Monday, June 13, 2016

Is Vanek Done in Minnesota?

Thomas Vanek came to the Minnesota Wild as a free-agent signing period during the summer of 2014. Since signing in Minnesota, Vanek has underperformed (scoring 39 goals and 93 points) and been the center of a lot of criticism. Some of the criticism was warranted, some not. Some of it was downright rude. Needless to say,  Wild fans weren't happy with his two-year performance.

That being said, Vanek wasn't pleased with his performance either.  In April, he told the Twin Cities media, "I'm not happy with my year, but I still believe I'm a 30 goal scorer." You have to credit Vanek, he's a very honest person.

Yes, there were a lot of fans and bloggers chuckling about that comment.

For a second year in a row Vanek was hurt at the end of the season. This season, Vanek had broken ribs and was unable to play during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

According to NBC's Pro Hockey Talk, Vanek's time in Minnesota could be over.

Rumblings have Minnesota considering a Thomas Vanek buyout. Vanek, 32, is heading into the last of a three-year, $19.5 million deal with a $6.5M cap hit, and is owed $7.5 million in salary. He’s coming off a disappointing year in which he scored a career-low 18 goals.
As a Wild apologist, I would rather see the Wild buyout a few other players first. I am looking at Jason Pominville, first. Question: are you on the buyout Vanek wagon? Do you want him to return and play out his contract? I am on the fence.

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  1. I agree that people beat up on vanek way too much. Have a little respect for a guy that turned down WAY more money to play in a state that he loves. Yes, without a doubt he underperformed but the team and league itself has changed a lot in recent years. It's much faster than what vanek is used to. It's not like he was a waste of space just what everyone was hoping for. The problem with a pomi buyout is it stays in the books way longer as he has longer term. Pomi was a bigger disappointment than vanek. The problem with these guys is everyone wants to be a support not the guy to bury the damn puck. We need someone to go against the grain and shoot like crazy instead of look past first all the time. Look at how effect dumba was when he did it... And he's a D man. Get a couple of guys to shoot first ask questions later and this team looks a lot different


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