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Monday, April 01, 2013

Danny Kristo News

Hamilton Bulldogs
Hamilton Bulldogs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Here is some Danny Kristo news that I found on a Montreal Canadian's blog, I had to use Google Translate because most of us "don't" speak french. [click for the link]

Season that second-round pick in 2008 and ends in the NCAA if we are to believe his remarks in an interview with Radio-Canada, Kristo wants to take his career in the organization of Canadians. Negotiations have even begun. We guess he will join the Hamilton Bulldogs to finish the season there.

In 38 games this season in North Dakota, Kristo has 51 points, including 25 goals. He was a finalist for the Hobey Baker awarded to the player by college excellence in the United States.

And do not go into a criminal because at age 21 and he offered beer to his teammates 18, 19 years in a party

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Saturday, February 02, 2013

P.K. Subban shows us how to dive and embellish

This week, diving and embellishing has been the hot topic. So, who better than the Canadians defenseman P.K. Subban, who is a very talented and up and coming young defenseman. That being said, Subban's on ice behavior is disgusting, and his antics  makes him look like a fraud.

I will call it like it is, Subban is a poor sport, no one wants to watch people flail around on the ice like they've been shot. If you're an up and coming player and you aspire to be a diver, P.K. Subban, Alex Burrows and Ryan Kessler are the players that you want to emulate.
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Something to think about

This article brings up a good point - how many of us can afford to take a year off from out jobs to prove a point? I don't know anyone that can and if we had to me might not ever recover financially. Most of us would have nothing left and would lose the houses we live in.
The Globe and Mail --- Neither side seems to feel a great imperative to reach a compromise. The league and the union appear to have been emboldened by the response to the last lockout; if fans returned in droves then, they surely would again.

Perhaps that assumption is correct. But the NHL risks eventually exhausting its fans’ seemingly limitless patience. To Canadians and Americans suffering through turbulent economic times, the sight of millionaire players and multimillionaire owners haggling over how to divide the hard-earned dollars of their considerably less affluent supporters is a decidedly unseemly one. And the fact that the league’s employees can afford to miss an entire year of work only serves as a reminder of their comfort. How many other unions, and how many other employers, would have such a luxury?
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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Craig Adams hit from behind on Marc-Andre Bergeron

The Craig Adams hit on Bergeron got him 5 minutes and a game misconduct. I am sure the hit will be reviewed by the NHL. It was a bad hit but I don't think it was a deliberate attempt to injure.

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