Monday, April 07, 2014

My In-House Rivalry

As we get closer and closer to the much anticipated game against the Gophers, I can't help but see all of the chirping going back and forth between the two fan bases over Twitter and other social media sites.

Coming from a split household myself, I get a first hand experience of the rivalry. My dad, who grew up in Minneapolis, and bleeds maroon, is probably the prime target to chirp with me whenever we end up playing Minnesota.

He is always quick to bring up the National Championship game with Neal Broten's game winner, but like the knowledgeable UND fan that I am, I'm usually quick to fire back with the obvious seven is greater than five, or just bring up the Chris Porter wrap around of 2007.

This in house rivalry for me just makes this series that much more special to me. Not only does it make me get into the games that much more, but it also brings my dad and I closer together, even though we wear opposing colors now.

This is just one of those rivalry's that the fan bases could chirp back and forth for days on and still there could be know true winner, especially from the most knowledgeable fans. That's what makes this fun, but always remember, stay classy everyone.
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