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Friday, November 08, 2013

Kyle Rau charging penalty (Video)

You're the referee, you make the call. What penalty would you call in this situation? Of course Gopher fans are going to say that a two-minute penalty is the right call, but you have a defenseless player with his head down, engaged in the play and Gophers forward Kyle Rau comes from all the way across the ice to blast Notre Dame forward Vince Hinostroza. I think it's a senseless play. Hopefully Hinostroza is okay, it looked like he suffered a bit of whiplash on the play.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nick Bjugstad goal and Kyle Rau hit

Someone tell me why the goal by Nick Bjugstad is goal is not a violation of the rules.
83.6 Disallowed Goals - An apparent goal shall not be allowed by the Referee in any of the following cases:

• Any action by the attacking team that propels the goaltender into the goal with the puck.
Also, I know Brad Shepherd is the official, but you have to watch this. How does Kyle Rau not get an elbowing penalty on this play…? Unless, I am not seeing this video right, I agree with the B.C. penalty but I think the refs missed a call again. Discussion, tell me what you think.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nanne Rau hit not worthy of a one game suspension

Check out Lou Nanne's comments at the 33:15 mark of the podcast.

Lou Nanne had this to say on the Kyle Rau’s hit on Jason Zucker.

“The one penalty that I thought was out of whack was the one that they kept Rau out of the game Saturday. I think the referees did that because they probably felt that Zucker wasn’t going to play, which he didn’t that next night, and they were just trying to even things out,” Nanne Said.

“You could have given him the penalty that they gave him without throwing him out of the next game, I believe. I think they could have given him a boarding penalty and kept everyone happy.”

Barreiro asked Nanne if he felt the Rau hit was worthy of a one game suspension.

No! Definitely not...
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Lucia, "referees made the right call"

Western Collegiate Hockey Association logoImage via WikipediaThis was on Roman Augustoviz blog today.
Lucia said he felt the referees made the right call when they gave Kyle Rau a major penalty for boarding and a game misconduct for his hit on Denver forward Jason Zucker in Friday's game.

WCHA commissioner Bruce McLeod called Lucia that night, the Gophers coach said, to tell him the league was going to review the play. He watched it on video that night after not seeing it live.

The next morning Lucia said he talked to McLeod again and was told Rau would probably be suspended.

"At that time, we had the right to appeal the suspension, which would have allowed Kyle the right to play Saturday night," Lucia said. "But 99.9 [percent of the time] we probably would have lost the appeal and he would not have been allowed to play the next Friday night against Bemidji."

Lucia decided the best option was not to appeal, so he could prepare his lines better for the Beavers.

He said the difficult part of the situation was the supplemental discipline. "There were a couple of other major penalties on the weekend," Lucia said. "You can go back to incidents -- what deserves extra and what doesn't?"
After seeing the video of the Kyle Rau hit on Jason Zucker, it's good to see coach Lucia support the league decision on that Rau hit. Lucia does also make a good point, "You can go back to incidents -- what deserves extra and what doesn't?” I think that’s the question a lot of the fans are wondering as well.
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kyle Rau hit on Jason Zucker...

Minnesota's Kyle Rau was given a five minute major and a game misconduct for his hit on Denver Pioneers forward  Jason Zucker, it's a high hit and the kind we are trying to elliminate from all levels of hockey. Is this hit worthy of a suspension? I don't think so. The video replay isn't that good, so it's hard to tell if Rau hit Zucker with an elbow...
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