Friday, January 10, 2014

NCHC Shootout numbers

Today, I was bored and the topic of the Shootout has had a lot of discussion as of late. Some of the discussion has been in favor of the shootout and, others have down right slammed it.  I am in favor of the shootout, I think it’s a good way to settle “regular” season games that are tied after regulation and after the overtime is over.

Yesterday, Vancouver Canucks head coach John Tortrella said, "That gimmick should be out of the league."

November 8, 2013: Denver vs. C.C. Denver wins in a shootout against C.C. 2-1 in two rounds.

Shootout goals DU: Joey LaLeggia (1-1), David Makowski (1-1).

Shootout Goals C.C.:  0

Shootout Records DU: Joey LaLeggia (1-1), David Makowski (1-1)
Shootout Record: C.C.:  Charlie Taft (0-1), Alexander Krushelnyski (0-1)
DU Shootout Record 1-0 – C.C. Shootout Record 0-1

November 22, 2013: SCSU vs. C.C., The Tigers win in a shootout against the Huskies 3-2 in three rounds.

Shootout goals C.C.:  Scott Wamsqanz (1-1)

Shootout goals SCSU: 0

SCSU shootout record: Joey Benik (0-1), David Morely (0-1), Kalle Kossila (0-1).
C.C. shootout record: Scott Wamsganz (1-1), Alexander Krushelnyski (0-1).
C.C. Shootout Record 1-1 – SCSU Shootout Record: 0-1

December 7, 2013: UNO vs. C.C., the UNO Mavericks win in a shootout win against the Tigers (4-3) in four rounds.

Shootout goals UNO Mavericks:  Josh Archibald 1-1, Ryan Walters 1-1

Shootout goals C.C. Tigers: Alexander Krushelnyski (1-1)

Shootout records C.C. Tigers: Alexander Krushelnyski (1-3), Scott Wamsganz (1-1), Alex Roos (0-1), Jordan DiGiando (0-1), Jordan Slaven (0-1), Charlie Taft (0-1).
Shootout record UNO Mavericks: Josh Archibald (1-1), Ryan Walters (1-1), Michael Young (0-1), Johnnie Searfoss (0-1).
C.C. Shootout Record: 1-2 – UNO Shootout Record: 1-0

As you can see by the data, there’s hasn’t been a lot of shootouts in the NCHC this season. They’re just not occurring with very much frequency. Ironically, there have been three shootouts in NCHC play and Colorado College has been involved in all of them.

Shootout Standings
UNO 1-0
DU 1-0
C.C. 1-2

SCSU 0-1 
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