Thursday, October 06, 2016

Is The NFL Losing Money?

According to this market watch article, the NFL is losing money. On a side note, I do wonder if the anti-anthem theme has anything to do with this?
The NFL has been sacked for a loss.

Once considered immune to the audience erosion plaguing the television industry, ratings for the National Football League have tumbled through the first four weeks of the season.

TV networks have bet heavily on sports in general, and the NFL in particular, because of the must-see value of their content. While more viewers are watching commercial-free streaming services like Netflix or recording shows on DVRs and skipping the ads, sports is still primarily watched live, making it valuable to advertisers.

Combined, ESPN DIS, +0.41% , Fox FOXA, -0.53% , NBC CMCSA, -0.59% and CBS CBS, -0.35% are spending an average of $5 billion a year for football rights through 2021. The games not only score big ratings and ad sales, but are crucial platforms to promote other programming.

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