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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dusting off the debris on Saturday Morning

There were some interesting events that happened in last games around the WCHA.
The University of North Dakota was outshot by the Fighting Irish by a margin of 36-17 but was still able to gut out a 2-1 win. Before the game, Tim Hennessy said in the pre-game that the game would likely be a 2-1 defensive battle and veteran radio announcer wasn’t wrong.
This game, like last Saturday night’s game against the UMD Bulldogs, had the feel of a playoff game where one mistake could cost the other team the game.
The fact that UND has been in two games like this and gotten the win, will pay dividends at the end of the season when it matters the most.
 Since there was no television for last night’s game, I watched the game on the free webcast provided by UND.COM… I heard a few complaints about the quality of the video, but as far as “free” webcast go, I am not going to be too critical. My buddy Redwing77 texted me to complain about the video and I sent him back a text that simply said, “it’s free.”
I don’t try to look a gift horse in the mouth.
It was very apparent that Clarke Saunders was the star of the game for UND and the junior goalie played very well in net and made some very difficult saves for UND.
UND did get a major break from the on ice official when Keith Sergott blew the play dead when he lost sight of the puck that was sitting between Saunders legs. The replay shows that the puck was free between the pads of Saunders.
After the game, Clark Saunders was asked where the puck was when the ref blew the whistle.
"I had it - somewhere," said Saunders. "Not really sure where, but I had it."

Obviously, Notre Dame head coach Jeff Jackson was unhappy about the play after the game and said as much.

"The puck was free between (Saunders') legs,” Jackson said. “I could see it from the bench with one eye."

This is one of the few times, I have seen a questionable call go UND’s way this season and UND is now 1-2 in three controversial calls. UND has been on the receiving end of two bad calls and had two goals called back that should’ve been goals. This time, one finally went UND’s way. These things have a way of evening out, just like Saunders said. But it doesn’t feel good to be on the losing end of these calls. It is what it is…

UMN 5 – Vermont 1 – The Gophers pretty much handed the Catamounts their butts to them last night. I watched the second period and the third period of last night’s game and it wasn’t very close at all. In looking at the Gophers schedule so far to date, they haven’t played a team with a record above 500. The best team the Gophers have played is the Minnesota State University Mavericks who own a 4-5-2 record.

MSU-M 4 – Wisconsin 2 – I watched a good chunk of the Badgers and Maverick on DirecTV 669 and the Badgers didn’t look very good in last night’s game. I think we have to give credit where credit is due – Mankato is a pretty good hockey team – I like their young players like Jean-Paul LaFontaine and Matt Leitner.

That being said, if you take Mark Zengerle out of the Badgers lineup, you’re taking a big chunk out of the Badgers fire power. Nic Kerdiles hasn’t been able to play yet and is set to be eligible next weekend if he isn’t injured.

Getting Kerdiles and Zengerle in the Badges lineup would give them a major boost.
Frankly, I don’t know what to think of the Badgers. I know there are some unhappy Badger fans in Madison. I don’t think changing the head coach is going to matter; I think bad fortune has been their biggest Achilles heel.

Wisconsin has had some high end players come through their program and you can find them on a NHL rosters all-over the NHL; so something right is happening in Wisconsin. Maybe, Mike Eaves is doing too good of a job recruiting and developing players and needs a few of these players to stay just a few years so the Badgers can have some continuity on their hockey team so they can build some chemistry.

Yale 2 – Denver 1 O.T. – I listened to the game on the internet and Denver had to force overtime after a goal by Nick Shore at the 18:31mark of the third period.

This is what Denver University head coach George Gwozdecky had to say after the game. According to Mike Chambers, Gwoz was irate.
"I was very impressed with Yale. We knew they would come in and push the pace. They've got a terrific team and a great goaltender," Gwozdecky said. "Fortunately, we saw this coming. It was not a good week of practice. ... Some of the plays we couldn't make, whether it was the 5-on-3 power play or the other four power plays. It was awful. No other way to put it. If I had been sitting anywhere else, I would have been booing."
Ha!!! Seems a little harsh to boo your own team, but  it does sound like maybe the Pioneers had a bit of a hangover after sweeping the Colorado College Tigers in their home and home series against their hated cross state rivals, last weekend. You can bet that Gwoz will have his team prepared to play tonight and he will make adjustments.