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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Cornell's Mike Schafer sounds off on WCHA officials

You have to wonder what kind of a fine that Cornell head coach Mike Schafer will garner after his postgame comments on the WCHA Officials. I think the WCHA would be well served to move on.
“I’m looking at the sheet now, and we’re the ones that were assessed all the penalties,” said Schafer. “You’re supposed to hold your guys at the end of the game. That obviously didn’t happen. It’s just really disappointing on the calls. … It’s disgusting. That’s all you can say. I won’t come back to the WCHA.”

Here is the link to the video of the postgame comments by coach Schafer.
I wonder if Cornell will play against the NCHC teams in their home buildings? I hope they do, they’re a great college hockey program with a great hockey history and they have a fired up fan base as well.
You know Mike, I have to agree that there is some horrible officiating in the WCHA over the last 3-5, in my opinion I have seen examples of absolutely brutal officiating. Being armed with a new DVR+ recorder, I am going to give examples that I see along the way as well. The quality of officiating has to be addressed in college hockey.
The fans and the players deserved better. In looking at the box score from the game I have never heard of these two guys, Chris Perrault, Johnathan Morrison.   
So what do you think of Schafer's comments? Do  you think he is out of line?