Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wild Fans Exhale: Devan Dubnyk Re-Signs with the Wild

Crosses fingers. I think we don't have to worry about backup goalie Niklas Backstrom being in the mix next season., unless there's a lot of injuries. Or at least I hope we don't. The Wild have re-signed Devan Dubnyk. Wild fans can now exhale.

Per Michael Russo:
After three days of heavy-duty negotiation, the Wild has agreed to terms with the goaltender on a six-year, $26 million deal, sources say. That's a $4.33 million cap hit, making Dubnyk the 21st-highest paid goaltender in the game. He makes $5 million each of the first four years, $3.5 million and $2.5 million the last two. There is a limited no-trade clause for part of the deal.

"Like I said from the outset, he’s been very clear that he wanted to remain in Minnesota and we’ve been adamant about trying to keep him," GM Chuck Fletcher said. "We’ve been chasing stability in the goaltending position and we’re hopeful that Devan can be a steadying influence back there."

The deal almost certainly makes young goalie Darcy Kuemper expendable at some point. But at a $1.25 million salary and the Wild in the need of a backup this year, the time to trade Kuemper could come later in the season or next summer.


  1. Pretty good for just about 1 good year.

    Too bad they couldn't make it a 2 or 3 year deal.

    1. Yep. that would have been ideal.

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    3. My fear is that Dubnyk's career year was exactly that. A career year. It's kindof like the concerns coming out of NY regarding Cam Talbot. Yeah, he did great for the Rangers but Edmonton doesn't have the D the Rangers had in front of Cam. Will he be any better?

      However, that being said, Minnesota would've looked bad for walking away from Dubnyk and they don't have anything really behind him. Kuemper, I still think, will be good if he can get his attitude fixed and humility installed. Backstrom is another Cristobal Huet. Feel bad for the guy, but he's got nothing left to give.

      I think the guy everyone's going to regret NOT going after is the new NY Ranger backup, Antti Raanta. I think Darling leapfrogged him because Chicago wanted Raanta to play, not warm a bench. Darling is the quintessential NHL journeyman backup goalie. Good kid, solid backup. Never going to be a #1. I think Raanta will be something if he can get away from all world #1 goaltenders on his depth chart.


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