Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Is Milan Lucic playing with fire?

First, Milan Lucic will not be fined, suspended or even slapped by the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety for his latest stick transgression. That being said, the Montreal Canadiens, and their fans were up in arms with the Boston Bruins tough guy and his latest cup check of his favorite dance partner Hab's defenseman Alexei Emelin. Let's just say, those two have a history.

Another game, another Lucic cup check. We got quit a history starting to develop here. Emelin isn't going to fight Lucic or anyone else. There's a reason for that, and Taylor Shire from the Bleacher Report tells us why.
During a 2009 playoff game, while playing with Kazan AK-Bars in the Kontinental Hockey League, Emelin got into a fight with Alexander Svitov, who rearranged Emelin’s face. Emelin was left face down, bleeding profusely on the ice after taking a couple solid punches to the face.

Emelin had a concussion, a broken nose and needed facial reconstruction. Now he has several metal plates under his left eye. So, that’s a good enough reason not to fight Malone. Why risk more injury to your already-injured face? There could be long-term effects.

Last night,  at the 12:05 mark of the third period, Lucic again stuck his stick in Emelin's nether region. Like most of us watching, it was so subtle that we didn't see it. For the most part, the play went undetected, even by the television announcers. After the play in question, the two separated without incident and went their separate ways. After the whistle, Looch whispered sweet nothings in Emelin's ear. I am sure they weren't exchanging phone numbers.

I would say that Lucic is starting to develop a nasty reputation of having a way ward stick. This way ward stick, seems to keep connecting with his opponents' testicles. In my opinion, that's bush league, Lucic is better than that.

After reading the book "The Code" - one might say that Lucic has broken the hockey code by doing these types of bush league tactics. Let's not forget, that turnabout is also fair play. Someday, someone is going to catch him with a retaliation type hit. Lucic brought this on himself.

Lastly, I am a Boston Bruins fan, for that I make no apologies, but I must say that these incidents are starting to become a regular occurrence. This is disappointing. Again, Lucic is better than this, he doesn't need to resort to these types of dirty, cheap hits.

At what point does the NHL step in and sanction him a punishment that more teeth to it, it's not like he hasn't been warned. Before we go there, the Hab's aren't a bunch of saints and they don’t hold the moral high ground, either. Last night, Zdeno Chara was caught with a vicious slash by a Hab’s player as well.
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