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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Philadelphia's Radko Gudas has Hearing for Hit on Austin Czarnik (Video)

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Radko Gudas has a phone hearing with the NHL's Department of Player Safety for this dirty, high, dangerous hit on Boston Bruins forward Austin Czarnik. After the hit, Czarnik left the game and didn't return. Gudas was given a two-minute minor for interference.

Monday, February 29, 2016

(Video) Deryk Engelland’s Dirty Hit on Chris VandeVelde

You have to see this: Calgary defenseman Deryk Engelland’s lays Philadelphia Flyers forward Chris VandeVelde with a dangerous, dirty, unnecessary hit. I am all for checking someone with a clean, hard body check, but this is a very dangerous hit. More puzzling is that the officials only game Engelland only a two-minute minor penalty.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wild: Game-Ending No Goal Against the Flyers (Video)

Here's the video of the Minnesota Wilds game-ending no goal against the Flyers. Did the on-ice officials blow the call?

I don't know, I think this might have been a goal, the goalies stick is way behind the line. Granted, the video is kind shoddy.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fight Night in Madison Square Garden: Flyers and Rangers (Video)

For every action, there is a reaction.

If you viciously cross-check Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds in the face with your carbon fiber stick should expect to get your face punched in. Tonight, the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers exchanged Valentine's Day greetings. There were two fights in the first 59 seconds of the game.

Here's one perspective, I think it's flawed.
Wayne Simmonds got off with just an ejection, not a suspension, for his punch that KO’d Ryan McDonagh Saturday in Philadelphia. It left the Rangers captain with a concussion and the team without its All-Star defenseman for who knows how long. (News Day)

Feel free to chime in.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

(Video) Alex Ovechkin hit on Wayne Simmonds

Check out this hit by Washington Capitals All-World forward Alex Ovechkin. Ovechkin finished his check on Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds. It was at the end of a tie-game and nothing came out of it.

Monday, January 25, 2016

(Video) Wayne Simmonds Goal; Flyers Were Offsides

Even in the National Hockey League, where the on-ice officials are trained professional, they still blow calls. And they blew this call.

Tonight, the linemen in the Boston Bruins Philadephia Flyers game missed a call at the Bruins blue line. If you look at the video, you will see that Flyers forward Michael Del Zotto was offside. He was already in the offensive zone before the puck crossed the blue line. I watched the video 10 times and I agree with Jack Edwards, this was offside.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Flyers Hosed on Niklas Kronwall Goal

I agree with former NHL on-ice official Kerry Fraser, I was surprised that this goal wasn't overturned by the war room. The goalie needs to be able to make a save. In this instance, Michal Neuvirth was interfered with and unable to make a save. Below, is the NHL goalie interference rule.

Rule 69 – Interference on the Goalkeeper

Goals should be disallowed only if: (1) an attacking player, either by his positioning or by contact, impairs the goalkeeper’s ability to move freely within his crease or defend his goal; or (2) an attacking player initiates intentional or deliberate contact with a goalkeeper, inside or outside of his goal crease. Incidental contact with a goalkeeper will be permitted, and resulting goals allowed, when such contact is initiated outside of the goal crease, provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact. The rule will be enforced exclusively in accordance with the on-ice judgement of the Referee(s), and not by means of video replay or review.

So, if you read the NHL's rule 69, was this the correct call? I don't believe it was.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Are the Wheels Coming off in Philly?

I have been following coach Hakstol's Flyers since he was named head coach of Philadelphia. Since I have the NHL Center Ice, I have watched a fair number of the Flyers games. Frankly, I think they've deserved a better fate in a few of these games. If it wasn't for bad luck, they'd have no luck at all.
Sam Carchidi, – Clearly, rookie coach Dave Hakstol's system, which relies on controlling the neutral zone to create odd-man rushes, isn't working.

"We've got some real talented offensive players, guys who have real tricky shots, real heavy shots that are tough to stop," said goalie Steve Mason, who faces the shooters every day in practice. "I'm obviously not a forward or a defenseman, but I think if you've had trouble putting the puck in the net, it might tend to wear on you a little bit. I think in this situation, all it will take is one goal - maybe going off a shin pad or something - to start feeling good. There's too much talent for this to carry on for too long."
Since beating the Boston Bruins 5-4 in overtime, the Flyers have lost eight-of-10 games. Three of these games have gone to overtime. The Flyers have won just one of them, a shootout win against the Rangers.

From reading the stories from the Flyers beat writers, it would appear that Flyers are returning to the basics. We have seen this before.
Sam Carchidi, – One day after an embarrassing 4-0 loss to Colorado, Flyers coach Dave Hakstol turned into a drill sergeant.

The rookie coach put his team through rigorous one-on-one and two-on-two battle drills at the Skate Zone in Voorhees. The one-on-ones started behind the net, while the two-on-twos began about 25 feet from the goalie.

There was lots of intensity, lots of contact, lots of players sprawled on the ice after hits.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Flyers Unhappy with Zac Rinaldo's hit on Sean Couturier

Looks like Zac Rinaldo is trying to out do Rafi Torres and Matt Cooke. I am not sure that's possible. He's giving his all. No, this hit wasn't clean. There's no defending it. Will there be a suspension, the NHL hasn't made a decision on the hit yet.

As a Bruins fan, I was disappointed when the team Acquired Zac Rinaldo from the Philadelphia Flyers. In 228 games, Rinaldo has scored (8g-16a—24pts). The oft-suspended forward has racked up an amazing 582 minutes in penalties. That’s the equivalent of Rinaldo spending almost 10 games in the penalty box during his first five seasons in the NHL.

In today's NHL, players like Rinaldo are a dying breed, there's will be no room on NHL rosters for the one-dimensional players that racks up penalty minutes and receives long-term suspensions for bad behavior. These players will soon be gone in the NHL.

In his short five-year NHL career, Rinaldo has also been suspended 14 games.

Jan 26, 2015 Suspended by the NHL for 8 games.
Apr 07, 2014 Suspended by the NHL for 4 games.
Feb 13, 2012 Suspended by the NHL for 2 games.
Feb 04, 2012 Fined $5,000 by the NHL.

Obviously, the Flyers aren't happy with the hit in question.
Sam Carchidi, --- As the first period ended, former Flyer Rinaldo, his elbows up high, leveled Sean Couturier into the boards. It took Couturier a few minutes to get up, and he woozily skated to the locker room.

He did not return after suffering what general manager Ron Hextall called an upper-body injury.

Rinaldo, who had a penchant for bad penalties when he played with the Flyers, was assessed a five-minute major for charging and a game misconduct. He is expected to receive his fourth career suspension.

The Flyers head coach wasn't very pleased with Rinaldo's check on Couturier. From Flyers coach Dave Hakstol was fuming about the hit. "No place for it," he said.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Zac Rinaldo Hit on Sean Couturier

Boston Bruins forward Zac Rinaldo was given a five-minute major and a game misconduct for this hit on Philadelphia Flyers forward Sean Couturier. Needless to say, Rinaldo's first game against his old team only lasted on period and he played only 2:53 minutes.

I don't think that this hit is suspension worthy, but the league will definitely take a look at it. Couturier was not on the bench to start the second period.

Friday, October 02, 2015

New Yorks Times Article on Hakstol

Apparently, former University of North Dakota head coach Dave Hakstol is making an impression on the Flyers fans this fall. Reading some of the stories that have been posted online, it would appear that Hak has more or less brought the same techniques and concepts to the NHL.
Per Dave Caldwell, New York Times Sports:
Hakstol, 47, represents a radical culture change. A native of Warburg, Alberta, a prairie town of 789 that also produced Dallas Stars Coach Lindy Ruff, Hakstol was a defenseman who never made it past the International Hockey League in five professional seasons.

The Flyers are essentially the same team that last year finished 33-31-18, the 24th-best record in the 30-team league and 14 points out of a playoff berth.

What Hakstol says he will do is get the Flyers playing at a faster pace — partly because everyone is, especially elite Eastern Conference teams like the Rangers and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Despite a power-play unit that ranked third in the N.H.L., the Flyers were 21st in scoring last year.

“This is a hard-working team,” Hakstol said in a low, flat voice. “I believe it always has been. This game starts and ends with energy and work ethic and guys that are good teammates. That’s the baseline. The game is played at a high pace now, and we want to think in this room that we have the ability to get up the ice a little bit quicker, the ability to create a little bit more in the offensive zone and getting everybody involved.”

Friday, September 25, 2015

Chris Porter Making His Case

Like many of you, I have been watching Dave Hakstol's NHL coaching debut in Philly with great interest. Another story that has began to emerge is the impression that former Fighting Sioux forward Chris Porter has made in the City of brotherly love. There's a chance that Porter could end up as the extra forward when Philly breaks camp.
“We’ll see what happens [Friday] and if things shake out a little bit more, we’ll get down,” Hextall said. “It’s important to get the numbers down for practices. I think playing the lines is important.

“We have four games left, and we’ve talked about our big guys playing in quite a few. In the past, we brought some guys from Allentown. I don’t know if we will or not. We can still do that if we have one game — bring a couple guys in for a preseason game.”

Right now, Chris Porter is making a case for himself as the extra forward. Coincidentally, Porter is playing on Scott Laughton’s line with Brayden Schenn. (Tim Panaccio,
Don't expect any special treatment because he's from North Dakota.
General manager Ron Hextall signed the free agent as a depth player in August.

“He’s a guy we’ve had our eye on for a few years,” Hextall said of Porter. “I think when there’s a North Dakota guy, it can always go back to Hak, but we talked about him actually in pro meetings before Hak.

“We talked long and hard about depth players. He was one of the guys very high on our radar. He’s going to get no special treatment because of North Dakota. There’s no doubt about that.”

Porter is expected to play left wing tonight on Laughton’s line. He realizes this is another audition to make the final roster. (Tim Panaccio,

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mike Parks signs with the Flyers

This is about 10 days late, but Former UND forward Michael Parks has signed with the Philadelphia Flyers organization. I imagine that he will play in the AHL or ECHL.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Philadelphia Flyers: Zac Rinaldo has been suspended for eight games

Zac Rinaldo is a reckless player and I was hoping that his suspension was going to be longer than eight games. To be honest with you, I was hoping that Rinaldo was going to be suspended for 10 games.

Do you think Rinaldo's suspension is long enough, or would you like it to be longers, too?

The Department of Players Safety has levied some stiff penalties in the last week. Chicago Blackhawks forward Daniel Carcillo was given a six-game suspension for cross-checking Winnipeg Jets forward Mathieu Perreault. Both players are repeat offenders. No this 8 game suspension for Rinaldo.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Philadelphia Flyers: Forward Zac Rinaldo on his game misconduct

In the post-game media scrum, Zac Rinaldo said, "I changed the whole game."

I am going to predict that Zac Rinaldo will have the book thrown at him for his dirty hit on Kris Letang. I am going to say that he gets at least a 6-8 game suspension he deserves more. Rinaldo is a repeat offender so he "should" be suspended 10 games.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Zac Rinaldo Boards Kris Letang

First, this is an awful, nasty hit. I know it's been said before, but these are the types of hits that need to be removed from the game of hockey, forever.

Since Zac Rinaldo is a repeat offender (he's been suspended by the NHL for a total of six games) he could get hit with a lengthy suspension. I know, this sounds like groundhog day.

For those keeping track at home, Rinaldo was given a five-minute major and a game misconduct.

First I realize that hockey is a contact sport that everything happens at a very high rate of speed, but Rinaldo had no other intention, but to take out Kris Letang. I don't think we can blame the victim on this one. (Zac Rinaldo's Suspension History)

Apr 07, 2014
Suspended by the NHL for 4 games.
Feb 13, 2012
Suspended by the NHL for 2 games.
Feb 04, 2012
Fined $5,000 by the NHL.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Simon Despres blows up Sean Couturier, Umberger vs Despres fight

Tonight, I was watching the Flyers and Penguins game. Check out this clean, hard hit.

In my opinion, this is a thing of beauty. Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Simon Despres absolutely blows up Sean Couturier with a shoulder-to-shoulder hit. The video from this angle doesn't do a good job of showing it. Of course you have the obligitory fight between R.J. Umberger and Despres.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist: Rangers Consistent Star when Struggling to Score

Well the New York Rangers will have their work cut out for them if they are able to surpass the offensive talented Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round, especially after the grinding seven game series against the Flyers. However, the Rangers do have one trump card in their hands, and that is goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

With the New York Ranger power play being terrible in these playoffs, not getting many scoring chances and giving up shorthanded rushes, Lundqvist has always been there to save the day. Hank is posting a 2.07 goals against average and a .926 save percentage, which are outstanding numbers in any league, but has a playoff record of 5-4 because the lack of offensive support for the annual Vezina Trophy worthy goaltender. 

So far in the series against Pittsburgh, two games, "King" Henrik has made 36 and 34 saves respectively only allowing two goals in each of those contests. The Rangers need to start to find ways to put pucks in the net to support their goalie, who is giving the Rangers chances to finish games in the win column every single night. 

As addressed briefly earlier, the Rangers are struggling putting pucks in the net, especially from their power play and big gun Rick Nash. Their power play has hit just three times out of 37 attempts, or at a 8.1% success rate. You can't get very far in the playoffs if you aren't scoring with the extra man.

Now for the struggles of superstar power forward Rick Nash not being able to find the net. Going into tonight, Nash lead the NHL during the playoffs in shots on goal with 37, but has yet to find the twine. One can only think that he will break through soon and open the floodgates, but will it be too little too late against the offensive powerhouse Penguins? Maybe, but if Sidney Crosby ends his goal scoring troubles before Nash, and the rest of the Rangers are able to find the net more, this series doesn't go more than five games unless Hank is able to steal the Rangers some victories. 

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Friday, May 02, 2014

Pittsburgh Penguins: James Neal goal against the New York Rangers (Video)

I am not sure why New Yorks Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist was upset? After watching the video, it was obvious that Evgeni Malkin never touched the puck with his stick. Pens forward James Neal was credited with the goal.
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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Frozen Four: A few tweets from Philly

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