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Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Links UNO vs. UND

Epic series this weekend in Omaha, Nebraska. UND takes on the Red Mavs in an important two-game conference series. Should be an exciting series. #hateundweek

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Traditional Circle of Sticks X5

That's five series sweep for the season, two series sweeps in a row. UND only had three series sweeps last season (Holy Cross, Michigan Tech and Nebraska-Omaha). Four regular season games left.
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Will Jim Delany take aim at NCAA?

English: National Collegiate Athletic Associat...
I found this article on my twitter feed, I find this article to be interesting, but in a way, I think  it kind of translates to other sports besides football, I think. There's a mind set out there, and frankly some of the schools in the WCHA didn't want to play against the smaller schools in the WCHA, that mind set was out there. It's really about the have's and the schools that have more. I believe.
Take 1: Brian Bennett Delany has probably been more supportive of NCAA president Mark Emmert than some of his other peers, but he has to feel many of the same frustrations as his commissioner colleagues. Like Slive, Delany is a big proponent of paying athletes an additional stipend on top of their scholarships to cover the full cost of attendance, and they are upset the NCAA has yet to approve that measure after both stumped for it more than two years ago. Bowlsby said Monday that commissioners of the five power conferences met six weeks ago and were unanimous in wanting major changes to the NCAA structure. It sounds like the major conferences are growing tired of a system where Ohio State and Nebraska have to share the same rules as Louisiana-Lafayette and Texas-San Antonio.

The threat of the power leagues breaking off and forming their own kingdom gives them leverage, although those conference don't really want to be in the business of putting on their own soccer and lacrosse tournaments. Still, this is clearly an organized assault on the NCAA by the most powerful leaders in college football, and I'd expect Delany to weigh in with his own concerns. He probably won't be as pointed in his comments as Bowlsby -- Delany tends to speak in carefully considered, lawyerly tones -- but as one of the sport's most influential figures, whatever Delany says on Wednesday will carry a lot of weight.
There's a lot of money to be made in college sports, it's very a big business and some schools no matter what aren't going to be able to even the playing field, financially. We also see this in college hockey as well. Lastly, I also believe the NCAA is a poorly run organization that isn't even-handed in the way they deal with member schools. I could see the big schools breaking away from the NCAA and forming their own governing body.
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And another NHL Coach bites the Dust... with a pondering (RW77)

New York Rangers logo (used 1935–48)
New York Rangers logo (used 1935–48) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ok, this is just a musing type post so I'll put it down and see what develops in the comment section.

Today marked the end of Tortorella's coaching tenure with the New York Rangers.  It was marked with ups (like his record 171-144 in the regular season) and downs (holy crap bad offense and terrible power play).  He was a tough cookie both on his players and to the media.

I am no fan of the Rangers.  But I got to thinking:  What makes a good pro head coach?

A few months ago I was listening to a Vikings postgame show where they lost and callers were ranting on how the Vikings needed a coach who was "in your face" and "showed more emotion on the sidelines."  Here in Nebraska, after every Husker game, fans (and detractors alike) rant on how Head Coach Bo Pelini is a hot head and needs to butt out of his players' and media's faces (aside for the typical if the Huskers win, Bo rules.  If they lose, fire his backside).  Here's the same issue.  You have previous head coach Renney barely at .500 over his tenure (something like 164-163 as a head coach) and he's drummed out.  To me, he seemed like a tacit kind of coach.  And here's the abrasive Tortorella getting shown the door after being the exact opposite and finishing with a better overall record.

I'm not going to debate whether or not the dismissal was the right or wrong answer.  Like I said, I don't give a rip about the Rangers.  But I do wonder what makes a good coach a good coach?

Nowadays, more and more players (especially in basketball and football) are immature, hot-headed egotists that cannot handle criticism and tough love.  But when they are listened to by owners and GMs, giving the player a "player friendly" coach, it doesn't always mean positive results either.  So what makes a great head coach?

I want to be careful about this not turning into a Hakstol Hate Festival (like every time Brad says his name in an article on his own blog's comment section), so I'm not really interested in college-centric thought.  I do believe that a college head coach and a pro head coach are very different.

So I'm curious what are the intangibles of a great coach, in your eyes?  How do you judge a coach's effectiveness?  Which coach (of any sport) do you think more coaches should model themselves after?

I have a lot of favorite coaches, but my opinion is you can never go wrong with Scotty Bowman.  His attitude and the way he coached was simply top notch.


P.S.  Dave Tippett is rumored to be among the coaches the Rangers are considering.  I bet, however, they go with Alain Vignault if they don't go with Mark Messier. (others mentioned are Lindy Ruff and Paul Maurice)
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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Omaha bleeds green...

Sunday, March 04, 2012

NCHC Commissioner Jim Scherr press-conference

The newly appointed commissioner of the NCHA Jim Scherr (Nebraska 1984) was available for questions before the game between the University of North Dakota and Minnesota State and here are some of the subjects that Mr. Scherr touched on.

There is a good chance that there could be a rotation for the conference tourney between Denver, St. Paul and or Omaha.

The Director of Hockey Operations will be hired soon, maybe by the Frozen Four. There are 120 candidates for the Hockey Operations director.

The Director of Hockey Operations will be stationed in Colorado Springs as well.

The NCHC Commissioner is not concerned about the Fighting Sioux nickname, he is monitoring the situation and the nickname is not an issue for the schools in the conference. Commissioner Scherr expects the issue to be settled one way or another by the time the NCHC starts.

I apologize because the audio for this video is not that good, if you want a audio file emailed to you let me know.

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Friday, December 09, 2011


Fighting Sioux forward lines

29 Brock Nelson–10 Corban Knight (A)–7 Danny Kristo
11 Derek Rodwell–27 Carter Rowney–13 Connor Gaarder
21 Brendan O’Donnell–16 Mark MacMillan–15 Michael Parks
28 Stephane Pattyn–14 Taylor Dickin

Fighting Sioux defensive parings

4 Derek Forbort–24 Ben Blood (A)
2 Andrew MacWilliam (A)–5 Nick Mattson
18 Dillon Simpson–20 Joe Gleason
22 Andrew Panzarella

Fighting Sioux goalies

32 Aaron Dell
31 Brad Eidsness
35 Tate Maris

UND Hockey Stats

Scratches: Senkbeil, Lamoureux, Grimaldi, Maris
Referees: Adam, Mousseaux Linesemen: Carton, Freeman

University of Nebraska Omaha 

Maverick Forward lines

17 Terry Broadhurst–11 Jayson Megna–15 Josh Archibald
19 Ryan Walters–12 Brock Montpetit–21 Matt White
23 Johnnie Searfoss–26 Alex Hudson–22 Andrew Schmit
14 Dominic Zombo–25 Brent Gwidt–10 Alex Simonson

Maverick Defensive Parings

7 Michael Young–24 Bryce Aneloski
8 Jaycob Megna–3 Andrej Sustr
4 Tony Turgeon–5 Kyle Ensign

Maverick Goalies

30 John Faulkner
29 Dayn Belfour

Maverick Player Stats
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