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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Compare and Contrast, Bryn Chyzyk and Adam Tambellini

I put this on my facebook page, but it applies.

Compare and contrast, a kid that was already on a team left at the first hint of adversity. Another kid, had that chance taken away from him and upon returning, talked about missing his teammates and thanked the coaching staff for getting another chance to be a member of that team.

Think about it. Both kids had the same number of points. Tonight, that kid made an immediate impact upon returning to the lineup. Nothing in life is given to you. Everyday is a battle and you have to work for every inch that you take.

In the old days if you were unhappy with the amount of playing time that you received you worked harder. You didn't quit on your teammates you didn't go find another team. You worked your ass off and strived to get better.

I couldn't be more happy for Bryn Chyzyk... He could have quit, but he kept at it. Go get em kid.
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

UND Hockey: End of season party lands five players in trouble with police

It would appear that history has repeated itself, once again for the UND hockey team. This past fall, before the season began; the UND hockey team had the team party that lead to numerous players getting cited for Possession Consumption of Alcohol by a Person under 21.

All four captains and numerous other players of the UND Hockey team, were suspended for at least one game, over the course of the opening weekend of the season. In addition, senior forward Danny Kristo sat out both games of the nonconference tourney that first weekend.

This week charges by Grand Forks County prosecutors were filed against four freshmen players cited for underage drinking, a Class B misdemeanor: Jordan Schmaltz, 18; Bryn Chyzyk, 19; Zane Gothberg, 20 and Drake Caggiula, 18. [Bismarck Tribune]
So, fast forward to March 31, 2013, after the 2012-13 season is over… Once again, we have UND hockey players cited for underage drinking. It would appear that two of these players didn’t learn their lesson, because they were cited earlier this season, for the same thing. 
Brad Elliot Schlossman, Grand Forks Herald – UND men’s hockey coach Dave Hakstol is taking scholarship money away from players after they received citations following the season.
Three freshman players — Zane Gothberg, 20, Colten St. Clair, 20, and Bryn Chyzyk, 20 — received citations for underage drinking, while sophomore Stephane Pattyn, 22, received a noise citation.

Gothberg’s minor occurred March 31 after the team returned home from the West Regional in Grand Rapids, Mich. The other players received their citations over the weekend.

“This is going to cost some people significant scholarship dollars and trigger other internal actions,” Hakstol said.
According to court records, Gothberg has already pled guilty to Possession/Consumption of Alcohol by a Person under 21. Gothberg will be required to pay a 325.00 fine.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shot Charts UMD vs. UND game one

Tap of the stick to @statsoncrack ... After having a tough night in the face off dot last weekend, senior forward Corbin Knight was stellar going 18-11. UND as a team was dominant in the faceoff circle and went 53-32 in the faceoff circle. Freshman forward Rocco Grimaldi was 15-6 in the faceoff circle as well.

UND is ranked 48th overall nationally in the Penalty Minutes. So UND is not a bunch of goons that some seem to think… The “Halos” from Minneapolis are ranked 56th overall. On the flip side of that equation, UMD is ranked second overall nationally in Penalty Minutes.

I think that one point that has been glossed over so far this season is that fact that UND’s energy line which has included the likes of Steph Pattyn 4 PIM, Derek Rodwell 2 PIM, Bryn Chyzhyk 4 PIM and or Colton St. Clair 2 PIM have not taken a lot of penalty minutes.

Just for the record, from what I have heard from a few people that Steph Pattyn was a feared fighter in the MJHL and took his share of Penalty Minutes in junior hockey and has a grand total of 2 minors so far this season. Here is a video of one of his fights if you want take a look, there is an old saying, it's better to be the hammer than the nail...  [click to view]

At a recent press conference Bryn Chyzyk was asked, how intense of a person is Steph Pattyn.

It’s funny you ask, I played against him up in Manitoba. I was so scared of that guy, he’s a scary guy to play against, but I defiantly like him a lot better on my team.”