Sunday, January 12, 2014

Current NCHC Standings

Current standings:
St. Cloud State221072100.75033211812330.7506440
North Dakota211275000.58335372011720.6005857
Nebraska Omaha171054110.55029262081110.4255967
Minnesota Duluth151055000.5003031189810.5285150
Western Michigan151055000.50031282211830.5685851
Colorado College101227310.29225382021530.1753565

After being the pre-season favorite, Miami sits in the bottom of the NCHC Standings. If I had to be a betting man, I think that C.C. will finish in the bottom of the NCHC Standings. Miami is 13 points out of first place. UND and C.C. have played 12 games and the rest of the league has played 10 games.