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Saturday, March 05, 2016

(Video) UND 8, WMU 1 (Penrose Cup Champs)

First, last night was a total team effort.

Also, the CBS Line was dialed in. That line accounted for three of UND’s eight goals and scored (3g-6a—9pts) and were a (+12). During the first period, Boeser and Schmaltz again added two more goals to the highlight reel collection.

The story of the game was the play of the fourth line. Coach Berry put Shane Gersich, Coltyn Sanderson, and Chris Wilkie on the fourth line and they showed a lot of chemistry together. That line had a banner night on the score sheet (4g-3a—7pts).

“There’s obviously other stuff out there for us for sure,” Sanderson said. “It’s obviously a huge accomplish especially with the league that we play in. It’s tough every night to get wins. Anybody can beat anybody.

“Obviously, that makes it much more difficult to win a championship. At the same time, we can be happy about that, but this program hasn’t won a national championship for a long time. I think that been on our minds. I know for the last four of my career and now with the opportunity and the skill in the room. I think that’s the only thing that we will be satisfied with.”

North Dakota Brock Boeser (Troy Stecher, Nick Schmaltz) 12:20
North Dakota Nick Schmaltz (Drake Caggiula, Brock Boeser) 14:07
2nd Period
North Dakota Brock Boeser (Nick Schmaltz, Tucker Poolman) 0:30
North Dakota PP Chris Wilkie (Rhett Gardner) 2:43
North Dakota Paul LaDue (Brock Boeser, Nick Schmaltz) 7:04
Western Mich. PP Sheldon Dries (Corey Schueneman, Frederik Tiffels) 12:43
North Dakota Coltyn Sanderson (Hayden Shaw, Chris Wilkie) 19:09
3rd Period
North Dakota Chris Wilkie (Rhett Gardner, Shane Gersich) 16:47
North Dakota Coltyn Sanderson (Hayden Shaw, Chris Wilkie) 18:34

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Haakenson: Put logo design on UND’s back burner

From the Letters to the Editor in today's paper. I have come to the conclusion that this guy is delusional.

The fact that UND has moved on with the Fighting Hawks nickname and the University hasn't paid any attention to him, should clue him in that UND doesn't care if he makes a claim to the Fighting Hawks tradename.
Also, the requirement in state law that UND must register the “Fighting Hawks" trade name with the secretary of state’s office has not been fulfilled. Stopping the logo process would give Interim President Ed Schafer and his staff time to address that requirement.

Schafer also could be the person to cure the dissension, unrest and division on the campus and at sporting events, simply be stopping the process and take the steps to find out if I am correct or they are.

If UND cannot register the trade name, "The Fighting Hawks” -- which already is owned by me -- then the university’s only choice will be to leave "ND" for North Dakota on uniforms and everything else, as it has been for three years.

Not only would that save money, but also it would please an overwhelming majority of students, alumni and residents.

Marlan “Hawk” Haakenson

Saturday, January 30, 2016

UND vs. WMU - Game 2

North Dakota Fighting Hawks Forward Lines
29 Bryn Chyzyk (A)–27 Luke Johnson–14 Austin Poganski
25 Joel Janatuinen–22 Rhett Gardner–16 Brock Boeser
19 Shane Gersich–10 Johnny Simonson–17 Colten St. Clair (A)
24 Christian Wolanin–26 Coltyn Sanderson–111 Trevor Olson

North Dakota Defense Pairings
20 Gage Ausmus (C)–2 Troy Stecher (A)
4 Keaton Thompson–6 Paul LaDue (A)
28 Hayden Shaw–3 Tucker Poolman

North Dakota Goalies
33 Cam Johnson
30 Matt Hrynkiw
(Official Stats)

Western Michigan Broncos Forward Lines
21 Kyle Novak–8 Sheldon Dries (C)–16 Nolan LaPorte
17 Griffen Molino–29 Colt Conrad–14 Jade McMullen
19 Frederik Tiffels–26 Michael Rebry–12 Aidan Muir
7 Matheson Iacopelli–26 Willem Nong-Lambert–23 Aaron Hadley

Western Michigan Defense Pairings
9 Chris Dienes–20 Taylor Fleming
13 Neal Goff–15 Scott Moldenhauer
6 Corey Schueneman–18 Oliver Kaski

Western Michigan Goalies
55 Lukas Hafner
35 Trevor Gorsuch
(Official Stats)

Tonight, there are no changed for the Western Michigan Broncos. For UND, freshman forward Mike Gornall is out of the lineup and freshman forward Rhett Gardner is back in the lineup after being flown in on Friday. Gornal has been sick this week. For those that have DirecTV sports pack, tonight's game will be on 681-1 Altitude.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Grand Forks Herald: Schafer says UND nickname 'solved'

Former North Dakota Governor Ed Schafer is now the University of North Dakota's interim president. Schafer will be the interim president for about six months. Of course, with a different person at the top, some have questioned whether Schafer would allow another nickname vote.

There will not be another nickname vote. Not going to happen. I think this is the right move. UND spent a bunch of money to get us this nickname.
John Hageman and Anna Burleson , Grand Forks Herald -- But Schafer didn't leave any openings for the university to revisit the nickname issue Tuesday.

"That issue has been settled," he said. "The process went through, and in my opinion, whether you like the name or not, whether you supported the Fighting Sioux or not, the reality is we're beyond that. It hindered the university for many years, and the reality is we have a stake in the ground, we have a new nickname, we're moving forward, we have a chosen nickname and we're going to make value to that name."
UND is now moving forward with the selection of a new logo and moniker. I think this is key. If UND fans are to accept the new nickname, there needs to be a logo that fans can get behind and support. I keep hearing what UND can't have. Blow the selection and design of the logo and you will do a lot of damage.

Of course, there's going to be fans that don't like the new nickname. There were so many other better options not considered for the nickname.

I don't think many of us wanted to lose the Fighting Sioux nickname, but it's gone and it's not coming back. Booing the new nickname is counter productive in my humble opinion.

If UND had remained the Fighting Sioux, there would have been no chance UND would have ever hosted a regional. UND will again host a regional next spring in the Scheels Arena.

Is Fighting Hawks the best nickname? Nope. There are like 40 other schools that are some version of Hawks in their nickname. That being said, I think that Fighting Hawks was the best of the five horrible choices.

Monday, November 02, 2015


November 02, 2015
(First Place Votes)
Last Poll
North Dakota
6- 0-2
6- 0-1
Boston College
( 4)
5- 1-0
4- 1-2
( 1)
6- 0-0
3- 2-2
2- 0-0
6- 2-0
3- 3-0
St. Cloud State
6- 2-0
Boston University
3- 3-0
2- 0-0
4- 1-1
Bowling Green
4- 2-1
St. Lawrence
5- 2-1
3- 1-2
5- 1-0
Notre Dame
3- 1-2
3- 4-1
Robert Morris
3- 1-2
Others receiving votes: Michigan Tech 71, Western Michigan 47, Minnesota State 42, Massachusetts 36, Minnesota 27, Penn State 27, Alaska-Anchorage 8, Mercyhurst 4, Rensselaer 4, Bentley 3, Colgate 3, Cornell 3, Ferris State 1, New Hampshire 1, Union 1.

Looking at the USCHO Poll, I am shocked that Western Michigan didn’t break into the top-20 after sweeping the number two team in the nation. Also, I don’t think that Miami is a top-20 team right now.  Finally, Clarkson should be higher base on who they have beaten. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

UND vs. C.C. Game Two

North Dakota Forward Lines 
9 Drake Caggiula (A)–8 Nick Schmaltz–16 Brock Boeser
29 Bryn Chyzyk–27 Luke Johnson–14 Austin Poganski
19 Shane Gersich–10 Johnny Simonson–18 Chris Wilkie
26 Coltyn Sanderson–22 Rhett Gardner–25 Joel Janatuinen

North Dakota Defense Pairings
20 Gage Ausmus (C)–2 Troy Stecher (A)
28 Hayden Shaw–6 Paul LaDue (A)
24 Christian Wolanin–4 Keaton Thompson

North Dakota Goalies
30 Matt Hrynkiw
35 Ryan Anderson
(UND Stats)

Colorado College Forward Lines
14 Trey Bradley–9 Sam Rothstein–13 Cody Bradley
18 Hunter Fejes–8 Luc Gerdes–28 Alex Roos
2 Trevor Gooch–10 Tanner Ockey–15 Mason Bergh
22 Peter Maric–11 Christian Heil–23 Matt Hansen

Colorado College Defense Pairings
16 Teemu Kivihalme–20 David Radke
5 Cole McCaskill–27 Ben Israel
39 Andrew Farny–36 Jake Emilio

Colorado College Goalies
33 Tyler Marble
31 Jacob Nehama
30 Derek Shatzer

Monday, October 12, 2015

William Brotherton's Go Fund Me Page

I don't know, I just don't think that Willam Brotherton will be able to stop the vote, that begins next Monday. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I predict it will fail. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NCHC Preseason Media Poll

NCHC Preseason Poll
1.       Minnesota Duluth – 208 points (17 first-place votes)
2.       Denver – 187 (7)
3.       North Dakota – 183 (4)
4.       Omaha – 148
5.       Miami – 142 (2)
6.       St. Cloud State – 117
7.       Western Michigan – 60
8.       Colorado College – 35

The University of Minnesota-Duluth has been picked to finish first in the third annual preseason media poll. As we found out last year, there wasn't a lot of difference between 1-6. I expect the same this season.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Breaking News: UND announces nickname voting dates

The timetable for the new nickname voting has been announced.

According to the UND website, The voting process, which will be conducted completely online, will begin at 8 a.m. Central Time Monday, Oct. 19, and will close at midnight Central Time on Friday, Oct. 23. Voting will be open to the following groups:

Current UND Students
Current UND Faculty
Current UND Staff
UND Retirees
UND Alumni
UND Donors
Current Season Ticket Holders to UND Athletic Events

During the voting process, eligible voters will cast one vote for a single option on the ballot. Eligible voters will choose one of five nickname options:

The Nickname choices:

Fighting Hawks
North Stars

For instructions, check your email during the week of October 12, 2015.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

UND can use Sundogs nickname

Marvelous. I am so happy.

Per the Grand Forks Herald:
FARGO -- If UND wants to be the Sundogs, that would be just dandy with Sundog Interactive, an advertising agency in Fargo.

"We wish them nothing but the best in whichever name they go with," Heidi Haaven, the firm's communications director, said in an email. "Obviously choosing a name that represents the University and the state of North Dakota is not an easy task and we would support whatever decision they make."

Sundog is among the top choices for a new nickname for UND's athletic teams after the university stopped using Fighting Sioux as a nickname under pressure from the NCAA, which considers Indian nicknames abusive.

Marlan "Hawk" Haakenson, the former mayor of Bismarck and a fan of the Fighting Sioux nickname, recently registered several potential UND nicknames as trademarks under the belief that this would prevent the university from using them and transitioning to a new nickname. He said he was unable to register "sundog" because another firm already has that trademark.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Grand Forks Herald: Former Bismarck mayor registers trademarks with state

You can't make this stuff up.  This gets sillier by the day. And of course, he's an NDSU Alumni.
Per the Grand Forks Herald:
(Marlan "Hawk") Haakenson, who attended North Dakota State University but says he's a supporter of the Fighting Sioux nickname, said he registered the trade names Fighting Hawks, Nodaks and North Stars with the North Dakota Secretary of State in order to prevent UND from using them.

"As far as I'm concerned, Kelley will never get permission from me," Haakenson said. "I'll use every legal means I have to stop him from using the names."

Haakenson said he registered the trade names on Sept. 4, though they were not officially registered until Monday. He was prevented from registering a fourth name, Roughriders, because Secretary of State Al Jaeger said it was too similar to an existing registered trade name in the state.

Haakenson said he was unable to register Sundogs for that same reason, though Jaeger said it was unclear whether an existing trade name would prevent Sundogs from being registered.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Move On Crowd Missing Point

First, I find the nickname issue to be interesting and frustrating at the same time. So, you're going to get coverage of that issue. Thanks in advance for reading.

Second, one thing that I have noticed through the nickname transition; is a group of people I like to refer to as the "move on crowd". That fine, they're entitled to their opinion. This is a very diverse group, made up of many fans that aren't interested in remaining North Dakota or UND. This group would even accept the Sundogs moniker/nickname as opposed to remaining simply UND. This group wants a nickname, any nickname. And they want it now.

Some in the move on crowd have been less than friendly to the fans that want to remain UND or North Dakota. I am just making an observation. They accuse the UND/North Dakota crowd as having a hissy fit or acting like five-year-old children. One could make the argument that the move on crowd is acting like five-year-old children as well. Just my observation.

Per the Grand Forks Herald:
Meanwhile, almost no one in the photo is wearing an item of clothing that bears the actual name being considered: UND/North Dakota.

The same goes for the hockey and football games I've seen on TV. The seats are full of "Sioux" jerseys, shirts, hats and so on.

What that says to me is that the UND/North Dakota nickname supporters want no nickname in an attempt to preserve the "Sioux" nickname. Otherwise, if they are so happy with UND/North Dakota as their new nickname, why aren't they wearing UND/North Dakota clothing and holding UND/North Dakota signs?

This obviously bitter attitude of "fine, no Fighting Sioux, then we'll show you; we'll have nothing!" needs to be put to rest. It's the position that some 5-year-old kids would take.
One thing that the move on crowd fails to recognize is that no matter what UND's nickname ends up being, people are still going to wear the Fighting Sioux logo. Most people that I know have many Fighting Sioux jerseys, hats, and t-shirts. I am not sure what they expect? I know no one that's going to just throw their Fighting Sioux jersey's away.

Finally, even after UND has finally selected a nickname and logo, fans are still going to wear the Fighting Sioux jerseys and probably yell and the home of the Sioux at the end of the anthem. Players are still going to refer to the school as the Sioux, too.

Lastly, some will say that the no new nickname crowd doesn't get it. Like I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion. That one of the benefits of living in the USA. I also think we should be respectful of others with differing opinions. I see nothing wrong with disagreeing, but be nice. That being said when the #newnickname issue is finally solved. There's going to be some that's unhappy. That's just life.

Edited: Just for the record, I am in the camp of anything but Sundogs. I prefer the North Dakota option, but would gladly accept Rough Riders and Fighting Hawks. I don't support UND using the North Star nickname, I could see a copy right lawsuit coming in that one. I think that Nodaks would be redundant.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Grand Forks Herald: Sioux chants could mean consequences at UND

Good luck enforcing that. What a joke. Can we say back to the courts again.

Whether UND picks a new nickname or goes with simply "North Dakota", fans are still going to yell Sioux at the end of the national anthem. The handwringers aren't going to be able to stop it.

Funny, I already reported this last week.

Per the Grand Forks Herald:
But it's common knowledge in the Grand Forks area that the end of the national anthem at UND hockey games always ends with the crowd singing "the home of the Sioux!" and fans displaying the old logo are commonplace. If this continued and other schools complain, the NCAA told UND President Robert Kelley they could impose sanctions.

"(H)e was told—just as a friendly word—that if fans resumed using Sioux or Fighting Sioux, the NCAA believes it is possible that other schools might—might—complain and that, in turn, could result in sanctions," UND spokesman Peter Johnson said in the email.

NCAA Associate Director of Public and Media Relations Gail Dent said via email if the Fighting Sioux chant were to continue at UND sporting events, the NCAA could investigate.

"Schools can be held accountable for their fans' actions/behavior at school events," she said. "Schools have also found ways to proactively deliver public address announcements and other forms of written and verbal messaging to their fan/alumni/student base to deter various types of behavior."

Thursday, August 13, 2015

North Dakota Wins.... Developing

So, were told by some folks that simply being "North Dakota" isn't a popular option, and should be squashed.

Apparently, that's not the truth, at least with current UND students. Based on the results, I think that President Robert O. Kelley has no choice but to include the option North Dakota as a choice for UND's new nickname.

Per the Grand Forks Herald and Say Anything Blog:
Results released by Student Body President Matt Kopp show when asked if they wanted UND/North Dakota included in the vote, 68 percent said yes, 24 percent said no and 7 percent said they were “not sure.”

The survey was sent out Tuesday and drew 3,262 responses over the two days it was open which, using enrollment data from the 2014-2015 school year, is 22 percent of the student body.

Since the NCAA threatened sanctions and the old Fighting Sioux nickname was retired at UND in late 2012, the school has played simply using an interlocking “UND” logo, going by either UND or North Dakota.
It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Thoughts?

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Grand Forks Herald Letter: Character of players in nickname debate shows

This letter lacks a few facts, or just plain omits them. But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of a good argument.

Again, without going over the facts again. Not all of the Tribes were screaming against the Fighting Sioux nickname. The Spirit Lake Tribe approved of UND's use of the Fighting Sioux nickname

Per the Grand Forks Herald:
Character, Aristotle observed, is best revealed through the choices we make.

In a widely circulated letter titled “What if? That’s the question for UND fans,” Tom Anderson reasons that were NDSU, like UND, to have its logo declared offensive to Native Americans “without any input from the North Dakota Sioux Tribes…


Except for Spirit Lake, all North Dakota tribes were screaming against UND’s use of the Fighting Sioux logo.

The NCAA stepped in, a court suit followed and a settlement agreement granted North Dakota three years to secure approval from the state’s two major Sioux Tribes to continue using the logo.

The Standing Rock Tribal Council disapproved. End of story?

Monday, August 03, 2015

Being North Dakota Doesn’t Violate Settlement Agreement

This summer, there's been a lot of discussion regarding UND and simply being North Dakota. Obviously, some fans, me included, would rather see UND remain North Dakota then adopt a silly and moronic nickname like Sundogs.

Some have said that would violate the settlement agreement between UND and the NCAA. That's not true at all. I reached out to the UND leadership to get clarification. Here's the response that I received.
Eric, thanks for the email and the support for our university. The NCAA says there would not be a violation of the settlement agreement as far as they are concerned if UND didn't adopt a new nickname. However, the NCAA did say that if fans resumed using Sioux or Fighting Sioux, the NCAA believes other schools will complain and that, in turn, would very likely result in sanctions. The NCAA does seem to believe that UND has done its best to comply with the settlement agreement.

Peter Johnson
Executive Associate Vice President for University Relations
(701) 777-4317

Sunday, August 02, 2015

UND Nickname: A Couple of Ideas

This summer, the University of North Dakota has been moving towards selecting a new nickname. There've been various people weighing in on what UND should select for a new nickname. Daniel O’Shea from Grand Forks wrote a letter to the editor and suggested that UND be the Pride of the North.

Per O'Shea's letter to the Grand Forks Herald:
In my view, the nickname to replace the Fighting Sioux already is in use, in that UND has been using it to introduce the Marching Band at football games. It is the Pride of the North.

However, this name didn’t go very far in the nickname committee’s view. But perhaps now it is more worthy of reconsideration.

What better name would support UND and all of its students and alums

Steve Molvig of Lovelock, Nevada suggested that there's no harm with UND simply being North Dakota. There's quite a few people that feel the same way.

Molvig's letter to the editor:

As mentioned earlier, finances and expansion at UND have been OK since the Sioux logo was retired. It seems that not much was lost. What things have not come UND’s way because they had NO logo or a never existing mascot (except the Farce’s Kermit). In every poll conducted and published in the Herald, the North Dakota option has been the overwhelming choice. However, this top vote getting superior results has been passed off as somehow hanging on to the Sioux identity or sour grapes.

Why can’t it be that North Dakota option supporters are just that proud of the state, its residents, and they want UND’s recognition nationwide to be the great qualities of North Dakota?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Grand Forks Herald Letter: Roosevelt's racism puts 'Roughriders' off-limits

I honestly don't know what to make of this Letter to the editor, but it seems we're reaching here or that we are quick to find something that offends us. 

First, I love the Fighting Sioux nickname and wore it with pride this past week in Michigan. That being said, the Fighting Sioux nickname isn't coming back. I see no way that it does. Here's the latest letter from Tom Anderson from Fargo, ND. What do you think of this? 
As a UND alumnus, I find it interesting how much faith and money UND has placed in an outside consultant. After seeing the final list of names, I conclude that the consultants should be fired for incompetence.
To forward the name "Roughriders" and any connection to Teddy Roosevelt would be a greater travesty than removing the 85-plus year tradition of the Fighting Sioux name.
Doesn't this highly paid consultant know that Roosevelt was a self-admitted white supremacist? Just look at his writings to see glaring examples; such as, "I don't go so far as to think that the only good Indian is the dead Indian, but I believe nine out of every 10 are, and I shouldn't like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth. The most vicious cowboy has more moral principle than the average Indian."
Further examples of his racism are found in Vol. 3 of "The Winning of the West," in which he viewed American Indians as savages, unworthy of citizenship. In Roosevelt's letter known as the "race suicide letter," he wrote, any white person who did not have children was "in effect a criminal against the race." His thinking was that reproduction was the only way the white race could conquer colored races.
We can't rewrite history. We can't ignore these facts about Roosevelt—or the historical fact that in a Sacred Religious Pipe Ceremony, the Sioux Tribe gave UND the use of the name Fighting Sioux forever.
With UND President Robert Kelley leaving, this is the perfect time to take a deep breath and wait for the name change until a new president is selected. "North Dakota" is the most popular choice by the general public. Don't throw salt in our wounds by selecting a name no one wants or will support.
Tom Anderson