how concerned Kessler's teammates were as well, they knew. What a fraud!!! This Vancouver Canucks team is a bunch of phonies that looked like they spent last summer taking acting and drama classes. These clown Vancouver Canucks throw their head back any time they are touched by the San Jose Sharks. 
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

conference finals predictions

Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay Lightning: i find this series to be really interesting. Tampa Bay has the firepower to match any team with guys like Vincent Lacavailer and Martin St. Louis. the Boston Bruins have gotten good goaltending throughout the playoffs from Tim Thomas and Tampa Bay has as well with Dwayne Roloson. If Boston wants to win the series they will need to activate their defenseman into offensive zone and to take advantage of Chara's rocket shot from the point. the bruins need to break down Tampa Bay's 1-3-1 trap and to get their big guys like Milan Lucic and Michael Ryder in front of Roloson who is very good at stopping the first shot and doesn't give up a lot of rebounds. If Tampa Bay wants to win they will want to keep getting points from guys like dominic moore and teddy purcell to help out the big guns and for Roloson to shut down boston's top line of Lucic,Horton, and Krejci. I like the Bruins in 6 games because of the play of Tim Thomas in these playoffs, he has been amazing and i think the Bruins top line is going to have a big series.
Guys to Watch in this series: Krejci, BOS and Martin St. Louis, TB

San Jose Sharks vs Vancouver Canucks: in the western conference we have a battle of two teams that at times in the playoffs have been very inconsistent and have giving up big leads in previous series. I think we haven't seen the best of the Sedin Twins yet and expecting them to have a big series. the MVP of the playoffs so far has been Ryan Kesler, who seems like he is a man on a mission so far and is dominating every facet of the game. He is seen as one of the best two-way players in the NHL. The key for the Sharks to win this series is too shut down the Sedins and Kesler. The play of Dan Boyle of SJ in the playoffs has been amazing and he has made some key defensive plays as well as setting up a lot of offensive chances. Devin Setoguchi has also had a great playoff run so far and look for that to continue in this series. Anetti Niemi had a great series vs the Red Wings and that save he made vs Datsyuk in game 7 was just awesome. this series is going to come down to goaltending and i think Niemi has the advantage over Roberto Luongo in this series because Luongo has been very inconsistent throughout the playoffs and i think Niemi is coming into this series with a lot of confidence after taking down the red wings. i like the San Jose Sharks In 6 games because of the play of Niemi
Guys to Watch in this Series: Joe Thornton, SJ and Ryan Kesler, VAN
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