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Sunday, April 10, 2016

UND Raises No. 8

For the first time in 16 years, the University of NorthDakota is college hockey's National Champion. The 2015-16 team will probably go down as one of the best in UND's storied history. Frozen Four MVP Drake Caggiula will have UND fans will be talking about him 20 from now. 

One historical fact, UND head coach Brad Berry is the first rookie head coach to win an NCAA title his first season. 

Finally, UND wins it all. What had become a yearly punch line, is now again a reality. UND had been to the NCAA’s Frozen Four in 2001, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2015 only to come up short each time. With all of the talented players that have come through the doors of the Ralph, none of them had won it all. Until this season.There's some good news, this year, there will not be a thread suggesting UND fire the head coach. 

From day one, this team has been on a mission. They’ve been focused on one thing. Winning an NCAA title. They talked about it on a weekly basis. 

Think about this, 60 teams started the season with the goal of winning an NCAA title. Only one team will end their season with that important win. Last night, the 2015-16 UND hockey team did that. They accomplished the one thing that eluded this team for 16 years.The closed the deal. 

How special was this team? They were at the top of the NCAA in a lot of offensive and defensive categories. They had one of the best possession numbers in the country all season long. UND started the season with 11 freshmen. They were one of the youngest teams in the NCAA. 

In the NCAA playoffs, UND outscored their opponents 20-7. That’s impressive based on who they played. Their path to the national title went through some tough teams with great players: they went through Northeastern, Michigan, Denver and finally Quinnipiac. No one can say that got an easy game. 

In conclusion: what makes this win even more special is how the national hockey media fawned all over Quinnipiac all season long, week in, week out. But in the end, UND proved that they were the best team in the nation. 

I honestly think that the three best teams that I saw this season were in the NCHC, SCSU, UND, and Denver. I also think that UMD was a very tough team that could have beaten Boston College in their regional final. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Humble Pie a la Mode

by Redwing77

The season is over and the outcome wasn't what we wanted, but that's not what is humbling to me.  I remember back in 2005 when all four Frozen Four teams were from the same conference.  WCHA fans crowed about how awesome the WCHA was and, well, the WCHA won the NC that year.  But was that truly great?

In college football the only people who were overjoyed by the Alabama vs. LSU National Championship game was the teams who were playing and their fans... and ESPN.  It might have been the lowest rated championship football contest in terms of TV ratings in the TV era.

All season long, NCHC fans crowed about how amazing the conference is.  And I put up with it.  After all, my team is in the NCHC and the NCHC did dominate over the season.  Certainly they deserved respect.

But then on USCHO I read an altogether astonishing statement:  "The NCHC is the SEC of college hockey."

Wait... What?

The NCHC is NOT the SEC of college hockey.  The SEC of college hockey doesn't exist anymore.  I'd argue the last time the SEC of college hockey existed was back when North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan were in the same conference along with Notre Dame and Michigan State.  Yeah.  The SEC of college hockey broke up in 1981.

This year the NCHC had 6 teams make the NCAA Playoffs.  Two made the Frozen Four.  It is certainly a great accomplishment.  In the end, however, Hockey East prevailed.  Hockey East has been around longer than the NCHC, even if the teams in the NCHC have storied histories.

I think we need to take a step back a little bit.  We are a strong conference with great teams and super competition.  However, we are 0-2 in National Championships as a conference.  In fact, as a conference, we've yet to get a team to the National Championship game.

Calling the NCHC the "SEC of college hockey" makes me chafe.  We do not want to be the SEC of college hockey.  I want the NCHC to be a dominant force, sure, but a respected one by all.  The SEC does not seem to hold much respect by those outside of ESPN and the fanbases of SEC teams.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Saturday, December 06, 2014

LSSU vs. UND Game Two Lines

Drake Caggiula is back in the lineup tonight. Scratches for UND: 5- Nick Mattson, 17- Colton St. Clair (injury), 22 - Andrew Panzarella, 29- Bryn Chyzyk (Injury).

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Zane Gothberg is going Camping with the Bruins

Joe Haggerty of CSNNE had this to say about UND goalie Zane Gothberg who's going to the Boston Bruins development camp. Notice, Haggerty referred to the University of North Dakota as the Fighting Sioux.
Joe Haggerty, CSNNE.Com --- Zane Gothberg – Goaltender, 2010 sixth round pick (165th overall): Gothberg helped lead the University of North Dakota to the Frozen Four, and set a school record with his .926 save percentage last season. The longtime development camp attendee should be one of the standouts after his 1.99 goals against average and three shutouts in 33 games for the Fighting Sioux last season.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

(Video) UND vs. UMN Frozen Four Semi Final

I decided to put this video up before I deleted the DVR of the UND and UMN game. This game is a tough one to swallow, because UND dominated the Gophers for most of the game and they deserved a better fate than this. I think this game will burn in the minds of the UND players for most of the summer.
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CHN Early top 10 for 2014-15

Looks like College Hockey News thinks highly of the University of North Dakota hockey team going into next season. I am sure the returning players had something to do with this.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hearld Letter to the Editor: Union, Yale share key trait: Coaches who deliver

 If you haven't read the Grand Forks Herald, this letter to the editor is worth a look. So a Herald Reader wants us to take a look one row back.

If anything, this was probably Dave Hakstol's beat coaching job so far to date. Yeah, I would hate to disappoint this letter writer, but Don Lucia and Dave Hakstol aren't going anywhere. #firehakstol #firelucia
WARREN, Minn. — The past two NCAA hockey champions have been fun to watch. Both Union College, this year, and Yale University the previous year captured the essence of collegiate athletics, in that neither give out athletic scholarships but both still rose to the pinnacle of an NCAA sport.

UND and the University of Minnesota Gophers should also be commended for their fine efforts in reaching the Frozen Four. The expectations for those two schools should be high, in that they are among the elite in resources, both financial and facilities in the collegiate hockey world. Union plays in an arena that seats just over 2,000 fans.

Both Union and Yale had lesser talent, if the number of NHL draftees on their roster is considered. But as ESPN’s lead hockey analyst Barry Melrose pointed out — and I do respect his knowledge of hockey — you could see plays develop and players executing a plan.

The announcers talked in this tournament about the fine traditions of both UND and the Gophers, which is true with many titles in their past. But what brought both Union and Yale to the epitome of the college hockey world was behind the bench. Don Lucia, head coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, last won a title about 11 years ago; but from what I read, there is some pressure developing on him, as the expectations in Dinkytown are high — plus, he now has an athletic director who demands accountability. In Grand Forks, the current regime has yet to win a national championship.

You can only ride the tradition mantra so long. In my mind, part of tradition can be equated to longevity. In that regard, the Chicago Cubs have a fine and long baseball tradition; but not so in championships.

Given the “tradition” but more importantly the resources available, fans of the Gophers and UND should expect more than mere winning records. I commend the players of both teams; their effort cannot be questioned. I look one row back.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Frozen Four: Thursday Morning Links

Good morning, today's game day. Here's a few links of interest on game day

I have mine. Pre-order the Herald's collector's edition for exclusive Frozen Four coverage

MEN'S HOCKEY: Starman breaks down UND, Frozen Four field.

College Hockey News: The 'Scary' Night Everything Changed . Forward Rocco Grimaldi talks about the players only meeting.

I answered a few question for The Daily Gopher: Frozen Four Q&A: from Goon's World & @hockeywildernes talks UND's chances plus changes in team style.

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Blast from the Past: UND 4 UMN 4

UND had a 3-1 lead  in this game and let it slip away. The Minnesota Golden Gophers would charge back and score two unanswered goals to get the tie. This was the last series that UND played against the Gophers. One of those games that was fun to watch.
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Monday, March 31, 2014

UMN vs. UND (throwing out a few numbers)

The University of North Dakota (25-13-3) meets the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers (27-6-6) in the 2014 NCAA Frozen Four semifinal game.

Date: April 10 2014, at 7:30 p.m.

Location: Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia, Pa.

Breaking down the historic series: The two teams haven’t met on the ice this season. Minnesota had a 1-0-1 record against North Dakota last season.  Minnesota is 6-3-1 in the last 10 games against North Dakota. In his 10 seasons, UND head coach Dave Hakstol has a 17-14-4 record against Don Lucia’s Golden Gophers. All-time playoff record against Minnesota: UND has a 22-19 record against Minnesota in the NCAA and WCHA playoffs.

Common opponents: UND (6-4-1), UMN (7-3-0)

UND vs. Bemidji State 1-0-1, Minnesota-Duluth 3-1-0, SCSU 1-3-0, Wisconsin 1-0-0

UMN vs. Bemidji State 2-0-0, Minnesota-Duluth 1-1-0, SCSU 2-0-0, Wisconsin 2-2-0

There is some discrepancy in the records

According the Minnesota: Minnesota leads the all-time series 145-130-15

According to North Dakota: Minnesota leads the all-time series 130-138-15

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

UND vs UMN a trip down memory lane

The storied feud continues, Hatfield's and McCoy's. After taking a year off during the regular season, the hockey gods are going to allow this game to happen. UMN and UND will renew their rivalry at the Frozen Four in Philly. The city of Brotherly love. Oh the Irony.

I had actually forgot this game.

Who can forget the Evan Trupp goal in overtime.
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Connor Gaarder

Lets just take a quick glance at Connor Gaarder at UND.......
2011: Came on as a freshman walk on from Edina, Minnesota fighting for a roster spot.
2012: Sophomore season records first Hat Trick in NCAA career against Boston University
2014: Junior season scores the GWG against Ferris State in double OT to send UND into the Frozen Four

I'd say for a walk on, this kid has scored some pretty impressive goals, and pretty big goals at that. Not only does he score big goals, but when Connor Gaarder scores, he seems to do so in bunches.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Your Hobey Baker Memorial Award Winner, There's Probably no Question

Again, another great free image from Getty Images. From my post that I wrote at the Hockey Wilderness today.  This should put a lot of things into context for you.
The Big Red line of left wing David Hukalo (15g-24a—39pts), center Steve Reinprecht (26g-40a—66pts) and right wing Dany Heatley (28g-28a—56pts) lite up the college hockey world.
Just or comparison sake, the Boston College forward line of leftwing Johnny Gaudreau (32g-37a—69pts), center Bill Arnold (12g-36a—48pts, and rightwing Kevin Hayes (24g-32a—56pts) is the best line in college hockey this season.
The Big Red Line of the Wisconsin Badgers was a very good forward line, there's no disputing that, they scored 161 points combined during the 1999-00 season. Check this out, the line that Boston College forward Johnny Gaudreau is a member is on, has scored an eye popping 173 points this season. That's 12 points past the storied Wisconsin line. Also, that line has at least one more game left to play this season. You have to wonder what kind of damage they can do if they make the Frozen Four and play in the championship game. That's four more games. They could hit 180-200 points combined.  
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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Links: Game Day

Here's a few links for you to look at before you head to the game.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Let's not jump off the Sorlie Bridge yet... UND hockey

Sorlie Bridge connecting Grand Forks, ND to Ea...
Sorlie Bridge connecting Grand Forks, ND to East Grand Forks, MN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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I also deleted my Intensedebate comments system. So I don’t have a real commenting system right now. You can comment on the blog if you have a Goggle + Account. Which is the wave of the future, or so I have been told. I am also in the process of redesigning my blog; I have no Idea where I want to go with it.

Last night’s game.

First off, I don’t see any reason to jump off the Sorlie Bridge (pick your bride, Sorlie, Kennedy, Columbia, Point). Not yet, but if want to jump ship, make sure to cut a hole in the ice so you don’t break your neck. I am not ready to give up on this team.

Rocco Grimaldi seems to think that the boys can right the ship.

Contrary to what some say, I think that there’s talent on the UND hockey team. Let's take a deep breath. I think that the goaltending has been questionable, but that will come. I thought Clarke Saunders was left out to dry last night. One the on goal, I thought that he was caught cheating as well.  I think that Zane Gothberg has had concentration issues and needs to focus.

I find do it comical that some fans are panicking already. We have seen this drill before. There’s a lot of season left. In nine plus seasons that Dave Hakstol’s has been the head coach, his teams, have been second half teams. Only exceptions, were the 2010-11 (Frozen Four team) and the 2012-13 season (Lost in the West Region to Yale).

This is a young team. It’s not an excuse. Last week during the Wednesday hockey press conference Dave Hakstol said, “This is a young team.” I was actually shocked that he said it. Hakstol wasn’t offering up an excuse, just stating a fact. I see no panic in the man’s body language. Although, the head coach didn’t look happy very happy either.

I know it’s cliché, but there’s a lot of season left. Sure, UND hasn’t looked very good so far this season. But, let’s examine reality. UND has 11 healthy forwards skating right now. That’s not an excuse, that’s brutal reality.

I have said this before and I will say it again. You don't hang Banners for winning in the early season. There’s no award given for the best record in October, November, December and January.

From the UND game notes: UND head coach Dave Hakstol, now in his 10th season behind the bench of his alma mater, is the only active head coach in Division I men’s hockey who has recorded a winning record in every season as a head coach. That includes Jerry York. 

Last night’s game

I thought the guys took some undisciplined penalties at key times during last night’s game. That has to stop if they’re going to be successful this season. 

From my perspective, from my seat on the couch last night, I thought the officials called some horrible ticky-tacky penalties last night. When I went back and looked at the play on my DVR, I thought where was the penalty on that call?  I don’t like the way that Hockey East officials call their games. I think that ECAC officials calls the game much like they do in the West. 


In my opinion, I felt that the refs let the Terriers get away with a lot of things that could have been called penalties both ways. That's how I saw it. I will be doing some video work this week. Let's also give credit, where credit is due. I thought BU played a pretty good hockey game, too. 

This is what head coach Dave Hakstol had to say about last night’s game. It is what it is. There’s no sugar coating it with Dave Hakstol, he call it like he see it. I don’t see him making any excuses.

“I thought BU played well tonight,” Dave Hakstol said.  “They capitalized on opportunities, did a good job on the power play.”

This is what the head coach had say on UND’s penalty trouble and trying to fight back after falling behind.

“I thought we had a real good first seven, eight minutes of the game. We spent last half of the period killing penalties.” “Had a two goal deficit, that’s hard to overcome on the road.”

“BU did a good job defending,” Hakstol said. “We had to attempt to kill five penalties in a row.

The head coach was asked about the team’s injuries.

“We had 20 guys dressed,” Hakstol said. That’s not an issue what-so-ever that’s not a topic in our locker room.

A couple of stats

During the 2011-12 season, UND started the season 4-7-1.

UND is 3-2-1 on Friday nights, 0-4-1 on Saturday nights and finally, 1-0-0 on Sunday nights.

Clarke Saunders 2-1-0, 3.50 GAA, .910 save percentage.
Rocco Grimaldi (4g-7a—11pts)
Drake Caggiula (4g-4a—8pts)
Michael Parks (3g-5a—8pts)

Goals for 29
Goals against 36
Scoring margin 40/59
Penalty Minutes 28
UND power play 26

UND penalty kill 10
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Men's Division I Hockey Inter-Conference Records: 2013-2014

Taking a look so far, the ECAC is having great success in nonconference play.
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College Hockey top 20 Strength of Schedule

Today, I took the top 20 teams for strength of schedule in NCAA for Division I college hockey. If you look at the numbers you can see that Miami, UND, SCSU and Minnesota have played some of the toughest schedules to date. I got these numbers from the KRACH. You can draw your own conclusions from the numbers if you want.
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