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Sunday, January 17, 2016

OSU and UMich, Game-Ending Donnybrook

Nothing like an old fashion donnybrook to end the game. Who says there isn't any action in Big Ten Hockey.

If I had to guess, I think there's a suspension coming for Michigan sophomore defenseman Martin Cutler. He's already missing the next game due to a game disqualification. I have to think that he's going to get another game for the punching his opponent as he lays on the ice.

While fighting isn't allowed in college hockey. Hitting an opponent that's laying on the ice while the ref has him tied up breaks the hockey code. This is a bush league move, it's unacceptable. You can see that the game-ending line brawl racked up the penalty minutes.

Michigan Cooper Marody 2 ROUGHING ATW 20:00
Michigan Cutler Martin 10 Disqualification 20:00
Michigan Cutler Martin 5 FACEMASKING 20:00
Michigan Dexter Dancs 2 ROUGHING ATW 20:00
Michigan Nicholas Boka 2 ROUGHING ATW 20:00
Michigan Tony Calderone 2 ROUGHING ATW 20:00
Ohio State Craig Dalrymple 2 ROUGHING ATW 20:00
Ohio State Dakota Joshua 10 Disqualification 20:00
Ohio State Dakota Joshua 5 FACEMASKING 20:00
Ohio State Josh Healey 2 ROUGHING ATW 20:00
Ohio State Kevin Miller 2 ROUGHING ATW 20:00
Ohio State Miguel Fidler 2 ROUGHING ATW 20:00
Michigan Alex Kile 10 Game Misconduct 20:00

Friday, November 28, 2014

USCHO: 'A few deep breaths for all ready to condemn the Big Ten to mediocrity'

I was reading this article over on USCHO and I think it’s worth a read. I thought it was thought provoking. It’s kind of funny, but a lot of the same things were being said about the NCHC last season after they had a poor out of conference record. Traditionally, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin  and Minnesota are strong hockey programs. I am thinking the two Michigan schools might be in line for a new head coach.
Paula C. Weston, USCHO.COM -- Relax. It’s the end of November. It’s the second week of conference play. For the love of all that is Hobey, it’s the second year of the league itself.

Yes, the Big Ten has a losing record (23-30-3) in its early play against nonconference opponents, and that doesn’t include the league’s 1-1 record against the U.S. Under-18 Team. Minnesota’s 5-4 overtime loss to the visiting youngsters last Friday prompted the Twitter discussion that resulted in the “fairly awful” proclamation. After all, the Golden Gophers had been swept the week before by Minnesota-Duluth, swept and kept to one goal in the series after having begun 2014-15 with one loss in eight games and entering that weekend with Duluth second in the nation in scoring offense, averaging close to four goals per game.

An exhibition loss to a highly touted and well-coached team with a roster full of young players that nearly every NCAA Division I program would at least take a glance at while recruiting was surely the end of the world for Minnesota hockey and a harbinger of bad things to come for the Big Ten, right?
I think it's too early to start kicking dirt on the Big Ten Hockey Conference, just yet. Right now, they're in line for one or two bids to the NCAA tourney, but there a lot of hockey to played between now and selection Sunday. There's also a good chance that someone could make a run in the B1G tourney. What's to say that Michigan, or Wisconsin couldn't get hot at the right time. All they have to do is win three games at the Joe.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Badgers Blog: Mike Eaves believes Big Ten hockey will grow within next 10 years

Hey, the more the merrier. Right? I think it's a great idea. I think there's a lot of room for expansion in college hockey.
Jeff Potrykus, Journal Sentinel Madison – Mike Eaves believes the first season of the Big Ten men’s hockey conference was a success.

“What we saw from our students, they identified with the Penn States, the Ohio States and the Michigan States,” UW's veteran coach Eaves told the UW athletic board on Friday. “So even if they didn’t know much about hockey, they knew those schools and they would tend to come to our games.”

Eaves went on to say that he believes the Big Ten will expand from its current base of six teams sometime within the next five to 10 years.

The six teams are UW, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Minnesota and Penn State.

“I know that Indiana and Illinois have great club (programs),” Eaves said. “Northwestern has had a group get together looking at the (possibility), which makes a lot of sense because Chicago has great hockey.”

According to Eaves, former UW defenseman Chris Chelios is involved in the group studying the feasibility of adding men’s hockey at Northwestern.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

College Hockey: Monday Pontifications (Links)

Well the NCHC is probably excited that at least one of their top seeds made the Frozen Face-off. UND is the highest seed to make it to the Target Center. We have the 1, 5, 6, 8 seeds advancing to the NCHC's Frozen Face-off.  C.C. UMD, UNO and SCSU will be staying home this season. No schools from Minnesota will be in the Frozen Face-off this season. I am not sure this is what the founding member schools of the NCHC envisioned when they formed the league.

According to Brad Schlossman, he thinks that UND might still need to win the Frozen Face-off to make the NCAA tourney. I guess we're  soon going to find out. UND just needs to keep winning or their season is going to be over anyways. The time for talking is over, it time for UND to make hay.  

 Jeff Cox from College Hockey SBN has UND going to Cincinnati. I think that many UND fans would take that bracket.

The Brackets are set for the Inaugural B1G tourney and the Big Ten (-4) Hockey Tourney starts on Thursday. Penn State will try to beat Michigan for a third time this season. But I don’t think that happens a third time, the Wolverines are going to be ready this time.

North Dakota Exhales after Pulling out game three against Colorado College...

Colorado College Defeats UND in O.T.

UND scores four unanswered goals, Takes game one...    

C.C.'s Season Ending Loss Much Like Others this Season...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mark Osiecki out as Ohio State University Hockey head coach

Another week, and another Division I college hockey coach bites the dust, that makes three high profile coaches in less than three weeks. Last week, hockey coach Tim Whitehead was fired after 12 seasons. The week before, George Gwozdecky was ousted in Denver after 19 seasons.
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Gene Smith, Ohio State associate vice president and director of athletics, announced today Mark Osiecki will not return as head coach of the Buckeye men's hockey program.

"We are making a change in our head hockey coaching position," Smith said. "There was a difference of opinion over the management of the program that could not be resolved."

Osiecki recently completed his third season as the head coach of the Buckeyes, leading the squad to a 16-17-7 ledger. The squad was 13-10-5 in Central Collegiate Hockey Association play to tie for fourth place and advanced to the league semifinals. In his Ohio State career, Osiecki had a 46-50-16 record.

In the interim, Steve Rohlik, associate head hockey coach, will be the primary point person for the program, student-athletes and recruits.
I find this news interesting, it’s not almost puzzling. It’s no mystery that OSU has never been a power house in college hockey and the university has been a football first school. OSU is known for packing the football stadium and averaged an eye popping 105,278 fans per game in 2011. The OSU hockey team averaged unimpressive, 4004 fans per game in a 17,500 seat arena. That has to have some in the Ohio State administration worried, going into the inaugural Big Ten Hockey Conference season.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Does Penn State belong in the Big Ten?

The Face of Pervert
I found this article while reading the Thank You Terry Hockey Biog. Can you imagine If the Big Ten decided that they no longer could tolerate the scandal at Penn State?
Does Penn State belong in the Big Ten?

The Big Ten’s Council of Presidents voted in 1990 to “integrate Pennsylvania State University” into the conference. PSU began athletic competition in the league in 1993, making the Nittany Lions full-blown competitive members for 19 years.

Though full details aren’t available, the emails released so far and other investigations indicate Paterno and the school’s president, vice president and athletic director learned of Sandusky’s perversion as early as 1998.

In other words, *for at least 74 percent of the time that Penn State has been in the Big Ten Conference, four of the most powerful figures on campus allegedly chose to focus on protecting their institution and positions of authority at the expense of children already abused — with more victims to come because of their inaction.

Is that how the Big Ten does business? And is that the kind of operation the Big Ten wants to associate itself with?

Those are brutally hard questions. But the discussion needs to happen, and at a level far beyond athletics.

The history of major schools getting kicked out of conferences is short.
* This is the sentence that makes my blood boil – Penn State knew – that’s unacceptable.

If the Big Ten decided that they no longer wanted Penn State in their Conference – would cause great turmoil – especially after all of the dominos had already fallen in re-alignment.

In my opinion, Jerry Sandusky is a disgusting P.O.S and deserves to rot in hell for the rest of his life for what he has done to defenseless children. There is no excuse for what Sandusky has done – no matter how you look at it the guy is pure evil.

Going forward, how does Penn State make it right? Is there any chance the Big Ten kicks Penn State out of the Big Ten Conference? What should happen to Penn State? What is a just and right punishment?

In Conclusion; People (Staff, student and visitors) have the right to feel safe on America’s college campuses, what has happened at Penn State is unacceptable especially if they covered it up and kicked it under the rug. Penn State needs to pay some kind of a price for the sins of their football program – but what is an acceptable penalty? Does Penn State deserve to have the book thrown at them? Are NCAA sanctions up to a death penalty an acceptable punishment? What do you think?
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