Thursday, November 07, 2013

Florida Panthers Jesse Winchester elbows Chris Kelly; no call

I love hard hitting hockey, I love a good fight, but this crap by Florida Panthers forward Jesse Winchester. This is a dirty hit,  the Florida forward throws a dirty chicken wing elbow on Boston Bruin's forward Chris Kelly. Come on! I believe dirty hits like this should cause a player to miss a minimum of one game. This should be an automatic suspension with what we know about concussions and head injuries. There no excuse for this crap.

There no excusing this hit. If a player has to lunge to make contact to hit another player, let them go. It was a dirty elbow. In my opinion, the refs blew this call. 

Later in the game, Jesse Winchester would pay for his bush league hit by having to fight Bruins middle weight 
Gregory Campbell. Gregory Campbell with the decision in the fight.

Here's a great read by Joe McDonald of ESPN Boston...
ESPN Boston: HEAD SHOT: The Bruins' Chris Kelly was on the receiving end of an elbow to the head by Winchester early in the first period. Winchester left his feet and caught Kelly in the head with the blow. Kelly remained on the ice for a moment and was tended to by team trainer Donnie DelNegro before skating off the ice and going to the locker room. Kelly seemed dazed but quickly returned to action. No penalty was called on Winchester, but the Bruins' Gregory Campbell took care of business when he dropped the gloves with Winchester on the ensuing shift.
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