Thursday, June 26, 2014

UND Hockey: Nick Mattson's former coach gives him kudos

I wrote an article for the Hockey Writers and one of the subjects that I covered was UND defenseman Nick Mattson. (Click to View) ... Mattson is one of my favorite current UND players and he's a lot of fun to cover.

EB: North Dakota defenseman Nick Mattson trained and worked at Breakaway Hockey, how has Nick developed as a player?

AB: Well, I wish I could watch Nick play more games but I was really impressed how he ended the collegiate season this year.  He seemed to play a lot of minutes and play in every situation.  Confidence is everything for a hockey player and he seemed to play with a lot of belief in his game at the end of the year.
EB: What has impressed you the most about Nick’s game the last three seasons? What do you like about his game?
AB: His skills are fantastic: Skating, puck handling, vision.   As a youth player he was dominant in Minnesota hockey.  I know there is so much more structure at the collegiate and professional levels but the game still comes down to great players making plays.  Nick is capable of making special plays.  I would like to see him continue to jump into the play more and shoot more from the blue line.  You have to get the puck to the net to be a great offensive defenseman at the D1 level.

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