Saturday, January 11, 2014

Compare and Contrast, Bryn Chyzyk and Adam Tambellini

I put this on my facebook page, but it applies.

Compare and contrast, a kid that was already on a team left at the first hint of adversity. Another kid, had that chance taken away from him and upon returning, talked about missing his teammates and thanked the coaching staff for getting another chance to be a member of that team.

Think about it. Both kids had the same number of points. Tonight, that kid made an immediate impact upon returning to the lineup. Nothing in life is given to you. Everyday is a battle and you have to work for every inch that you take.

In the old days if you were unhappy with the amount of playing time that you received you worked harder. You didn't quit on your teammates you didn't go find another team. You worked your ass off and strived to get better.

I couldn't be more happy for Bryn Chyzyk... He could have quit, but he kept at it. Go get em kid.
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