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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Basic Recap of Game 5 by RW77

English: NHL Commisioner Gary Bettman in 2007.
English: NHL Commisioner Gary Bettman in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I say basic because I'm in the middle of a study break in Grad School (9 grad credits in 4 weeks means VERY busy).  I'll leave videos and pictures to Goon.

Big News

The Big News off the bat is that both teams suffered key losses in this game.  In the second period, Bruins star Patrice Bergeron left the game having only played 49 seconds of the second period.  He never returned.  He went to the hospital via ambulance between the second and third period.

This is a HUGE loss for the Bruins, but a baffling loss for those of us fans who watched the game.  The commentators tried to rationalize and tell us what happened but when you see his last full shift (playing on a 4 on 4 at the time) he seems to stand up straight and cannot seem to gather any speed or ability to quickly change direction.  However, he doesn't favor any leg or even seem to wince in any sort of pain.  Initially, I thought it might be a muscle spasm in his lower back, hip, or left side.  But I have absolutely no clue.  The injury occurred while he was along the boards alone.  No one touched him.  In fact, the replay showed that there was no other player in the picture.  VERY odd.

The second injury came to former UND standout Jonathon Toews.  He got absolutely CRUSHED by Bruins defenseman Boychuk.  And yeah, folks, it was a CLEAN hit.  Toews was between the circles lining up for a shot when Boychuk comes from out of the picture from center ice and a high rate of speed and absolutely destroys Toews.  The hit occured on Toews' left shoulder.  However, I believe the injury occured when Toews hit the ice.  The hit occured so fast and so violently that Toews had no time to cushion is fall, so he took the fall on his right shoulder and his helmet bounced off the ice.  Take into consideration that Boychuk also fell on top of Toews with his knee ending up either hitting his shoulder or coming awfully close to hitting Toews' head, and it's very plausible that the injury occured on the play.  The Hawks have him listed as "Day to Day with an upper body injury." Toews did not play the entire third period but he was on the bench and skated out to do the stick salute after the game.  To me, this is good news as I doubt Toews would be allowed to do this if he had a concussion.

In News that reeks of the more things stay the same...

Officiating was again brutal.  I noticed several absolutely BRUTAL noncalls.  To start the game, Chara armdragged Bickell (I think?) to the ice by his arm, an act that took Bickell from in front of the net to almost beside the goal post, and there was no call.

Second, Boston was assessed a hooking or tripping penalty when Frolik grabbed the stick of the Boston player and fell to the ice.  It may have been a legit call on Boston but come on!

Third, absolutely loved the noncall when Lucic was high sticked by Kane.  Saying that sarcastically really.  First off, I don't like Lucic.  Second, I'm no fan of Boston.  However, you HAVE HAVE HAVE HAVE to make this call!  YOU HAVE TO!  It's a PLAYER SAFETY issue!  I'm becoming more and more concerned that the only way you will see penalties in the finals is if there is an injury involved!  Don Adam officiating is dangerous!  Just ask Chay Genoway, Robbie Bina, and that UW player... Smith?  I can't recall right now.

Finally, assist to the officials on the empty netter.  Frolik (again) BLATANTLY tripped B's defenseman Krug that set up Bolland for the empty netter.  You could come up with some hair brained excuses for the previous three penalties or non calls but this one?  I was rooting for the Hawks (sorry Goon) and good LORD!

I'll reiterate my conspiracy theory and Doc Emerick stated part of it early in the first period:  The officials aren't making any calls so there is lots of action!  This is Gary Bettman's plan.  The NHL is hurting for ratings and media attention.  Instead of looking at the PR campaign that everyone knows was pretty poor, he decides to have the officials pretty much ignore the rule book.  If everything goes, the game flows.  Maybe that's Bettman and Campbell's slogan.  Sorry, I don't buy the NHL officials being poor or incompetent.  There's REAL accountability in the NHL (even if it is a moving target for players thanks to the sad interpretations by Shanahan).  It doesn't go from "ok" to "Bad" depending upon regular season to post season.  It just doesn't happen.  This is all Bettman.  All of it.

The Game

The first period was pretty even, in my opinion, if you take out statistics.  Statistically speaking, Boston dominated the first period in shots on goal and hits.  They dominated the entire game in hits to be honest.  And they targetted Toews... A LOT.  And Chara had a VERY poor first and second period, which was unusual.

In the end, Kane ended the first period on a high note for the Hawks with a cleanup play from an Oduya shot that had puck luck written all over it.  The Oduya shot hit and broke the stick of Seidenberg (or maybe it was Ference?  Memory is hazy).  This alterred the path of the puck enough for it to get behind Rask and slightly wide and behind the net.  Kane came in and tucked it home.

Kane again struck in the second period after a nice set up by Toews and Bickell.  However, again Seidenberg may have helped Kane and the Hawks when it appeared that he got a bit tangled up in Rask's pads preventing Rask from getting all the way over to make a play on Kane's shot.

The second period was ALL Chicago.  It surprised me that Boston didn't give up any more goals during that period.  Likewise, the third period was ALL Boston.  Chara's goal was an exercise in stupidity by Chicago.  Watch the replay.  You'll notice only ONE Chicago player making any play at all to defend (Bickell IIRC).  The rest are standing and watching as Chara comes in uncontested and snipes a shot high and glove side.

By the way, can anyone else name a goaltender with a worse glove hand than Crawford to make it this deep in the playoffs as the #1 goaltender?  I mean, Crawford has given up 13 goals this post season, which is good, but of those thirteen NINE have been high glove side.  NINE!

It's my opinion that Tuokka Rask is by far the better goaltender of the two.  Unfortunately, he can't win games by himself that often.

That being said, both sides missed golden opportunities.  Sharp is still kicking himself over an open net and getting absolutely robbed by Rask (though to be fair, if he'd've elevated his shot it would have been an open net).  I think he missed just wide again in the second period as well.  Boston should have tied the game again but Jagr's shot went high over the open net.

Where I currently stand

Ok, after game 3, I told Goon that there is NO WAY the Cup doesn't change hands in Game 5 or 6.  Now, I think the series goes 7 games.  And, depending upon Bergeron and Toews, that may very well determine who wins the Cup.  If Bergeron cannot play I think that Chicago will win it all even if Toews can't play either.

But the big factor (pun not intended) is actually Chara.  When Chara was playing poorly, especially the second period, Chicago was running away with it.  Chara was much better in the third and the Hawks almost (perhaps should have) lost the game.

With Game 4 being an anomaly, my player of the playoffs has to be Tuokka Rask.  That guy has been amazing.... and he was basically a throwin player from Toronto in the Kessel trade.  It isn't as bad of a trade as the Wild trading Leddy for Cam Barker, but looking at Toronto's goaltending situation.... Leafs fans can't be too happy about it.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Final round is here for the Great Sioux Jersey Ever

Introducing the final round of the Greatest Sioux Jersey Ever Tourney. The Sioux Jersey blog is now taking votes for the championship round at the Sioux-Jersey blog. [Click to vote]

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Video from UND and CC

Tonight, was not a good night for the boys in Green and White. Also, the men in stripes had a very bad night, I know, I know, it's Brad Shepherd and Todd Anderson. What do I expect? I expect the refs to be professional and not yelling obscenities at the playes on the ice. That being said, the refs didn't cost UND the game, UND did it to themselves.

I do think that the hit by Mike Boivin on Drake Caggiula was a dangerous and senseless hit, I think that Boivin needs to be suspended for this hit, it this was the AHA, Boivin would not be playing tomorrow night. I said on the chat that I think this hit is as bad as the Marvin hit on Chay Genoway that knocked him out for the rest of the 2009-2010 season.
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Don't forget to vote in the Greatest Sioux Jersey Tournament

The Greatest Sioux Jersey Tournament being held by the Sioux Jersey Blog has now narrowed the field from 16 to 8. Go to the Sioux Jersey Blog and click on the link to go vote for your favorite Fighting Sioux Jersey. [Click to vote]

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Book Review: One Goal, From a UND Hockey Fan's Perspective

Coach Hakstol addresses his team after a game
One Goal, Allison Davis O’Keefe
This Christmas my wife gave me the book “One Goal” by Allison Davis O’Keefe.  If this book was not under your Christmas tree and you are thinking of purchasing it, do it.
I was told that they’re flying off of the shelves at the Sioux Shop. “One Goal” is on sale for $45.23 at the Ralph Engelstad Arena Sioux Shop. According to the Sioux Shop webpage, the book is still in stock.
In my opinion, this is a great gift idea for that person that loves UND hockey. I am glad that I found this book under my Christmas tree, and I am thankful for receiving it. Of course, this is coming from a guy that makes no apologies for his love of UND hockey. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, because I believe that the book’s audience is UND hockey fans.
If you’re a Fighting Sioux hockey fan and you followed the team during the 2010-11 season – you lived the memories that are well-documented in this book – “One Goal” will also bring back emotions that you experienced during the season.
I know the name changed for good on June 12, 2012 but for the purposes of this review, the team is referred to as Fighting Sioux, because that was the team’s name at the time.
“One Goal” is an emotional, thoughtful and personal look into the 2010-11 UND Fighting Sioux hockeyseason. “One Goal” also gives UND hockey fans a chance at closure, seeing their favorite team lose in the semifinals of the 2011 Frozen Four. This was a very painful experience for the team, the community and the fans.
“One Goal” also does a good job humanizing UND head hockey coach Dave Hakstol as well.
Coach Hakstol with his wife Erin after a game.
One Goal, Allison Davis O’Keefe
Being credentialed by UND for the last year and a half has allowed me to get a closer look at a man that many fans might not totally understand. In my opinion, Hakstol at times, has been unfairly bagged on by some in the UND fan base.
From the “front stage” perspective, Hakstol comes off a bit stiff, but also very serious and businesslike. One of my friends once asked me “when Hakstol was going to take the hanger out of his suit coat.”  If anything, this book gives the readers a chance to get a different look at the man that many fans have not seen.
From the “front stage” Hakstol at times also comes off as being a “bit” intimidating, if not standoffish.
Coach Hakstol is a very passionate person when it comes to UND Hockey and that emanates from the book as well.
“One Goal” gives a glimpse into the “back stage” version of Dave Hakstol, but also the 2010-11 Fighting Sioux Hockey team as well. You see a guy that’s a family man.
“One Goal” really does a good job giving the fans a closer look at the senior class of 2011, especially seniors Matt Frattin and Chay Genoway, two of the bigger stars in a very star-studded line up.
While Frattin was known for his bone-crushing hits and timely goals on the ice, you see a different side of a young man off the ice. You see a reflective Frattin stopping to collect his thoughts before a big game.
The 2010-11 version of UND hockey was probably one of UND’s best teams during the Dave Hakstol era that made it to the Frozen Four; in my opinion that team should have hung a banner, but in the end could not seal the deal and bring home the hardware. That is  also illustrated in the book.
“One Goal” also illustrates that it’s more than just being about hockey, it’s about comradeship and being there for your teammates.
UND not winning the NCAA title in 2010-11 left a void in the hearts of Fighting Sioux hockey fans all across the Fighting Sioux fan base. You can see from the pictures in the book, that the loss also affected the players as well.
There are few if any written words in this book, but the pictures tell the story about a hockey season that did not quite end the way most of us would have wanted.
You see the cold reality of losing and also the cold barren winter prairie that comes alive when Fighting Sioux Hockey is in town playing at the Ralph.
Historically, the 2010-11 Fighting Sioux hockey team was also the last “full” season of UND being called the Fighting Sioux.
There is a bit of irony in the book, the Fighting Sioux nickname is supposed to be “hostile and abusive” or at least that’s what we’re led to believe based on what the NCAA has said in the past.  Yet there is a picture of Fighting Sioux fans of Native American descent at the Midwest Regional wearing jerseys sporting the Fighting Sioux logo. How could that be?
The Fighting Sioux came into the Frozen Four on a 15-game unbeaten streak (14-0-1) and won theMacNaughton Cup by six points over second-place Denver.
UND also won the Broadmoor Trophy in impressive fashion beating DU 3-2 in the championship game in two over times, but the team didn’t touch either trophy when it was presented to them at center ice. UND would then travel to Green Bay, Wisconsin and roll through the NCAA Midwest Regional Semifinal beating RPI 6-0 and DU 6-1 in impressive fashion.
The 2010-11 team was built to win a national title and was by far the best team in the WCHA during the regular season and first three rounds of the playoffs, but as we have learned in the past, the best team doesn’t always win. Just ask Brendan Morrison from Michigan.
Matt Frattin after the Frozen Four loss against Michigan
One Goal, Allison Davis O’Keefe
The 2010-11 Fighting Sioux Hockey team had higher aspirations, but it appeared from a bystander and the book illustrates that the Fighting Sioux hockey team didn’t really stop long enough to enjoy the moment.
Fighting Sioux head coach Dave Hakstol made mention of this to the author of the book a year and a half later. From the afterword of One Goal; “he [Hakstol] wished he had allowed the team to relish their wins – that perhaps the pressure of “destiny” prevented them from appreciating their accomplishments.”
There are a few examples of this in the book. You can see the lonely Broadmoor Trophy and a MacNaughton Cup sitting at center ice just begging to be picked up and paraded around the Ralph and the Xcel Energy Center. Some of the college hockey media people seem almost taken back by that, I think the author might have been as well. None-the-less, the author gives you the opportunity to ponder that for yourself.
I have now read the book “One Goal” about ten times and I find something new each time that I re-read the book, the first time I read it I got tears in my eyes. I highly recommend picking up a copy so you can relive the memories of the UND Fighting Sioux’s 2010-11 season. It’s like you can feel the memories coming out in the pictures of the book.
It would be interesting to see the pictures that didn’t make the book.
Originally posted at the Hockey Writers Combine... 

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Friday, December 14, 2012

A couple of tweets - Open thread...

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Genoway ranked 19th by First Round Bust

Dan Shrader from the Minnesota Fan Wild Blog "First Round Bust" profiled former UND defenseman Chay Genoway.
Chay Genoway
Defense, 5'9" 177 Pounds
Houston (AHL)/Minnesota (NHL) 7-29-36/0-1-1

Many of us in WCHA territory are familiar with the diminutive Genoway, who played for parts of five seasons for the beloved/loathed/whatever University of North Dakota Figh.... UND. Despite his size, Genoway used his explosive skating ability and high end hockey sense to contribute from the blueline, which in the end earned him an entry-level deal with The Wild, although because of his age, it was only a one year deal.

However he showed enough during his time in Houston, and in his one game cup of coffee with the big club, to garner a two year extension at 575K per year. [Read the rest of the article]
Last season Genoway played in 72 games for the Minnesota Wild's top farm club the Houston Aeros of the American Hockey League, scoring 7 goals and 29 assists for 36 points. Last season, Genoway was 5th leading scorer on the Areos and the top scoring defenseman. In case anyone is keeping track, Genoway outscored the Minnesota Wild’s top draft choice defenseman Tyler Cuma (0g-9a—9pts).

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday link around – Summer in full spring

The National Hockey League's 2012-13 season is set to begin playing games on Oct. 11 – yeah right.

After playing only 16 games in last season Guillaume Latendresse is close to signing a one year deal with the Minnesota Wild.

Josh Harding will be back with the Minnesota Wild as he recently signed a three year 5.7 million dollar deal.

According to Michael Russo - Former Fighting Sioux defenseman Chay Genoway will be back with the Minnesota Wild as he recently signed a new deal.

The Minnesota Wild Recently released their new schedule – not that it's going to be make any difference.

In one of the more shocking moves of the week – Penguins forward Jordan Staal – who is set to become an unrestricted free agent – recently rejected a 10-year contract extension from the Pittsburgh Penguin. The contract in question was believed to be in the $60 million dollar range.

Michigan defenseman and New Jersey Devils draft choice John Merill is undecided about his next step and will decide after the Devils development camp if he is ready to sign or return to school. My advice to Merill is to stay in school John; you will no doubt develop under Red Berenson if you can keep your nose clean.

According to Larry Brooks of the New York Post, the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers are both involved in discussions with much sought after forwards Columbus’ Blue Jackets Rick Nash and Anaheim’s Ducks Bobby Ryan.

Former Boston University star forward Brandon Yip has signed with the Nashville Predators.

Apparently, the NHL players are optimistic that a lockout can be avoided – I am not as optimist that a lock-out can be avoided and I think that start of the season will be delayed.

Russian star Nail Yakupov who could go number one in the NHL draft - says that his goal is to play in the NHL – there are some that have their doubts.

Future Golden Gopher Taylor Cammarata was impressive at the NHL combine according to Ryan Kennedy of the Hockey News.

The Boston Bruins have released their schedule and they will start the regulars season against the Broad Street Bullies in Philly.

Here is the Boston Bruins preseason schedule:

Sept. 25: Bruins at Capitals (Verizon Center, Washington)
Sept. 26: Bruins at Sabres (First Niagara Center, Buffalo)
Sept. 29: Bruins vs. Jets (Credit Union Centre, Saskatoon)
Sept. 30: Bruins at Jets (MTS Centre, Winnipeg)
Oct. 3: Bruins vs. Capitals (TD Garden)
Oct. 5: Bruins vs. Sabres (TD Garden)
Oct. 6: Bruins at Canadiens (Bell Centre, Montreal)

Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron was named the Frank J. Selke Trophy winner at the NHL awards show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bergy was only the second Boston Bruins player to be awarded a Selke Trophy.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Former Sioux defenseman Chay Genoway; Working It Out

Minnesota WildImage via WikipediaIt sounds like Chay Genoway made quite the impression this past week at the Minnesota Wild development camp. It would be awesome to see a player like Chay Genoway make it to the NHL.
Minnesota Wild --- At 5-foot-9, 177 pounds, Chay Genoway doesn’t look like your prototypical NHL defensemen.
But looks are often deceiving.

At the Minnesota Wild Development Camp, the recent free agent signee out of the University of North Dakota is doing what he can to show that height is just a number, and strength knows no limits.

Genoway’s off-ice strength testing has been as impressive as his coast-to-coast goal in Saturday’s scrimmage. Word has it that after piling up the most consecutive pushups among the prospects, he immediately started his pull ups and tallied the highest number of those.

“He is quite strong physically,” said Kirk Olson, the Wild’s recently hired strength and conditioning coach, whose first order of business was working out the prospects this week. “He has a low center of gravity and is hard to knock off his feet.”

If anyone knows size isn’t always relative to strength, it’s Genoway. The former UND captain is showing that he arrived at camp ready to make a run at a professional career.

“I’ve been doing the normal summer time stuff, like lifting weights and conditioning,” Genoway said. “But I also tried to get on the ice more than usual this summer so it wouldn’t be too strenuous on things like the groin or hip-flexors, like the ice can be when you jump right to it.”

In his first camp, at 23 years old, Genoway was one of the elder statesmen. His development as a player is advanced compared to his younger counterparts, and he knows the importance of making a good first impression.
The last paragraph caught my attention because of what has transpired this past week at the University of North Dakota; as most college hockey fans know the Fighting Sioux had a commitment from J.T. Miller, who was drafted in the first round of the NHL draft by the New York Rangers, to play at UND... Then for some unknown reason J.T. Miller decides with less than a month and a half before the school year is about to start that he would rather play for the Plymouth Whalers of the OHL. If one of Miller's concerns is player development, playing at UND wouldn't hinder his development.

Maybe this is a stretch, but I think one could make the inference that Chay's development at UND helped him  made an impression on the Minnesota Wild management, the Wild coaching staff and the fans of the Minnesota Wild that attended the Wild Development Camp.
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Chay Genoway's sweet goal...

Someone asked me if I had the video of former Fighting Sioux defenseman Chay Genoway's goal that he scored during the Minnesota Wild development camp that was held last week. Well, I finally have found the video in question, Chay's goal is around the 36 second mark of the video. Reminds me of the goal that Chay scored against the UNO Mavericks last season.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chay Genoway to the State of Hockey

India Times
I would like to congratulate former Sioux defenseman Chay Genoway on his signing a one year deal with the Minnesota Wild. Genoway according to multiple tweets on twitter this morning Genoway will not joining the Houston Areos this spring for the AHL playoffs.
StarTribune ---- It's official: The Wild signed Fightning Sioux defenseman Chay Genoway to a one-year deal this morning.

Because Genoway is 24, that's the max term the Wild could sign him to right now. So it's like Nate Prosser. He had to sign a one-year deal last year, but since his contract actually began last year, he became a restricted free agent last summer. Genoway would become one next summer.

Casey Wellman was able to sign a two-year deal, so he burned his first year by playing last year, meaning he's a restricted free agent this summer. Just a little college UFA tutorial.

The Wild, which is continually looking to upgrade its prospect pool, hopes to sign a handful of college and European free agents in the coming days.

Genoway is 5-foot-9, 177 pounds and helped lead UND to the Frozen Four this past season. He's scored 127 points in his career, which is fourth among defensemen all-time at UND. I've got a team of researchers looking up where Brad Bombardir ranks.

Chenoway was named to the All-WCHA First Team this year. He's the first player ever to be named a four-time All-WCHA selection. Genoway was the UND captain the past two seasons, and was named to the All-College Hockey News Second Team in 2010-11. Genoway received a medical redshirt in the 2009-10 season due to a concussion. Genoway, a +48 player in his college career, is the second player in WCHA history to be named a WCHA Scholar-Athlete four times. Genoway hails from Morden, Manitoba and is a 2005 graduate of Shattuck-St. Mary’s in Faribault, Minn.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Genoway out 3-5 weeks

According to Brad Schlossman and from listening to the UND coaches show, there is some good news on the Chay Genoway front; he will be out 3-5 weeks and his injury is not career/season ending, and we should see him in a Fighting Sioux uniform again.
UND is expecting to get its captain back this season.

Sioux coach Dave Hakstol said on the coaches show this evening that defenseman Chay Genoway is expected to be out for three to five weeks. Genoway, who suffered a leg injury last Friday at Colorado College, was being evaluated for much of this week after returning to Grand Forks.

Hakstol said the team’s medical personnel were thorough in their evaluation, which continued into Wednesday.

“We’ve really taken time to make sure that we went through the right steps and the right processes,” he said. “I know people want to know right away what’s going on, but that’s not possible in a lot of cases.”

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The hit that injured Chay Genoway

Before you take my head off, I know, I know, it's not a great video because I used my wife's digital camera to record the video, I also don't have a very strong hand either, however, it does show the hit that Chay was injured on. I am in the process of looking to purchase a DVD video recorder so if you have one you would suggest that I buy let me know what you recommend and I will look into purchasing one.

Let me say this, the hit on Genoway was clean and it didn't look good, I am not a doctor, nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn Express but I wouldn't be surprised if Chay is out for a very long time. I hope not.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

UND's Chay Genoway a candidate for the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award in hockey

I just saw this on the WDAZ evening news. This is a pretty nice honor for Chay Genoway. There were three other WCHA players as well that were nominated: Jay Barriball, Forward, Minnesota, Kyle Ostrow, Forward, Denver and Matt Read, Forward, Bemidji State. Former Grand Forks native Jacques Lamoureux, Forward, Air Force was selected as well.
OVERLAND PARK, KS – Twenty NCAA® men’s ice hockey student-athletes who excel both on and off the ice were selected as candidates today for the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award in hockey. To be eligible for the award, a student-athlete must be classified as an NCAA Division I senior and have notable achievements in four areas of excellence – community, classroom, character and competition. The complete list of candidates follows this release.

For more information on all the candidates, visit

2010-11 Lowe's Senior CLASS Award
Hockey Candidates

Name, Position, School
Jay Barriball, Forward, Minnesota
Chris Barton, Forward, Merrimack
Stephane Boileau, Forward, Union (New York)
Carter Camper, Forward, Miami (Ohio)
Cory Conacher, Forward, Canisius
Paul Dainton, Goaltender, Massachusetts
Jeff Dimmen, Defense, Maine
Chay Genoway, Defense, North Dakota
Carl Hagelin, Forward, Michigan
Tanner House, Forward, Maine
Chris Kushneriuk, Forward, Robert Morris
Jacques Lamoureux, Forward, Air Force
Broc Little, Forward, Yale
Bryant Molle, Defense, Alaska Fairbanks
Kyle Ostrow, Forward, Denver
Chase Polacek, Forward, Rensselaer
Matt Read, Forward, Bemidji State
Zach Redmond, Defense, Ferris State
Calle Ridderwall, Left Wing, Notre Dame
Evan Stephens, Defense, Dartmouth