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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weekend Match-Ups (by Donn)

2010 WCHA Final Five logo
Here we are the middle of March and the playoffs have arrived in St. Could, Minneapolis, Grand Forks, Mankato, Madison, and Denver.  Congratulations to all those teams on a top half finish in the WCHA’s last season as we know it.  This is the first MacNaughton Cup title for SCSU, who are sharing it with UM (their 11th).

I have included my preseason predicted finish number behind the points, I did okay on a few teams and completely missed on other…


1. St. Cloud St……………18-9-1.……….37----------5
2. Minnesota……………...16-7-2……..…37----------3
3. North Dakota.………….14-7-7………..35----------2
4. Minnesota State………16-11-1....…….33---------11
4. Wisconsin…....………..13-8-7………...33----------8
4. Denver…………..……..14-9-5..….......33-----------1
7. Nebraska-Omaha…......14-12-2…....…30----------7
8. Colorado College …….11-13-4..….….26----------6
9. Minnesota-Duluth….….10-13-5……….25----------4
10. Michigan Tech………..8-16-4…..…..20-----------9
11. Bemidji State……..…..6-15-7......…..17-----------10
12. Alaska-Anchorage…....2-19-6.....…..10-----------12

The # numbers below are current PAIRWISE rankings.
1st Round of WCHA Games - Best of 3 Series

Alaska-Anchorage @ #10 St. Could St. 
Last weekend the Seawolves were swept by the Pioneers (7-1, 6-1) in Denver with the Huskies split with the Badgers (4-2W, 3-2L) in Madison.

2012-13 series – tied 1-1-0

These teams clashed back on Nov30-Dec1 in Anchorage, with the Huskies prevailing in the opener 4-3 in overtime, and the Seawolves extracting revenge the next night with a 3-1 win.  I don’t remember if or when the top seed has ever lost in the first round and I don’t see it happening this year.  SCSU has too much talent and depth for UAA to keep up in a three game series, if it even goes three games.  HUSKIES SWEEP

Bemidji St. @ #2 Minnesota
Last weekend the Gophers swept the Beavers in Bemidji (4-3, 5-1).

2012-13 series – UM wins 2-0-0

This is interesting, since these two teams just played each other last weekend in Bemidji.  I don’t care what level of hockey it is, it is hard to beat anybody four games in a row.  The downside for the Gophers is, does playing the same team two weekends in a row cause a problem in the next round for them?  The pressure is on the Gophers to dispose of the Beavers in two games.  The Beavers would like to gnaw on the Gophers this weekend in Minneapolis and stay there for play next weekend in St. Paul.  Remember when BSU made the Final 2011, by beating UNO on the road, and then beating UMD in a play-in game before losing to DU in a semifinal?  Well, I don’t think they are going to be making that trip.  GOPHERS SWEEP

Michigan Tech @ #5 North Dakota
Last weekend NoDak split with MSUM (4-3W, 2-1Lot) in Mankato and the Huskies split (2-0W, 4-3L) with the CC Tigers in Houghton.

2012-13 series – UND wins 2-0-0

These two longtime foes played in Houghton in mid-December with NoDak sweeping by scores of 6-1 and 4-1.  If I’ve looked up the numbers right the last time MTU beat UND it was December 28, 2008 at the Great Lakes Invitational Tournament.  This could also be the last time these teams play for years to come with the new conference changes coming next season.  The Huskies have been playing much better the second half of this season, but they don’t have what it takes to knock off a top tier team in a best of three series.  NORTH DAKOTA SWEEP

Colorado College @ #5 Denver
Last weekend the Tigers split with the MTU Huskies (2-0L, 4-3W) in Houghton and the Pioneers swept (7-1, 6-1) the Seawolves in Denver.

2012-13 series – DU wins 2-1-1

The Pioneers swept the Tigers back in November and in February the Tigers won and tied DU.  This being a rivalry and playoff series at once should be a humdinger to watch, almost makes me wish I was in Colorado.  I think this will be a three game series with the home team prevailing, but I’ve been wrong before.  PIONEERS IN 3

Nebraska-Omaha @ #9 Minnesota State
Last weekend the UNO Mavericks were swept by Bulldogs (5-4, 6-0) in Duluth and the MSUM Mavericks split with NoDak (4-3L, 2-1Wot) in Mankato.

2012-13 series – tied 1-1-0

The red and purple Mavericks locked horns back in mid-December in Omaha, Mankato won the opener 6-3 and Omaha won the closer 5-1.  Omaha has fallen hard the last two months, they have lost 7 of their last 9 games (8 of 10 if count the exhibition against the U-18 USA team) and their two wins are against UAA.  Before February rolled around, Omaha looked to be a top half finisher, and now they just look finished.  MINNESOTA STATE SWEEP

Minnesota-Duluth @ #18 Wisconsin
Last weekend the Bulldogs swept the UNO Mavericks (5-4, 6-0) in Duluth and the Badgers split (4-2L, 3-2W) with the SCSU Huskies in Madison.

2012-13 series – UW wins 1-0-1

It has been a while since these teams shared the ice, it was back in late October they played with the Badgers blanking the Bulldogs 2-0 and then they tied the following evening 2-2.  UMD is on their longest winning streak of the year at 4 in a row, sweeping UNO and UAH, and they tied the UM before to have a 5 game unbeaten stretch now.  UW has been one of the hotter teams in 2013 and have been playing good hockey as of late.  This is going to come down to which team wants it more and neither team is going to back down in these tilts.  I’m giving the nod to the home team, but just slightly.  BADGERS IN 3
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gophers ruin Beavers senior night

Bemidji State Beavers women's ice hockey
Bemidji State Beavers women's ice hockey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bemidji Minnesota—Last night, the Bemidji State Beavers came out of the gate and were a tough team to play against. The Beavers got in the shooting lanes and took away the Gophers time and space and made skating through the neutral zone difficult.
Last night I said, the Beavers were giving another team fits, this time that same tenacious fore-check was on display at the Sanford Center in Bemidji and the Beavers were getting in the Gophers shooting lanes and taking away their time and space. It was a beaut to watch as the Beavers were giving the highly touted Gophers forwards little room to roam.
Tonight, the roles were reversed; the Gophers were the team that was giving the Beavers fits. The Gophers were allowed to move through the neutral zone freely with speed and the Beavers had little room to roam.
The Gophers were behind the Beavers defenders all-night long and ruined the Bemidji Beavers senior night beating them 5-1 on their home ice securing a tie for first place in the WCHA and a share of  MacNaughton Cup.
As I mentioned above, it wasn’t a good night on the ice for the home team.
On two separate occasions, in the second period, the Gophers Nick Bjugstad and Erik Haula were left alone in the slot and they took that opportunity to bury the puck behind the senior Beaver goalie Mathieu Dugas. The Gophers would take a 2-0 into the first intermission.
The Gophers would outshoot the Beavers 10-6 in the first period.
At the 01:55 mark of the second period the Beavers were finally able to put a puck in the twine with a blast from Beaver Defenseman Matt Prapavessiss, to make the score 2-1 Gophers. That was all of the scoring the Gophers would get on the night as the Gophers would continue to make plays.
The Gophers would push the lead to 3-1 with a nice goal by Zach Budish.
After the two periods of hockey, the Gophers outshot the Beavers 33-16.
The Gophers put the icing on the cake in the third period, putting two more goals past the Beaver’s goalie in the third period with goals from Jake Parenteau and Christian Isackson.
The Gophers would outshoot the Beavers 40-24 for the game and the game never really in any doubt after the second period, as the Gophers ran over, through and around the Beavers. For their efforts the Beavers get to play the Gophers in Minneapolis next weekend.
Bemidji State Beavers head coach Tom Serratore was asked about the prospect of playing against the Gopher again next weekend.
“I would be lying to you, to sit there and say that we’re doing kart wheels that we’re going over there.” Serratore said. “There’s nothing you can do. That’s the draw that we have. We come to the rink on Monday with our heart in our head and we have to prepare for Minnesota.”
In the visitor’s locker room the Gophers were posing with the  MacNaughton Cup that just happened to be in the building.
While we were waiting for the Beavers head coach Tom Serratore, there was a buzz in the arena that the Wisconsin Badgers had beaten the Saint State Huskies 3-2 giving the Minnesota Gophers a share of the MacNaughton Cup.

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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Tweets of interest - WCHA Hockey

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Don't forget to vote in the Greatest Sioux Jersey Tournament

The Greatest Sioux Jersey Tournament being held by the Sioux Jersey Blog has now narrowed the field from 16 to 8. Go to the Sioux Jersey Blog and click on the link to go vote for your favorite Fighting Sioux Jersey. [Click to vote]

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekend Match-Ups (Sioux 7)

Western Collegiate Hockey Association logo
Western Collegiate Hockey Association logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The WCHA got officially started last weekend in Houghton, the “home” of the MacNaughton Cup (MTU is the cups trustee).  The Huskies started off the season on the right skate, with a 5-3 win over visiting Minnesota.  The games between MTU and UM, might have been the last meeting in Houghton between the two long time foes.  Since UM will be leaving the WCHA and doesn’t like (or perhaps it’s a policy that needs to be re-evaluated) to leave Minneapolis for non-conference games.  It’s said to think, that after 266 games (UM leads all-time 173-78-15) against each other, it’s coming to a halt. 


1. Michigan Tech………….1-1-0…………2
1. Minnesota…………….…1-1-0…..…….2
2. Minnesota-Duluth….…..0-0-0….……..0
2. Denver…………..………0-0-0………...0
2. North Dakota.………..…0-0-0….……0
2. Colorado College ……..0-0-0……….0
2. St. Cloud St………….…0-0-0………0
2. Nebraska-Omaha………0-0-0……...0
2. Bemidji State……..…….0-0-0.……...0
2. Wisconsin…....………..0-0-0...…..…0
2. Minnesota State………0-0-0...……..0
2. Alaska-Anchorage…....0-0-0………..0

WCHA Games

Michigan Tech @ #5 Denver
Last weekend the Huskies split with the Gophers in Houghton and the Pioneers beat Mass-Lowell 5-1 on Friday and then beat Air Force 5-2 on Saturday.

I watched the Huskies/Gophers games last weekend, and MTU looked good.  They have some speed up front and solid goaltending.  Not seeing DU in action, but since they have the number five ranking, it is safe to say they are a quality team this year (just like every year).  Both play on an NHL sized ice sheet, so that won’t be a factor in these games.  It appears that second year head coach Mel Pearson has gotten the Huskies back on track and looking like the Tech teams of yore.  I’m going to go with a SPLIT in this series.

Minnesota State @ St. Could St. 
Last weekend the Mavericks tied (3-3) and beat (4-3ot) the Engineers in Mankato and the Huskies obliterated the UAH Chargers, by scores of 8-3 and 4-0, in St. Cloud.

This in-state rivalry should be a fun series to start of each teams WCHA season.  Both teams play on the Olympic size ice, so don’t look for too much checking, with all that space.  With all the space special teams will be accentuated, thus you don’t want to be taking any bad or unnecessary penalties.  Of note, the Mavericks last three games have gone to overtime, so perhaps the fans of these teams will get some “bonus” hockey this weekend.  I’m thinking both teams will get their first points of the season.  SPLIT

Wisconsin @ #14 Minnesota-Duluth
Last weekend the Badgers were off and the Bulldogs split with the Irish, winning thurday 3-1 and then losing Friday 4-1, in South Bend.

The Badgers are not off the start they wanted, going 0-2-0, to start their last season in the WCHA.  The Bulldogs are off to a 2-2-0 start, splitting their first two series with CCHA teams, Ohio State and Notre Dame.  UW plays on an almost Olympic size ice sheet and the Bulldogs play on the NHL size in the new Amsoil arena.  This will most likely be the last trip UW makes to Duluth in a while with the upcoming league changes, so enjoy these games this weekend.  I’m taking the home team here, Bulldogs 3-pts

Alaska-Anchorage @ #4 North Dakota
Last weekend the Seawolves lost to NoDak 5-0 and beat Merrimack 6-3 in the Alaska Gold Rush Tournament in Fairbanks and UND beat UAA 5-0 and lost to UAF 2-1 in the Alaska Gold Rush Tournament in Fairbanks.

They meet again!  Three out of four games these teams play against each other to start the season.  NoDak put a pretty good licking on the Seawolves in Alaska, with a bunch of players suspended for that game.  Now that they will have their full rooster, one should predict a similar outcome, which I will.  NoDak Sweep

Bemidji St. @ Nebraska-Omaha
Last weekend the Beavers split with the LSSU Lakers losing Friday 2-0 and rebounding Saturday with a 5-0 win and the Mavericks split swept with the Northern Michigan Wildcats winning 5-2 in the first game and losing 2-1 in the rematch, in Omaha.

The Beavers had UNO’s number a couple of years ago, but last year the Maverick’s changed that trend.  This year the Mavericks are off to a 2-2-0 start and the Beavers are off to a 1-1-0 start.  This is the first of two series these team will play; they also play each other January 25-26, 2013 in Bemidji.  I’m going to say they each get a win this weekend, SPLIT

Non-Conference Games
#19 Colorado College @ Cornell
Last weekend the Tigers beat Air Force 6-2 and lost to Mass-Lowell 3-1 in Colorado Springs and the Big Red beat the US-U-18 team 6-2 in exhibition play

The Tigers are off to a 3-1-0 start, they won their first three games before dropping one last weekend.  The Big Red have yet to play an official game, they have played two exhibition games, beating the US U-18 team 6-2, and tying Brock U. 2-2.  Cornell plays in the ECAC conference; they are located in Ithaca, NY, and have an enrollment of approx. 13,500.  Generally speaking the ECAC is viewed as a second rate league, so the WCHA team should dispose of teams in lower leagues…  Tigers Sweep

US U-18 @ #2 Minnesota (Friday)
Last weekend the U-18 team lost to Cornell 6-2 and the Gophers split with the MTU Huskies in Houghton.

Since this game doesn’t official “exist” in unofficially picking the Gophers…

Non-Conference Games
Canisius @ #2 Minnesota (Sunday 1:05pm)
Last weekend the Golden Griffins where swept by Western Michigan in Kalamazoo and the Gophers split with the MTU Huskies in Houghton.

The Griffins are 1-3-0 to start the year, and scoop on them is they play in Atlantic Hockey, are located in Buffalo, NY, and have an enrollment of approx. 3,300 students.  Last year Canisius went 10-22-4 overall and where 10-14-3 in AH, finishing in 9th place, out of 12 teams.  The Gophers have too much talent for the Griffins, so unless there is some type of self destruction the Gophers should win.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Goon's predictions for the Final Five

2010 WCHA Final Five logo
Image via Wikipedia
I thought I would dust off an old post and see how I did. My prediction unfolded just like I predicted. I would rather be lucky than good. I was also called a homer by one poster. 

Thu 03/15/12 - Quarter Finals
Michigan Tech vs Denver 2:07 p.m. CT WCHA Final Five Quarterfinal (St. Paul, MN)
St. Cloud State vs North Dakota 7:07 p.m. CT WCHA Final Five Quarterfinal (St. Paul, MN)

Fri 03/16/12 - Semi Finals
Denver vs Minnesota Duluth 2:07 p.m. CT WCHA Final Five Semifinal (St. Paul, MN)
North Dakota vs Minnesota 7:07 p.m. CT WCHA Final Five Semifinal (St. Paul, MN)

Sat 03/17/2012 - Championship

DU vs. UND 7:07 p.m. CT WCHA Final Five Semifinal (St. Paul, MN)

Last Week 12-4 Record for the season 154 - 93

Broadmoor Trophy - WCHA Playoff Champions
2000-01 St. Cloud State
2001-02 Denver
2002-03 Minnesota
2003-04 Minnesota
2004-05 Denver

2005-06 North Dakota
2006-07 Minnesota

2007-08 Denver
2008-09 Minnesota Duluth
2009-10 North Dakota

2010-11 North Dakota
2011-12 ?

MacNaughton Cup
2000-01 North Dakota
2001-02 Denver
2002-03 Colorado College
2003-04 North Dakota
2004-05 Colorado College/Denver
2005-06 Minnesota
2006-07 Minnesota
2007-08 Colorado College
2008-09 North Dakota
2009-10 Denver
2010-11 North Dakota
2011-12 Minnesota

Bolded teams won both the MacNaughton and Broadmoor Trophy.

As you can see I have picked the Fighting Sioux to repeat the champions of the Red Baron WCHA Final Five. Before you jump down my throat, read this.

Since Fighting Sioux head coach Dave took over the Fighting Sioux in 2004-05 the Fighting Sioux have gone 38-14 in the playoff s (WCHA and NCAA combined). Coach Hakstol has 13 more wins than the next-closest WCHA School.  Under coach Hakstol, the Fighting Sioux are 16-3 in the first round of the WCHA playoffs.

The Fighting Sioux have also not lost a WCHA first round playoff series.

Including the WCHA Final Five games, The Fighting Sioux are 27-8 in the WCHA Playoff s under coach Hakstol. Statistics according to @UNDSID.

From 2008-2010 the MacNaughton Cup champion lost all of their games in the NCAA playoffs and all of their games at the Red Baron WCHA Final Five.
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Monday, March 12, 2012

A season of Parity. WCHA Hockey

In looking at the standings, I must say that there is a lot of parity in the WCHA this season. From the top of the league, to the bottom of  the WCHA standings, this has been a pretty good season... Four points separated 6-10th place.
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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Fighting Sioux Hockey Seniors Tribute 2012

This is a great video. While this season’s Fighting Sioux senior class might only have three members, the trio of Brad Eidsness (Chestermere, Alberta), Ben Blood (Plymouth, Minnesota) and Mario Lamoureux (Grand Forks, North Dakota) have been part of some amazing teams that have won two MacNaughton Cup championships (2010-11, 2008-09) and two Broadmoor Trophies (2010-11, 2009-10).
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sioux and Huskies Facts and Info

RADIO: 96.1 The Fox (KQHT-FM) • WEBCAST: Fighting
TV: Fighting Sioux Sports Network, Fox College Sports Central, DirecTV 617, Midco SN3

Special teams key

So far this season, the Fighting Sioux have been pretty good on the power play, going 6-for-28 (21.4 percent). On the penalty kill, the Fighting Sioux have struggled at times killing 20 of 27 penalties (74.1 percent). Last season during the run to the Frozen Four the penalty kill was a strength for the Fighting Sioux.

Lee no fan of the Sioux?

Saint Cloud State University junior goalie Mike Lee has a 0-5-1 record in six starts against the Fighting Sioux. Lee has not played well against the Sioux he has given up 25 goals during his career against the Fighting Sioux. EDIT According to Brad Schlossman’s blog, SCSU junior goalie Mike Lee did not make the trip to Grand Forks for the series because of an injury. Word is that the injury could be season ending.

Fighting Sioux have success against the Huskies...

Since the 2008-09 season the Fighting Sioux have a 9-3-1 record against the SCSU Huskies including a win in the Final Five Championship game two seasons ago .

CHN Power Rankings...College Hockey News posted their WCHA power rankings and The Fighting Sioux are ranked 6th. This is what Dan Meyers had to say about this weekend's up coming weekend between the Huskies and the Fighting Sioux.
St. Cloud State at North Dakota
The Fighting Sioux broke with history last season by starting the year red-hot — and pretty much carrying that momentum all the way to the Frozen Four. UND is back to its old tricks this season, but with questionable play in net combined with missed man games from Rocco Grimaldi, climbing out of this hole will be significantly harder than in years past. UND can’t win the MacNaughton Cup in October, but they’ll certainly able to lose it. SCSU is the only team without a conference game played, so any points this weekend will be points in hand on everyone else.
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Friday, September 30, 2011

WCHA season preview

Western Collegiate Hockey Association logoImage via WikipediaThis is the story I submitted for Inside Hockey
The WCHA is set for another great season of hockey. This is the projected order of finish from the Grand Forks Herald’s coach’s poll. Added is my analysis of the league’s 12 teams as I see it. I didn’t include recruits because I have watch none of them play as of yet. As the season continues we will cover freshman players of note that are making an impact in the WCHA. I did include some recruits that might be worth a look as the season unfolds.

1.Denver– Pioneers have been picked to finish first in all three WCHA preseason polls (Media, Writers and the coach’s polls). The biggest question facing the Denver Pioneers this season is their inexperienced goaltending. Starting goaltender and 2010-11 All WCHA rookie team goalie Sam Brittain suffered a knee injury last season during the playoffs and had surgery during the off-season to repair that knee. In Brittain’s absence junior goalie Adam Murray, who posted a 6-3-0 record and a 3.46 goals against average with a .879 save percentage, will be expected to step into the starting goaltenders role for the Denver Pioneers.

While the Denvermedia would like us to believe that the Denver Pioneers aren’t going to be very good this season, there is no reason to believe that the Pioneers are going to be able to fly under the radar this season. I am not buying it and don’t think it’s being very realistic, Denver is a stacked team up and down the forward lines and will be one of the tops teams to beat in the WCHA and the nation this season.

From the fun fact department, the Pioneers have five players from the USNTDP on this season roster.

Leading the offensive attack for the Denver Pioneers are forwards Drew Shore 23g-23a—46 pts, Jason Zucker 23g-22a—45 pts, Beau Bennett 9g-16a—25 pts and Nick Shore 7g-11a—18 pts.

Gone from last season’s team, Matt Donovan 9g-23a—32 pts, Anthony Maiani 8g-28a—36 pts, Kyle Ostrow 15g-13a—28 pts, Chris Nutini 0g-8a—8 pts.

2. UND – The defending MacNaughton Cup and Broadmoor Trophy winners are missing many key elements from their 2010-11 squad that went and impressive 32-9-3. The Sioux were one of the best teams in the nation for most of the year. That was all for not as the Fighting Sioux had their dream season ended prematurely in the quarter finals of the Frozen Four at the hands of the Michigan Wolverines.

From the fun fact department, Fighting Sioux defenseman Dillon Simpson while a sophomore in college is the youngest player on the Fighting Sioux roster this season.

Leading the offensive attack for the Fighting Sioux, Danny Kristo 8g-20a—28 pts, Sophomore Brock Nelson 8g-13a—21 pts and Corbin Knight 14g-30a—44 pts are expected to have big season for the Fighting Sioux from the forward position.

The Fighting Sioux return an impressive blue line corps of Ben Blood 2g-10a—12 pts, Andrew MacWilliam 0g-8a—8 pts, Dillon Simpson 2g-8a—10 pts and Derek Forbort 0g-15a—15 pts that would probably play in any teams top four defensive paring.

In the net for the Fighting Sioux, there is no shortage of experience between Senior Brad Eidsness and last season’s All-American and the Inside College Hockey Goaltender of the Year  junior Aaron Dell who posted a 30-7-2 a save percentage of .924 and a goals against average of 1.79. 

Gone from last year’s team, Jason Gregoire 25g-18a—43 pts, Matt Frattin 36g-24a—60 pts, Chay Genoway 6g-31a—37 pts, Brad Malone 16g-24a—40 pts, Evan Trupp 17g-24a—41 pst, Brett Hextall 13g-16a—29pts.

3. Colorado College – The Tigers turned a lot of heads last spring when they easily defeated the Boston College Eagles 8-4 in the NCAA West Regional Semifinal. Moving forward this season there is a renewed optimism surrounding this season’s Colorado College Tiger hockey team that went 23-19-3 and finished sixth during the regular season.

From the fun fact department Jaden Schwartz scored nine more points than his older brother Rylan Schwartz while playing in nine less games than is older brother.

Leading the offensive attack for the Tigers, a very potent one – two scoring punch from Jaden Schwartz 17g-30a—40pts and Rylan Schwartz 10g-28a—38 pts.

Leading the defense for the Tigers, Gabe Guentzel 2g-22a—26pts, Joe Marciano 3g-8a—11pts, Eamonn McDermott 2g-12a—14pts, lead the Colorado College Tigers on defense. If there is a weakness on this Tigers squad their defense isn’t as experienced on the blue line and that showed in the West Regional Final last season againstMichigan.

In net for the Tigers, they have a proven goalie in Joe Howe who played in 36 games posting a 18-15-2 record with a 2.94 goals against average and a .903 save percentage. Also available to log some time is backup goalie Josh Thorimbert who posted a 5-4-1 record a 2.57 goals against average with .906 save percentage.

Gone from last season, Stephen Schultz 17g-28a—45pts, Tyler Johnson 20g-17a—37pts.

4. Nebraska-Omaha – In their first year in the WCHA theUniversityofNebraska Omaha Mavericksproved to a solid team that was very tough to play against, the Mavericks finished in third place in the WCHA standings one point out of second place. Coach Dean Blais’ Mavericks resembled his Fighting Sioux teams from the past; small fast forwards up front and a couple of Oak trees on defense.
Leading the offensive attack for the UNO Mavericks are Alex Hudson 13g-18a—31pts, Terry Broadhurst 11g-19a—30pts, Matt White 14g-11a—25pts.

Leading the defense, Bryce Aneloski 2g-17a—19pts, Michael Young 3g-11a—14pts.

In the net for the Mavericks, goalie John Falkner 2.56 goals against average and .906 save percentage.

Gone from last season’s team, Joey Martin 11g-24a—35pts, Matt Ambroz 17g-17a—34pts, Rich Purslow 13g-20a—33pts, Eric Olimb 3g-24a—27pts.

5. Minn.-Duluth – The Bulldogs are the reigning NCAA champion, that’s not a miss print folks. I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that the Bulldogs had a bit of a ho-hum regular season, they weren’t bad but they didn’t light the league on fire by any stretch of the imagination. The Bulldogs finished the regular season in fourth place of the WCHA standings two points out of second place. Following a WCHA home playoff series win against the SCSU Huskies, the Bulldogs’ appearance at the WCHA Final Five was short lived as they were sent home early after losing their quarterfinal game to the upstart BSU Beavers in the Final Five.

From the fun fact department, the Bulldogs went an unimpressive 2-4-1 against C.C., UND and DU. I guess that record didn’t matter in the end because UMD went on to win the NCAA championship.

Bold prediction at the post game press conference

What stuck in my mind most was the post game conference after the loss in the quarter finals to BSU Beavers, the Bulldogs were obviously agitated over losing the game to the BSU Beavers. I can clearly remember Bulldog junior defenseman Brady Lamb comments, he said, “That the Bulldogs needed to go home and get refocused and that they [Bulldogs] had four games left to play this season.” Those comments caught my attention because that meant Lamb intended to be playing in the Frozen Four championship game. Lamb’s profound and bold prediction ended up being true.

Lamb was right the Bulldogs went home, got refocused and went on to win the East Regional in Bridgeport,Connecticutthe following weekend. Two weeks later the Bulldogs followed up that East Region championship by winning 2011-12 NCAA championship inSt. Paul,Minnesota. The Bulldogs breezed through the quarterfinals beating the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and then followed up that win two night later by beating the University of Michigan Wolverines in the Championship game of the Frozen Four 3-2 in overtime.

Leading the offense attack, Jack Connolly 18-41—59 pts, J.T. Brown 16g-21a—37 pts, Mike Seidel 8g-6a—14 pts.

Leading the defense, Brady Lamb 1g-9a—10 pts, Wade Bergman 3g-7a—10 pts.

In the net for the Bulldogs, Kenny Reiter 16-7-5 save percentage .914 and goals against average 2.30.

Gone from last season’s team, Mike Connolly 28g-26a—54 pts, 37 Justin Fontaine 22g-36a—58 pts, Justin Faulk 8g-25a-33 pts, Mike Montgomery 0g-10a—10 pts.

 6.Minnesota– The Minnesota Gophers have missed the NCAA tourney three seasons in a row and the Final Five the past two seasons and if the Gophers don’t improve this season there could be a major house cleaning in the spring inMinneapolis,Minnesota. Last March the Golden Gophers lost their first round series against the UAA Seawolves in two games, this loss ended the Gophers season causing them to miss the WCHA Final Five and the NCAA tourney. The Gophers have let assistant coach John Hill go and have re-hired former Gopher assistant coach Mike Guentzel.

From the not so fun fact department, none of the Gophers senior class has ever been to the NCAA tourney. Historically, the Gophers used to be a shoe in for the WCHA Final Five and the NCAA tourney.

Leading the offensive attack for the Minnesota Golden Gophers, Erik Haula 6g-18a—24 pts, Nick Bjugstad 8g-12a—20 pts, Zach Budish 2g-4a—6 pts.

Leading the defense for the Gophers, Justin Holl 1g-6a—7 pts, Seth Helgeson 1g-6a—7pts.

In the net for the Golden Gophers All-WCHA Second Team, senior goalie Kent Patterson who took the reins from Alex Kangas an posted a 13-5-5 record with goals against average of .926 and save percentage 2.31.

Gone from last year’s team, Jacob Cepis 12g-17a—29pts, Jay Barriball 12g-16a—28pts, Mike Hoeffel 13g-11a—24pts, Max Gardiner 1g-2a—3 pts, Cade Fairchild 6g-18a—24 pts, Aaron Ness 2g-12a—14 pts, Alex Kangas 2-5-0 record, .894 save percentage and a 3.71 goals-against average.

7. St. Cloud State – The SCSU Huskies had so much promise when they started the 2010-11 season and finished the season with what most would consider an off year finishing tied for eighth in the WCHA standing tie with UAA Seawolves. The Huskies were picked to finish second in the 2010-2011 pre-season coaches poll.

Leading the offensive attack for the Huskies, are Drew LeBlanc 13g- 26a—39 pts, Cam Reid 8g- 21a—29 pts, Jared Festler 12g-12 a—24 pts.

Leading the defense for the Huskies, Nick Jensen 5g-18a—23 pts, Kevin Gravel 1g-5a-6 pts.

In the net for the Huskies, Mike Lee 9-10-4, .915 save percentage, and a 2.75 goals-against average.

Gone from last year’s team, Aaron Marvin 9g-6a—15 pts, Garrett Roe 10g-26a—36 pts, Tony Mosey 3g-3a—6 pts, Oliver Lauridsen 1g-8a—9 pts, Chris Hepp 1g-2a—3 pts, Brian Volpei 1g-4a—5 pts, Brett Barta 3g-11g—14 pts, Nick Oslund 3g-1a—4 pts, Dan Dunn 2-3-0, .864 save percentage, and a 3.52 goals-against average.

8.Wisconsin– The Wisconsin Badgers start the season with a stable of goalies that has no college hockey experience what-so-ever, none of them have played a game at the college ranks.  This is the first time this has happened to the Badgers since the 1964-65 season. Landon Peterson and Joel Rumpel are the two freshmen goalies vying for time along with junior Mitch Thompson. So whoever ends up being the starting goalie for the Badgers on opening night; they will have zero college experience, it should be an interesting season inMadison,Wisconsinthis year.

The Badgers are coming off a less than successful season where the Badgers missed the Final Five and the NCAA playoffs, the Badgers also had to play their first round series on the road because they finished the season in seventh place of the WCHA standings. This year’s Badger hockey team seems to be flying under the radar as well as all three WCHA polls have the Badgers in either seventh or eighth place, I do expect the Badgers to finish higher than seventh or eighth in the WCHA.  Wisconsin Badgers head hockey coach Mike Eaves is known for getting the most out of his players.

From the fun fact department the Badgers went 2-11-1 against the teams above them in the standing (DU, C.C., UMD, UND and UNO) those numbers will need to improve if the Badgers are to finish in the top half of the league standings.

Leading the offensive attack for the Badgers, Mark Zengerle 5g-31a—36 pts, 25 Michael Mersch 8g-11a—19 pts,   Tyler Barnes 5g-12a—17 pts, Derek Lee 3g-14a—17.

Leading the defense for the Badgers, Justin Schultz 18g-29a—47 pts, Jake McCabe freshman; John Ramage 1g-10a—11 pts.

In goal for the Badgers, there are three goalies vying for the starting position for the Badgers, Joel Rumpel, Landon Peterson and Mitch Thompson.

Gone from last year’s team, Craig Smith 19g-24a—43 pts, Jake Gardiner 10g-31a—41 pts,   Scott Gudmandson 10-9-1, .917 SV% and 2.46 goals-against average, Brett Bennett 2-4-2, .902 save percentage, and a 2.70 goals-against average.

9. Alaska-Anchorage - The Seawolves are coming off their second-best season in the history of their program. The Seawolves made a statement during the WCHA playoffs as the Seawolves knocked off the Minnesota Gophers in Mariucci Arena in two games during the first round of the WCHA playoffs. The series win sent the Seawolves to the WCHA Final Five for only the second time in their school’s history.

The Seawolves season ended when they were beaten by the Colorado College Tigers 4-2 in the quarter finals of the WCHA Final Five. The Seawolves “should” have a balanced scoring attack from their forward lines as they return six of their top 10 points getters from the 2010-11 season.

From the fun fact department, Seawolves sophomore goalie Chris Kamal could be called a Gopher killer as he went an impressive 3-0-0 against the Golden Gophers last season. Kamal registered two shutouts and only gave up only three goal against in three games against the Golden Gophers.

Leading the offensive attack for the Seawolves, Jordan Kwas 4g-20a—24 pts, Matt Bailey 10g-10a—20 pts.

Leading the defense for the Seawolves, Curtis Leinweber 4g-6a—10 pts,  Brad Gorham 1g-5a—6 pts, Wes McLeod 2g-4a—6 pts.

In goal for the  Seawolves, Rob Gunderson 7-13-2,  .897 save percentage and a 2.75 goals-against average.  Chris Kamal 9-5-1, 895 save percentage and a 2.62 goals-against average.

Gone from last year’s team, Tommy Grant 16g-16a—32 pts, Craig Parkinson 8g-13a—21 pts, Sean 10g-7a—17 pts.

10. BemidjiState– The BemidjiState University Beavers took their lumps during their inaugural season in the WCHA, the Beavers finished in season in 10th place. The Beavers did, however, beat the UNO Mavericks inOmaha during the WCHA playoffs to advance to the Final Five in their first season. In their next game the Beavers beat eventual NCAA champion Minnesota Duluth 3-2 in overtime. The next night the Beavers fortunes changed and the Beavers ended up beat by the Denver Pioneers 6-2 ending the Beavers magical run.

From the Fun fact department the BSU Beavers went an impressive 5-0-1 against the UNO Mavericks last season and eliminated them from the WCHA playoffs by sweeping the Mavericks inOmahatwo games to none. The Beavers were also the last team to beat the UMD Bulldogs before they went on their run to a national title.

In net for the Beavers, Dan Bakala 14-13-4, .919 save percentage and a  2.47 goals-against average, Mathieu Dugas 1-5-1 .899 save percentage and a  2.59 goals-against average.

Leading the offensive attack for the Beavers, Jordan George 17g-19a—36 pts, Shea Walters 1g-13a—14 pts.

Leading the defense for the Beavers, Brad Hunt 3g-18a—21 pts.

Gone from last year’s team, Matt Read 22g-13a—35 pts, Ian Lowe 12g-16a—28 pts.

11. MSU-Mankato – The Mavericks have a tough task ahead of them, they lost a four high end players that played a key role in their 14-18-6 season; so the prospects of the Mavericks having a good season this year is not very good, five of the top 11 scorers were seniors.

From the not so fun fact department, the Mavericks lost eight one goal games last season, so they were in a lot of hockey games up until the end. All things considered, it still could be a very long season for the Mavericks inMankato.

Leading the offensive attack for the Mavericks, Mike Dorr 12g-14g—26 pts, Eriah Hayes 11g-11a—22 pts, Chase Grant 8g-12a—20 pts.

In net for the Mavericks, Austin Lee 4-5-2, .911 save percentage and a  2.59 goals-against average, Phil Cook 10-13-4, .903 save percentage and a  3.01 goals-against average.

Gone from last year’s team, Kurt 9g-18a—27 pts, Ben Youds 7g-14a—21, Rylan Galiardi 7g-12a—19 pts, Andrew Sackrison 5g-14a—19 pts, Channing Boe 5g-5a—10 pts.

12.MichiganTech – the Michigan Tech Huskies have nowhere to go but up this season. It would be an understatement to say that the Huskies have had three horrible seasons (six wins, five wins and four wins) in a row including last seasons unimpressive 4-30-4 run. Following the season, the Michigan Tech athletic director had seen enough of Jamie Russell and decided to go in a different direction and hire formerMichiganassistant and MTU alum Mel Pearson.

From the fun fact department, if there is a silver lining for the Huskies, going into this season the Huskies return eight of their top 10 point getters from a year ago. Three of Tech’s top players last seasons were also underclassmen.

Leading the offensive attack for the Huskies, Jordan Baker 9g-9a—18pts (2009-10), Brent Olson 4g-6a—10 pts, Millos Gordic 15g-6as—21 pts, Ryan Furne 12g-9a—21 pts, Jacob Johnstone 4g-15—19 pts.

Leading the Huskies on defense, Daniel Sova 0g-9a—9 pts, Steven Seigo 4g-13a—17 pts.

In net for the Huskies, Kevin Genoe 3-17-2, .883 save percentage and a  4.03 goals-against average, Josh Robinson 1-13-2, .884 save percentage and a 4.58 goals-against average.

Here are some of the incoming recruits to watch for this season.

Joey LaLeggia
Scott Mayfield

Matt Leitner

Kyle Rau
Travis Boyd
Seth Ambroz

Nebraska Omaha
Jayson Megna

North Dakota
Rocco Grimaldi
Nick Mattson
Mark MacMilian
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UND Fighting Sioux Hockey: Danny Kristo has unfinished business

University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux athl...Image via WikipediaIt's stories like this that make me giddy about the Fighting Sioux's prospects for next season. I am excited that Danny Kristo is coming back to UND for another season and that he has something to prove and some unfinished business. I really think that Kristo will only get better being one of the "main guys" in the line-up for the Fighting Sioux next season.
LOU BABIARZ;Bismarck Tribune Sports Editor | ----- Danny Kristo has accomplished a lot during his two seasons on the University of North Dakota hockey team. But it was unfinished business that caused Kristo to return to UND for his junior season instead of turning pro.

"I just feel like I haven't done everything in college that I needed to," said Kristo, who was in Bismarck on Tuesday as part of the Fighting Sioux Caravan. "I still have a lot left that I can accomplish myself and for the team, too.

"I just thought it was the right place for me," he said.

Even though the Sioux lost a strong group of seniors, many of their top underclassmen will be returning - including Kristo, Ben Blood and Aaron Dell.

That helped Kristo, who was a second-round pick of the Montreal Canadiens in 2008, choose to forestall going pro.

"It helped make my decision easier with some friends coming back," Kristo said. "I just went over my options and felt that the team's got a lot to offer next year with some of the guys coming back. We've got a lot of underrated guys that are going to be stepping up into big roles next year. I think we have a real good shot of doing a lot of big things."

The Sioux are coming off a season in which their only goal was winning the national championship.

UND accomplished many other things along the way, including winning the MacNaughton Cup as the WCHA's regular-season champion and their second straight Broadmoor Trophy as the playoff champ.

They did advance to the Frozen Four, but were upset by Michigan in the semis.

"Our season ended short of what our goal was," UND coach Dave Hakstol said. "We didn't mince words in terms of what we wanted to accomplish last season. But you have to put that season in back of us."

It was a tumultuous season for Kristo. After winning the WCHA's rookie of the year award in 2009-10, Kristo had just one goal in his first 20 games.

Though he eventually regained his scoring touch - finishing with eight goals and 20 assists in 34 games - he missed six weeks with a severe case of frostbite.

"It was like a rollercoaster, a lot of ups and downs," Kristo said. " I had kind of a slow start, a little snakebit there for a while. ... After Christmas I really picked up my game. It's too bad I got hurt, because I was kind of on a roll there, but I just tried to pick up where I left off."

Kristo piled up 23 points in his final 16 games, and he's hopeful that hot streak carries over into next season. The Sioux will need him to produce.

UND should be solid in goal, with Dell, Brad Eidsness and Tate Maris returning, and Hakstol likes his defense. The forwards will be a mix of vets and newcomers.
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The History of the MacNaughton Cup

The MacNaughton Cup is a trophy awarded annually to the regular season champion of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association. The trophy is named after James MacNaughton of Calumet, Michigan, who was an avid supporter of amateur ice hockey. The Cup is hand crafted of pure silver and stands almost three feet high and weighs nearly 40 pounds.

In 1913, MacNaughton purchased a cup trophy for approximately $2,000 and donated it to the President of the American Hockey Association, which was to be awarded to the league’s champion at the end of the season. The MacNaughton Cup remained with the American Hockey Association until 1932. From 1933 to 1950, the Cup was given to semi-pro and intermediate hockey teams in Michigan’s Copper Country.

In 1951, the MacNaughton family arranged to have the Cup awarded to the newly founded Midwest Collegiate Hockey League (MCHL), a precursor to the WCHA. The MCHL was composed of Michigan Tech, Colorado College, Denver, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Michigan Tech became the trustee for the MacNaughton Cup. In the original spirit of the trophy, the league decided to award the trophy to its regular season champion. In 1953, the MCHL became the Western Intercollegiate Hockey League (WIHL).

The Cup remained a part of the WIHL until the league was disbanded in March of 1958. There was no league play for the 1958-59 season and for the 1959-60 season, the seven teams resumed competition under the new name of the WCHA.

From the 1961-62 through the 1964-65 seasons, the MacNaughton Cup was awarded to the WCHA’s playoff tournament champion instead of the regular season champion, but the WCHA resumed awarding the Cup to the regular season champion again for the start of the 1965-66 season through the 1981-82 season.

Michigan Tech left the WCHA to join the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) for the 1981-82 season. Since Michigan Tech is the trustee of the Cup, the Cup went to the CCHA.

The Broadmoor Trophy was created as a replacement and awarded to the regular season champion until Michigan Tech returned to the WCHA for the start of the 1984-85 season. The McNaughton Cup also returned and continues to be awarded to the regular season champion today. With the return of the MacNaughton Cup, the Broadmoor Trophy is awarded to the WCHA tournament champion.