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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Wes Walz explains the Hockey Code: Chris Stewart fights Cody McLeod

FSN hockey analyst and former NHLer Wes Walz breaks down the Hockey code after Chris Stewart fights Cody McLeod. I am very excited the Minnesota Wild picked up a tough guy that can actually fight and play the game.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Erik Johnson saves an empty net goal (Video)

Avalanche defenseman Erik Johnson saves the game clinching empty net goal. I want to know why this wasn’t a penalty? Delay of game, I would say. Maybe not.
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

All Quarter Final Games will be Streamed for Free

NCHC Fans... You won't need cable, or a satellite dish this weekend. You will be able to watch whatever NCHC playoff game you want this weekend. All you need is a internet connection.
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – With the inaugural NCHC Tournament starting this weekend, the National Collegiate Hockey Conference is giving fans a chance to watch every single quarterfinal game live for free right from their home or mobile device. will have a live stream of each contest this weekend (March 13-16), allowing fans to watch any game they want without paying a penny.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

To touch or not to touch... They touched it.

Just for the record, the Saint Cloud State Huskies did touch the Penrose Trophy after they won the trophy on Saturday night in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In the past, of course some teams will not touch the trophy they're are awarded because they have higher aspirations than the current trophy. In 2011, UND took some heat from the college hockey media for not touching the MAcNaughton Cup and Broadmoor trophy after they won them.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Squirrel Told Me... (RW77)


Well, here's my OPINION:

The End of the Road

Well, our season is at an end.  We did pretty well for 2/3rds of the game before it came crashing down.  I wonder what was ailing Gothberg?  Sadly, I was unable to watch the game so I wonder if it is the D that let us down or goaltending or what?

I know, I know.  There is a silver lining to the loss:  The Haters will have something to do this offseason while the fans that support UND truly lick their wounds and pine about things that could've been.  So, I'll sum it all up.

We gave up a costly 3 on 1 goal.  We didn't clear the front of our net.  We broke down in areas.  We didn't pot our chances or capitolize on Yale's mistakes.  Sure, these infractions came down to simple factors but I'll sum it all up:  FIRE HAKSTOL.

You know that 3 on 1?  It wouldn't have happened if Blais was head coach.  In fact, we'd be the first team with double digit National Championships.  Hell... I don't know if we'd've spent a single season without the NC at the Ralph under Blais with the talent Hak has recruited.

You can't blame execution or bad play on the ice because they are just kids.  Yale is from the ECACHL, dang it!  Since when is it possible for ANY team out east to even be HALF decent?  No, Yale wasn't better than us on this one day (silly facts), it was all Hakstol.

So, yeah.  Fire him.  It'll be gratifying to watch Hak flounder in unemployment for all of 72 hours max.  But hey, at least we'll get Blais back....well, ok, at least that's what the UND fans in Colorado and Washington State are claiming in between bags of Doritos and through a fine blue smoky haze.

Reality Check

We lost.  It SUCKS.  The truth is, I thought last year's team or the year prior had the tools to go far.  This year seemed more of a transitional year.  We never had the consistency we've had in previous years.  I guess that falls partly on Hakstol.  I won't deny that Hak and Co. deserve some of the blame.  But I won't join the haters doing what they love to do.  I love my team and those who truly love their team don't ENDLESSLY bag on them and aren't stuck in the past.

We'll be back.  Gothberg will mature and he'll firmly take over.  Grimaldi will turn into a stud once he gains some consistency.  We will miss Kristo and Knight.  We'll miss the lockerroom presence of Tate.  Andrew MacWilliam?  Well...  I love his style, but... the heavy hitters are being drummed out of hockey so in the coming years UND won't have to worry about the penalties he brings to the table.  Joe?  He's a fan favorite so I won't say anything but what a stud.

I will always trust in Hakstol and always have faith in the knowledge that some day we will make it all the way and win it all.  And I will recognize that, until that happens, Hakstol will be hated upon unreasonably by all these "traditionalist" idiots who pervade fanbases nowadays.  Yeah, flame away.  I don't care.

I'm wrong.  Big whoop.  I'm an idiot.  Doesn't bother me.  I got you to read my opinion and some of you so revved up that you had to respond.  I win. 
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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Dusting off an old post going into the last week of the season

This tweet, caused me to look at this blog pre-season poll... How wrong does it appear might have been, at least as far as standings?

I participated in the 3rd Annual WCHA Blogger & Website Preseason Poll put on by A Tradition of Excellence and this how the pollsters think the WCHA will shake out this season. 

Team (1st Place Votes) Points
1. Minnesota (15)199
2. North Dakota (2)187
3. Denver (1)162
4. Wisconsin142
5. Minnesota-Duluth126
6. St. Cloud State119
7. Nebraska-Omaha97
8. Colorado College94.5
9. Michigan Tech78.5
10. Minnesota State-Mankato58
11. Bemidji State44
12. Alaska-Anchorage19

Player of the Year (17 Voters)
Nick Bjugstad, Minnesota (9)

Others receiving multiple votes:
Mark Zengerle, Wisconsin (4)
Erik Haula, Minnesota (2)

Rookie of the Year (17 Voters)
Rocco Grimaldi, North Dakota (6)
Others receiving multiple votes:

Nic Kerdiles, Wisconsin (4)
Andy Welinski, Minnesota-Duluth (2)
Austin Farley, Minnesota-Duluth (2)

Defenseman of the Year (17 Voters)
Joey LaLeggia, Denver (9)

Others receiving multiple votes:
Nick Jensen, St. Cloud State (3)
Nate Schmidt, Minnesota (2)

Breakout Player of the Year (17 Voters)
Caleb Herbert, Minnesota-Duluth (2)
Andrej Sustr, Nebraska-Omaha (2)

13 others received a single vote.

The following bloggers  took part in this poll:
Timothy Boger, Kelly Green & White (North Dakota)

Jeremy Larson, Husky Hockey Time (St. Cloud State)

Nathan Wells/@gopherstate, SB Nation MN/College Hockey News/SBNation (Minnesota/WCHA)

Tim Braun, Tech Hockey Guide (Michigan Tech)

Andrew Craig, College Hockey High Horse (Minnesota-Duluth)

Matt Christians/@Bulldog_Country, Bulldog Country (Minnesota-Duluth)

South Tex Gopher, Gopher Puck Live (Minnesota)

Steve Fetch/@fetch9, The Checking Line

Zack Friedli, Hockey State of Mind/College Hockey News (Minnesota-Duluth)

Eric Burton (Goon), Goon's World/The Hockey Writers (North Dakota)

GopherGuy33, Gopher Puck Live (Minnesota)

Andy Johnson, Bucky's 5th Quarter (Wisconsin)

Jeff Baker/@UNOMavMania, Mav Mania (Nebraska-Omaha)

Joe Paisley, Paisley Hockey (Colorado College)

gmf1a, CC Tiger Hockey Forum (Colorado College)

Donn Schuschke (Sioux 7), Goon's World (North Dakota)

Matthew Semisch, USCHO

Chad, A Tradition of Excellence (North Dakota)

This was how I think the WCHA will shake out this season.

1. University of Minnesota
2. University of North Dakota
3. University of Wisconsin
4. Denver University
5. University of Minnesota Duluth
6. Colorado College
6. Michigan Tech University
8. University of Nebraska Omaha
9. Saint Cloud State University
10. Bemidji State University
11. Minnesota State University Mankato
12. University of Anchorage Alaska 

So look who's sitting in third place... Now my vote doesn't look too bad, at least there. 

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weekend Match-Ups (by Sioux 7)

We are now 7, that’s seven weeks into the college hockey season.  I noticed a few key zeros in the standings, as in, the Tigers are the only undefeated team in league play, and the Bulldogs and Seawolves are the only winless teams in the league.


1. Denver…………..………5-1-0………...11
2. Nebraska-Omaha………4-1-1…….......9
3. Colorado College ……..4-0-0..….…….8
4. St. Cloud St………….…4-2-0………….8
5. Minnesota………………3-2-1………….7
6. North Dakota.………..…2-1-1…..……..5
7. Bemidji State……..…….1-2-1.……......3
7. Wisconsin…....…………1-2-1………....3
9. Alaska-Anchorage…......0-2-2….…..….2
9. Michigan Tech………….1-5-0…………2
9. Minnesota State………..1-5-0.….……..2
12. Minnesota-Duluth….….0-3-1…..…….1

WCHA Games

Michigan Tech @ Bemidji St.
Last weekend the Huskies had the weekend off and the Beavers were swept by the Tigers, 3-2 and 6-3, in Colorado Springs.

The Beavers have a chance this weekend to even their record or go above it.  The Beavers at 1-1-0 at the Sanford center this year, and the Huskies are 0-3-0 on road this year.  MTU started off winning two of three, but have since lost 5 in a row.  The Beavers haven’t played a home game in almost a month now, so I’m sure their fans are excited to see them return.  The Huskies have given up 5 goals in 3 of their last 4 games.  MTU needs to clamp down on the defensive zone and get some timely saves, if the hope to leave Bemidji with some points.  SPLIT

#2 Denver  vs  #14 Colorado College (home and home series)
Last weekend the Pioneers swept the MSUM Mavericks, 4-3 and 3-2, in Mankato and the Tigers swept the Beavers, 3-2 and 6-3, in Colorado Springs.

The quest for the Gold Pan starts this weekend in Colorado.  The Tigers will look to remain perfect in league play and take the top spot from their arch-rival Pioneers.  Meanwhile, DU will look to keep their counterparts below them in the standings and retain the top spot this weekend.  Also of note, CC is in the mist of playing 8 of 9 home games, before they enter a 8 of 10 on the road.  I know players’ emotions and fans feeling will be full of adrenaline this pre-Thanksgiving weekend.  I’m going with each home team winning.  SPLIT

Wisconsin @ #3 Minnesota
Last weekend the Badgers were resting up on a bye weekend and the Gophers took three points from the Seawolves, 4-0 and 2-2, in Anchorage.

The Badgers are undefeated on the road this year at 1-0-1 and the Gophers are undefeated at home 4-0-0, so something has to give, well unless they tie twice.  UW has scored just 11 goals in 5 total games, so just barely over 2gpg, whilst the Gophers have scored 31 goals in 9 games for a 3.4gpg.  If the Badgers want to get back across the border bootlegging some points they are going to have to either play perfect defense or get some timely/frequent goals.  SPLIT

Minnesota-Duluth @ #6 North Dakota
Last weekend the Bulldogs were swept by the UNO Mavericks, 3-2 and 6-3, in Omaha and NoDak split with the SCSU Huskies, 3-0 and 2-5, in St. Cloud.

The Bulldogs have been the surprise team so far in the league and not for the right reasons.  I didn’t think they would be at the bottom of the standings after four games.  UMD has scored only 7 goals in those 4 WCHA contests, and surrender only 13 goals against.  NoDak has scored 12 goals in their 4 league games and only given up 9.  The guys from Grand Forks have not lost a Friday night game this year, so they have given themselves chances for sweeps, but haven’t been able to cash in on Saturday night.  I say that changes this weekend.  NoDak Sweep

Minnesota State
#18 Nebraska-Omaha
#15 St. Could St 
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don Adam balances careers as hockey referee, police officer

I found this little news nugget on line today that college hockey  fans might find interesting. When he is not on the ice 'making up stuff as he goes,' Don Adam is a City of Louisville,Colorado police officer.
Mike Chambers, Denver Post --- On the streets or inside an ice arena, excitement and drama seem to follow Don Adam, a genuine Front Range-raised cop. The hockey referee and Louisville police officer is one of the state's most versatile law-enforcement officers, often conducting his business in a heated college game between rivals or a civil dispute in the small city east of Boulder.

The one-time NHL referee has been a police officer for nine years and is approaching his 24th year with the Denver-based Western Collegiate Hockey Association. He is no stranger to the intense University of Denver-Colorado College rivalry, and he wore the orange referee stripes during the 1992 and 1998 Winter Olympics, five world championships and the 1993 NHL preseason.

He was the first NHL video replay official at Avalanche games, which he did from 1995 until the league began to rule on all its replays from its home office in Toronto at the start of the 2003-04 season.

"In hockey, we work from the rule book, and as a cop we work from the Colorado Revised Statutes, but to interpret those things in the two respective jobs, there's a lot of similarities," Adam said from his patrol car. "Both professions require a lot of quick decisions in pressure-filled situations. Experience, judgment and common sense are a huge part in how you apply it all."
It will be interesting to see who the officials in the NCHC are going to be when the conference starts play during the 2013-14 season. One of the questions on fan’s mind is are the WCHA officials going to officiate games in the NCHC.

I also know that a lot of fans would rather not have the conga line of questionable officials that are currently officiating in the WCHA. Most fans that I have talked to on line or in person would rather be done with them and start fresh with the new league with a different set of officials and linesmen.

When the NCHC commissioner Jim Scherr was interviewed this past winter at the REA, Scherr was asked about who was going to be officiating hockey games in the NCHC and he said that there is going to be a competition for officials because there are now three leagues instead of two. Scherr also had said that a lot of officials had reached out to the commissioner to inquire about officiating for the new league.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

TV Contract coming for the NCHC?

Brian Gomez of the Colorado Springs Gazette has this little news nugget in his media blog today, sounds like a TV deal is coming soon for the NCHC.

Also, it looks more and more like the NCHC is going to have it’s conference tourney in the Excel Energy Center. This is not the first time that I have heard this and former Colorado Gazette Colorado College beat writer Joe Paisley had posted this as well in one of his weekly Gazette chats.
Brian Gomez, --- A TV contract for Colorado College’s new conference will be announced within the next three weeks, and the NBC Sports Network, formerly called Versus, as well as Fox Sports regional affiliates have emerged as legitimate competition for CBS Sports Network.

National Collegiate Hockey Conference commissioner Jim Scherr (above) told CC play-by-play man Ken Landau of the timetable for the eight-team league that will begin in the 2013-14 season during Tigers coach Scott Owens’ radio show Tuesday on 103.9 FM RXP. A total of 75 games are being broadcast this season on Fox College Sports, Fox Sports North and Fox Sports stations in Colorado, Michigan and Wisconsin; NBC Sports Network has 16 games, including the Hockey East Tournament; and CBS Sports Network has 23 games.

Before Scherr was appointed last week as the NCHC’s first commissioner, an agreement with CBS Sports Network for 16 games was thought of as imminent. Earlier Tuesday, on a radio show, Scherr said the TV deal will offer “uniform exposure across the conference,” adding the NCHC will “have a strong package
Here is the bit on the NCHC tourney. I think the NCHC getting the Xcel Energy Center makes perfect sense because there is no way that the new revamped WCHA is going to be able to fill the arena without UND, UMD and SCSU.
The inaugural NCHC Tournament – rumored to be held at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minn., the site of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association Final Five in March – no doubt will be carried by the conference’s TV partner. Scherr didn’t confirm St. Paul as the 2014 site with, saying only that the event will be held at a “geographic location that makes sense for the fan bases to get there and support their teams.”
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NCHC picks conference HQ...

Here is the official statement regarding the NCHC's selection of a headquarters office in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
COLORADO SPRINGS - The new National Collegiate Hockey Conference, which will begin competition in the 2013-14 season, announced today that it will locate its headquarters office in Colorado Springs.

The athletic directors of the Conference's six founding institutions accepted an invitation from El Pomar Foundation and determined the Conference's first commissioner and staff will operate all functions of league administration from the Colorado Springs office in the Copper Building (1631 Mesa Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906), adjacent to the grounds of the world-famous Broadmoor Hotel. The conference's six founding members are Colorado College, University of Denver, Miami University, 2011 NCAA champion University of Minnesota Duluth, University of Nebraska Omaha and University of North Dakota.

"El Pomar founders Spencer and Julie Penrose were enthusiastic supporters of college hockey in Colorado Springs and the trustees of El Pomar are pleased to honor that legacy by supporting the National Collegiate Hockey Conference as it establishes a headquarters here," said William J. Hybl, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of El Pomar Foundation. "Colorado Springs benefits greatly from the presence of numerous sports-related organizations and we believe this new endeavor will add to an already important economic component of our city."

"We are very grateful to Bill Hybl and El Pomar Foundation for their enthusiastic interest in the National Collegiate Hockey Conference," said Brian Faison, Director of Athletics at North Dakota. "The Foundation's track record of support for higher education, nonprofits and amateur sports has been exemplary, and we are proud to be working with them to provide the best collegiate hockey competition in the country. It's an ideal setting with unmatched advantages that will create a perfect environment for everything we hope to achieve and to represent."

Colorado Springs is a popular location for sports organization headquarters including the United States Olympic Committee, U.S. Paralympics, the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association and 21 national sports governing bodies.

"We're very happy that the National Collegiate Hockey Conference has chosen to join USA Hockey and the entire amateur sports community by headquartering in Colorado Springs," said Dave Ogrean, Executive Director of USA Hockey. "We look forward to working with the Conference office and the six outstanding founding school progams that continue to develop the game at the college level."

The Conference has a number of other organizational initiatives that are underway including the national search for the Conference's first Commissioner, a process for identifying and evaluating prospective additional members and evaluating possible venues for the Conference's championship tournament.
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