Friday, November 29, 2013

What's going to happen to Don Cherry?

One of the major questions surrounding the deal between Rogers Communications and CBC is whether Don Cherry will be able to remain after the dust has settled. Not a lot has been said about Cherry’s status as of yet. When I read that Rogers denies it is distancing itself from the notoriously outspoken sportscaster. I am immediately skeptical.
Canadian Press – While it's too early to nail down who will headline the flagship Saturday night show, Moore said CBC and Sportsnet have "some of the best talent in the business" and he looks forward to bringing the two teams together.

Cherry has so far held off weighing in on the deal or his possible involvement, saying he's been left out of any behind-the-scenes discussions and doesn't know "what's going on."

He is expected to address the matter in his Coach's Corner segment Saturday.

In an interview with CBC on Thursday, however, the high-profile hockey commentator brushed off rumours predicting his retirement.

"They've been saying that for 30 years," he said. "I know I'm No. 1 and Coach's Corner is No. 1 and what are you going to do?"

That Cherry was kept in the dark regarding the show he's largely defined for a generation of Canadians suggests his time in the spotlight may be running out, said Edgar Baum, general manager of Brand Finance. "The abruptness of how this happened was a surprise. It appears to me on the surface... that they don't wish to continue with Don," he said.

"Maybe something's going to get negotiated or... maybe they would like to discontinue that era and find somebody new," he said.

"It's up to Rogers to figure out how they want to create that identity, but I definitely think an icon of Canadian hockey broadcasting may be seeing his last season."

Whether the company can oust a fan favourite without alienating viewers hinges on how it orchestrates the transition—and who it puts forth in his place, Baum said.
I am sure we will find out sooner, rather than later, what is going to happen to the iconic Don Cherry. Seems as if there no grey area surrounding Don Cherry, fans either love him, or hate him. I hope that Hockey Night in Canada keeps him on board.

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