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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Minnesota Wild: Refs blew it in Colorado

Back in the 1990's there was a popular and re-occurring comment that was made towards the on-ice officials at the old Ralph Engelstad Arena, "Get off your knees ref you're blowing the game." This couldn't be more accurate following last night's game between the Minnesota Wild and Colorado Avalanche.

By now, you have probably seen the goal that was offside and the non-call for holding on Wild forward Charlie Coyle. It's hard to stomach the results in this one, it feels like a robbery. If the refs get these two calls right, the Wild are heading back to St. Paul with a 3-2 series lead. Simple right? For those that say that the right call was made on the off-sides, go back and take a look at the official rule book from the NHL. The skates have to be touching the line.
Here’s the official rule (Rule 83.1 – Off-side):

The position of the player’s skates and not that of his stick shall be the determining factor in all instances in deciding an off-side.

A player is off-side when both skates are completely over the leading edge of the blue line involved in the play. A player is on-side when either of his skates are in contact with, or on his own side of the line, at the instant the puck completely crosses the leading edge of the blue line regardless of the position of his stick.
So I ask you. Who are you going to believe? An experienced NHL official or a newspaper beat writer posing as a fan blogger. I am going to go with Kerry Fraser, he's got the credibility to backup his claims.
Trouble in Denver. Charlie Coyle held by Andre Benoit with net empty causing turnover. Up ice, Paul Stasny is offside as Avs tie game. Ouch! — Kerry Fraser (@kfraserthecall) April 27, 2014
Here's what the fan blogger posing as a beat writer for the Avalanche had to say on the matter. Adrian Dater is still bringing up Cooke's name after how many games? We should start a new hash tag #blamemattcooke If the Wild win this series, it's still possible, will Matt Cooke's name be invoked? I can tell you that it probably will.
Sorry, but there’s no way that picture makes off-sides clear. Stastny’s left skate looks behind the line to me, and that puck is about to cross the line. Did Stastny actually touch his skate to the ice anyway after the fact? Hard to tell. Either way, it’s not a clear off-sides at all. If the Wild want to blame that non-call on their loss, more power to ‘em. All I know is, after the play, Ryan Suter (if only he paid as much attention to the puck tonight as he did looking over his shoulder at the refs all night, begging for a call) stood and watched as Stastny grabbed the rebound of his own shot on the ensuing sequence, then fed a pass between Suter and Jonas Brodin to P.A. Parenteau cutting down the middle ahead of a lazy Wild back-check, and he tied the game with a shot under Darcy Kuemper’s glove.

Friday, April 25, 2014

(Video) Patrick Bordeleau takes a run at Jared Spurgeon

Funny, I didn't see any mention of this in the Denver Post this morning when I was reading their objective coverage of the series between the Av's and the Wild. I wonder if Adrian Dater or Mark Kizsla will cover this in their articles? Don't count on it. It would screw up their story line.

This is a blatant attempt at a leg check and could be worthy of a look from the NHL's Department of Player Safety. There's no defending this, it's a dirty hit. I know this is playoff hockey, but there is no reason for Patrick Bordeleau to take a run at Jared Spurgeon like that. I wonder if head coach Patrick Roy ordered Bordeleau to go out there and take a run at Spurgeon?

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

There's your answer it's was Kiszla

Earlier this week, a beat writer  from the Denver Post asked Minnesota Wild head coach Mike Yeo if he sent Matt Cooke out to run the Av's players. We knew it was either been Adrian Dater or Mark Kiszla that would ask such a objectionable question. Now it would appear that we know the answer. I am glad that Kiszla realizes his team is a bunch of saints either.
Mark Kiszla, Denver Post --- When I asked Minnesota coach Mike Yeo on Tuesday if the often-suspended Cooke represents the NHL well, Yeo bristled and said: "I'm not going to get into that. Listen, you're asking me to criticize my player. I'm not going to do that. I don't want to get into a whole laundry list of things trying to defend him."

So then I went back and watched video of Cooke making a blindside run at Avs teenager Nathan MacKinnon in the first period of Game 3, swinging and missing the NHL's top rookie with an elbow.

There's no defending the Wild's decision to give Cooke a $7.5 million contract to wear Minnesota across his chest. The great state of hockey deserves better than a coward who has repeatedly demonstrated utter disrespect for the health of fellow competitors in a tough, violent sport.

It's true: The Avs are not always angels. When Claude Lemieux shattered the face of Kris Draper of Detroit on the boards during a playoff game in 1996, I called for a suspension. Cody McLeod is a good dude, but when he blasted Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall between the numbers from behind this season, I applauded the five-game suspension.
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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

News story from Denver's Channel 9 on Gwozdecky firing

I think many of us are still in a state of shock that George Gwozdecky was let go in Denver. You can bet that this firing will come back to haunt the Denver University administration some day.

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Thursday, December 06, 2012

DU vs. UND WCHA's Version of the Hatfield's versus McCoy's

I am disappointed to see that Mike Chambers from the Denver Post isn't going to be here for this weekend's series between DU and UND. Over the years, Chambers has written some great article on the historic rivalry.

So what is your favorite memory from this series?

Lately, one my favorite memories in this series is the goal by UND power forward Matt Frattin at the 05:11 mark of the second overtime in the 2011 Red Baron WCHA Final Five. UND would meet Denver again in the 2011 Midwest Regional Final in Green Bay, Wisconsin and beat Denver again 6-1, to advance to the Frozen Four.

Last season, UND would again go on to beat DU 4-0 in the 2012 Red Baron WCHA Final Five.

I think over the last 10 years this is the most heated of UND's rivals, I would say that UMN is number two and Wisconsin number three. What do you think?

I am looking forward to seeing the games this weekend and wondering who will be the on ice officials for this game and if we will see a dance on the dasher or not?
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kizla's perspective on the UND and DU game

Where is Mike Chambers when you need him? God I love this newspaper, they sure have an interesting way of drawing up their perspective when it come to hockey games between UND and DU.

I guess Mark Kizla missed the Nick Shore spear on Carter Rowney at the end of the game and the fact that the refs lost control of this game early and were consistently poor all weekend long so I don't really think either team was worse than the other. I do hold the ref (Todd Anderson and Brad Shepherd) culpable in this situation.
Who knew Denver was a suburb of Fargo? Although the North Dakota campus in Grand Forks sits nearly 1,000 miles from center ice in Magness Arena, the Sioux Nation showed up in force, then ignored both political correctness and the polite rules of being a house guest, by chanting "Let's go Sioux!" Losing control of the game, North Dakota than lost its composure. In the third period, freshman Michael Parks went caveman, taking a swing of the forearm at DU defenseman John Ryder. Way to stay classy, North Dakota. [Denver Post]
If anything I hope the NCHC commissioner Jim Scherr was able to catch either one of both of these games and has made a mental note to not employer either referee from this series. There were four game misconduct penalties and one, the Michael Parks hit on John Ryder that was actually worthy of a five minute major and a game misconduct.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chambers; Stakes are high in University of Denver-North Dakota hockey series

From the opposition media guy; Mike Chambers who covers the Denver Pioneers and writes for the Denver Post and usually has some red meat articles to stir up the masses and enflame the UND hockey fan base. This article is almost too tame.
Mike Chambers, Denver Post --- Each team has four regular-season games remaining. DU needs one victory and a Michigan Tech loss to clinch home-ice advantage for the first-round, best-of-three WCHA playoffs March 9-11. The Sioux could finish anywhere from first to ninth.

The league's top six teams host the bottom six, with the winners advancing to the WCHA Final Five on March 15-17 at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minn. The top four seeds in St. Paul will get a quarterfinal bye in the second year of the six-team format. (The name remained the same because there are five games.)

A year ago, North Dakota beat DU 3-2 in double overtime in the Final Five championship game. The following week, the Sioux eliminated the Pioneers 6-1 in an NCAA Tournament regional title game in Green Bay, Wis.

Friday's game at DU is the first this season between the storied programs and bitter rivals.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DU get some some good news... Brittain & Ryder back

English: Denver Pioneers logo.Image via WikipediaIt appears that the Denver Pioneers have gotten some good news as two of their key players have returned from injury. It will be interesting to see how well Sam Brittain plays.
Mike Chambers, Denver Post --- Two of the University of Denver's most important defenders are close to returning to a depleted lineup. Pioneers coach George Gwozdecky said sophomore goalie Sam Brittain and senior defenseman John Ryder were cleared to practice Monday and are probable for this weekend's two-game series at Alaska-Anchorage.

Brittain, who took over as the program's No. 1 goalie as a freshman last season, has missed the entire season after undergoing major knee surgery June 17. Ryder, DU's fiercest hitter, suffered a fractured knee cap in November and has missed the past 13 games.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Av's Hack McLeod will not be suspended

This tweet is from Mike Chambers of the Denver Post. Let me be clear, my beef is not with the Denver Post but with the NHL. NHL Senior Vice President of Player Safety is a fraud and is no better than his much maligned predecessor Colin Campbell. BReynolds from the Hockey Wilderness has done a great job of laying out the argument where the NHL has gone wrong. This latest ruling by the Lack of Player Safety is a joke. Am I upset with the ruling, you bet I am.

Next time out the Minnesota Wild should go out and run the top player of their opponents through the end boards because the NHL is not serious about eliminating these types of hits from the game of hockey, and why not, everyone else is doing it to the Wild and getting away with it.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Links.

Here is the video from the third period of the Minnesota and MTU game. The Tech Hockey Guide has a good break down of the events and what happened Saturday Night.

There is two sides of every story and all week long we have heard how the Tech Huskies were the ones that were to blame but it sounds like after a spirited weekend of hockey the emotions of both teams took over.
Stephen Anderson , The Daily Mining Gazette --- In a game that already had a major contact to the head penalty, five-minute high sticking call and a 10-minute misconduct, Tech defenseman Carl Nielsen exchanged blows with Minnesota's Seth Helgeson, followed shortly after by a heated verbal exchange between Muckalt and Minnesota's coaching staff.

"I'd prefer not to really discuss it. I got my point across," Muckalt said, as evidenced by the video footage on's WCHA blog (

"Hockey is a passionate emotional game, and as coaches we stand up for our players and support our players. We're proud of our players and really that's all there is to it," he added.

When asked whether it was something unsportsmanlike that Minnesota did to spur the exchange, Muckalt said, "That would be a safe bet, but at the end of the day, that's in the past."
What does this mean going forward? It means that every game is going to be contested and there are not give me's in the WCHA this season. There aren't going to be any breeze game against the bottom rung teams. You will not just be able to pencil in wins before the series have begun.

I haven't seen this much parity in the league from 1-10 spots in a very long time and don't expect it change this season. The second half of the season is going to be a war and the Gophers and Dogs can expect it from here on out.

I am not sure what it is but whatever reason the Denver Post Writers do not like Brad Malone, we get it, you don't like him. I also am sure that the coaching staff will have a talk with Brad Malone about his performance in practice if he isn't going 100 percent. My next question is; what's the point of this blog post? Maybe I am missing something? This the same guy [Adrian Dater] that maligned Cal Clutterbuck, so maybe I am expecting to much from this guy.

In the video I see other players lagging as well. I just find it puzzling that there are 23+ guys at the Avalanche practice and the Denver Post happens to call out Malone.
A couple of things: Sacco stood there and watched everyone pretty closely it seemed like. The guys who lagged behind probably didn’t help themselves – and rookie Brad Malone was one. He was totally gassed and seemed to take his sweet time getting back to the end line after Sacco gave everyone a brief break. The rest of the team was there at the end line ready to go again, but Malone kind of glided on in while everyone waited. That was noticeable to some veteran hockey people watching in the stands, not just me. [All Things AV's]

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

He just can't help himself.

Oh the Irony!!! Bangs head against table! Just when I am about to give the Denver Post beat writer Mike Chambers, who covers the Denver Pioneers and the Colorado Avalanche, "a little" credit, Chambers goes out and blows it again. Say it isn't so Mike? Why all of the hate?
The irony.

Malone was making his NHL debut in the hometown of former University of Denver center Jesse Martin, a 2006 draft pick of the Atlanta Thrashers​ (now Winnipeg Jets).

Martin's competitive hockey career ended early last season, when he sustained three fractures to his C2 vertebra from a penalized check by Malone, then a North Dakota senior.

Martin is recovering in Edmonton, surrounded by family in friends, working at a bank and skating in a local men's league. He continues to suffer from numbness in his arms, and he has limited range of motion in his neck. But according to his father, Terry Martin, Jesse is doing well. [Denver Post Blog]
So what is this writer going to write when Bard Malone score his first goal? Is his blog post going to contain something that looks like this? Former UND Fighting Sioux forward Brad Malone, who broke Jesse Martins neck with an illegal check in Grand Forks, ND during the 2010-11 season, scored his first NHL goal. So is the Denver post on-line newspaper hurting that bad for hits that Mike Chambers has to insult a whole fan base to get hits from Sioux fans.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Former Fighting Sioux forward Brad Malone interviewed by Mike Chambers

Wow!!! Here is one for the record books, self professed Fighting Sioux hockey hater and beat writer for the Denver Post; Mike Chambers, has come a long way, Mike Chambers was able to interview former Fighting Sioux forward Brad Malone without insulting the Fighting Sioux hockey team and or mentioning the Brad Malone's check on Jesse Martin. Goon's World must give Mike Chambers credit where credit is due, now the question is; will Mike Chambers be able to write to columns/blog posts in a row without doing either.
Mike Chambers All things AV's --- (Brad)Malone, listed at 6-foot-2 and 207 pounds, was a first-line center as a senior at UND, but he is pegged as a third- or fourth-line grinder as a pro. He has embraced that model and would love to be the next Cody McLeod for the Avs.

“Keeping it simple. I don’t think there anything real mysterious about my game,” Malone said. “Just shooting pucks out (of the defensive zone), shooting pucks in, being physical, limiting mistakes. I don’t think I’ll have a scoring role, but . . . I try and resemble myself after a guy like (McLeod).”

That would include fighting, an art that would require Malone to shake off some rust. (Of course, the NCAA hands out ejections and suspensions for fighting, so it doesn’t happen much.)

“I haven’t played junior hockey or anything in four years, but you know what, it’s part of the game,” he said of fighting. “I’m not going to go out and look for it, but with the physical play and the way that I play, I’m sure things are going to come around. You can’t really shy away from it. We’ll see what happens.”
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's wrong with the Denver Post?

Denver Post's Picture
My question made Adrian Dater recent Av's Mail Bag at the Denver Post Av's blog. I don’t know Adrian Dater from Adam and let me be clear; it’s not just Adrian Dater either, for whatever reason it seem to be the modus operandi of the Denver Post to make objectionable headlines and blog post articles to stir up the masses, especially Fighting Sioux fans. Seems like the only time the focus is on the Denver Pioneers is when the Sioux and Pioneers play and the Sioux fans help sell out DU’s arena. But I digress.

This isn’t about DU and UND… It’s about the lack of class in performing drive-by-journalism to bring attention to certain major metropolitan newspaper. I guess the Denver Post is struggling for readers and visitors to their Denver Post on line site as well? I guess people would rather look at the Rocky Mountains than read their newspaper? You don’t see Brad Schlossman or Michael Russo doing this kind of stuff in their work. Maybe the Denver Post could learn from these two individuals.

So why the questionable articles and titles to online posts, there is a documented history; the Denver Post sports writer Mark Kiszla did the same thing during the Wild and Avalanche Stanley Cup playoffs series three seasons ago. Adrian Dater was complaining about Wild forward Cal Cluterbuck earlier this season, he took issue with Cal's hits, but also said, Clutterbuck was running around the ice clucking and turtling from fights after Cal Clutterbuck ate the Av’s lunch during a hockey game.

Mike Chambers did it with his ridiculous Sioux fighter’s comments, and then the unnecessary blog post whining about the treatment a FSN Rocky Mountain reporter Alanna Rizzo got at the REA during a January 2009 series between the Sioux and Pioneers. Finally, the hit piece about Jesse Martin feeling snubbed by Brad Malone during the NCAA regionals.

Can the Post just write articles without having to insult a specific fan base? There was no need to write the title to the Brad Malone signing, none! It was unnecessary and I hope the that University of North Dakota thinks twice before they make their players and coaching staff available to the Denver Post again… I can't see George Gwozdecky being treated like that in the Grand Forks Herald.
Why would The Denver Post try to stir up discontent with Fighting Sioux fans with their latest title: "Avalanche signs Brad Malone, whose hit broke the neck of DU's Martin." Is that really necessary?
---Eric B, Grand Forks, N.D.

Yeah, there were a few complaints about that headline. I think I can speak for The Denver Post here and say there was never any goal to "stir up discontent." But it's a bit of a tricky line here. It shouldn't define his whole life, but the fact is Malone was the guy involved in a very high-profile story here. You have to mention it.

Maybe it didn't have to be so blatantly displayed in the headline, and saved instead for the body of the story, but this was also the Internet version of the story. There tend to be longer and more subject-heavy headlines now on the 'Net, because of search engines and rankings on them.

The fact is, though, there was nothing untruthful in the headline. It's a fact. Let's hope Malone creates better things in his biography around here, to change the headlines.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Denver Post condones Malone headline.

As you know the Denver Post is known for using objectionable titles like this; Avalanche signs Brad Malone, whose hit broke the neck of DU's Martin, to their sports section articles. This is my example of drive-by-journalism at it's best by their beat writers. Is the Denver Post hurting this bad for readers?

This is why I think Sioux fans are lucky; we are blessed a great beat writer in Brad Schlossman and you would never seen anything classless like this come from him or anyone at the Grand Forks Herald in their sports department. You sure as heck wouldn't see it from Virg Foss...

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2011 2:01 PM
To: Mailbags
Subject: Avalanche Question

Name: Eric B


hometown: Grand Forks, ND

Question: Why would the Denver Post try to stir up discontent with
Fighting Sioux fans with their latest title; Avalanche signs Brad
Malone, whose hit broke the neck of DU's Martin... Is that really

Here is the response to that email...

Hey Eric, I'm gonna sneak in here to answer this because it's a good
question. And Adrian wasn't involved in that headline. I'd like to
answer you, because I know North Dakota fans were upset.

We here actually talked about the story you're referencing when it hit,
because Colorado went through a similar situation with Steve Moore. But
for the context of Brad Malone's signing, that is how most fans in this
area know him. Fans in North Dakota know him differently. The Avs sign
players all the time, and often they're unknown at first to a majority
of NHL fans. But for Malone, readers in Colorado actually have a context
for him.

Also, I'm sure UND fans see something subjective in that headline. But
to be honest, we don't care one way or the other about DU rivalries, in
so far as who wins. And we're not interested in stirring up UND fans.
But for the Malone hit on Jesse Martin, it was penalized and Martin
broke his neck. Those are facts. Thus the headline.

I hope this lends some perspective. Thank you for the question. I'll
make sure Adrian sees it too ... -Nick

Nick Groke
Sports online editor
The Denver Post

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Denver Post - Goon's Moron of the year...

North Dakota's Brad Malone checks Colorado College left wing Andrew Hamburg into the boards in a game on Jan. 28. Malone was charged with boarding (The Gazette, Christian Murdock)
Wow! All I can say this that whoever wrote this from the Denver Post is my nominee for Moron of the Year. This is what I consider to be drive by gutter journalism, frankly it’s also unacceptable. That is why I like the beat writer that the Fighting Sioux have, you would never see him write a disgusting piece like this.

Seriously! The Denver Post can’t be hurting that much for readership that they needed to piss off Sioux fans and get everyone riled up among the DU and UND fans bases so they would come to the Denver Post site. The bush league aspect of this article is that the author doesn’t even include his/her name, which in my opinion is very classless... Everything written on my blog has a name to it and we take ownership for it.

My first guess was that article was written by the buffoonish Michael Chambers who is the beat writer for the DU Hockey team because its his modus operandi and it would have been my first selection when trying to put a name to this gem, however, that appears to not be the case because a readers posted on the blog that Chambers is on vacation. If it's not Chambers who is notorious for this kind of moronic journalism, then who wrote the piece of S_____? At least be man enough to stand up and put your game to it. Was it Kizla? Adrian Dater? Terry Frei?

I wonder if the Denver Post when referring to Brad Malone is going to mention that he broke Jesse Martin’s neck during a hockey play in every article that they write from here on out… If Malone makes the Avalanche are they going to write Brad Malone who broke Jesse Martin’s neck scored his first professional goal of his career for Colorado.

Avalanche signs Brad Malone, whose hit broke the neck of DU's Martin

The Avalanche on Wednesday signed an entry-level contract with college forward Brad Malone, the player whose on-ice hit broke the neck of Denver's Jesse Martin in a game last season.

Malone will report to the minor-league affiliate Lake Erie Monsters, the Avs said, for the beginning of the American Hockey League playoffs.

The 21-year-old Malone finished his senior season at North Dakota, helping them to the NCAA Frozen Four. His 40 points (16 goals and 24 assists) ranked fourth on the team. He led the Sioux with 108 penalty minutes in 43 games.

Malone was a fourth-round pick of Colorado's in the 2007 NHL draft.

"Brad just finished a strong four-year college career and we look forward to him beginning his pro career with Lake Erie," Avs general manager Greg Sherman said in a release.

In a game on Oct. 30, Martin took an open-ice check from Malone in a game at Grand Forks, N.D. The hit caused a concussion, multiple neck fractures and trauma to Martin's spinal cord.

Martin underwent major surgery and has since regained some use of his legs and arms.
Lastly, I don’t know a Sioux fan out there that isn’t pulling for Jesse Martin and cheering on his recovery, but also Sioux fans hope that Jesse is able to be able to once again play hockey for the Denver Pioneers. However, that being said the Denver Post has done nothing but try to stir up animosity between the two programs for some time now.