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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Doug Woog in a Tigger Suit

Oh my! Check out former Gopher head coach Doug Woog who posed for a pictured dressed in a Tigger suit, this was just too good to pass up. You have to give the Wooger credit... I got to give him the stick tap as well for that one.
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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Check out this post... Stupidity at its best.

Grand Forks, North DakotaImage by afiler via FlickrIf you don't read the webpage GPL aka Gopher Puck Live, you're not missing much. Check out this nugget from David Handler aka Handyman, if I am not mistaken he was the guy that used to sell the John Waibel factor shirts as well.

Just for the record no one that I know speaks like this. Not the crowd that I associate with. NO ONE. I do not know anyone  that uses that type of language. Wow!!! I guess we must be a bunch of hicks and losers up here in Grand Forks, ND? I wonder what Handyman thinks about the people that live in Moorhead and East Grand Forks, MN?
Handy Man, Gopher Puck Live --- Well they hate the Minnesota chant because the hicks can't spell. They sure can spit when they talk though and get that "derr shucks what ya talkin bout dere" look on their face when you ask them a question. (see: Goon)

Grand Forks, the only place I saw a pregnant waitress smoking and doing shots. (no lie) Most worthless piece of crap town in the world. I would sooner spend a week in Gitmo than ever go back there. The collected amount of missing chromosomes boggles the mind. The two days I spent there was the longest year of my life...Amsoil Arena >>>>> The Big Puke in the Prairie!

I hate everything about that state and its fans. Their idiotic conspiracy theories (like Adam Hauser, the Godfearing one, doing the neckslice to the Sioux bench...thanks Tim Hennessey stop drinking your namesake during games your full on d-bag) their hypocritical bs and their goontastic squad. Remember folks, the Bina hit was criminal, the other 10k times a Fighting Goon does it though is just hardnosed hockey! Also remember, winning the McNaughton doesn't matter it is all about the National Title...unless the Sioux win the McNaughton then it matters. (see also: Final Five) And finally, remember that Doug Woog was a choker because he never won the big one, Hak though is the best coach in college hockey...well he is when half the fan base isn't calling for him to be fired. But hey, they at least have Holy Cross to hang their hats on since they piss down their leg in the big game now.

I can't wait until they are gone...let them languish in the Noone Cares Hockey Conference with Denver and their 6 fans.
Just for the record and last time I checked, most of Minnesota is rural, except for the "Metro Area" and a few other cities like Duluth and Rochester, meaning the state of Minnesota resembles North Dakota except the state of Minnesota has more trees.

Most of the people Handyman is insulting in North Dakota resemble the people from the great(er) state of Minnesota that is supposed to be heads and tails above the state of North Dakota.

I guess there will be a few of us as that are going to be happy as well that we don't have to deal with moronic and  pompous jerks like this buffoon/clown and I doubt many of the fans of the new NCHC will make as many classless statements like this, I am sure there will be a few.

Don't like Grand Forks don't come here

Don't get me wrong I know many good Gopher fans and I am friends with many cool Gopher fans but this week seems to bring the bads one up from the bottom of the lagoon. Also, if Grand Forks is such a bad place to visit stay home, watch the game on TV. Let your better fans come up here and enjoy the game with us.

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