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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

(Video) Duncan Keith Slash on Charlie Coyle; Dumba & Shaw Fight

You can watch the video here.

First, Chicago Defenseman Duncan Keith's dirty slash on Minnesota Wild forward Charlie Coyle is unacceptable. I know that the Blackhawks fans are going to disagree with me, but there's no excusing that dirty slash. That's an intent to injure. Nothing Coyle did justifies being slashed like that, Keith could have severely injured Coyle with that gutless act.

Hopefully, the NHL will hand down a harsh sentence. Keith should receive at least a five-game suspension. However, because Keith is a Blackhawk and a star player, he will probably get a one-game suspension if we're lucky. If I was the head of Department of Players Safety, it would be at least a 10-game suspension. This is a bush league act and there's no excuse for this.

Apparently, Patrick Kane can't fight is own battles. First, the hit by Matt Dumba on Kane was a clean, hard, legal hit. (You can take a look for yourself). Nice Dumba beat Andrew Shaw, it was a good fight.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Subban gets his money (RW77)

PK Subban is, to me, an interesting case... and not the only interesting case on the Canadiens.

Yesterday, PK Subban signed an 8 year $72 million contract with Montreal.  For the math fans out there, that's a cap hit of $9 million a year.

Is this a good or a bad deal?  Fans and analysts alike are already batting around this question.  Ok, so maybe it is because we are now entering the boring part of the offseason and there's nothing really to talk about now that Sid the kid's surgery is postponed or cancelled.

Back a few years, Duncan Keith signed a mammoth extension with the Blackhawks worth $5.5 million a year and people questioned it and it turned out ok.  Others, not so much.  But in my opinion, the worthiness of this contract isn't questionable if you look at Subban's offensive numbers and even defensive capabilities.  Based on those facts alone, he's pretty solid.  Goon and I agree, he's most certainly the best player on Montreal.

However, he has a reputation most often scorned by those who were subjected to the Vigneault-led Vancouver Canucks of years past:  Embellishment, diving, showboating, etc.  Subban is the finest diver in all of the NHL (my opinion anyways) and he excelled at it last year in the playoffs.  Sadly, it's not the "haters" that were the only ones noticing it.... EVERYONE was.

There is talk that Subban will be named Captain or wear an 'A' on his sweater this season.  I, for one, hope this is just talk.  He's not yet matured enough to be an on ice leader.  Maybe he's great in the locker room.  His interviews seem good enough as well.  So, sure, he has the potential, but he needs to clean up his game first.

The problem lies in the necessity to do such a thing... you see, it isn't present.  More and more Captains of teams employ shady tactics on the ice.  The Kings' Dustin Brown is a good example.  Historically, there have been "cheap" Captains or superstars.  Heck, Gordie Howe was a cheap as they come back in his heyday.

However, I'd like to think that the Captain is a leader by example and exemplifies what his team is all about on and off the ice by such an example.  PK Subban doesn't lead in that way.  But that being said, the NHL isn't going to change its trends because of my opinion.  Oh well.

So, is Subban worth a big payday?  Yes.  Is it a bit high?  I think so.  I like Duncan Keith's numbers.  Something like an 8 year $44 million contract would have been perfect for Subban.  Load it with incentives if you want, that's fine.

So, he's a bit overpaid... but unlike the other "interesting" case, I think he'll back up his pay grade.

The next Habs player headed for a big payday apparently is Carey Price.  And I truly believe that last year he had a career year pre-injury.  He'll still be good, but he's not an elite goaltender.  The Habs will pay for a guy they almost let walk twice.  Soon after, they'll wish they had let him walk.

Just my prediction.

Friday, May 30, 2014

(Video) Chicago Blackhawks: Duncan Keith and Patrick Kane ice the Kings - game six

Think about this for a minute, in the last two games, Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane has scored (2g-5a—7pts) and been an absolute beast against the L.A. Kings. Coming into game five, Kane had scored 1 assist, in the other four games of the series. This has been a very good hockey series and it's only fitting that this series is going to a game seven.

11:34 CHI Duncan Keith (4) Wrist shot - ASST: Patrick Kane (10), Andrew Shaw (5) 3 - 3 Tie
16:15 CHI Patrick Kane (8) Wrist shot - ASST: Brandon Saad (9) 4 - 3 CHI
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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Patrick Kane goal; no penalty called on the play

This was the go-ahead goal by Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane, the L.A. Kings were unhappy and felt that there should have been a penalty called on the play. After further review, it might have been the right call on the play. That being said, the goalie needs to be ready at all time, regardless. Jonathan Quick struggled early in the game.

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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Blackhawk's Duncan Keith suspended one game for high-sticking

Someone mentioned the L.A. Kings forward Jeff Carter slashing Chicago Duncan Keith prior to this high-sticking incident and it appears that the NHL's Department of Player Safety is basically not taking that into account, or is over looking the slash. I am not excusing it. I do think Carter should have been fined if Keith is worthy of a suspension in this case. Thoughts?
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Hawks Duncan Keith faces hearing following high-sticking incident

So, we're waiting to see if Duncan Keith is suspended by the NHL's department of Player safety for this hit on the Kings Jeff Carter.
NHL.COM --- Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith will have a hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety on Wednesday for a high-sticking incident during Game 3 of the Western Conference Final against the Los Angeles Kings on Tuesday at Staples Center.

At 7:58 of the second period, Keith was assessed a double-minor for high sticking Kings forward Jeff Carter in the face while the pair was skating behind the play. Carter left the ice, but returned after missing about six-and-a-half minutes of game action.

The following grounds are being considered for supplemental discipline: high-sticking. However, the Department of Player Safety retains the right to make adjustments to the infraction upon review.
I am going to say that there's a chance that there could be some kind of a suspension for this slash/high stick. Last night, I was surprised that there wasn't at least a match penalty called on this play. Now that being said, in my opinion, Duncan Keith is not a dirty player and he could be fined for this incident and avoid a suspension. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Henrik Sedin elbows Dustin Brown

This has been the talk of twitter tonight, Vancouver Canucks forward  Henrik Sedin elbowed Los Angeles forward Dustin Brown. Don't expect the league to look at this play; there are two sets of rules in the NHL, there are one set of rules for star players like the Sedin twins and then another set of rules for the tough guys and goons.

To me this seems kind of hypocritical that either of the Sedin's twins would play this way espeically after Daniel  hasn't played since March 21 because of a concussion he suffered after being elbowed by Chicago defenseman Duncan Keith would elbow someone in a game. The blood on Brown's face was from the puck according to Elliotte Friedman.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daniel Sedin hits Duncan Keith in head

Last night there was a lot of outrage about Blackhawks defensemen Duncan Keith's hit on Canucks forward Daniel Sedin.

What I didn't see was a lot of outrage about Daniel Sedins hit on Duncan Keith, and both hits are bad. Being consistent, I think you can see that both players "could be" required to sit a game or two, both hits are bad and unnecessary. I also think that you can't suspend one without suspending the other. It will be interesting to see how the department of player safety handles this case.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Duncan Keith's hit on Daniel Sedin

With Shane Doan getting suspended for three games for elbowing Jamie Benn in the face, you've got to think that the Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith is going to get a game or two suspension for taking out the Canucks star forward Daniel Sedin with this high elbow to the head.

Daniel Sedin also needs to sit as well because he is not innocent in this situation. 

These types of dirty hits are not acceptable and the NHL needs to be more proactive in removing these types of hits from the game of hockey. Dirty hits take out more hockey players than fights do in the NHL.  This is the type of plays that the NHL needs to punish severely and with out apology.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Keith loses teeth, but shows plenty of heart

Ouch, I can't even imagine having your teeth knocked out and coming back to play in the same game. This is why I think hockey players are the toughest athletes in all of sports.
CHICAGO -- The chicklets came pouring out of his mouth, and one even got stuck in the back of his throat. Duncan Keith lost seven teeth in all, three on the top and four on the bottom, when the puck came off Patrick Marleau's stick and hit him square in the mouth.

That was with 12:30 remaining in the second period of Sunday's series-clinching win over the San Jose Sharks. Seven minutes later, after some pronto dental work behind closed doors, Keith was back on the ice for the Chicago Blackhawks.
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