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Monday, October 12, 2015

William Brotherton's Go Fund Me Page

I don't know, I just don't think that Willam Brotherton will be able to stop the vote, that begins next Monday. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I predict it will fail. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Grand Forks Herald: Sioux chants could mean consequences at UND

Good luck enforcing that. What a joke. Can we say back to the courts again.

Whether UND picks a new nickname or goes with simply "North Dakota", fans are still going to yell Sioux at the end of the national anthem. The handwringers aren't going to be able to stop it.

Funny, I already reported this last week.

Per the Grand Forks Herald:
But it's common knowledge in the Grand Forks area that the end of the national anthem at UND hockey games always ends with the crowd singing "the home of the Sioux!" and fans displaying the old logo are commonplace. If this continued and other schools complain, the NCAA told UND President Robert Kelley they could impose sanctions.

"(H)e was told—just as a friendly word—that if fans resumed using Sioux or Fighting Sioux, the NCAA believes it is possible that other schools might—might—complain and that, in turn, could result in sanctions," UND spokesman Peter Johnson said in the email.

NCAA Associate Director of Public and Media Relations Gail Dent said via email if the Fighting Sioux chant were to continue at UND sporting events, the NCAA could investigate.

"Schools can be held accountable for their fans' actions/behavior at school events," she said. "Schools have also found ways to proactively deliver public address announcements and other forms of written and verbal messaging to their fan/alumni/student base to deter various types of behavior."

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Grand Forks Herald Letter: Character of players in nickname debate shows

This letter lacks a few facts, or just plain omits them. But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of a good argument.

Again, without going over the facts again. Not all of the Tribes were screaming against the Fighting Sioux nickname. The Spirit Lake Tribe approved of UND's use of the Fighting Sioux nickname

Per the Grand Forks Herald:
Character, Aristotle observed, is best revealed through the choices we make.

In a widely circulated letter titled “What if? That’s the question for UND fans,” Tom Anderson reasons that were NDSU, like UND, to have its logo declared offensive to Native Americans “without any input from the North Dakota Sioux Tribes…


Except for Spirit Lake, all North Dakota tribes were screaming against UND’s use of the Fighting Sioux logo.

The NCAA stepped in, a court suit followed and a settlement agreement granted North Dakota three years to secure approval from the state’s two major Sioux Tribes to continue using the logo.

The Standing Rock Tribal Council disapproved. End of story?

Sunday, August 02, 2015

UND Nickname: A Couple of Ideas

This summer, the University of North Dakota has been moving towards selecting a new nickname. There've been various people weighing in on what UND should select for a new nickname. Daniel O’Shea from Grand Forks wrote a letter to the editor and suggested that UND be the Pride of the North.

Per O'Shea's letter to the Grand Forks Herald:
In my view, the nickname to replace the Fighting Sioux already is in use, in that UND has been using it to introduce the Marching Band at football games. It is the Pride of the North.

However, this name didn’t go very far in the nickname committee’s view. But perhaps now it is more worthy of reconsideration.

What better name would support UND and all of its students and alums

Steve Molvig of Lovelock, Nevada suggested that there's no harm with UND simply being North Dakota. There's quite a few people that feel the same way.

Molvig's letter to the editor:

As mentioned earlier, finances and expansion at UND have been OK since the Sioux logo was retired. It seems that not much was lost. What things have not come UND’s way because they had NO logo or a never existing mascot (except the Farce’s Kermit). In every poll conducted and published in the Herald, the North Dakota option has been the overwhelming choice. However, this top vote getting superior results has been passed off as somehow hanging on to the Sioux identity or sour grapes.

Why can’t it be that North Dakota option supporters are just that proud of the state, its residents, and they want UND’s recognition nationwide to be the great qualities of North Dakota?

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Speaking of Bad Nickname Ideas; Las Vegas Flamingos?

The University of North Dakota is going through the process of picking a new nickname, and many of us are worried that the university is going to pick a really bad nickname.

Looking at this suggestion by Craig Custance, Flamingos would take the cake for a horrible nickname. I can't imagine that anyone would allow this to happen.

That being said, I do like the Outlaws nickname that Tim Kavanaugh included in the linked article.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wall Street Journal: North Dakota Needs a Nickname

 like many UND fans know that the nickname is gone and never coming back. I also didn't know that UND could become the first Division I team to win a title without a nickname.
Matthew Futterman, Wall Street Journal -- In 2012, North Dakota dropped its old nickname, the Fighting Sioux, after a long legislative and legal battle. The NCAA had threatened to not allow North Dakota to host postseason games if it continued to use the name and display its Native American head logo. In a statewide referendum, 67% of voters supported getting rid of them.

But in the process, a cooling-off period was imposed until 2015 before the school could pick a new name. So as North Dakota begins play Friday in the 16-team hockey tournament—it is hosting the West regional in Fargo, about 80 miles from its Grand Forks campus—there is another crucial piece of business at hand: replacing the beloved Fighting Sioux name.

“It is a very emotional issue,” said Lowell Schweigert, a North Dakota alumnus and booster who was a quarterback and a pitcher for the Fighting Sioux in the 1970s.

n January, Schweigert began serving on a committee charged with facilitating the selection of a new nickname this year. The committee only came into being as the end of the cooling-off period loomed. “Our charge now is to have something done by May,” said Schweigert, a financial consultant in Grand Forks. “That is a pretty ambitious goal.”

Relief is on the way. On Wednesday, the committee on the new nickname announced it will accept suggestions from the public through April. Suggestions must be 25 characters or less. The committee will choose three finalists for a public vote as soon as May.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Yep, Zane McIntyre Is a Good Goal Tender

That's a lot of words to say that Zane McIntyre is a good goaltender. Seriously. I guess Lambert is done predicting a UNO meltdown?

Ryan Lambert, Puck Daddy -- Where North Dakota differs, and which comes as no surprise, is that they have both the highest shooting percentage and save percentage in the league. Looking at the roster, you'd have to say that maybe shooting 8.8 percent at evens is a little bit high even for a team that talented — and with Mark MacMillan potentially done for the year, even more so — but Zane McIntyre was always going to be stopping about .940 at evens. He's just that good, and given the fact that his team concedes an inordinate number of shot attempts (42.3 per game, third-most in the conference) he's utterly crucial to their ongoing success. If he was even a little worse, let's say he allowed an extra five goals in 32 games this season, we're not having a discussion about North Dakota being the top team in the country; their shot generation is decidedly middle of the pack on a national level, so the fact that they have 73 even-strength goals goes a long way.

Of course, only about 25 or 30 percent of most games is played at 5-on-5, so you have to consider special teams quality as well. Here too, North Dakota doesn't exactly impress in comparison with its conference rivals; its 20.9 percent conversion rate on power plays is fourth in the conference behind St. Cloud, Denver, and Colorado College (somehow). Its PK is, not surprisingly, the best by a decent margin, because McIntyre has an .872 save percentage when down a man. The NCHC average is .863. But North Dakota takes a lot of penalties (second-most in the conference) and draws the the third-most. Their power play opportunity differential for the season is plus-1.
All season long, I keep hearing how UND isn't as good as their record. Their record is inflated by their out of conference record. So, what about the other 22 games they have played so far? I guess UND winning the Penrose Cup is a mirage, didn't happen, right

Also, we heard from the SBN College Hockey experts that once UND got into the meat of their schedule they would come back down to earth a bit. That hasn't happened yet, either.

Let's not forget that UND has only lost twice in 2015. Breaking it down further, UND has won four games in a row and five-of-six games. They have a 3-1-0 record against SCSU, 2-0 record against WMU, 2-1-1 record against UNO and DU. They currently have a 1-1 record against UMD and MU.

Let's review, UND went tot he NCAA tourney last year. Of course, they were the last team in NCAA tournament, and  then promptly went to the Frozen Four. That was a fluke I guess. UND returns most of the team from last year and some of the pundits are shocked.

I think the NCHC is a tough conference and UND has proven they deserve the recognition they have gotten this year. I also don't think the UND hockey team is afraid to play anyone in the country. Not this team.

Friday, February 13, 2015

UND vs. DU Game One Lines - Links

Pretty much the same lines as last time out.

Friday, January 09, 2015

WHKY Weekend Preview: Green & White meets Orange

GRAND FORKS, N.D. -- UND women's hockey returns to play against Syracuse this weekend at the Ralph Engelstad Arena for an afternoon Saturday-Sunday series. The non-conference series will be the first time the teams have met in program history.

UND heads into second-half action after a road sweep of RIT.  "We finished stronger than we started. Hopefully we can carry that and be stronger when the play-offs come around," Andrea Dalen said.

This weekend they will focus on containing Syracuse Orange's leading scorers Stephanie Grossi and, fellow freshman, Alysha Burriss. Prior to Saturday's series opener, the Orange are coming off of a 2-0 loss to Colgate.

Look for North Dakota to attempt to carry some momentum and building blocks from the first half of the season. "We want to see a lot more wins, obviously," head coach Brian Idalski said. "I think structurally we're much better. Talent wise, development of some of our younger kids being comfortable within their role."

North Dakota gets underway tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.. Live audio can be heard (free) at UND Sports Tickets are available at the REA box office: adults $7, youth $5 and UND students free with student ID.

Friday, November 21, 2014

UND vs. SCSU game one lines

UND Forward Lines
16 Mark MacMillan (A)–9 Drake Caggiula–15 Michael Parks (A)
28 Stephane Pattyn (C)–27 Luke Johnson–7 Wade Murphy
21 Brendan O’Donnell–13 Connor Gaarder (A)–17 Colten St. Clair
29 Bryn Chyzyk–10 Johnny Simonson–14 Austin Poganski
UND Defense Pairings
20 Gage Ausmus–2 Troy Stecher
6 Paul LaDue–3 Tucker Poolman
4 Keaton Thompson–24 Jordan Schmaltz

UND Goalies
31 Zane McIntyre
33 Cam Johnson

Huskies Forward Lines
9 Joey Benik–22 Jonny Brodzinski–13 David Morley
16 Jimmy Murray–11 Kalle Kossila–63 Patrick Russell
42 Blake Winiecki–17 Judd Peterson–2 Jarrod Rabey
27 Nick Oliver–37 Joe Rehkamp–21 Brooks Bertsch
Huskies Defense Pairings
28 Andrew Prochno–40 Tim Daly
5 Nathan Widman–12 Ethan Prow
4 Ben Storm–26 Mika Ilvonen

Huskies Goalies

35 Charlie Lindgren
45 Rasmus Reijola
33 Joseph Phillippi

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

UND: Grand Forks Ranked 17th towns under 250,000 population

GeauxSioux posted this over on Sioux Sports. It’s worth a look.
The “college experience” is about more than simply attending a top-notch university. The city or town where the school is located also is important, the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) suggests in its 2012-2013 “AIER College Destinations Index” (AIER CDI).

The AIER CDI includes the top 75 towns and cities in the United States for college students, based on a larger evaluation of the 227 U.S. metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) with student populations of 15,000 or more. []

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monique Lamoureux - WCHA Defensive Player of the Week

A pair of veteran defensemen – Megan Bozek of the University of Minnesota and Monique Lamoureux of the University of North Dakota – have been named the WCHA Women's co-Defensive Players of the Week for Nov. 20. 

Lamoureux, a senior from Grand Forks, N.D., led the North Dakota defense with a four-point weekend in two WCHA victories over Bemidji State on Nov. 17-18. She topped the team with a +7 plus/minus rating, placed nine shots on goal, and scored three goals, including a power-play tally, and one assist in the 3-1 and 7-3 victories at BSU. She was named the Second Star of the Game last Sunday and now has collegiate career totals of 91 goals, 123 assists and 214 points in 122 games played.

Also nominated: Jessica Wong, D; UMD; Kari Schmitt, D, OSU.
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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Edit: BU lands at the GFK airport; Game one

The University of North Dakota's weekend opponent has landed at the Grand Forks International Airport (GFK)... Four point huh? Wait, what? This could turn out to be a really fun series. No series against the Gophers no problem, UND and BU are going to play in a four game series over the next two seasons.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

EDIT: Four UND Hockey Players charged with Possession of Alcohol

According to the Grand Forks Herald article dated September 21, 2012 four UND Hockey players were going to be charged with Misdemeanor Possession/Consumption Of Alcohol By Person Under 21. In looking at the Grand Forks County Court website this morning I can only find three players that fit that description.

Jordan Patrick Schmaltz, Grand Forks, ND 58202 Misdemeanor Possession/Consumption Of Alcohol By Person Under 21 5-01-08 Misdemeanor B 09/15/2012

Drake A. Caggiula, Grand Forks, ND 58202 Misdemeanor Possession/Consumption Of Alcohol By Person Under 21 5-01-08 Misdemeanor B09/15/2012

Zane Alvin Gothberg, Grand Forks, ND 58202 ND 58202 Misdemeanor Possession/Consumption Of Alcohol By Person Under 21 5-01-08 Misdemeanor B 09/15/2012

According to the Grand Forks Herald, Bryn Chyzyk is the fourth player in question, but a search of the court records doesn't show that Chyzyk has yet to have been charged as of this time.
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Monday, August 13, 2012

A couple of UND hockey related things...

First things first, according to Brad E Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald, has announced on his hockey blog that UND goalie Aaron Dell has signed with Colorado Eagles of the ECHL. Goon's World would like to wish Dell well in the next step of his hockey career.

There is also a big announcement from the UND Radio world today. Below is the official press release from UND on the matter.

UND Athletics, Clear Channel Grand Forks continue partnership

Mutual option exercised for 2012-13 sports season

GRAND FORKS, N.D. – University of North Dakota Director of Athletics Brian Faison announced today that Clear Channel Grand Forks will continue to serve as the flagship station for the UND Sports Radio Network. UND Athletics and Clear Channel have exercised the mutual option year in the original agreement previously announced in 2009.

“Clear Channel Grand Forks has been a tremendous radio partner for UND Athletics and we are excited that we will be able to continue that partnership,” said Faison. “They have been key to our ability to grow the UND Sports Radio Network.”

“Clear Channel Grand Forks is thrilled to continue to have UND sports on the air,” said Clear Channel Grand Forks Market Manager Pat McLean. “It’s been a great partnership, all the way from Division II to the Division I transition, and now we’re excited to be a part of the leap into full Division I competition. We look forward to another great year for UND.”

Clear Channel Grand Forks stations will carry all UND football, men's hockey and men's and women's basketball games – home and away – all home women’s hockey games, select road games and a weekly coaches show.

All football and men's hockey games will be heard on 96.1-FM The Fox, while men's and women's basketball games will air on 100.3-FM Cat Country. Women’s hockey will air on 1440 KXXL-AM The Fan.

The weekly UND Coaches Show, which will air from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. every Wednesday night, will be heard on 1440-AM The Fan. The show will be broadcast live from the Ground Round restaurant in Grand Forks.

There will also be a daily two-minute "UND Sports Update," which will air twice a day beginning Monday, Aug. 13 on The Fan.

Men’s Hockey
Grand Forks KQHT-FM 96.1
Beulah KDKT-AM 1410
Bismarck KFYR-AM 550/KXMR-AM 710
Devils Lake KDVL-FM 102.5
Dickinson KTLC-AM 1390
Fargo WDAY-AM 970
Langdon KNDK-FM 95.7
Mahnomen KRJM-FM 95.7
Minot KRRZ-AM 1390
Valley City/Wimbeldon/Jamestown KRVX-FM 103.1
Warroad KRWB-AM 1410
Williston KDSR-FM 101.1

Women’s Hockey

Grand Forks KXXL-AM 1410


Grand Forks KQHT-FM 96.1
Beulah KDKT-AM 1410
Bismarck KFYR-AM 550/KXMR-AM 710
Devils Lake KDVL-FM 102.5
Dickinson KTLC-AM 1390
Fargo WDAY-AM 970
Langdon KNDK-FM 95.7
Mahnomen KRJM-FM 95.7
Minot KRRZ-AM 1390
Valley City/Wimbeldon/Jamestown KRVX-FM 103.1
Williston KDSR-FM 101.1

Weekly UND Coaches Show

Grand Forks KXXL-AM 1440
Dickinson KTLC-AM 1460
Fargo WDAY-FM 970
Langdon KNDK-FM 95.7
Williston KDSR-FM 101.1

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Friday, December 02, 2011

P.A. and Cardinal talk hockey

If you haven't heard this, here this week's P.A. and Ryan Cardinal, it the weekly segment where they talk college hockey on KFAN. [Click to listen to the show]

I am going to preface this blog post with; I found today’s segment with P.A. and Ryan Cardinal to be very funny and entertaining.

I down load the podcasts daily on my iphone and I listen weekly to the segment with P.A. and Cardinal because there isn’t really a lot of college hockey talk on the radio. 

After being a doormat team for the last three seasons, it appears that the swagger and pride is back in Minnesota’s much maligned hockey program, this will make it much sweeter when the Fighting Sioux North Dakota beats the Golden Gophers again later next month.

The funniest part of the segment was P.A. reading an email from Brad R in Grand Forks, ND; reminding Cardinal that Championships are won in April.

Ryan’s response was, “the problem for his team their season [UND] is going to be done in March. As Sioux fans, they would know what it’s like to come up short, they have done it pretty much annually, losing game they are favored in. So yeah were looking big picture.”

During the segment P.A. keep bringing up a past painful memory for Gophers fans.

Just for the record, the Minnesota Golden Gophers hockey teams "on paper" is heads and tails about the Minnesota State Mavericks hockey team this season, record aside, Minnesota is still 2-5-1 against the Mavericks in their last eight games. Does that mean anything, I don't know? Hockey is also played on the ice and not on paper.

I also agree with Gopher Nation; the Minnesota Gophers are going to be "heavily favored" the next six games that they play in, that being said, that doesn't mean they are just going to walk through these teams like they were at practice. This is the WCHA and the mighty Golden Gophers will have to strap it on and play hockey.

Since the Gophers are back to their winning ways, every team in the WCHA is going to want to take a piece of the "mighty" Gophers, teams are going to play the Gophers very physical and they are going to finish every check, The Golden Gophers are going to get everyone's "A" game. I also don't think Tech is just going to roll over for the Gophers either.
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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Check out this post... Stupidity at its best.

Grand Forks, North DakotaImage by afiler via FlickrIf you don't read the webpage GPL aka Gopher Puck Live, you're not missing much. Check out this nugget from David Handler aka Handyman, if I am not mistaken he was the guy that used to sell the John Waibel factor shirts as well.

Just for the record no one that I know speaks like this. Not the crowd that I associate with. NO ONE. I do not know anyone  that uses that type of language. Wow!!! I guess we must be a bunch of hicks and losers up here in Grand Forks, ND? I wonder what Handyman thinks about the people that live in Moorhead and East Grand Forks, MN?
Handy Man, Gopher Puck Live --- Well they hate the Minnesota chant because the hicks can't spell. They sure can spit when they talk though and get that "derr shucks what ya talkin bout dere" look on their face when you ask them a question. (see: Goon)

Grand Forks, the only place I saw a pregnant waitress smoking and doing shots. (no lie) Most worthless piece of crap town in the world. I would sooner spend a week in Gitmo than ever go back there. The collected amount of missing chromosomes boggles the mind. The two days I spent there was the longest year of my life...Amsoil Arena >>>>> The Big Puke in the Prairie!

I hate everything about that state and its fans. Their idiotic conspiracy theories (like Adam Hauser, the Godfearing one, doing the neckslice to the Sioux bench...thanks Tim Hennessey stop drinking your namesake during games your full on d-bag) their hypocritical bs and their goontastic squad. Remember folks, the Bina hit was criminal, the other 10k times a Fighting Goon does it though is just hardnosed hockey! Also remember, winning the McNaughton doesn't matter it is all about the National Title...unless the Sioux win the McNaughton then it matters. (see also: Final Five) And finally, remember that Doug Woog was a choker because he never won the big one, Hak though is the best coach in college hockey...well he is when half the fan base isn't calling for him to be fired. But hey, they at least have Holy Cross to hang their hats on since they piss down their leg in the big game now.

I can't wait until they are gone...let them languish in the Noone Cares Hockey Conference with Denver and their 6 fans.
Just for the record and last time I checked, most of Minnesota is rural, except for the "Metro Area" and a few other cities like Duluth and Rochester, meaning the state of Minnesota resembles North Dakota except the state of Minnesota has more trees.

Most of the people Handyman is insulting in North Dakota resemble the people from the great(er) state of Minnesota that is supposed to be heads and tails above the state of North Dakota.

I guess there will be a few of us as that are going to be happy as well that we don't have to deal with moronic and  pompous jerks like this buffoon/clown and I doubt many of the fans of the new NCHC will make as many classless statements like this, I am sure there will be a few.

Don't like Grand Forks don't come here

Don't get me wrong I know many good Gopher fans and I am friends with many cool Gopher fans but this week seems to bring the bads one up from the bottom of the lagoon. Also, if Grand Forks is such a bad place to visit stay home, watch the game on TV. Let your better fans come up here and enjoy the game with us.

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