Thursday, April 28, 2016

No One Should be Shocked

April Baumgarten, news editor of the Grand Forks Herald has this interesting blog post. I find it interesting that some are just starting to realize that UND hockey fans aren't getting behind the new nickname. No one should be shocked by this. I am not so sure that it's ever going to happen. Seriously, it also doesn't matter if the John Lipp's of the world are offended by the fact that UND fans still use the Fighting Sioux nickname.

No one should be shocked by this. You can't force people to accept something that they don't want to get behind. Obviously, the old nickname isn't coming back. It won't ever.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if in the back of their minds UND officials were thinking an NCAA win under the Fighting Hawks name would cement the idea that it’s time to move on and embrace the change. After all, the Hawks are 1-0 for winning the Frozen Four, and what better way to start out the nickname legacy with a championship?

If that’s what they thought, they were probably disappointed.

The chants of “Sioux Forever” and “Let’s Go Sioux” probably have never been so loud. Fans wore their Sioux gear proudly as they cheered on the hockey team. Even UND’s former head coach Dave Hakstol, who had his own playoffs to focus on as he led the Philadelphia Flyers against the Washington Capitals, rooted for his old hockey team with a “Go Sioux.” (Baums Away)
I've been saying this for a long time. You can't expect 80 years of history to change overnight. Also,  the more people tell the Sioux Forever people to move on, the more they will resist.
No matter what side you are on — whether you want the retired nickname back or if you think it’s time to move on — there is one thing no one can’t deny. The Fighting Sioux name isn’t going anywhere for a long time.
Finally, to the people that are making a big deal about the hockey fans not embracing  the new nickname. You're wasting your time.

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