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God Bless America

I got to thinking, this is very appropriate today. Enjoy.

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from the bloggers at Goon's World. What are you thankful for on this holiday?

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Friday, July 03, 2015

Mark Schuttenhelm: Tackling the nickname dilemma

My friend Mark Schuttenhelm wrote this article for today's Jamestown Sun. For those to don't know Mark, he's a great hockey mind and writes a weekly column about college hockey during the regular season. I have sat next to him in the REA press box for the last three seasons. Mark and I have had many great discussions about college hockey and about life in general.

I like what he wrote here. I think he's right, the UND nickname committee has needlessly spent a lot of money to end with these six not so great nickname choices. I don't really like any of these choices. I could tolerate one of the Hawks and Rough Riders. Like Schuttenhelm, I would rather just stay North Dakota, too.
Mark Schuttenhelmm, Jamestown Sun -- The UND nickname committee has narrowed it down to six possibilities — Green Hawks, Fighting Hawks, Nodaks, Roughriders, Sundogs, North Stars.

They're kidding us with these names, right? Unfortunately — no. Sadly, this group is said to be the cream of the crop amongst all the names submitted by the folks.

Now look, I know the nickname committee members are not being paid for this work, so I'm hesitant to rip them. And besides, they have taken on an impossible task. This is a fact I pointed out two years ago when I came out in favor of foregoing a nickname and logo and simply using North Dakota, or UND for short, and thankfully, that option does remain on the table as well.

Back in 2013, I said it was unlikely that anyone could come up with a nickname that would even approach "Fighting Sioux" on any number of levels. Likewise, creating a logo to replace the beautiful Sioux Indian head was also an impossible task.
And seriously, he's right, Sundogs sounds ridiculous, moronic and should have been removed from the nickname list a long time ago. Yet, it's still there. I hope we never have to see Home of the Sundogs.
North Dakota Hockey is succinct, dignified, and gets right to the point, namely, that we are serious about our hockey up here. Substitute any other sport at UND in place of "hockey" and the phrase works equally well. Can you imagine if the side of the Ralph said "Home of the Sundogs?"

Thursday, July 02, 2015

TJ Oshie is now a Washington Capital

by Redwing77

Today, T.J. Oshie, a former UND standout forward and St. Louis first round draft pick, was traded to the Washington Capitals.

In return, St. Louis receives former Blackhawk Troy Brouwer, former MTU goaltender Phoenix Copley, and a 2016 3rd round pick.

Oshie had a down year last year only recording 55 points (19g-36a), which is down from 2013-14 campaign where he had 60 points (21g-39a).  In other words, Oshie had an ok, but not great year last year.

Troy Brouwer had a "stellar" year where he scored 21g-22a (43 pts) in 82 games.  Phoenix Copley played 2 years at MTU before spending one year between Washington's ECHL and AHL team.  He posted a respectable 17-4-3 record with a 2.17 GAA and a .925 Save% in 26 games with the Hershey Bears.

My thoughts?  St. Louis wanted to make changes at the top of their lineup.  That meant trading Backes, Oshie, or both.  They traded Oshie.  They got meh in return.

This isn't a colossally bad trade (like Minnesota did by trading Nick Leddy for Ben Eager a few years back), but it's trading Washington a first line player (who will probably play on Washington's second line) for a 2nd line/3rd line forward.  The video in the article said "I love this move for Washington."  and "I love this move for Oshie."  What did they say for Brouwer and St. Louis?  "Interesting move for St. Louis."  Yup.

I recognize they wanted to make a change.  But the question is:  Are you making a change to make a difference and improve your team or are you making a change just to make a change (send a message)?  My guess:  This was a trade just to make a change.  St. Louis did not improve one bit from this. 

Winner:  Washington

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The End of Native American Nicknames?

Redskins primary logo 1972-1981, 1983-present
The Senate Democrats and President Obama are on a full court press to get rid of the Washington Redskins nickname. I believe they're going to come after other sports teams that use Native American nicknames.

This begs the question, are native American nicknames on the way out? Will they cave to political correctness.
WASHINGTON (AP) The National Park Service won't grant the District of Columbia a new lease for the site of the Washington Redskins' old stadium in part because Interior Secretary Sally Jewell opposes the team's name.

Jewell reiterated that position during a meeting in late April with Mayor Muriel Bowser, Interior Department spokeswoman Jessica Kershaw said. Bowser's administration has been in preliminary talks with the Redskins about moving the team back to Washington and building a new stadium. The team currently plays its home games at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, but the Redskins' lease there expires in 2026.
''Secretary Jewell has been clear that she considers the Washington football team's name a relic of the past and believes it should be changed,'' Kershaw said.
Per the Washington Post:
“Efforts to lure the Washington Redskins back to the District have come up against a potentially insurmountable challenge: the Obama Administration’s objections to the team’s name.”
Where ever you stand on the issue, I don't see some professional teams caving to the political correctness pressure without lawsuits and a big ugly fight. Nor should they.

Seriously, in this case, I could see lawsuits coming or the Redskins relocating to another more friendly area that will allow them to build their new stadium there. The Redskins could just wait till Obama is out of office and see what happens.

Phil Kessel a Pengiun

It's Canada Day in Canada and in the NHL world, we have a blockbuster trade that sent Phil Kessel to the Pittsburgh Penguins. It doesn't look like the Penguins gave up much to get Kessel. Now Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin will have another talented forward to play with.

Per Mike Johnston of Sportsnet.CA:
In return Toronto gets centre Nick Spaling, forward Kasperi Kapanen, defenceman Scott Harrington, plus first- and third-round picks from 2016. Toronto will retain $1.2 million of Kessel’s salary in each of the next seven seasons.

The Leafs are also sending forward Tyler Biggs, defenceman Tim Erixon and a 2016 second-round pick to Pittsburgh.

So, if you're a Leafs fan, do you like this deal? I think that the Penguins have committed a robbery against the Leafs.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

WTH, Sharks acquire goaltender Jones from Bruins

If you're a Boston Bruins fan, are you scratching your head right now. I know that I am. I don't understand it? First, you trade away your muscle of the franchise in Milan Lucic. I get it, he was over paid base on his performace the last two season.

Then you take three players that are at least a year or two away in the NHL Draft. Now, after trading for and receiving a great goaltending prospect, you trade him away for a draft pick and a former Miami RedHawk forward that will have a hard time making the fourth line.

NHL.COM -- The San Jose Sharks acquired goaltender Martin Jones from the Boston Bruins on Tuesday for forward prospect Sean Kuraly

"Martin was at the top of our list of players that we had targeted," Sharks general manager Doug Wilson told the Sharks website. "We're extremely excited to have him on board."

It's the second time in five days Jones has been traded. The Bruins got him Friday as part of the trade that sent forward Milan Lucic to the Los Angeles Kings. Jones can become a restricted free agent if he's not signed by Wednesday.

Per Puck Daddy:
“No, I don’t think it’s a rebuild,” he said on Tuesday. “We have a tremendous core group of guys that will carry and even more tremendous load while we wait for these young players to find their footing.”

UAA Fan Blog Endorses Sundogs :)

Oh, course he does. Why wouldn't he? Lol. Since UND is currently in the process of selecting a new nickname, opposition fans are going to have fun with the process, too. I am sure that if I was a Gopher fan, I probably would find the UND's process of selecting a new nickname to be humorous.

I found this post on the UAA Fan Blog. I want to be clear, this is no way an attempt to start a flame feast. I just thought you might want to read this.
Donald Dunlop, UAA Fan Blog -- There's a lot of history between the NCAA ruling and North Dakota's selection of the name "Sundogs" this weekend. Too much to cover in this post; but of course it's worth noting that this blogger whole-heartedly supported the NCAA and was thrilled to see their original name cast into historical infamy.

My focus today is instead to celebrate the choice that North Dakotan's made. Sundogs are frankly one of the most beautiful atmospheric anomalies. We see our fair share of these here in Alaska as the conditions necessary to see a Sundog occur quite often.

I'm celebrating because I had no idea the people of that state could be so forward-thinking and progressive. The rainbow effect of the Sundog dovetails perfectly with this weeks much ballyhooed ruling from the Supreme Court of the US that same-gender marriage is now the law of the land in all 50 states. I'm absolutely stunned but intensely delighted that the citizens of the flattest, most treeless place on the planet have honored the LGBT community with the rainbow-like Sundog.

Many US states and it's citizenry have been pensively struggling to wrap their minds around the potential effects of this monumentally righteous ruling by SCOTUS. But North Dakota has beaten off the imagined social conflagration and shown it's true colors (the entire spectrum of the rainbow). Good guy North Dakota; what an amazing turn of events. It's left me with respect for that state and it's peoples that I have never had.
So, let's send a little love Donald's way.  Or not. Just a little FYI for the poster that made his comment, I no longer breath through my nose, I had reconstructive nose surgery two years ago.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Grand Forks Herald Letter: Few know sundogs, but everyone knows Roughriders

I have been focusing on the nickname issue because I think it's an important issue. First, I think the UND nickname committee eliminated names that are a lot better than the remaining final seven nicknames. Also, as I mentioned last week, I think we need to reject the Sundogs nickname.

Finally, I am also concerned that UND nickname committee is going to pick a very bad nickname that none of us can get behind. If the nickname committee wants to start a major firestorm, pick Sundogs.

here's one of the latest letters from the Grand Forks Herald. It was kind of long so I took the main point from the letter. You can read the whole thing by clicking on the link.
Eric Groves, BRECKENRIDGE, Colo -- Now to my main point: Sundogs. This is a weather phenomenon that does happen in North Dakota, among other cold weather states. Sure, it is kind of cool to see, but is this a name that deserves to be the nickname of the state's flagship university—UND?

Some have said this represents Grand Forks. This is not the University of Grand Forks, so let's think bigger than that.

To me, the answer is a resounding no. I do not want my university's nickname to be a weather phenomenon. I definitely do not want the logo to be some sort of rainbow.

There are many state universities that adopt their state's nickname as their nickname. Of the seven names the committee and consultants deemed "popular", there is one that does stick out. Roughriders. Which happens to be one of North Dakota's nicknames: the Roughrider State.

A common argument is that Red River High School in Grand Forks is the Roughriders. Hazen High School in Hazen, N.D., is the bison, the exact same name as another major university in the state. I can live with that.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Post-Draft Thoughts and Reflections

by Redwing77

The 2015 NHL draft is over and with it, lots of news from highly drafted players from BU to highly baffling decisions by Boston.  Intriguing to be sure.

UND had four players drafted in Boeser, Tomek, Wolanin, and Wilkie.  Honestly, if you read a lot about the surprise about Wolanin's draft, be so.  He was unranked on the rankings and was slated to be undrafted yet went in the 4th round.

This isn't unheard of for UND freshmen.  Remember:  Brett Bruneteau was drafted in the 4th round by Washington and he wasn't on anyone's boards.

This doesn't mean much.  Going from what Sirius Radio analysts opine, those taken in the 4th round or later are various project picks designated boom or bust in various levels of perceived values (in other words, a project pick taken in the 4th round is seen to have more of a possibility or upside than one taken in the 7th round).  Pretty straight forward, not out on the limb type stuff.

In other news, former UND commit turned flake Ryan Gropp got drafted in the second round.  Good for him.  I'm sure he'll light it up at...wherever.

To me, the biggest winners from the NHL Draft:

1.  The QMJHL.  It seems like every other pick came from the Q.
2.  Michigan U.  The Wolverines led the NCAA in NHL draft picks with 7
3.  China.  Their first ever NHL draft pick came in this year's draft.  I didn't know Yao Ming could skate (ha ha ha.. no really, this kid, Song is his last name, seems to be a pretty decent skater)
4.  BU and BC had great representation in the first two rounds
5.  Team USA:  MANY drafted
6.  Buffalo and Edmonton.  Edmonton drafted and traded well, but I think Buffalo was the best overall in every respect on draft day.


1.  Boston Bruins.  Sorry Goon.  First, they trade for Martin Jones.  Why?  I guess that's a strong endorsement for Malcolm Subban's development?  They couldn't keep Svedberg (who Siriux/XM said Boston had soured over but I didn't think he was all that bad) but really...  Sean McIndoe (@DownGoesBrown) tweeted:  Martin Jones: I hate being stuck behind an all-star on a long term deal. Agent: You just got traded. Jones: Awesome! Where to? Agent: Um...

And the three picks.  Ok, the two picks.  The #13 pick was fine.  The other two?  Sorry.  There were FAR FAR FAR better players on the board.  In fact, the #15 pick, Senyshyn, wasn't on anyone's draft board before the Boston's 4th pick, #39 in the second round so they could have chosen someone like UMich commit Kyle Connor or Matthew Barzal.

I know Goon's a big B's fan and will probably disagree with me but this is NOT a good debut for Don Sweeney.  Sadly, a snarky commentby Sean McIndoe (@DownGoesBrown) stated "$100 to Chiarelli if he goes up there for this pick and leads off with "Miss me yet, Boston?"

Hindsight might prove me wrong.  Senyshyn may be a great pick.  Debrusk might be a great pick.  But only hindsight will change most people's minds.

For the record, however, I think trading Lucic was a good idea.  Sometimes you have to let a guy you love go.  I remember when my Wings let Federov go.  Now, that wasn't as amicable a parting as Lucic's situation, but still... I loved Federov.  As for Hamilton, I think money was the issue, sure, but there is NO WAY.. NO ING WAY Calgary's offer was the best out there, even if Boston didn't want to trade him to Edmonton.  NO WAY.

2.  Vancouver Canucks:  Another awesome snarky comment on Twitter:  Jun 27
Five years ago the Canucks had Roberto Luongo, Cory Schneider and Eddie Lack. Now they have no cash, no jobs and no goaltending.

Ok, I'm not sure if I necessarily agree with "no" goaltending.  Ryan Miller is a good goaltender, but sadly he's no longer great.  And Jacob Markstromm is actually looking to be solid.  I've seen him play on TV a few times and he looked inconsistent but solid.  In other words, a Swedish Marc Andre Fleury.

3.  Pittsburgh Penguins:  They did nothing.  Nothing at all.  Well, they were talked about a lot in the Kessel sweepstakes.  They were mentioned in acquiring Jeff Skinner from Carolina.... but Pierre McGuire couldn't even make the Penguins relevant in this year's draft.  They need cap relief and the Pens didn't seem to care to do it this way, whereas many other teams did.

4.  Peter Chiarelli - Former B's GM and current Edmonton GM called Florida a city.  Good for you Peter. 

5.  Pierre McGuire - Just because he's got no excuse for being as ill-informed as he always seems to be.  If it isn't related to Crosby, he doesn't know.  Time for TSN to assign a "minder" to McGuire to stop him from sticking his foot in his mouth.  Oh, and if he's going to be between the benches, he needs to wear a helmet.  He's been hit a few too many times.

Mike Commodore goes off on Pierre McGuire

Former NHLer and University of North Dakota defenseman Mike Commodore took to twitter to express his displeasure with Pierre McGuire. He's not alone, there are many fans that can't stand McGuire. I see a lot of NHL fans expressing their thoughts about McGuire on social media often, many of them aren't very flattering. So, what do you think of big Mike's thoughts?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wild Fans Exhale: Devan Dubnyk Re-Signs with the Wild

Crosses fingers. I think we don't have to worry about backup goalie Niklas Backstrom being in the mix next season., unless there's a lot of injuries. Or at least I hope we don't. The Wild have re-signed Devan Dubnyk. Wild fans can now exhale.

Per Michael Russo:
After three days of heavy-duty negotiation, the Wild has agreed to terms with the goaltender on a six-year, $26 million deal, sources say. That's a $4.33 million cap hit, making Dubnyk the 21st-highest paid goaltender in the game. He makes $5 million each of the first four years, $3.5 million and $2.5 million the last two. There is a limited no-trade clause for part of the deal.

"Like I said from the outset, he’s been very clear that he wanted to remain in Minnesota and we’ve been adamant about trying to keep him," GM Chuck Fletcher said. "We’ve been chasing stability in the goaltending position and we’re hopeful that Devan can be a steadying influence back there."

The deal almost certainly makes young goalie Darcy Kuemper expendable at some point. But at a $1.25 million salary and the Wild in the need of a backup this year, the time to trade Kuemper could come later in the season or next summer.

Friday, June 26, 2015

NHL Draft Chat

Live Blog NHL Draft

Come chat about the NHL draft.

The Wild Are Going to the Gophers: Mike Reilly Picks Wild

If you're a Minnesota Gopher fan, you're probably really happy right now. The highly-sought free agent and former Minnesota Golden Gopher Mike Reilly had narrowed his choices down to four teams, the Wild, Blackhawks, Kings and Penguins were said to be in the running for Reilly's services. If you're  a Columbus Blue Jacket fan, you're probably not all that happy.  
Michael Russo, Russo's Rants -- The Mike Reilly sweepstakes are coming to an end this afternoon and unless something backfires, he will be signing with the Wild.

But in other much-anticipated news, sources tell me agent Pat Brisson is expected to call Fletcher this afternoon with the news that Reilly has chosen the Wild. He can not officially sign until Wednesday.

Again, unless something backfires (I keep saying that because Reilly's camp has not informed the Wild yet), Reilly is expected to agree to a two-year, $1.85 million deal (plus bonuses) with the Wild, sources say.
So, if you're a Wild fan that's not a Gopher fan, are there too many ex-Gophers on the Wild? I am sure that Drunk Hockey Guy will go out and buy a new Minnesota Wild jersey with Reilly's name on the back. :)

More Flawed Logic

I am going to be here pointing out the flawed points about adopting the Sundogs nickname. I just found this little doozy. This is why I am no board with any of the other six nickname choices that aren't Sundogs.
There was an letter published June 25 in support of the name and logo of Sundogs for UND (Making the case for UND Sundogs," Page A4). I concur for the reasons stated, but additionally, Sundogs would provide perfect imagery for and connections with UND's membership in the Big Sky conference.

It's time for those associated with the university to turn the page and move forward with a new chapter. Those favoring just "North Dakota" are those who cling to using "Fighting Sioux," unofficially, forever.

Loyalties should be toward the institution, not imagery. Just look at all the high school consolidations and sports cooperatives that not only changed logos and mascots but also school colors as well. (Dave Davidson Sr., Devils Lake)

Grand Forks Herald Letter: The truth: UND, system officials wanted the name change

As you have nave noticed, I have been scanning the Grand Forks opinion page. Like one of my Facebook friends suggested, I am actually surprised that the Herald Editorial staff approved this letter. This letter was too big to post in it's entirely, so I posted the part that makes the point. Thoughts?
(Read the whole article at the Herald) That does not mean restoring the name and image. It means for the university and university system to tell the truth.

We faced so much deceit and deception for seven long years at the hands of the state's higher education system. We were not fighting the NCAA as much as the state's education system. We would have stopped fighting at any time if they were honest enough to say that they were the ones—not the Sioux—who wanted the name changed.

As they stated in four different courts, "the Sioux mean nothing." The Sioux fought hard and long for truth, honor and justice.

Choosing a new name without first telling the truth is just adding to the disgrace that has taken place at UND for more than seven years. The vast majority of alumni, North Dakotans and Sioux tribal members hold honor, integrity and respect at their very core. Sadly, the university administration today believes in none of that.

Cline is correct that in 2012, the state primary was 2-to-1 in support of dropping the name and image; but in January 2011, the citizens voiced their support by a 17-1 ratio.
As I wrote yesterday. This is why we must reject the Sundogs name. As long as the Sundogs name is still alive, there's a chance that UND ends up with this stupid nickname. A majority of UND fans, Students and Alumni reject this nickname.

In addition to the many good reasons Mario Solis presented in his recent letter to the editor for selection of the name Sundogs for UND, add this one: UND appears in the middle of the name—sUNDogs. I like the idea!
(Letter to the editor)

Margaret Williams,

Grand Forks

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Let's Reject Sundogs Outright

This is the kind of thinking and logic that has to be rejected outright, or UNDWILL end up with the nickname like Sundogs.

It’s a letter to the Grand Forks Letter to the editor (LETTER: A case for the UND "Sundogs). If you want to read it, you can click on the link.
What should work to convince us all is a simple Google image search for Sundogs (I would use search tools to select only large images to really bring it home). Sundogs are beautiful displays of nature that are native to our winter lands. Their majestic appearance cannot be done justice by mere words. I urge Herald readers to examine the phantasmagoria.

There is also a wonderful fan-participation opportunity if we select the Sundogs. Sundogs appear in the winter because of the heavy presence of ice crystals in the atmosphere. Fans can play summoners of Sundogs by wearing blue (color of the sky) and/or bringing crystals to games.

In case Herald readers aren't convinced that Sundogs is the superior of the seven, I have one final proposition. Sundogs are generally formed by three lights, with our Sun at the center being flanked by two slightly smaller, slightly angled Sun illusions. These three lights could be named individually. As a way to provide an overlapping consensus, I propose that these dogs be named Nodak, North Star, and Hawkeye (or something with "Green").

Here come the sUNDogs!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Herald Letter: For UND's sake, let university adopt new nickname

I am sure that the Fighting Sioux supporters will be excited with this lecture. Does anyone want to bet this guy is also a supporter of the nickname Sundogs? It sounds like it. First, I don't think that anyone is suggesting that we go back to the Fighting Sioux nickname.

Also, there's no reason to just select a new nickname for the sole reason having a new one. This is why I caution the UND nickname committee to proceed carefully. Don't let the Paul Clines of the world dictate the terms moving forward.

(Link to the Letter)
In many ways, these past few years have been the time of political lost causes. In Washington, Republicans in Congress have tried unsuccessfully more than 70 times to repeal Obamacare. Likewise, it's impossible to watch Fox News for any length of time without someone bringing up Benghazi and Hillary Clinton.

Although the issue has been a GOP talking point for two years, it is a story that never gains traction, much to the tea party's dismay.

Closer to home, we have our own never-ending story: the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo. Despite gallons of journalistic ink, several court cases and a statewide vote to repeal the name that passed by a 2-to-1 margin, there is a segment of North Dakota society that cannot let go.

While I understand their frustration and can quote Eunice and David Davidson's arguments verbatim (that is how long this story has been around), there comes a time when clinging to one's sincerely held beliefs stops being a virtue and simply becomes a form of pride and idolatry.

I do not begrudge the other side their belief. They have fought long and hard for a cause they believe in deeply.

But I do resent their efforts to sabotage UND's future by erecting roadblocks in the process of choosing a new name. Despite their rhetoric, their actions show a profound animosity toward the institution they claim to support.

Continuing to compete as North Dakota would be acceptable if none of the other names were satisfactory. That is not the case.

The people of North Dakota voted to retire the nickname. It would take UND dropping out of the NCAA and another statewide vote to reinstate the name. Neither is going to happen.

It is wrong to block the future because of hard feelings over the past. It is time to move on.

Paul Cline, Grand Forks

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Play the GM for an Hour

by Redwing77

Ok, I heard an ad for this segment on NHL radio on Sirius/XM and I was unable to catch this segment but it got me thinking.

Here's what the host challenged:  You are the GM of your favorite team for 1 hour in which you can make any ONE move, no strings attached.  What would it be?

The host stipulated that it could be a front office move, a trade, a buyout, a signing, or whatever realistically possible and rational (so, no "I'd trade my 2015 7th round draft pick for Jonathan Toews" nonsense).

Which team would it be and what would you do?

After following the Blackhawks this postseason, and I was Bowman, I'd go against the grain and try to keep Sharp and get rid of....  Bickell and Crawford.  Look, Bickell is the next Dave Bolland.  Yeah, he's nice to have but he wasn't really visible.  And with the emergence of Shaw, you don't need him.  And Crawford may have two rings now but he's the most mediocre ring-winner I've seen.  I'd trade Crawford and Bickell to Philly for one of their logjammed D prosects, a 2015 3rd round pick, and a conditional 2016 midround pick.  The Blackhawks now have taken two nobody goaltenders and turned them into Stanley Cup champions (Niemi and Crawford).  They can do the same with Raanta and Darling... or they could go out and sign Ramo or someone.  Who really cares.  It's plug and play.

As for my Wings?  Yeesh.  They need depth at forward and, imo, a top 4 defenseman.  I think I'd do something rash like.... win the lottery again and try to steal Dougie Hamilton away from the Bruins.  NHL Radio suggests that Edmonton could do this very thing but comon Dougie, Motown is better than Edmonton!

So, what would you do?

Tuesday Readers Poll: Your Pick for UND’s Nickname

Of the 7 remaining Nickname Selections, which one do you like?

North Stars
North Dakota
Fighting Hawks

Poll Maker

Here's your chance to vote. Which nickname option do you like the most? Vote for your favorite choice.