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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Tale of two Clarke Saunders

Coming to Saturday’s game, Clarke Saunders has been rock solid in net, posting a 2-1-0 record, with a 2.03 goals against average and a 933 save percentage. In Friday night’s game against Nebraska-Omaha, Saunders was very good, stopping 31-of-33 shots in route to a 4-2 victory.

What a difference a night makes.

In Saturday’s game against the Mavericks, Saunders gave up six goals on 35 shots (.829). On Saturday nights, Saunders is 0-2-0 with a 4.81 goals against average and a .849 save percentage. That being said, you can’t fault the goalie alone. Defensemen were flat footed and caught out of position all night long.  The power-play was a major factor in Saturday’s poor play.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

UND Hockey: Clarke Saunders to take Center Stage.

Coming into the weekend, there is some concern. UND lost their starting goaltender Zane Gothberg to the dreaded lower lower-body injury and will miss him for 2-to-3 weeks.

I know some of the fans are concerned about losing Gothberg, but Clarke Saudners hasn’t been all that bad in his career against Denver. What I am saying is don’t panic yet. Last season, Saunders played in 26-of-42 games last season compiling a 13-9-4 record, had a 230 GAA and a .917 save percentage.  

Obviously, Saunders numbers haven’t been that great this season (2-2-0, 3.60 GAA and a .900 save percentage), but he’s not a bad goaltender either. Saunders is a seasoned goaltender and the guys are behind him and trust him.

For his career, against DU, Sanders has a (3-2-1, 2.83 GAA, .904 SV%), with UND his record is 2-1-1. He was also 1-1 with Alabama Huntsville. When Saunders gives up 3 or fewer goals, his record is 3-0-1.

The Saunders File

With Huntsville, 01/06/2012, Beat DU 3-2 @DU

With Huntsville, 01/07/2012, Lost to DU 5-2 @DU

With UND, 2/07/2012, Tied 2-2 @UND

With UND, 2/08/2012, Beat DU 6-3 @UND

With UND, 02/22/2013, Lost to DU 4-5 @DU

With UND, 02/23/2013, Beat DU 6-1 @DU  

Sunday, October 06, 2013

UND vs. Manitoba Lines

Forward Lines

Drake Caggiula – 9 - Mark MacMillan – 16 -  Rocco Grimaldi – 19
Adam Tambellini – 10 - Luke Johnson – 27 - Michael Parks – 15 (A)
Bryn Chyzyk – 29 - Stephane Pattyn – 28 (A)-  Colten St. Clair – 17
Brendan O’Donnell – 21 -  Connor Gaarder – 13 - Wade Murphy – 7

Defense Paring

Dillon Simpson – 18 ( C )- Jordan Schmaltz – 24
Nick Mattson – 5 - Paul LaDue – 6
Gage Ausmus – 20 - Troy Stecher – 2
Keaton Thompson – 4 - Andre Panzarella – 22

UND Goalies

33 Clarke Saunders
31 Zane Gothberg

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Friday, October 04, 2013

UND Hockey: UND set in net

Something to think about.

While the University of North Dakota hockey team might have a lot of new players coming in this season, the UND hockey team is set at the goaltending position. Looking at the roster, I would say that the goaltending is a strength of the 2013-14 UND hockey team.  In net, UND is backstopped by two very good goaltenders, sophomore Zane Gothberg (9-4-3, 2.46 GAA and .920 SV %) and senior Clarke Saunders (13-9-4, GAA 2.30 and .917 SV %).

Saturday, January 19, 2013

UND 4 UMN 4 (Video)

First off, UND has to be better on defense. What is historically a strength of "most" UND teams, was a weakness this past weekend. There were way too many turnovers deep in their own end that ended up behind Zane Gothberg and Clarke Saunders. That's unacceptable.

Second, I thought the goaltending was the Achilles heal this past weekend. Whatever goalie ends up playing going forward, has to be better. I am wasn't impressed with either goalie and thats an area that needs to improve and I expect it will. I still think that Clarke Saunders is the better of the two goalies.

I though that Danny Kristo (14g-17a—31pts), Rocco Grimaldi (8g-11a—19pts) and Corban Knight (11g-22a—33pts) had strong games tonight and they're are having awesome seasons so far. I hope that the RPM line (Rowney, Parks and MacMillam), gets a chance to gel. I thought they were strong, and it's time for those players to start chipping in on a regular basis.

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(Video) UND vs. UMN

This video is kind of long, I included all five Gopher goals and two questionable penalty calls that didn't go UND's way. I also included 2 minutes of play following one UMN goal, to kind of give a picture of how last night's game went.

I have seen a lot of people pointing their fingers at UND goalie Clarke Saunders, I don't think you can fault him for at least three of the goals last night... On the short handed goal by Nate Condon was a back breaker and there two guys that had poor defensive efforts on that play that, can't happen.
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Clarke Saunders has his teammates back

Western Collegiate Hockey Association logo
Western Collegiate Hockey Association logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The University of North Dakota lost two veteran goalies after the 2011-12 season. Senior goaltender Brad Eidsness graduated and junior goalie Aaron Dell decided to forego his senior year of eligibility to start his professional hockey career.
Insert junior goalie Clarke Saunders who’s a transfer from the University of Alabama Huntsville.
Saunders came to UND after the Chargers hockey team announced that it was shutting down operations after the 2011-12 season.
Coming into the season, UND has some questions at the goaltending position. Freshman goaltender Zane Gothberg had no college hockey experience and Clarke Saunders was a veteran goaltender that had played two seasons with a very bad University of Alabama Huntsville team.
Since UAH was shutting down their hockey program, Sanders could transfer to another university and be eligible to play immediately. Saunders decided to transfer to the University of North Dakota.
Coming into this season, it was common knowledge that Saunders had faced a lot of shots playing for the UAH Chargers. During the 2011-12 season; Saunders faced 1013 shots stopping 918 of them for a .906 save percentage and a .372 goals against average.  Saunders was one of the bright spots on a team that went 2-28-1.
Playing on a team that is historically known for its tough defensive systems, UND has been a little loose on defense so far this season and Saunders is still facing a lot of shots. In the eight game that Saunders has played for UND this season, the junior goalie has faced 30 or more shots in 5/8 games. In the last two games that Saunders has played in, he has stopped 72/75 shots and recorded two wins.
Saunders has compiling a record of 4-2-2, a goals against average of 2.09 and a save percentage of .934 that is good for first overall in the WCHA.
During the Wednesday press conference Saunders was asked, ‘if would rather face a lot of shots or fewer shots; during the course of a game.’
“It all depends on the game and the type of scoring chances as well, Saunders said. “Sometimes getting a few more shots might kind of ease you into the game a little bit and keep you warm.  If you go on droughts without some shots I guess it’s pretty easy to get cold but you just have to stay mentally tough and battle through that. It is what it is, I am a goalie and I kind of have to go with the flow no matter what that might be.”
From watching the game that Saunders has played in this season, it’s no mystery that Saunders gives the UND forwards and defenseman some confidence with his play.  The junior goaltender is also a good teammate – that assumes nothing – when he’s not playing; Saunders is cheering on the other goaltenders from the player’s box.
When asked about his about the efforts of his battle tested goalie, senior forward Corban Knight had this to say.
“Yeah Clarkie [Saunders] he’s been a rock this year for us back there right from the beginning,” Knight said. “Its nice having a guy come in that has already that has played a couple of years in college hockey. Where he came from he got a lot of experience. Obviously with a lot of shots and stuff – I think all of the guys have a lot of faith in him and what he can do back there. Just the kind of person he is to – he puts a lot of confidence in you because he holds himself so well – he really works hard on his game trying to get better so that puts a lot of confidence in the defenseman and the forwards all the way through.”
While hockey is a team game, it’s no mystery that UND junior goalie Clarke Saunders has his teammate’s “six” and they’re happy to have him as a teammate.
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Redwing77's First Impressions vs. UAA

A Bit of a Sidebar

First off, I want to say hello again to Goon's World and thank Goon for his patience with my idleness with posting.  Life's been busy in Omaha including my admission to the online graduate school for educational technology through... Michigan State (MSU's Educational Technology program is tops in the nation among the schools that don't require the GDP of 90% of the world's small countries to attend).  So my posting has been a bit few and far between.  I'll try to do more as time permits.


Tuning into the Webcast today got me a stunning visage of the entryway our color guard used for the National Anthem... with no color guard present.... during the introduction of players.  It's almost as if the production crew didn't realize they were live?  And after that no sound from the booth until just prior to the commercial break before faceoff.  I've read some complaints about picture quality, but I guess my expectations for that aren't that high.  In any case, on with my rambling...

UAA?  What the heck...

I really feel bad for Skyiak and the UAA faithful (even the twink-ish trolls that have plagued us in the past) because I'm just not sure how competitive they can be in Anchorage...or why couldn't they.  Fairbanks have seen their fair share of at least decent players come through their arena and Fairbanks can't be THAT much better than Anchorage can it?  I loved Anchorage when I was there.  Small, but nice.

I'm wondering about the recruiting practices at UAA.  They've always seemed to be "We'll take the best we can get" type mentality but I also think they are very much a risk taking school taking high risk/high reward type players like Dallas Steward, Nathan Lawson, Kevin Clark, and so on.  So what happens if Shyiak recruits one of these players that don't work out?  Well, I think we're seeing it this weekend.  The UAA defense is just dreadful.  Their offense isn't much better.  Some of it is scheme but they just aren't as talented as they need to be to even be surprisingly competitive.  In other words, if they do beat a team like UND, UMN, UMD, DU, CC, or UW it will truly be surprising.  Heck, our second tier might be a surprising win (UNO, SCSU, BSU).

UAA Goaltending

What happens when you recruit a high risk player that does pan out?  Well, I believe Chris Kamal fits that category.  Yeah, we're dominant.  We dropped 4 goals on him in the second period alone.  However, how many of those goals were his fault and not set up by the poor play.  He isn't dynamic in net, so he'll rarely steal a game but that's what it seems it's going to take for Kamal to have success in Anchorage.

I texted Goon this and he seemed skeptical but I'll stand by it:  If Kamal were to play for a team like WMU or SCSU or even BSU or UNO I think Kamal would be getting far more praise as he'd be winning games.  He's truly a good player on a not very good team.

On to UND

We came out guns blazing... and nothing to show for it until early in the second period.  We outshot UAA 14 to 2 in the first period alone and looked like it was only a matter of time.  Again, 14 shots and 14 saves.  If we were THAT dominant, then Kamal looked downright phenominal.  Nevertheless, we took over once the first goal was scored.

The best goal has to be Caggiula's goal only because of the feed by Grimaldi.  WOW.  I haven't seen that kind of ability to feed the puck since Oshie and Toews.  Yeah, I'm going there.

UND Goaltending

Inevitably there's going to be the outcry for Saunders.  Gothberg has looked shaky at times thus far even in tonight's game and Saunders really has not.  Hmmmmm  probably because Saunders is a veteran.  There are all sorts of analogies I could use, but they'd spark arguments that would be beside the point.  Saunders is older, more experienced in the college game.  I expected him to be the steadier and more solid of the two out of the gates.  Saunders hasn't changed.  Just his jersey and the players in front of him.  That's not the same from Gothberg.

So, why get all uppity on Gothberg?  Because many in UND's fanbase, in my observations, seem to rush to judge and pine for the guy who makes the best first impression and rarely are dissuaded to think otherwise.  To me, it makes sense to play both Gothberg and Saunders and see big picture.

I feel that right away, Saunders is the guy that's going to take the reins.  I expect to see Saunders on Saturday night.  I'd be stunned if Gothberg plays tomorrow (even if Gothberg pitched a shutout tonight, which he did not but still...).  However, in the long run, I feel that Gothberg will be the better of the two goaltenders.  Why?  I think Saunders is about as good as he's going to get.  He's darn good, don't get me wrong, but the peak is either right upon us or well within sight.  Gothberg is just past the base starting the initial ascent.

Expect Gothberg to play rocky at times during the game but if you watched the same game I did vs. Manitoba, you would have seen some serious flashes of brilliance.  I can't wait for Goehring to bring it out of Gothberg as he grows.  Gothberg could be someone special.

My three stars for tonights game:

3.  Chris Kamal (UAA) - He doesn't play the way he did, we drop double digits on UAA easy.
2.  Derek Forbort (UND) -  He played solid all over the place
1.  Danny Kristo (UND)  - No goals, but he had 3 assists and he was ALL over the ice doing his best TJ Oshie impersonation.

There were a ton of honorable mentions like Drake Caggiula, Rocco Grimaldi, Carter Rowney, Zane Gothberg...

But anyways, I'm sure my 3rd star will arouse enough controversy for the evening.

Good work UND!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shot charts from Friday's game UND vs USNDT U18

s/t Stats on Crack

One of the topics that popped up on last night’s game discussion was he shot total. While UND was outshot 2-1 by the USNDT 38-19 at no time did I think that UND was in danger of being beat nor did I think that they were being out played a lot of the shots were from the perimeter. UND did get into penalty trouble and was penalized eight times and gave up three power play goals.

UND goalie Clarke Saunders was very good last and made some great saves - Saunders made 20 saves in the first period.

I thought the past two weeks that Zane Gothberg has been a little shaky and has over played the puck at times. I also think that he will get better with practice. I do think that Saunders is the better of the two goalies right now and he will probably get the start on Friday.

My Three Stars of the game.

Rocco Grimaldi (2g-0a—2pts) showed us why he was worth the wait.
Corbin Knight (1g-2a—3pts) was very good in the faceoff circle 18-4.  
Danny Kristo (1g-2a—3pts) played like a man possessed.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Clarke Saunders Interview

Here is the unedited interview that I had with Junior goalie Clarke Saunders to at the UND Hockey Media day. I thought the fans would love to hear the whole unedited interview.
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Friday, August 31, 2012

UND goalie Clarke Saunders new mask

In coming University of North Dakota Junior goalie Clarke Saunders posted a picture of his new goalie mask on twitter tonight looks like a nice looking mask. You can see this mask also on as well and as a fan mentioned below this is Gothberg's Mask.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

UND Hockey Twitter 2012-13

Someone asked me if I would compile a list of UND Hockey Players that Twitter there are three that I can’t find. Some are more active than others.
Andrew MacWilliam  – No Twitter Account
Nick Mattson – No Twitter Account
Connor Gaarder –
Michael Parks –
Mark MacMillan –
Colten St. Clair –
Dillon Simpson –
Brendan O'Donnell –
Andrew Panzarella – No Twitter Account
Mitch MacMillan –
Bryn Chyzyk –

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