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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wayne Nelson: Is the Big Sky the right conference for UND?

My answer is one word, "yes."

I think the rivalry with Montana Schools is one of the bigger draws of the Big Sky Conference. UND and the Montana schools should be playing each other every season. Obviously, that won't happen with there being 11 teams in the BSC. Let's not forget, UND has made great strides in football under coach Bubba Schweigert.

Also, I don't see UND getting invited to the Summit League or the Missouri Valley Football Conference. So, the Big Sky Football is the best fit for UND's sports teams. Actually, I am not sure where UND would go if they weren't in the BSC?  Contrary to some on Sioux Sports, UND isn't going to FBS Football. UND isn't getting invited to a power 5 conference. Finally, I don't see UND dropping back down to DII sports. Do you? Nope!
Wayne Nelson, Grand Forks Herald --- Since joining the league, UND has been competitive in Big Sky football, men's basketball, volleyball and women's basketball. The same can't be said for the rest of the school's sports.

There is no question the UND athletic department is doing everything it can to position each of its programs for the best chance of succeeding.

It just hasn't happened yet.

And, in these uncertain economic times, UND's struggles in the Big Sky—perceived or real—leads to another question:

Is the Big Sky the right conference for UND?
What do you think?  Mr. Nelson does ask some pressing questions that need to be answered. UND is going to have to find some additional funding streams to insure that UND is successful in the future.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

WDAZ says Goodbye to Phil Neumann

Over the years, you contact with and meet great, professional people. Some of these people leave a lasting impression on you. Over time, some of these people end up being your acquaintances and or friends. Behind the scenes, these are hard working, solid people. I would put Phil Neumann as one of those solid, professional people.

While Neumann came to Grand Forks as a young television reporter, you could tell that he was very gifted and energetic. Some television people have a knack, and it appeared to me Neumann had all the tools to be very successful. I figured his stay at WDAZ would be pretty short. He quickly made his way to sports anchor after Pat Sweeny took a job at UND. It will be interesting to see who steps up and fills that role. Sports reporter Maddie Saddler is new, but also very good.

This past year, I really liked the coverage Phil did for WDAZ at the Frozen Four and the Cincinnati Regional. The reports from the two events were very well done. Also, a really nice touch was the post game video Brad Schlossman and Neumann did after UND won the Frozen Four. I going to miss that.

This past weekend, Neuman announced that he'd taken a job in New York, his home state. I like many others are saddened today that Phil will no longer be part of the hometown team.

Again, we were very lucky to have Neumann here in Grand Forks.  I wish him good luck in the next step.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Is Midco On the Way out for UND Hockey?

I am going to make a prediction here, either Midco allows UND hockey to be on Fox College Sports or some other television option, or Midco will no longer be doing UND hockey broadcasts after the contract is up.
I say, enough is enough, UND hockey fans want to be able to watch their team play hockey. Especially if they don't live in the regional area. This is very good news for UND hockey fans.
Brad E. Schlossman, Grand Forks Herald --- In the past, UND has put nearly every home game on Fox College Sports and DirecTV. But for the past two seasons, Midco has allowed Fox College Sports to pick up only five games.

Midco is trying to move into the Fargo market and realizes that Cable One subscribers may be able to get games on Fox College Sports. They’d prefer those subscribers to have to cancel Cable One and move over to Midcontinent in order to see UND games.

That’s understandable from Midco’s point of view, but when UND’s hockey fan base is a national one that expects to see nearly every game, this is unworkable.

If Midco continues to control how many games are distributed nationally, it’s doubtful that UND will be able to continue the partnership, no matter how much it may want to.
Again, UND hockey fans don't want to watch a hockey game on the web, they want to watch hockey games on television without having to monkey with computers and connections. As we saw last weekend, not all is equal when it comes to NCHC.TV. Some NCHC schools aren't as good as others. I have been told that WMU's online broadcasts will be much improved this season.

Monday, June 15, 2015

We're Down to 7 Nickname Choices

Here it is... Tonight, the list of 15 has been whittled down to seven by the UND Nickname Committee: Fighting Hawks, Green Hawks, Nodaks, North Dakota, North Stars, Roughriders and Sundogs emerge after the meeting. According to Anna Burleson of the Grand Forks Herald.
Awarding -1, 0 or 1 point to names based on criteria such as uniqueness, linguistic ease and whether the name was a rallying symbol and representative of the region, UND's nickname committee gave "Roughriders" the most points with 48. "Sundogs" and "North Stars" tied for second place with 46 points each and "Nodaks" came in third with 42 points.

Continuing to play as "UND/North Dakota" is also still a possibility.
I would caution the decision UND makers, these are the nicknames the committee likes. This list doesn't necessarily reflect the opinion of UND fans, alumni, and or current students and athletes. Frankly, I find this list very disappointing. There were much better selections cut from the list lying on the trash heap.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

(UPDATED) Herald Poll: Vote for the Two "No Nickname" Options

The Grand Forks Herald has an on-line poll where you can vote for the two no nickname options. North Dakota is winning by a large margin. Update: the vote tally keeps going up. Don't forget to vote.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Simply Being UND One of the Nickname Options

I must say that I was very happy to read this. I still think this is the best option moving forward. Instead of picking a silly, new nickname that none of us will be able to behind. This to me makes the most sense. 

I am dead serious here, would you rather have the sports teams referred to as simply "UND" or would you rather have North Dakota's sports teams named after some silly, moronic, boring nickname like Sun Dogs? 
Anna Burleson , Grand Forks Herald -- At a meeting Wednesday, Jeno and the rest of the UND New Nickname and Logo Process Recommendation Task Force voted to continue to move forward in selecting a new nickname for the institution, with the provision the current name "UND" be included as a possible option. The group developed the skeleton of a plan that involves appointing another committee as soon as possible that will ultimately decide on the next nickname.

The plan, which the group is still working on, will be presented to President Robert Kelley later this month.

The school's former logo, the Fighting Sioux, was retired in late 2012 and at the meeting, the task force decided bringing that name back isn't an option due to a 2007 settlement reached by UND and the NCAA, which had threatened sanctions for using a name they deemed offensive.

"There are people who still think we can go back, but we can't," task force co-chair and UND alumna Sheri Kleinsasser Stockmoe said.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Grand Forks Herald: Nickname task force further develops open forums

More details are starting to emerge from the UND Nickname and Logo Task Force. I like many, received an email asking me if I would like to attend one of these four-hour forms.
Anna Burleson, Grand Forks Herald -- The UND Nickname and Logo Task Force fleshed out a few more details for upcoming community forums at a meeting Friday.

The group plans to address those who still hold on to UND’s former Fighting Sioux logo and mascot, which was officially retired in late 2012 after the NCAA deemed it offensive.

“The tagline around here is ‘Fighting Sioux forever,’ and a lot of people still maintain that passion and feeling and there is no way you’re ever going to change their mind that it has to change,” task force and UND faculty member Sue Jeno said. “We need to respect it and honor it, but we don’t need to inflame it.”

The four-hour forums will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 6, and 5 p.m. on Nov. 7 at the Howard Johnson. They are open to the public and attendees outside of the 90 stakeholders specifically invited to each meeting will have an opportunity to leave their comments and suggestions as well.

After a brief welcoming session, each table of people will have a task force facilitator guide three 20-minute brainstorming sessions, with attendees switching tables for each session.

Friday, September 19, 2014

UPDATE: More on the Nickname Task Force

The Grand Forks Herald has updated their article from earlier today and this caught my eye. I guess, I am all for slowing down picking the name, too. Makes sense to me.
Jennifer Johnson, Grand Forks Herald -- Last month, UND Athletics Director Brian Faison said that he didn’t anticipate changes to the nickname affecting game attendance, and merchants have continued to sell their stockpiles of Fighting Sioux merchandise.

State Rep. Scott Louser, R-Minot, said at that time he anticipated the university’s progress toward a new nickname would be slow because of his plans to introduce a bill during the next legislative session. It would extend the waiting time the university has to choose a new nickname by 2½ years.

He wasn’t concerned the university would pick a new name ahead of his legislation.

“It’s not something they’re going to be able to put together in January and pick a name, I would think,” he’d said then.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Grand Forks Herald: UND, NDSU to play in 2015, 2019, ending 12-year hiatus

Good times have come our way... Finally, the North Dakota State University and North Dakota will resume their rivalry in football. It’s a start, and it’s also a step in the right direction. Seriously, the Bison didn’t have to play us and while some UND fans aren’t happy that the games will only played in Fargo for now, the series will eventually return to Grand Forks, ND. I would bet on it.

Now if you want some comical, thoughtful analysis on the resumption of the historic rivalry, head over to Belligerentville aka Bisonville.

One final note, according to Dom Izzo and Tom Miller, the two teams will “not” play for the Nickle Trophy.
Brad Elliott Schlossman, Grand Forks Herald -- The UND-NDSU football rivalry is back.

The schools will play in games in Fargo on Sept. 19, 2015, and Sept. 7, 2019, ending a 12-year hiatus that began after the 2003 contest when NDSU moved to NCAA Division I status.

“I want our football players to have the full experience of being a UND football player and, to me, that includes playing North Dakota State," UND coach Bubba Schweigert said. "True rivalry games are a big part of college football. You see Iowa State playing Iowa, Michigan State playing Michigan, Auburn playing Alabama and so on. There is no reason North Dakota and North Dakota State should not be playing.

“As I traveled around the region talking to some of our football alums, one of their fondest memories is playing against our rival North Dakota State. Too many young men have missed out on that opportunity over the last 11 years.”

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Grand Forks Herald: Group threatens suit against Warroad school’s Indian logo

This story was on the front page of the Grand Forks Herald this morning. I was under the impression that the Ojibwe tribe had given Warroad High School their blessing to use the Warriors nickname. It will be interesting to see what happens in this case.
Charly Haley, Grand Forks Herald -- National organization is threatening to sue the Warroad, Minn., school district over its use of an American Indian mascot, the Warriors.

The National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media sent a letter to Warroad Public Schools on Thursday, asking the district to begin transitioning away from using the Warriors logo, which is an American Indian head.

If the school district doesn’t contact the coalition and start that process in 30 days, the coalition may pursue legal action, according to the letter, which cites the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964 as making the logo discriminatory and illegal.

“If you choose to remain in denial, we will after a 30 day waiting period file all necessary and available actions to enforce the laws,” the letter stated.

Representatives from the Warroad school district did not return calls from the Herald Friday.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Grand Forks Herald, UND may play NDSU in football in Fargo, without return game

I would have to say that this is an interesting turn of events. I do find it odd that NDSU will schedule a home-and-home game with a Big Sky Conference foe, but not with UND. Seems kind of petty to me. Again, obviously, NDSU is a very good FCS team, but UND is already playing and beating NDSU in every other sport that they have.
Brad Schlossman, Grand Forks Herald --- UND athletic director Brian Faison may be willing to sign a contract to renew the UND-North Dakota State football rivalry without any guarantee of a game in Grand Forks.

Faison, who previously held firm asking for a home-and-home series, indicated Friday that he would even consider playing two games in Fargo for a monetary guarantee just to get the dormant rivalry started again.

“There’s a strong sentiment from a certain part of our fan base that, whatever we have to do, let’s do it,” Faison told the Herald. “If that means one game or two games. . . at least it gets it to being started again. I’ve been working to get a home-and-home, but that doesn’t appear to be in the mix.”

The teams, who haven’t competed against each other in football since 2003, could play as soon as next season.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Herald Opinion: UND should get after a new nickname

From today's local fish wrapper, err, Grand Forks Herald. But what else would you expect from them? I have always said, outside of the sports page, which is awesome, this news paper disappoints me.

I have to respectfully disagree with Tom Dennis. There’s really no need to hurry picking a new nickname. Nicknames are something that we’re stuck with for a very long. If the University makes a hurried, hasteful decision, the University is going to be stuck with some stupid nickname that no one can get behind, or want on the front of their jerseys and t-shirts... Then what? I am dead serious here. Honestly, I could see this happening. One of my biggest fears is that the University will be pressured into picking some stupid nickname like Sun Dogs or Flickertails.

Let’s slow down, get together and move forward with a purpose. Let's not do this willy-nilly. Moreover, let’s not just pick a nickname, just to pick a nickname. Let’s select something that’s not going to alienate a lot of people, especially alumni.

Also, UND can’t even pick a new nickname until 2015. It’s not like UND is going to order new uniforms for their sports teams half way through the year. This is not going to happen.

The first thing that we need to address is the committee/mechanism that chooses the new nickname. Who will be on this committee that picks the new nickname? Obviously, this committee that doesn’t exist yet. The major question is who’s going to help choose this new nickname? Again, if the alumni think that the “wrong” people are part of the process, or if a block of people are left out of the process, you’re going to alienate your alumni base. The University can’t afford to alienate their loyal alumni base.
Tom Dennis, Grand Forks Herald – “We want to emphasize that the work of this group will be to establish a process, not to select a new nickname or logo,” said one administrator. And even that tepid description sounds fiery next to this one, which another official offered:

“We don’t have a process yet, but what we’re doing is preparing to create a process.”

In our view, this timidity on the part of UND’s administration is a mistake. The university has a lot to gain and not a whole lot to lose by striding confidently toward its goal, which is to line up lots of nickname suggestions, choose the most exciting one and then announce that choice with trumpets and confetti.
Dennis goes on…
Sorry, but the current “University of North Dakota” moniker just isn’t enough. Harvard has the most recognizable academic name on the planet; but Harvard doesn’t call its sports teams, “Harvard.” They are the Harvard Crimson.

The Yale Bulldogs, University of Michigan Wolverines, Ohio State Buckeyes … the list goes on. In fact, it goes on forever, as virtually every other college in America has a team nickname, regardless of how famous the institution is.
Contrary to some’s point of view, no nickname works just fine. This has worked for a year already. Sure, it takes time blending UND into blog posts and game reports, but this is a minor issue.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Grand Forks Herald, 'UND moving gingerly toward a new nickname'

I would have commented on this story earlier, but I have been on vacation and I just finished up a project that I was working on.

So it begins. We knew that this day was coming. I am leery, and I am also worried that my favorite college teams are going to end up with a stupid nickname that none of us can really embrace. My head is going to explode "if" UND becomes the Sun Dogs.
Anna Burleson, Grand Forks Herald -- UND is allowed by law to pick a new moniker after January 2015, but after several racially charged incidents on campus, President Robert Kelley has been pressured to take concrete steps and move away from the Fighting Sioux nickname.

“In the minds of many, many people it’s still an issue, it’s still problematic, and I understand that,” Kelley said in May. “I’m not blind to it and I get it. But it is retired officially, so now we’ve got the next step.”

This next step will mean consulting with stakeholders — students, children, residents, faculty, staff and alumni — and laying out the steps the university will take in picking a new nickname.

“We don’t have a process yet but what we’re doing is preparing to create a process,” UND spokesman Peter Johnson said.
I also don’t know if the legislature will be able to extend the deadline to 2017, that will be a story all by itself. If UND can’t be the Fighting Sioux, which they can't, I would rather have no nickname at all. The past season, having no nickname, at all, kind of grew on me. I do like the fact the alumni are going to be part of the process in picking the new nickname. Now, lets just hope the right alumni are selected.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

UND Hockey: Freshman Defenseman Paul LaDue cited for noisy party

According to Brad Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald, UND freshman defenseman Paul LaDue will sit out Friday's game against the Western Michigan Bronoco's after recieving a citation for a noisy party.
LaDue out Friday

UND freshman defenseman Paul LaDue will be benched for Friday’s game against the Broncos after receiving a citation for a noisy party this week.

LaDue, 21, has one goal and four assists in 14 games for UND. He has not missed a game this season.

In his absence, freshman Keaton Thompson is expected to stay in the lineup. Thompson, of Devils Lake, was named the National Collegiate Hockey Conference rookie of the week for his two-point weekend against St. Lawrence.
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Friday, October 04, 2013

1st Annual NCHC Blog/Web Media Preseason Poll.

ATradition of Excellence has posted the results of the 1st Annual NCHC Blog/Web Media Preseason Poll, that Sioux7 and I participated in.   The poll had 16 participants, representing six of the eight schools that make up the conference. What's interesting this poll does mirror the NCHC media poll. I will post my ballot when I get a chance. 

Team (1st Place Votes)
Miami (11)
North Dakota (2)
St. Cloud State (3)
Colorado College
Western Michigan

All-Conference Team

F -
Austin Czarnik, Miami
F -
Ryan Walters, Nebraska-Omaha
F -
Rocco Grimaldi, North Dakota
D -
Joey LaLeggia, Denver
D -
Dillon Simpson, North Dakota
G -
Ryan McKay, Miami

Preseason Player of the Year
Austin Czarnik, Miami (8)

Others receiving multiple votes:
Ryan Walters, Nebraska-Omaha (4)
Riley Barber, Miami (2)

Rookie of the Year
Dominic Toninato, Minnesota-Duluth (6)

Others receiving multiple votes:
Adam Tambellini, North Dakota (4)
Will Butcher, Denver (2)
Anthony Louis, Miami (2)

Defenseman of the Year
Joey LaLeggia, Denver (10)

Others receiving multiple votes:
Dillon Simpson, North Dakota (3)

Breakout Player of the Year
Joey Benik, St. Cloud State (5)

11 others received a single vote.

Again, a big thank you to everyone who took part:
Timothy Boger,
Kelly Green & White
(North Dakota)
Jeremy Larson (@jclarson02),
Husky Hockey Time
(St. Cloud State)
Andrew Craig,
College Hockey High Horse (Minnesota-Duluth)

Brian Halverson, Minnesota Hockey Magazine
Matt Christians (@Matt_Christians),
UMD Bulldog Country/CHN/SBN (Minnesota-Duluth)
Chris Peters (@chrismpeters), United States of Hockey/
Dave Berger, Sioux Sports (North Dakota) 
Donna, Runnin' With the Dogs (Minnesota-Duluth)
Dave Starman (@DStarmanHockey), CBS Sports Network
Rick Shanley (@rickshanley), Western College Hockey Blog (Western Michigan)
UMD Hockey Blog (Minnesota-Duluth)
Eric Burton (Goon),
Goon's World/The Hockey Writers (North Dakota)
Joe Paisley,
The CS Gazette College Hockey Blog (Colorado College)

Doug Cutler & Mike Swainey (@MiamiHockeyBlog), The Blog of Brotherhood (Miami)
Donn Schuschke (Sioux 7),
Goon's World (North Dakota)
Chad, A Tradition of Excellence (North Dakota)
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Big Ten Hockey: To use Point System like NCHC

Brad Elliot Schlossman from the Grand Forks Herald, is reporting that the Big Ten Hockey conference will use a point system like the one that the NCHC announced a few weeks ago.

This past May, it was announced that the Big Ten will also use the shootout.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Good Bye to an old friend,Old REA Demolished on Monday

As most of you know, the "old Ralph" comes down on Monday at 10:00 a.m. there is a nice article in today's Grand Forks Herald talking about the old barn. I came to Grand Forks, ND and attended UND in September of 1993 and saw many games in the Old Ralph.

It was a loud building, in the late 1990's when UND had returned to the top of college hockey world, during the Dean Blais years. One of my favorite games was against the Gophers on January 23, 1999 and UND was behind going into the third period and scored something like 4 or 5 goals to win 6-5 and complete the weekend sweep. That building was really loud. Feel free to share your favorite memories.
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fighthing Sioux Nickname: Spirit Lake committee's last effort to save Fighting Sioux nickname fails

This is just in, not really a big shock to me. I have talked to a few lawyers that didn’t see this case as having much of a chance of making it. This is probably the final chapter of the Fighting Sioux nickname.
Chuck Haga, Grand Forks Herald – In what may well be the final chapter in the long, contentious fight over UND’s Fighting Sioux nickname, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today affirmed a lower court’s judgment against the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe in its effort to save the nickname.

More than three months after impassioned arguments in St. Paul, the appeals court upheld the ruling last year by U.S. District Court Judge Ralph Erickson that the tribe lacked standing to sue the NCAA over its policy discouraging the use of American Indian names and images by member schools.

“The committee has not shown that the NCAA acted with discriminatory intent,” the appeals court stated in its opinion. “There is no evidence that the NCAA enacted the policy in order to eradicate Sioux culture, as the committee alleges.”

The appeals court also discounted the committee’s primary contention, that Spirit Lake and Standing Rock Sioux elders authorized use of the name by UND in a 1969 ceremony.
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Thursday, May 09, 2013

NCAA Hockey: Coaches want to keep the status quo

English: National Collegiate Athletic Associat...

A couple of things have come out of the NCAA hockey meetings so far. Frankly, I am not all that happy with what has come out of the NCAA meetings. I didn’t really have that high of expectations anyways.
Brad Schlossman, Grand Forks Herald – There was a proposal at the annual Florida meetings last week to change the NCAA tournament format to allow the top eight seeds to host a best-of-three series in the first round, but it was met with resistance from a segment of coaches, Faison said.
“Clearly, for me, I’ve always been a supporter of the top eight hosting in the first round,” said Faison, who will be a member of the NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Committee in September. “I think it’s a better way. There are still going to be upsets. It’s just better for the game.”
The primary concern of coaches with that format is that it’s not a competitively fair situation, Faison said.
In a nut shell, “certain” schools appear to want to keep the status quo, when it comes to the NCAA Division I Hockey Tourney.  But why would they want to change? Currently in its present form, the NCAA Hockey Tourney working marvelously for them.  Why would the eastern schools want to get on a plane and have to travel to say Denver, Minnesota, North Dakota or Wisconsin and play a best-of-three series when they can play a one-and-done series in their own back yard.
The same schools would also benefit from hosting their share of best-of-three series as well. So their refusal to be open to change is puzzling.
Going forward, this means, we will continue to let the schools out east drive an hour or less and play in what is basically their own back yards.
On the flip side, the NCAA will continue to have the western schools fly long distances and play in empty arenas, in unattractive cities in places that you would never dream of traveling to.
For whatever reason, the NCAA won’t make the eastern teams travel.
According to Grand Forks Herald beat writer Brad Schlossman, “BU and BC have got on a plane 3 times for a regional in the last 13 years. The teams lost by four goals in the 1st round each time.”
The NCAA wants regional games played in arenas posing as quiet emotionless mausoleums, all under the guise of the regional being held at “neutral” sites. The fact remains, these sites are not in fact “neutral” sites. All you have to do is look at Google maps to prove my point. The University of New Hampshire is 45 minutes away from last year’s regional site in Manchester, New Hampshire.
It appears that the UND hockey team is going to get a chance at hosting a regional “close” to Grand Forks, ND. Again, since the NCAA has decided in their infinite wisdom they don’t want any more regionals on-campus and want to play in empty arenas posing as quiet emotionless mausoleums, all under the guise of the regional being held at “neutral” sites. This would be the next best option, next to the Xcel Energy Center.
UND athletic director Brian Faison said the school is working on putting together a bid to host a men’s hockey regional at Fargo’s Scheels Arena in 2015 or 2016.
I know, be careful what you ask for. Right? That being said, there is going to be a problem with having a regional championship at that location. Having been to the Scheels Arena in Fargo, I don’t think it’s big enough for a regional championship. The Scheels Arena only seats 5,000 people for hockey.
What if the NCAA puts Minnesota and North Dakota in the same regional, they’ve done it on many occasions. In essence, Scheels Arena wouldn’t be big enough to accommodate both schools ticket demands. When you put a regional close to a host school like North Dakota with a rabid fan base like UND, their fans are going to show up. The same is true with Minnesota.  It will be interesting to see how this ends up.

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