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Monday, October 20, 2014

Hockey Is a Dangerous Sport - Yikes

Here's a picture of Penn State  defenseman David Thompson's abdomen after he was cut with a skate. Thompson laceration came in last Friday's game against UAA during the Brice Goal Rush tournament in Fairbanks, Alaska. Thankfully, Thompson should be back on the ice soon.

"Yeah, he's going to be great," said Penn State Head Coach, Guy Gadowsky of Thompson. "He's going to be fine. They took really good care of him. It was scary at the start, and we took every precaution, but he's going to be back at 100 percent very soon."

Sunday, May 05, 2013

A bit of randomness from RW77

University of Alaska Anchorage
University of Alaska Anchorage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ok, it's been a while since I posted here and there's a few random things I'm going to mini-rant about.  Before I do, however, I freely acknowledge that I'm no expert and that these are MY OPINIONS ONLY.


Sure, I'll take on a job that's sure to be a lost cause...

That's my take on what a coach would have to think about when accepting the UAA Head Coaching gig.  As a UND fan, you don't get much insight into the internals and the atmosphere around the UAA program in Anchorage, but over the period of time from the end of Hill's tenure until now, it seems like it's just one bad year after another.  Sure, there were a few "ups" along the way but comon...

Now everyone, including alumni and former players, are giving the vote of No Confidence to UAA AD Steve Cobb.  I find myself wondering if Cobb is behind all of it, or is it above even him?

I can't imagine trying to sell UAA to a player from...say... Massachusetts, California, or even the Midwest.  It's so far away and isolated (even if it is a wonderful least that's how I remember Anchorage anyhow).  I remember thinking during the coaching search after Hill left that whoever gets that job will inherit the toughest coaching gig in the WCHA and certainly among the hardest in all of DI hockey.

It seems that NO ONE wants to go to Anchorage.  So, if you keep on dreaming of diamonds being found in the rough that you convince to come to campus, how can you not have bad years year after year?

I don't think UAA should fold their program.  I do think they have something to bring to the table, but UAA is a big time dependent upon institutional support.  If it doesn't get it, it goes under.  I'd venture the same thing goes for MTU and even UNO (living in Omaha, I can tell you if the Husker football team is playing, no one gives a flying bleep about UNO hockey).  UNO gets it.  I believe MTU has gotten it as well.  UAA definitely does not... at least not totally.  If it goes completely, then it will follow the math UAH did but succeed and go the way of Findlay, Iona, and Wayne State.

Submariners on Skates

I despise diving.  I also despise officials that take forever to get the game going again after reviewing it but....  I think that's what's going to have to happen.  I am convinced that on ice officials do not call diving as much as they should because they cannot recognize diving when they see it in real time.  The truth is that diving has become a part of the game.  Not just because the refs don't call it when it happens, but because the coaches (at best) ignore it when players do it or, even worse, condone such acts.  Even the media at times refers to a clever dive as "Drawing a penalty."  (Though I admit freely that not every time a player draws a penalty is he diving).

I think the only ways to eliminate diving are long term or unacceptable solutions.  The long term is simply to replace all the coaches in amateur hockey with hockey coaches that have a heavy hand against diving.  They teach that it is wrong and do something about it when they see it (with or without their rose colored glasses).  There's nothing to say that this is even possible, either.

Secondly, use the replay system... post game.  If the head office spots a dive by another player, that player is brought in for a conduct review and a 1 or 2 game suspension gets handed out for diving after the fact. 

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekend Match-Ups (by Donn)

First I would like to thank the UW Badgers for splitting with Miami, the Goon now owes me a beer!  Second I would like to thank the Minnesota announcer, McCloud, for on Friday night, the used the “S” word, and admitted it would take time to get over using the word Sioux, dang, I said it too.


1. Minnesota………………9-3-4…………22
1. St. Cloud St………….…11-5-0……….22
3. North Dakota.………..…8-4-4…….…..20
3. Denver…………..……...8-6-4…….......20
3. Nebraska-Omaha…......9-5-2…..…..…20
6. Minnesota State……….9-8-1.…...……19
6. Minnesota-Duluth….…..8-7-3…………19
6. Wisconsin…....…………6-5-5………....17
9. Colorado College ……..7-10-1..….……15
10. Bemidji State……..…..4-8-4......……..12
11. Michigan Tech………..4-10-4…..….…12
12. Alaska-Anchorage…....1-13-4…...…….5

WCHA Games

#13 Nebraska-Omaha @ Bemidji St.
Last weekend the Mavericks had a bye and the Beavers got a point from the MTU Huskies (4-0, 2-2ot) in Houghton.

Ever since these teams joined the WCHA the Beavers seem to have gotten UNO’s number.  But they say the past performance doesn’t predict the future, and that does hold the truth, but not the whole truth.  The Mavericks might be a little rusty after a free weekend.  UNO should be hungry for points this weekend; their last action saw them get a point from the Pioneers in Denver.  Way back in October these teams met in Omaha with the first night ending in a 3-3 tie and rematch went to BSU 3-2.  The Beavers are on a tough streak, going winless in their last six games.  This will most likely be the last series these teams play in while, unless they meet in the WCHA playoffs.  If the Beavers can muster some goals they can be the Mavericks, if their offense falls flat, uh-oh.  SPLIT

#14 Minnesota State @ #1 Minnesota
Last weekend the Mavericks took three points from the Seawolves (3-3ot, 4-0) in Anchorage and the Gophers took three points from NoDak (5-1, 4-4) in Minneapolis.

This is a split series, Friday Minneapolis, Saturday Mankato, between these two in-state rivals.  These teams met back in early November, with the home teams winning in those games, Gophers 3-2 at home, and the Mavericks 5-3 in Mankato.  Both teams have been scoring goals this year, so I’m predicting a couple of high scoring affairs.  The Gophers just can’t afford to have a NoDak let down after last weekend.  SPLIT

#16 St. Could St.  @ #5 North Dakota
Last weekend the Huskies swept the Pioneers (5-2, 5-1) in St. Cloud and NoDak took a point from the Gophers (5-1, 4-4ot) in Minneapolis.

This is the second series this year between these two “McLeod WCHA Rivals” the first go around was in November in St. Cloud, with UND winning the opener 3-0, and Huskies returning the favor in the closer with a 5-2 win.  With as close as the top half of standings are points are getting more and more important, and both clubs have their eyes on the top spot.  NoDak is looking to back on track this weekend for their prototypical second half run up the standings.  The Huskies are trying to be the top dog in league after losing that title shortly into 2013.  SPLIT

Alaska-Anchorage @ #20 Wisconsin
Last weekend the Seawolves got a point from the MSUM Mavericks (3-3ot, 4-0) in Anchorage and the Badgers split with the Miami RedHawks (1-0W, 2-1L) in Madison.

This is the second time this month that these two teams square off against each other.  Three weeks ago the Badgers swept the Seawolves in Anchorage by scores of 5-3 and 1-0.  The Badgers are on a red hot (or cardinal hot, if you prefer) stretch, only losing once in the past 13 games, going 8-4-1.  Let’s face the facts; UAA is just the opposite, ice cold, going winless in their last 10 with only one tie in there, 0-9-1.  I’m taking the obvious choice here.  BADGERS SWEEP


US U-18 team @ Minnesota-Duluth
Last weekend the Bulldogs split with the CC Tigers (3-2W, 5-1L) in Colorado Springs.

Since this in an “unofficial” game I will “unofficial” pick a winner, no wait, I won’t pick a winner, or they are both winners…  TIE

Colorado College
#10 Denver
Michigan Tech
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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Goon's WCHA Power Rankings 2/5/2012

This is my weekly WCHA Power Rankings for INSIDE HOCKEYZack Friedli from Hockey State of Mind and I do a weekly WCHA Power Rankings.

1.  Minnesota (15-5-0 WCHA, 19-9-1). The Minnesota Gophers were idle this past weekend. This weekend the Gophers travel to Denver to play the Pioneers.

2. Minnesota Duluth – (12-5-3 WCHA, 18-6-4) The Bulldogs split with the UAA Seawolves (4-1 W, 2-3 L) this past weekend in Anchorage, Alaska. This weekend the Bulldogs entertain UND at Amsoil Arena. Since the 2004-05 season, UMD has a 6-17-2 record against UND.

2.  Colorado College – (12-7-1 WCHA, 15-9-2) The Tigers took three of four points (2-0 W, 2-2 T) against their cross state rivals the Denver Pioneers. This weekend the Tigers travel to Bemidji to play the Beavers at the Sanford Center.

4. Denver – (10-6-4 WCHA, 15-9-4). The Denver Pioneers took one point (0-2 L, 2-2T) in a home and home series with the C.C. Tigers. This weekend the Pioneers entertain the Minnesota Gophers.

4.  North Dakota – (11-9-0 WCHA, 15-10-2) The University of North Dakota was idle last weekend. This weekend the University of North Dakota makes the drive down highway two to play the high flying Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs. Since the 2004-05 season, UND has a 17-6-2 record against UMD.

6. Michigan Tech – (10-8-2 WCHA, 13-13-2) The Michigan Tech Huskies  split with the Minnesota State Mavericks this past weekend (3-5 L, 7-3 W) in Mankato, Minnesota. This weekend the Huskies entertain the UNO Mavericks.

7.  Nebraska-Omaha – (9-7-4 WCHA, 12-11-5) The Mavericks took one point against the (1-1 T, 4-6 L) Bemidji State Beavers. The UNO Mavericks have won a grand total of one game in 10 tries, over the course of two seasons, against the Beavers 1-6-3. This includes a record of 1-1-2 this season. This weekend the UNO Mavericks travel to Houghton, Michigan to play the Tech Huskies.  

7. Bemidji State – (7-10-3 WCHA, 13-12-3) The Beavers took three of four points this past weekend series with the University of Nebraska Omaha Mavericks (1-1 T, 6-4 W) in Omaha, Nebraska. The Beavers have a 6-1-3 record against the UNO Mavericks in 10 games over the course of two seasons, against the Mavericks. This weekend the Beavers entertain the C.C. Tigers in the Sanford Center.

9. St. Cloud State – (9-10-3 WCHA, 12-14-4) The Huskies wept the Wisconsin Badgers in Madison this past weekend (5-1 W, 2-1 W).  The depleted Huskies only dressed 11 healthy forwards on Saturday night. Huskies junior goalie Mike Lee returned from a hip injury last weekend. This weekend he was stellar in net stopping 72/74 shots this weekend against the Wisconsin Badgers. Lee has only given up four goals in three games since his return from injury. 

10. Wisconsin – (7-13-2 WCHA, 12-14-2) The Wisconsin Badgers were swept by the Saint Cloud State Huskies this past weekend (1-5 l, 1-2 L) at the Kohl Center. The Badgers are idle next weekend.

11. Minnesota State – (6-15-1 WCHA, 10-19-1) The Minnesota State Mavericks split their weekend series Michigan Tech Huskies (5-3 W, 3-7 L). The Mavericks travel to Anchorage, Alaska to play the UAA Seawolves.

12.  Alaska-Anchorage – (4-17-1 WCHA, 7-17-2) The Seawolves split with the UMD Bulldogs at home (1-4 L, 3-2 W). With their win against the Bulldogs on Saturday night the Seawolves halted an 8 game losing streak.  Before last night’s win the Seawolves had not won a game since December 9, 2011. This weekend the Seawolves entertain the Minnesota State Mavericks.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's UAA week.

Well in case you haven't noticed, it's UND vs. UAA week. You may or may not see this blog post, based on the site meter, not too many have. This is probably the kind of stuff that that anti-nickname crowd was talking about, especially when they complained about the opposition fans and their misuse of the nickname and imagery.

This beaut, is from the UAA fan blog, written by Then again we're probably not his audience. 

Once you get past all of the bravo sierra and profanity there are a lot of good things on his blog about UAA hockey. Also, let it be known, that UAA hockey doesn't get a lot of positive coverage from the local media.  

A few of the topic of discussion we will probably see this week, 1.) Will head coach Dave Hakstol attend the UAA luncheon this year?  2.) Will UND have hot water in the showers in the locker room? 3.) As most of us know, UAA Athletic Director Steve Cobb was less than impressed with the way the NCHC took form. So it will be interesting to see what kind of a reception that UND gets.
According to the Anchorage Daily News, UAA athletic director Steve Cobb said that he blames "everybody for being less than honest with their own league members. ... I'm not offended at all they want to start a conference. I'm very offended at the way it was handled. ... It's going to be very tense and very uncomfortable." [CHN.COM]
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