Friday, April 25, 2014

Adrian Dater: Matt Cooke is a gutless puke

Here’s a new drinking game, every time Adrian Dater of the Denver Post mentions Matt Cooke’s name, drink.

Yep, Matt Cooke did a bad thing; he blew out an Av’s player’s knee with a dirty leg check. This is fact. This is not up for debate. But I find it funny that a beat writer for a National Hockey League team would make him the focus of every article. Maybe Cooke is in the Av's head, or at least their beat writers.
Adrian Dater, Denver Post -- There are so many other problems hurting the team right now, most having to with injuries. Damn injuries – they always spoil all the fun. Matt Duchene still isn’t ready yet. John Mitchell can’t do much more than just stretches with a long rubber band. He has not attempted to skate since getting hurt at the end of the year.

Of course, no Tyson Barrie anymore. That 6-on-4 at the end sure would have been a good place to use a Barrie, eh? He’s not here anymore, though, because of gutless puke Matt Cooke.

Regardless, the better team won Games 3 and 4. The Avs’ offense was just nowhere to be seen in St. Paul, and the question of whether they can rediscover it in Denver for Game 5 Saturday seems like a very dicey question indeed. We’re still not going to see Duchene and Mitchell, so it’s still a situation of “Gee, sure hope the third and fourth lines can give us something, anything, and we can get those top two lines going again.”

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