Monday, August 18, 2014

Star Tribune: Lawsuit threat dropped by Bellecourt's group

Very good news for the Warriors logo. Clyde Bellecourt has dropped his his plans to sue Warroad High School for using the Warriors logo. Here's my suggestion to Bellecourt, maybe you should have done some research before you tried to strong arm the Warroad community and Warroad High School.
Patrick Reusse, Star Tribune -- Clyde Bellecourt and his cohorts caved in on the Warroad Warriors after a meeting with Henry Boucha on Monday. Basically, Bellecourt's group released a statement admitting that it did not properly research the connection between the nickname, Warroad High School and the Warroad Indian Community.

Here was the statement released to Jess Myers, formerly a Warroad resident and a reporter who has been following this story:
Here's a post in question from Henry Boucha's Facebook page.

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