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Sunday, July 28, 2013

College Football: End of the FCS Vs. FBS games?

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Looks like you're going to see a lot less games between FCS and FBS football teams. If you have watched college football at the beginning of most football seasons, you will see match-ups between FCS and FBS teams.

A lot of these FCS teams depend on these guaranteed games to fund their athletic departments. These games pay a lot of money to FCS team that is willing to travel to the FBS team’s home field and play a football game. Many times these football games are a lopsided game and then the FCS school gets a big lucrative pay day.
Ralph D. Russo, Associated Press --- Larry Scott said he still wants FBS to have a "so-called big tent," with more than just the top five conferences being included.

"That's why the reports of a possible breakaway and things like that are overcooked," he said. "That's not anyone's agenda."

He said the move toward more nine-game conference schedules and an emphasis on strength of schedule in the upcoming College Football Playoff will lead to fewer games between the big five conferences and the other five FBS conferences (Mountain West, American Athletic, Sun Belt, Mid-American and Conference USA). But there still will be competition between the two groups.

What likely will decrease are games between FBS and FCS teams and so-called guarantee games, when a school from a power conference pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to a school from a lesser conference to play a road game.

Some FCS and lower-level FBS programs, especially those in the Sun Belt and MAC, rely on those guarantee game payouts to fund their athletic programs and losing them could be a problem.
To me, this smacks of elitism. I understand the bigger teams not wanting to play the smaller schools. But some of the big schools are getting beat by FCS schools on a regular basis.
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