Friday, April 04, 2014

Blast from the past: Vannelli vs.McMahon

The date was October 24, 2004, the Minnesota Gophers beat the UND Fighting Sioux on the score board 6-0. UND would get the best of the Gophers in the physical department. Something you don't see very often in college hockey, a full out knock down fight.

MIN-5 Alex Goligoski (2-Roughing) 20:00
MIN-6 Garrett Smaagaard (2-Roughing) 20:00
MIN-7 Mike Vannelli (5-Fighting) 20:00
MIN-8 Mike Vannelli (10-Game Disqualification) 20:00
NDK-3 Rylan Kaip (2-Roughing)20:00
NDK-4 Quinn Fylling (2-Roughing) 20:00
NDK-5 Rory McMahon (5-Fighting) 20:00
NDK-6 Rory McMahon (10-Game Disqualification) 20:00
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