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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cornell Goalie Mitch Gillam Scores Goal

This is the big story tonight on the Internet. Congrats to Cornell freshman goalie Mitch Gillam (Peterborough, Ontario) for scoring a goal in his first career appearance. Apparently, that the first goal, ever, by a Cornell goalie. This is according to Cornell's official site.
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013-14 ECAC Pre-Season Coaches and Media Polls

2013-14 Pre-Season ECAC coaches Poll
1. Yale (4) – 103
2. Rensselaer (2) – 102
3. Quinnipiac (2) – 93
    Union (2) – 93
5. Cornell (1) – 89
6. Harvard – 67
7. Dartmouth (1) – 64
8. Brown – 46
9. Colgate – 44
10. St. Lawrence – 43
11. Princeton – 26
12. Clarkson – 22
2013-14 ECAC Pre-Season Media Poll
1. Rensselaer (18) – 367
2. Yale (5) – 224
3. Quinnipiac (6) – 292
4. Union (3) – 287
5. Cornell (1) – 238
    Dartmouth – 238
7. St. Lawrence – 212
8. Brown – 188
9. Colgate – 125
10. Harvard – 108
11. Princeton – 102
12. Clarkson – 83

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

UND Hockey traveling to Florida next year?

What a field for a college hockey tourney if this ends up being true, the news breaking around here is UND Hockey might end up being in the Florida College Hockey Classic next season. Edit: Now, I am hearing both that UND is in this tourney and also that UND pulled out of this tourney. As soon as I get more  information I will post more. This would be a fun tourney to go to.

Check out these teams for next years 2013 Florida College Hockey Classic; Cornell, Maine, UND and New Hampshire.
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Monday, July 09, 2012

QMJHL having trouble with recruitment of American players

s/t Cam Charron, Buzzing The Net... s/t to Kathleen Lavoie, Le Soleil... Note the article is in French, so you have to use Google Translate to read the article. This is good news for Division I college hockey, I am also sure that the QMJHL isn’t going to get a lot of people to feel sorry for them.
Aiming to favour its smaller markets, the governors* voted in a new rule concerning "special arrangements" with players. This new rule, starting now, puts an annual limit of $10,000 on scholarships/bursaries allotted to Americans, for a maximum total of $40,000.

This amount is in addition to the one already outlined in the QMJHL's scholastic policy, which puts an annual limit of $5,000 on bursaries awarded to these student athletes, for a possible total of $60,000.

And yet, one year's tuition in colleges such as Boston University, Boston College or Cornell University can easily cost anywhere between $25,000 and $40,000, depending on the program. As such, it's not uncommon for an American player to be offered a full scholarship ranging from $100,000 to $150,000.

"The League's message is paradoxical", according to Jean Gagnon. "On the one hand, for the last year we have been forcing teams to draft two American players, but on the other, we're preventing teams from making competitive offers to these players."
If you’re a college hockey fan and one of your recruits is being perused by the QMJHL, this is good news.

I am not anti-CHL by any stretch of the imagination; I think that the CHL route is a good way to make the NHL if you’re one of the “top” blue chip hockey players. If you’re a late bloomer or a player that takes longer to develop the NCAA route is going to be a better path to take.

Let’s not kid ourselves, I do favor the NCAA Division I college hockey route... I have been around college hockey for a very long time and have seen some really good hockey players make the NHL from the NCAA route. All you have to do is watch the AHL or the NHL on a weekly basis to see that there are very talented players making their way to the AHL and or the NHL from the NCAA hockey ranks. This season’s AHL Calder Cup playoffs were a perfect example of this. This year's Stanley Cup playoffs also featured many former NCAA alumni.

I do also think that the NCAA is on par with the major junior route when it comes to players making the NHL. Contrary to some in the thump your chest with everything that is CHL Hockey - there is more than one route of the NHL and I don't think that any one fan base can claim that their route is better than another route. Finally, I also look at the revelations of this article as a positive for the NCAA route.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Big Red goal that wasn't

s/t to the BU Hockey Blog. This was the non-goal that others have been talking about from this past weekend of college hockey. It appears that the on ice officials made the correct call, the refs lost sight of the puck; the announcers said that the puck went into the netting behind the goal, ref blew the whistle and waved off the goal and the puck went into the net after the whistle.

I know that some Cornell hockey fans are going to be upset, but the right call was made in this situation. I am puzzled why the on iced officials took so long to make that call?

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