Sunday, August 28, 2016

Thorold Blackhawks Logo Has to Go

The Thorold Blackhawks of the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League have a problem with their logo. According to the St. Catharines Standard, the logo has to go.
“The City of Thorold, as represented by Council, shares the belief that the logo is discriminatory in nature,” Luciani wrote to Junior B owners Ralph Sacco and Tony Gigliotti and president of the TAAA Gene Citrigno.

“Every kid that plays, of the 400 kids we have, has a jacket, has a toque, has a track suit, warm-up gear, pants, helmets, all that stuff,” Citrigno told The Standard. “The logo’s on everything. It’s not just hockey jerseys that have to be changed, it’s the whole brand.”

Thoughts on this story?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Iowa Professor Doesn't like Hawkeye's Mascot, he needs to smile

This can't make this crap up, I am not sure how anyone can take this professor seriously. No. Seriously. What's happening to our country is unbelievable. We're turning into a bunch of cry babies or fragile snowflakes.
Jeff Charis-Carlson, Press-Citizen --- A University of Iowa professor is asking for the Department of Athletics to allow the university’s mascot, Herky the Hawk, to display a wider array of facial expressions in university publications.

“I believe incoming students should be met with welcoming, nurturing, calm, accepting and happy messages,” Resmiye Oral, a clinical professor of pediatrics at UI, wrote recently in an email to UI athletic department officials. “And our campus community is doing a great job in that regard when it comes to words. However, Herky’s angry, to say the least, faces conveying an invitation to aggressivity and even violence are not compatible with the verbal messages that we try to convey to and instill in our students and campus community.”

The email was included in a message Oral sent Tuesday morning to other members of the UI Faculty Senate, where she is one of the representatives from the UI Carver College of Medicine.
This is even more puzzling. Do we ask linebackers to non-aggressive? It's a sports mascot. What next?
Oral stressed that she thinks the iconic images of Herky definitely have a place within the highly competitive nature of college athletics, but she wants other parts of the university to have some nonaggressive options for using such a beloved symbol.

"As we strive to tackle depression, suicide, violence, and behavioral challenges and help our students succeed, I plead with you to allow Herky to be like one of us, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes angry, sometimes concentrated,” she wrote.

Ice Guardians Take Center Ice in September

Looks like a must see movie to me. I can't wait to see this movie. The World Premiere of Ice Guardians is in Toronto on September 12th,

The description of the movie:

Exploring one of the most controversial and provocative positions in the history of sport, ‘Ice Guardians’ journeys into the lives of those who perform what is undoubtedly the toughest job within the National Hockey League today, the enforcer. Very few understand this position and even fewer appreciate what is involved in becoming one. It’s a punishing profession unlike any other, holding little mercy for its candidates on or off the ice. Born out of self-policing a game where 200-pound men fly towards each other on metal blades with sticks, the role now finds itself facing the scrutiny of national newspapers, on-line blogs and TV newscasts. Due to its violent nature, it has drawn opinions from both fans and critics alike. But what do we really know? What led to its spectacular rise? What purpose does it serve in the eyes of its beholders and what drives them forward in the face of adversity? Ice Guardians steps beyond the hype and heads directly to the source of the debate… the players themselves. Through their eyes, tough exteriors are shed to reveal the humanity behind a role that struggles to maintain its existence.

Friday, August 26, 2016

River Cities Speedway to Honor Bryan Clauson

Earlier this month, 27-year-old dirt track racer Bryan Clauson lost his life due to injuries he sustained in a USAC midget crash in Belleville, Kansas. Clauson's crash and death shook the dirt track racing world. Being one of the classiest speedways in the nation:  River Cities Speedway will be honoring the life of Bryan during tonight's World of Outlaws show.

Only in Canada, Subject in Goalie Gear Steals Beer from Store

On August 15th at 3:38 a.m., a burglary took place at beer store in Russell, Manitoba. Check out the video, it's over the top. Also, while it's funny to some, it's probably not all that funny to the store owner that had to buy a new plate glass door. Watching the video, you can see one of the burglars that's not wearing the goalie equipment break the windows and enter the store. You'll then see the two stealing beer.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

UND Beats out Moo-U as North Dakota's Best College

Happy Wednesday to you all. I hope this finds you in great health and spirits. I thought I would throw a little chum in the water and see what I can catch. :) Oh course, I was working very hard today, and while I was surfing the net today I found this great news nugget

Over on Forbes, the University of North Dakota was picked as the states best college. I am not sure how old this article is or what the criteria was and they must have missed the latest nickname news.
North Dakota: University of North Dakota The University of North Dakota (Top College No. 444) was established in 1883 and is the oldest university in the state. UND offers courses in over 225 fields of study, but it is best known for its School of Aerospace Sciences, which trains pilots and air controllers. It has the biggest fleet of non-military training aircraft in the world. Students built the first college-designed spacesuit to be tested by NASA. There are over 300 study abroad options in locations ranging from Europe to Australia. UND has 21 varsity teams in NCAA Division I, and the men’s hockey team has skated to seven national championships. In 2012 the school dropped its nickname, the Fighting Sioux, and is in search of a replacement.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Caption This: Hakstol and Wentz

Hakstol, "I thought you'd be bigger." Wentz, "Hmmm, a hockey player... what's that?"

Monday, August 22, 2016

Time to Exhale: Jimmy Vesey Picks the Rangers

Last week, I was out on a short vacation. While I was out, I followed the Jimmy Vesey sweepstakes from my deck at the summer refuge. When the decision was made last Friday, I have to say that I was shocked. Apparently, on the beat writers from Sabre nation isn’t all too happy with the way things went, and I think he has some really good points here.

Mike Harrington, The Buffalo News --- Let’s not forget this important point: Vesey was not a free agent until midnight on Tuesday. He was Sabres property until then. But that didn’t stop agents Peter Fish and Peter Donatelli from doing numerous media interviews the last month espousing the virtues of what it would be like for Vesey to play in Boston, or in Chicago, or (hmmm) in New York.

That’s shameful stuff right there. The agents should know better.

Vesey’s summer league games were often attended by NHL GMs, with Chicago’s Stan Bowman a regular attendee. Coach Joel Quenneville hit the Wednesday night circuit in Foxborough, Mass., once too. Yes, the games were open to the public and anyone can say they were there to watch anyone. But come on. The optics aren’t good for the Hawks in this one at all. Repeating: You were watching a player who was someone else’s property and just waiting to pounce. Not cool.

We can now relax until the hockey season begin. Finally, collusion? What do you? I guess one could make that case for that.

UND Re-Ups with MidcoSN

On the UND Athletics front, there’s some good news for the University of North Dakota Sports fans. UND has re-upped for five more years with Midco Sports Network.

On the flip side of that announcement, there's the real possibility that for five more years, you're not going to be able to watch UND hockey nationally if you're one of those people that live outside of the regional area and have Dish Network or DirecTV.

So, for now, it’s back to the NCHC.TV package.

Moving forward, UND Hockey will not be seen on Fox College Sports because MIDCO is still trying to corner the market in Fargo, ND, and Midco doesn’t want Cable One viewers to be able to watch UND sports produced by the MIDCO Sports Network.

According to a press release, the University of North Dakota Athletics Department has signed a five-year television contract with Midco Sports Network® (MidcoSN®) through the 2021-22 season.

The new agreement will include a minimum of 40 live event broadcasts per year, plus the continuation of weekly programs UND Sports Extra and North Dakota Hockey with Brad Berry.

UND will receive $1.425 million in rights fees over the length of the new contract.

“A great broadcast partnership continues for UND Athletics with our five-year contract renewal with Midco Sports Network,” said North Dakota Athletics Director Brian Faison. “We will continue to enjoy increased exposure, added revenue, high-quality production and exceptional distribution for our sports programs by Midco Sports Network."

Live event broadcasts will once include all home men’s hockey games, all home football games, five men’s basketball games, five women’s basketball games, four women’s hockey games, and three volleyball matches. Conference television contracts take precedence before MidcoSN selects its broadcast schedule.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Where's Jimmy Vesey Going?

Soon, we’ll know where former college hockey star and 2016 Hobey Baker Memorial winner Jimmy Vesey is headed. One team is going to sign the most highly-sought free agent available. The 23-year-old Harvard graduate is a hot commodity and teams have been trying to convince him that he could be their next one.

Money shouldn’t a factory because he can only be paid the rookie max of $925,000 annually. Vesey can also earn a maximum of $1.925 million in performance bonuses.

Here are some of the teams in the running for Vesey’s services:

Boston Bruins – For Bruins fans, this makes a lot of sense. It’s also his hometown team. The Bruins are in dire need of offensive production.

Buffalo Sabres – Going to the Sabres give him an opportunity to play with Jack Eichel. That’s intriguing and worth a second look.  

Chicago Blackhawks – A chance to play for a Stanley Cup. Some of the hockey pundits have him penciled in on Toews’s left wing.

New Jersey Devils –  Personally, I really can’t think of a good reason to play in New Jersey.

New York Islanders – A team loaded with good young players. A chance to play with John Tavares.

New York Rangers – It’s New York. A chance to play in a major market.

Pittsburgh Penguins – The Pens are loaded with talented players Phil Kessel, Sidney Crosby, and Evgeni Malkin.

Toronto Maple Leafs – A chance to play with Auston Mathews. Vesey's dad is also a scout with the Leafs.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Big Ten Won't Schedule FCS Schools Anymore

Starting in 2016, Big Ten football teams won't schedule FCS schools anymore. I guess the Big Ten schools are tired of losing to the FCS schools like NDSU in football.

First, minus OSU and Michigan, the Big Ten isn't what I would consider an elite FBS league. They're middle of the road. I would say that they're definitely not on the same level as the ACC or the SEC. So, I think that this policy smacks of elitism. Some of the Big Ten Schools need all the help they can get. Maybe some of them need to play more FCS schools.
Paul Myerberg, USA Today --- The scheduling guidelines set the Big Ten apart from its Power Five peers. The Big 12 Conference and Pac-12 also play nine league games; among the three, the Big Ten and Pac-12 each hold a conference championship game. No other league, however, will mandate at least one Power Five opponent and the elimination of FCS foes from its schedules.

“Everybody agreed,” Delany said. “We have the nine conference games. We have a commitment to schedule an intersectional game. We have a conference championship (game). And we have the commitment to play only (Football Bowl Subdivision) opponents.

“It’s really a commitment to FBS. I imagine if someone had a contractual issue we’d take a look at that. But this is the template that everybody thinks is best going forward from a variety of perspectives.”

So, Telling the Truth is a Witch Hunt

You have to love North Dakota State University football fans. I think some of our brothers and sisters in Bison Nation oare living in the land of denial. Telling the truth doesn't make one shady. This isn't the first time that I've seen this mentality from our friends to the south. Maybe the state department can hire them for the PR staff.

Who am I talking about? I was reading a letter to the Inforum editor by Bob Johnson of Fargo, ND. I have no idea who this guy is. But apparently, Bob is unhappy with Rob Port's reporting. Truth be told, if you don't tell the truth, and work for a state entity like NDSU, Ports going to file an FOIA records request and report it. It's pretty simple, state schools are subject to FOIA and if you don't want to get into trouble, don't write questionable emails and texts.

In this case, Port has laid out the evidence and the NDSU President look poorly. He lied. It's on black and white. Maybe NDSU Fans should refocus their anger to the NDSU administration. This is comedy gold.
I was very disappointed to read The Forum's editorial calling for North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani's resignation. After all of the great things that he has done for NDSU and the state of North Dakota, you ask for his resignation over a few text messages between he and the athletic director? That's shameful.

Maybe people should be asking for the resignation of some of the people at Forum Communications. Namely, whoever is in charge of their shady reporter hiring and media deal bidding. To say Rob Port is a "news journalist" is stretching the truth even for Forum Communications' loose standards. The guy is a hack with an agenda and The Forum is giving him a platform to spread it.

It's about time someone dug up the real dirty secrets behind the anti-NDSU agenda from the mostly UND alumni legislatures and their lapdogs like Port and The Forum's ownership.

The Forum Communications bid for the NDSU media rights was a complete and utter joke and you should be more embarrassed by that than anything NDSU has done. To basically ask for the same restrictions as NDSU tried and taking it even further by trying to force NDSU to get them access to ESPN's feed at no charge (which is impossible) and making NDSU pay them back if they didn't win at least 8 games a year is disgusting if not illegal. Wonder what the courts would think of those stipulations? Basically, a media company threatening a public institution of higher learning to win or pay up?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

College Hockey's Contribution to the Wolrd Cup of Hockey

I was perusing an ESPN article today and here’s the breakdown of ex-college hockey players that will be participating in the World Cup of Hockey. Pretty impressive list of all-stars.

Michigan: Dylan Larkin (Team North America), Jacob Trouba (Team North America), Carl Hagelin (Sweden), Jack Johnson (Team USA), Max Pacioretty (Team USA)

Minnesota: Thomas Vanek (Team Europe), Erik Haula (Finland), Erik Johnson (Team USA), Blake Wheeler (Team USA)

Wisconsin: Ryan McDonagh (Team USA), Joe Pavelski (Team USA), Derek Stepan (Team USA), Ryan Suter (Team USA)

North Dakota: Jonathan Toews (Canada), T.J. Oshie (Team USA), Zach Parise (Team USA)

Boston College: Johnny Gaudreau (Team North America), Cory Schneider (Team USA)

Michigan State Duncan Keith (Canada), Justin Abdelkader (Team USA)

Monday, August 08, 2016

The Racing World Mourns the Loss of Bryan Clausen

Prior to the 2013 Knoxville Nationals, World of Outlaws, sprint car driver Donny Schatz had concerns about the safety of sprint cars.

Schatz expressed these concerns a month after the dirt track racing world had mourned the loss of former NASCAR/Sprint Car Driver Jason Leffler, who died as a result of an accident during sprint car race at Bridgeport Speedway in New Jersey. During the same time period, his car owner, Tony Stewart, had suffered a broken leg as a result of a violent crash during a World of Outlaws show in Iowa.

In retrospect, maybe Schatz was on to something?

"I'm not confident that safety measures are (being) met in this sport. There are a lot of people that are working hard to perfect things, to make things better. But sometimes people don't see things until people get hurt," Schatz told the Associated Press. "There are some areas that safety can be addressed. But it's also a gray area that no one wants to get involved in."

This week, fans will attend the 55th Annual FVP Knoxville Nationals with a heavy heart as they mourn the death of Sprint car driver Bryan Clausen. The Indiana native died on August 7, 2016, a result of injuries he suffered from an accident at Belleville (Kansas) Midget Nationals USAC midget race. Clausen was leading the race when he flipped and t-boned by another driver that was a lap down.

Many fans again will ask the question why?

Something to ponder – sprint car racing – both USAC and winged sprint cars are exciting race cars to watch. They’re also very dangerous. Everything happens in a split second. The race cars seem to get faster by the year, 410 sprints cars weigh roughly 1,500 pounds and are powered by a 900 horsepower engine. You wonder sometimes if the safety measures can keep up with the technology?

The driver is literally sitting in a high-tech rocket ship made out of light weight metal. On the longer tracks, a sprint car can hit speeds of at least 140 miles an hour. Mistakes at a high rate of speed can be fatal.

The loss of Bryan Clausen is tragic. The racing world has lost another amazing, talented young driver way too early. Clausen was known for his ability to race at a high level on many different circuits and he will be missed. For now, it's hard to make any sense of this tragic loss. Prayers going to the Clausen family.

UND 19th in FCS Poll

The University of North Dakota football teams starts the preseason ranked 19th in FCS Football.

Rankings as of 8/8/2016
3941 (152)
3636 (2)
3569 (4)
Richmond (0-0)
UNI (0-0)
Montana (0-0)
Citadel (0-0)
Colgate (0-0)
Villanova (0-0)
Towson (0-0)

Others: Youngstown State (393) , Fordham (385) , Harvard (294) , Eastern Kentucky (189) , Southern Utah (162) , Eastern Illinois (151) , Central Arkansas (136) , Duquesne (75) , Alcorn State (62) , Grambling State (59) , Weber State (49) , Penn (46) , Bethune-Cookman (43) , Wofford (43) , Dartmouth (37) , Western Carolina (36) , Liberty (36) , Lamar (28) , Montana State (26) , Delaware (25) , South Dakota (17) , Maine (14) , Dayton (10) , North Carolina Central (10) , Mercer (10) , Prairie View A&M (9) , UT Martin (7) , Samford (7) , South Carolina State (5) , Bryant (4) , Indiana State (3) , Kennesaw State (3) , Southeast Missouri State (2) , Tennessee State (2) , Stony Brook (2) , Southern Illinois (1) , San Diego (1) , Northwestern State (1) , Saint Francis U (1)

Saturday, August 06, 2016

The AHL's new Fighting Rule

The American Hockey League has changed their fighting rules. Their new rules are very similar to the OHL's fighting rules. I have to wonder if the NHL is next? The rules are supposed to affect this fall. 

Rule 46 (“Fighting”)/Rule 23 (“Game Misconducts”) 
• Players who enter into a fight prior to, at, or immediately following the drop of the puck for a faceoff will be assessed an automatic game misconduct in addition to other penalties assessed. 

• During the regular season, any player who incurs his 10th fighting major shall be suspended automatically for one (1) game. For each subsequent fighting major up to 13, the player shall also be suspended automatically for one (1) game. 

• During the regular season, any player who incurs his 14th fighting major shall be suspended automatically for two (2) games. For each subsequent fighting major, the player shall also be suspended automatically for two (2) games. 

• In any instance where the opposing player was assessed an instigator penalty, the fighting major shall not count towards the player’s total for this rule.

Tips for Buying Boat Lifts

When it comes to buying a boat lift for your dock, it's important that you get one to accommodate the water you boat in. Boat dock lifts typically fall into four categories: free-standing, four- or eight-post, floating and overhead. Regardless of which type of boat lift you choose, here are some tips that can help ensure you buy the right lift for your boat.

Electric or Manual

It's important for you to choose if you want a manual lift or an electric one because it will give you a starting point for your search. While electric lifts are easier, they are more expensive. They also require more maintenance, care and a power source.

Check the Specs

Not all boats are the same length and size. You need to ensure that you buy a lift that can support your boat. Check the lift to find out the maximum boat size and weight it can lift. If your boat would put the lift at its maximum capacity, opt for a stronger lift. Maxing out the power can shorten its life span.

Manufacturer Warranty

A boat lift is no small investment. To protect it, make sure it comes with a decent manufacturer warranty. Look for lifts that offer at least a one-year warranty on the motor. If you have the lift professionally installed, make sure the installation company offers a workmanship warranty.

Galvanized or Stainless Steel

It should come as no surprise that salt water is hard on lifts with metal framework. If you need a lift for a saltwater dock, stainless-steel is often the better option. For freshwater docks, however, stainless-steel is a luxury more than a necessity. When choosing between galvanized and stainless-steel, let the water around your home be your guide.

Using these tips, you can outfit your dock with the perfect lift for your boat. The most important thing to remember is to do your homework before deciding on a lift to buy. Learn as much as you can about the manufacturer and the dealer who is selling it to you. Start by looking up customer reviews and any issues the dealer or manufacturer has had in the past few years. Real consumer reviews tell you a lot about a company and how they deal with problems.

Jeff Dubay Sentenced for Meth Possession

On Thursday, we learned that former KFAN and ESPN 1500 personality Jeff Dubay, 48, had been the sentenced for possession of Methamphetamine, a felony. Dubay will also be required to attend and complete drug treatment.

This conviction is a result of an April 29, 2015, traffic stop when Dubay was caught on radar driving 50 MPH in a 35-MPH zone. A search of the vehicle revealed 31 used syringes and one syringe that was filled with drug suspected to be methamphetamine.

According to multiple newspaper reports, at the time of his arrest, Dubay had an outstanding warrant out of Wright County.

According to the SWC Bulletin, Dubay will be allowed to participate in an in-custody Sentence to Service program to reduce his remaining jail time.

To some, this is like Ground Hog Day all over again. First, I want to be clear, I like Dubay. Also, like many fans I am hoping at some point that Dubay can get his act together and recover from this horrible mess. I’ve talked to a few people that have been addicted to Meth and they tell me that it’s very hard to stay clean. So, Dubay is in for a very tough fight. I hope he can fight and defeat his demons and stay sober. I don’t want to see him become a statistic.

Relapses aside, I am pulling for him. Personally, I have met Dubay in numerous social setting (sans drugs) and he was truly a decent human being who was fun to talk hockey with. While he was extremely biased towards the Gophers, he did actually talk college hockey and give college hockey fans a forum to sound off in. After he was fired from KFAN, I had a hard time listening to the nine-noon show.

Back in 2013, I interviewed Dubay and this is what he had to say.

EB: Secret to staying sober?

JD: The key to my sobriety lies in how miserable my life became while using. When you get right down to it how hard is it really to stop doing something that you no longer enjoy at all and in many ways have grown to hate? The bottom line is I want to be sober and I don't want to use. I know that sounds simple but it has been for me and for that I'm very grateful.


Friday, August 05, 2016

UND Woman's Hockey Team to Sport New Logo on their Helmets

So, as we make our way towards the start of the new school year, the new logo is making it's debut on various sports teams helmets and other gear. Today, a tweet was posted on Twitter by the University of North Dakota Women's hockey team. Looks what's on the helmet. The new Fighting Hawks logo will be flying with the women this season. The question some want to know. Will the Men's team helmets sport the new logo?

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

World Cup of Hockey TV Schedule Released

Today, the television schedule for the World Cup of Hockey has been released. The games will be on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN News. Actually, this is kind of exciting. We're going to have some great hockey a bit early this year.