Tuesday, July 01, 2014

UPDATED: 2014 NHL Free Agency Opent Thread - Vanek to the Wild


Ehrhoff, Christian, D, Buffalo -  Pittsburgh, 4M one year

Malhotra, Manny, C, Carolina - Montreal $850K one year

Michalek, Milan, LW, Ottawa, Ottawa, 12m, three seasons

Johnson, Chad, G, Boston, New York Islanders, 2.6M two years

Pouliout, Beniot, LW, Rangers, Edmonton, 20M five years

Fayne, Mark, D, New Jersey, Edmonton, 14M, four years

Peters, Justin, G, Carolina, Washington, 1M, two years

Stastny, Paul, C, Colorado, St. Louis, 28M, four years

Cammalleri, Mike, LW, Calgary, New Jersey, 25M, five years

Stoner, Clayton, D, Minnesota, Anaheim, 13M, four years

Jokinen, Jussi, LW, Pittsburgh, Florida, 16M, four years

Boyle, Dan, D, New York Islander, New York Rangers, 9m, two years

Bolland, Dave, C, Toronto, Florida, 27.5M, three years

Gilbert, Tom, D, Florida, Montreal, 5.6M, two years

Raymond, Mason, LW, Toronto, Calgary, 9.5 M, three years

Weaver, Mike, D, Montreal, Montreal, 1.5M, one year

Montoya, Al, G, Winnipeg, Montreal, 1.75M, one year

Miller, Ryan, G, St. Louis, Vancouver, 18M, three years

Lindback, Anders, G, Tampa Bay, Dallas, 925K, one year

Greiss, Thomas, G, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, 1M, one year

Hemsky, Ales, RW, Ottawa, Dallas, 12M, three years

Comeau, Blake, LW, Columbus, Pittsburgh, 700k, one year

Orpik, Brooks, D, Pittsburgh, Washington, 27.5M, five years

Gionta, Brian, RW, Montreal, Buffalo, 12.75M, three years

Perreault, Mathieu, C, Anaheim, Washington, 9M, three years

Thornton, Shawn, RW, Boston, Florida, 2.4M, two years

Hiller, Jonas, G, Anaheim, Calgary, 9M, two years

Vanek, Thomas, LW, Montreal, Minnesota, 19.5M, three years

Robidas, Stephane, D, Anaheim, Toronto, N/A, three years

Glass, Tanner, LW, Pittsburgh, Rangers, 4.35M, three years

Moore, Dominic, C, Rangers, Rangers, 3M, two years

Moulson, Matt, LW, Minnesota, Buffalo, 25M, five years

Havlat, Martin, RW, San Jose, New Jersey, 1.5M, one year

Iginla, Jarome, RW, Boston, Colorado, 16M, three years

Street, Ben, Calgary, Colorado, 650K, N/A

Komarov, Leo, LW, Toronto, Toronto, 11.8M, four years

Regin, Peter, C, Chicago, Chicago, 650K, N/A

Tlusty, Jiri, RW, Carolina, Carolina, 2.95M, one year

Stralman, Anton, D, Rangers, Tampa bay, 20M, five years

Bernier, Steve, RW, New Jersey, New Jersey, 600K, one year

Fedun, Taylor, D, Edmonton, San Jose, 600K, one year

Meuller, Chris, C, Dallas, Rangers, N/A. N/A

Redmond, Zach, D, Winnipeg, Colorado, 1.5M, two years

Engelland, Deryk, D, Pittsburgh, Calgary, 8.7M, three years

McCormick, Cody, C, Minnesota, Buffalo, 4.5M, three years

Brennan, T.J. D, Toronto, Islanders, 600K, one year

Labrie, Pierre-Cedric, LW, Tampa Bay, Chicago N/A, one year

Porter, Kevin, LW, Buffalo, Detroit, N/A, one year

Blunden, Mike, RW, Montreal, Tampa Bay, 600K, one year

Clemmensen, Scott, G, Florida, New Jersey, N/A, one year

Meszaros, Andrei, D, Boston, Buffalo, 4M, one year

Hunwick, Matt, Colorado, Rangers, 600K, one year

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