Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Should the Blues Trade T.J. Oshie?

One of my fellow writers from the Hockey Writers has suggested that the Blues trade former Fighting Sioux forward T.J. Oshie, while his stock is high. I would say no, unless it's going to be to the Wild or Bruins, but that's just me...
David Lipscomb, The Hockey Writers -- As the Blues have repeatedly shown in playoffs past, their failure to score the big goal and compensate for lineup holes was never more evident than in the 2013 playoffs versus the Chicago Blackhawks. If only the shootout was a factor in the postseason, Oshie might have had a bigger impact. However, there are teams (New Jersey Devils, I’m looking at you) that couldn’t crack the final eight due to shootout ineptitude, squandering valuable loser points. For them, the idea of gaining an asset like Oshie would help mitigate the PR and ticket sale backlash associated with missing the playoffs, while helping them potentially gain entry into a tournament where — especially in the East — almost anyone has a chance at a Finals run.

By now many Blues fans have already clicked off the page, enraged at the thought of selling off the youthful face of the franchise and breaking the hearts of South St. Louis girls everywhere. But consider this for a moment: would two solid forwards — picking on the Devils once again — Henrique and perhaps a veteran like Danius Zubrus — not help this team begin to overcome their postseason woes? Does anyone think Oshie’s stock and perception will ever be higher than it is now? What do you think the Devils would pay to make the playoffs and allow the chips to fall where they may? After coming within two wins of the Cup in 2012, they may think they’re on the precipice of being a real postseason threat in the East. Given the seemingly random nature of the teams that emerge from the East, they may be right.

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