Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UND hockey: Wednesday Links - It's cold and flu season

Again, this guy doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. It's blog I've never read, except last year, when BU played UND. Just for the record, I do think that BU is a great hockey program.

If you want to read a good BU fan blog, read this one from my friend Matt Dresens.  I don't know a western school that doesn't take the bus, to and from hockey games. UMD is five hours away from Grand Forks, ND, down highway two and they will be busing to UND this weekend. Busing is an non-issue with the UND hockey players.

I guess for some reason this particular BU fan has an issue with it. I don't know why he should have an issue with it. Some people should really worry about their own school like Boston University. Think about this, some of these players will go on to play in the minor leagues, they will take buses to their hockey games.

Sounds like the flu is ravaging the UND hockey team right now. Some players aren't in practice right now. We will know who can go as we get closer to game time on Friday night.

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