Monday, October 17, 2016

Grand Forks Herald Letter: Fighting Hawks end UND's logo curse

From today's letter to the editor, Travis Oliver from Crookston, Minnesota says that the old Fighting Sioux logo was cursed. Thoughts?
To sum up, Ben Brien's Sioux head logo never won a NCAA national title. All the great players, all the great teams—and that logo cursed them.

Sure, it's possible that UND wasn't cursed, and they lost those games for other reasons. But the next time you look up at the eight national-title banners hanging in the Ralph, realize that not only were none of them won with that logo, but the two most recent wins bookend the logo's use.

These are the exact elements that make up curses throughout sports history.

UND fans still despise the NCAA for taking the Sioux logo. Seems disrespectful to me, to hate the very organization that supplies you with what you cherish most: national titles.


  1. I suppose that makes sense, if you're really stupid.

    1. Apparently, this guy is a Gopher fan.


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