Friday, January 31, 2014

(Video) MSU vs. UMN Joe Cox Shootout no-goal

So, the moral of the story just is -- just kick the net off  -- if you feel like the opposition is going to score on you in the shootout. Right? I have to say, that the officiating in the NCHC, for the most part has been pretty good, except for the second game of the DU vs. UND series.

That being said, it seems like the B1G has been getting some brutal officiating this season. Thoughts? I guess we could say that the shootout is a work in progress.

From SBN College Hockey: Spartans head coach Tom Anastos said to SB Nation's Nate Wells after the game that the referees told him "the net was not in its place when the puck crossed the line." So, the ref spends 4+ minutes reviewing a video and that's the explanation the coach gets. Wow!
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  1. I watched this live and I thought that there "MUST" be a rule saying if the goalie kicks the net off without being pushed into is ruled a goal. I couldn't believe the brutal call......obviously they need to add a rule!

  2. It was a bad call. Of course the Spartan ended up winning anyways.

  3. I watched this game live also, and thought that if it was ruled no goal that the player should get a second shot at it.


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