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Friday, March 29, 2013

UND vs. Niagara Lines West Region

UND vs. Niagara Lines West Region

UND’s Forward lines

21 Brendan O’Donnell – 10 Corban Knight (A) – 7 Danny Kristo (A)
9 Drake Caggiula– 27 Carter Rowney (A) –19 Rocco Grimaldi
29 Bryn Chyzyk – 16 Mark MacMillan – 15 Michael Parks
13 Connor Gaarder – 28 Steph Pattyn – 17 Colten St. Clair

UND Defense Parings

2 Andrew MacWilliam (C) – 18 Dillon Simpson
4 Derek Forbort – 24 Jordan Schmaltz
5 Nick Mattson – 20 Joe Gleason

UND Goalies

31 Zane Gothberg
33 Clarke Saunders
35 Tate Maris

Not in lineup: 25 Mitch MacMillian, 8 Dan Senkbeil, 22 Andrew Panzarella, 11 Derek Rodwell, 26 Coltyn Sanderson.

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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Omaha bleeds green...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Red Baron WCHA Offensive Player of the Week Carter Rowney • Senior, Forward, University of North Dakota

Fighting Sioux

MADISON, Wis. – Veteran University of North Dakota forward Carter Rowney, who contributed five scoring points and had a game-winning goal as his team took three of four points from league-leading and visiting Denver last weekend, is the Red Baron® WCHA Offensive Player of the Week for Dec. 11.

A 6-2 208-pound senior center from Sexsmith, Alberta, Rowney scored three goals and set up two others, had four shots on goal and earned a +3 plus/minus rating as North Dakota stretched its unbeaten streak to three and improved to 8-5-3 overall. He had career-high four points (2g, 2a) in last Saturday’s (Dec. 8) 6-3 victory over the Pioneers, including the game-winning goal and his first career shorthanded goal to earn Second Star of the Game honors. Three of his four points came in the second period, enabling UND to erase a 1-0 deficit, as he set up Derek Forbort’s go-ahead power-play goal early in the second period, then scored his two goals eight minutes apart to build a 4-1 lead. In the 2-2 (ot) tie in the series opener last Friday (Dec. 7), Rowney scored a goal to snap a seven-game drought, won 11 of 18 face-offs (61.1%), and was a +1. In 15 games this season, Rowney has 11 points (5g, 6a).

Also nominated: Rylan Schwartz, F, CC; Chris Knowlton, F, DU; Tom Serratore, F, UM; Eriah Hayes, F, MSU; Matt White, F, UNO.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Eight men out - UND players to miss some time...

UND Hockey Arena
UND Hockey Arena (Photo credit: jimmywayne)

It would appear that the University of North Dakota Hockey team is experiencing what I would call a rough start to their season. Now the Athletic Department has suspended eight players to start the season – most of which seems to be due to a team party that appears to have gotten a bit out of hand.

If Coach Hakstol doesn’t have his player’s attention now – he will never get their attention. As a person that follows the UND Hockey program closely – I am disappointed in the players because there off ice behavior shows a lack of focus. Obviously, we’re talking about young adults and college students do party from time-to-time, it’s a fact of life.

That being said, I don’t think that their offseason activities will have much of an effect on their season if they can get their act together. I can’t imagine what kind of consequences that will levied if someone gets into more trouble, especially after all that has happened in the last week.

It sounds like some players need to grow up and concentrate on playing hockey and need to spend less time having team parties. 

So if anyone is keeping track at home – the roster for the Brice Alaska Goal Rush tourney in Fairbanks Alaska is going to have a depleted roster both nights of the tourney.

Players that are suspended for the Anchorage Alaska game

1.       Danny Kristo
2.       Corbin Knight
3.       Andrew MacWilliam
4.       Carter Rowney
5.       Brendan O'Donnell

Players that are suspended for the Suspended for Alaska game

1.       Danny Kristo
2.       Connor Gaarder
3.       Andrew Panzarella
4.       Stephane Pattyn

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

EDIT: UND gets out in front of weekend incident

One could say that the shoe is now on the other foot – recently there has been a lot of press about our friends to the south at NDSU as their football players had gotten into trouble with the law, when as many as 10 players have been involved as what has been described as a voter petition fraud. Also, one of NDSU’s star linebackers also managed to get two minor in consumptions violations in the last year.

UND wasn’t immune to it either – as we now find out in recent weeks that two of UND Hockey players have gotten cited for minor in consumption charges – one player received his minor in consumption about one week before his 21st birthday – checking the North East court records – it appears that one of the players in question – actually has received two citations for MIP’s in the last four months (4/27/2012 and 8/30/2012).

Some are going to say that, it is what it is… History tells us that college kids; more specifically, college athletes are going to get into trouble with alcohol from time-to-time. What’s more important is said schools response to incident(s). I would think that coach Hakstol probably has everyone attention now. While other fans in the WCHA are yucking it up and having a good time with UND’s expense this too will pass.

So going forward – UND hockey and NDSU football has had a few off the ice/field incidents the past few weeks as well – one school gets out in front of the incidents and responds to them in appropriate manner while the other school makes excuses and provides cover for their athletes.

This morning we find out this that there must have been one hell of a team party – the end result is UND suspending all four captains of the UND Hockey team for the first game against the UAA Seawolves during the Brice Alaska Goal Rush in Fairbanks - sounds like the head coach is holding the captains responsible and this "should" serve as a wake up call for the rest of the team.

As an alumni of the University of North Dakota, I applaud the UND Athletic Director Brian Faison and the head hockey coach Dave Hakstol for getting out in front of this incident instead of letting it fester and give the appearance that UND condones this type of behavior. It should be noted that all four captains are of legal drinking age as far as I know – and at this time there are no charges that have been filed. Details of this incident are sketchy at this time.

Here are a couple of links to the story.

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Make A Liar Out Of NDSU’s Dean Bresciani - Say Anything Blog

North Dakota Will Be A Little Light For Its Season Opener Against UAA (4 Sioux Captains Susended One Game Each)- Woody On Hockey

Hakstol Fed Up With UND's Bad Boyz Antics - Lets Go DU

North Dakota Suspends Captains - Western College Hockey

Captains suspended for season opener - UND Hockey Blog

Men’s hockey team captains suspended for regular season opener

GRAND FORKS, N.D. – University of North Dakota Director of Athletics Brian Faison announced today that men’s hockey senior captain Andrew MacWilliam and assistant captains Corban Knight, Danny Kristo and Carter Rowney have been suspended for the opening game of the 2012-13 regular season for a violation of team rules.

The suspensions are a result of a team party on Saturday, Sept. 15.

“The behavior in this situation was unacceptable,” Faison said. “Measures taken by the athletics department do not preclude possible additional measures by the department, or actions by the University or local and state authorities.”

“Recent actions by our team are not a good representation of our place as role models within our community,” said UND head men’s hockey coach Dave Hakstol. “We have young men of high character in our locker room, but our players, and in particular our leaders, must be accountable for their actions.”

In addition to the suspension of the team captains, Faison also announced several additional team disciplinary measures including, but not limited to:
o    Athletics Department-issued team probation under which any further violations by a team member could result in immediate reduction of scholarship, suspension from competition, or expulsion from the program.
o    The implementation of a mandatory team community service program
o    Weekly team alcohol education programming
UND opens the season on Friday, Oct. 19, against Alaska Anchorage at the Brice Alaska Goal Rush in Fairbanks.

Neither Faison nor Hakstol will provide further comment.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nick Shore cup checks Carter Rowney

We will hear how UND is a bunch of goons and how they were trying to start a fight at the end of the game but there is the reason why... Watch this short video... If my eyes are not deceiving me; it looks like DU forward Nick Shore spears Carter Rowney between the legs. If you watch the video you will see that Shore stuck his stick in Rowney's crotch. I don't know if there is any other way to describe it.
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Friday, January 27, 2012

UND vs. UW game 3 lines

UND’s Forward lines

29 Brock Nelson–10 Corban Knight (A) –7 Danny Kristo
16 Mark MacMillan–27 Carter Rowney–15 Michael Parks
Stephane Pattyn 28 –9 Mario Lamoureux (C) – 13 Connor Gaarder
8 Dan Senkbeil–28 - No Center – 14 Taylor Dickin

Defense Parings

18 Dillon Simpson–24 Ben Blood
2 Andrew MacWilliam (A) –5 Nick Mattson
22 Andrew Panzarella- Joe Gleason
4 Derek Forbort

UND Goalies

32 Aaron Dell
31 Brad Eidsness

Out: Derek Forbort, Derrick Rodwell, Roco Grimaldi, Brendan O'Donnel

UND Players Stats

Tentative Badger Forward lines

F   16  Joseph LaBate - 9 Zengerle -  7 Tyler Barnes
F    8 Matt Paape - 23 Derek Lee - 25 Michael Mersch
F    26 Brad Navin - 14 Jefferson Dahl - 18 Sean Little
F    21 Brendan Woods - 12 Keegan Meuer - 20 Ryan Little (A)

Badgers Defensive Paring 

D   27 Frankie Simonelli - 6 Justin Schultz (A)
D    19 Jake McCabe - 55 John Ramage (C)

D    4 Eric Springer - 24 Joe Faust

Badger Goalies   

33 Joel Rumpel
30 Landon Peterson

Referees: for tonight's game:  Jonathan Morrison, Tom Sterns
Linesemen: Nathan Freeman, Justin Hill